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Watch the First Canon C100 Footage Available Online, How Does It Compare to Its Big Brother?

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The camera that seemingly appeared out of nowhere at the end of last month, the Canon C100, looks like it has its first real footage online. While we don’t have an official price yet from the largest American reseller, B&H, it’s looking like the final price may be somewhere between $6,000 and $8,000. In typical Canon style, though, the video is something we’ve got to watch extremely compressed through an online streaming service (in this case Vimeo). The creator of the video, Sebastien Devaud, had a talk with Sebastian over at cinema5D at this year’s IBC about the camera and shooting the video for Canon. There is also a behind-the-scenes of the video that is embedded below.

Here is the video, followed by the behind-the-scenes and the talk with Sebastien (thanks to the other Sebastian — different spelling! — also thanks to user Peter Kelly for first pointing out the video). The film was shot with three C100 bodies, 12 EF lenses, and recorded internally to AVCHD on SD cards:

Since Canon did not put its 50mbps codec inside the miniscule C100, compression could very well be an issue in certain instances (but more likely when you’re doing heavy grading). Many don’t seem to have a problem with the compression in the FS100, but that codec can also fall apart if you start pushing and pulling. It is very difficult to judge the picture quality from a camera that is recording a highly compressed image and then a video that is also doing the same. There’s no doubt that you can get very good looking files on Vimeo, but it’s probably too early to pass any final judgment on the quality.

At the moment it does seem sharp but a little muddy, but to my eyes it does look better than most DSLR footage that I’ve seen from these Canon videos. There is certainly a fidelity to the image that exists — which I can tell just by looking at Vimeo, but in the end the AVCHD will be better for shoots that don’t need a high quality (and therefore higher data rate) codec. Film-style shoots would benefit from a an external recorder using a high-quality codec like ProRes. I know I may have been a little harsh in my first opinion of a camera that hasn’t even been released yet, but if Canon actually keeps the price around $6,000, even with the compressed codec, it would actually find itself competing admirably to the FS100, and not the FS700 like it is now.

Has this video swayed anyone’s opinion on the camera?

Link: IBC 2012 – Sebastien Devaud’s Canon C100 film & interview – cinema5D

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  • I read the comments before watching the video, and I couldn’t imagine that a Canon launch video could be as terrible as everyone made it out to be, so I decided to give it a watch.

    I’m now banging my head against the wall out of the anger that comes from knowing that I’ll never get my six minutes back.

    • You are so right… Do you remember a certain short film shot to show the c300 potential, “Mobius”? XD
      Now, that is how you do a “promotional video” for a camera.

  • Honestly, when did it become so cool to hate Canon?

    Was it because the C300 was too expensive for you, even though loads of people are using them? Did the 5D3 not having XLR inputs and 4k RAW make you start hating?

    I bet if this was any other camera manufacturer releasing footage looking as good as this for $6500, not to mention the pro features, clean HDMI etc, people would be jizzing themselves with excitement.

    • When both Nikon and Sony have cameras that give a clean HDMI out and Canon can’t get their Mark III to output to the back LCD and to an external monitor at the same time. Little stuff like that…

      • Yes that stuff is annoying. I agree. But its almost like people support a camera company like they support a football team. If there is loads of annoying things for you with the Mark iii dont buy the mark iii, but don’t decide you wont buy anything from Canon ever again for the rest of your life because the Mark iii LCD screen wont stay on when you plug in an external monitor.

        My next camera purchase will be the one that most makes for me in my unique circumstances. I dont care what the label on the front says. At the moment this camera is the front runner

        • People get riled up when they feel like a company is taking advantage of them – and often that means charging more for less. I am not one of those people you talk about, no one should ever really make purchases based on emotion for a company, but you asked when did it become so cool to hate Canon and I gave one reason out of many. Both Nikon and Sony have cameras that can do clean HDMI, and Sony even has 1080 60p, all for less than Canon is charging…

  • At 1:27 there is definite moire in the ceiling and jaggies on all the vertical window frames. No amount of post-processing is going to make that go away (without adversely affecting the rest of the image). Therefore I’d have to choose a different camera.

    There’s also an odd strobing effect on the wide snow shot, and later at the airport boarding-gate sign–any guesses what’s causing it?

    • mikko löppönen on 09.12.12 @ 8:11AM

      Are you guys slightly dumb or what? That is definitely not from the camera, looks like some horrible scaling artifacts that CANNOT be from the cam. It’s the same sensor as the C300 and it’s no slouch.

  • Philip Lipetz on 09.12.12 @ 9:35AM

    The C100 EVF is inferior to the C300. It is fixed position with lower resolution, like a fixed XF100 EVF.

  • This footage looks amazing to me. Trying to figure out where all the negative comments are coming from. Very clean footage, and if you’ve noticed, more dynamic range than expected. I’d shoot with this camera any day. Sebastien did a great job.

    • I think most of it looks like a commercial. A bit less filmic but still pretty professional. There are moments where it looks sort of awful, but I think that’s mostly from post-processing more than anything. Overall it really looks pretty nice to me if you make documentaries or, say, super-cheap horror movies on-location (so, pretty much what I look for in a camera, to be honest). In those situations it looks like this I think the image quality will probably match the F3.

      If I were going for the most authentic Hollywood look I probably wouldn’t get this camera (Blackmagic probably would be better but I still want to see more samples), but I’d also need a lot more in the way of other equipment, too so saying “ugh but the Blackmagic is so much cheaper” doesn’t really seem to be the point.

      And, let’s be honest; the C300 wasn’t what people expected AND it was too expensive, so from that moment on people started being more skeptical of Canon.

      • There is a big dilema with Black Magic. It simply does not seam practical, form factor is to no comparison to his c100 or c300. This devices can be hand held, but there is no way to hand held Black magic, and get the focus right, with its small sensor. So no matter the cheap price is far from ideal. And if only c300 would drop price for a tiny bit I would be the first to buy it. but I am not so sure about c100, at least, not until I see professionally made promo with as less grading as possible. I hope there is something out there soon enough. Cos price will fall, as everyone is jumping on Black Magic, that canon will realise, that no matter how lovely, it just does not cut at 6000.

        • dont know what footage you were seeing where you say cant focus on blackmagic “small” sensor. doesnt even make since. just take a look at the footage, its seems pretty “focused” to me. plus all you need for blackmagic cinema cam is a cage, which in the long run is more practical, considering accesories. thus making it very”handheld” and excellent for run and gun style.

          to my eyes, the footage is just barely filmic. some places better than others, im not a canon hater, im actually just taking the plunge into filmmaking and looking to invest in a camera. based on what ive seen…i think i’ll stick with the blackmagic cinema cam…if it ever ships.

  • I like canon, but I fear they are pricing themselves out of the game, and falling behind Sony. Sony is offering more features for less. And I don’t feel like Canon is listening to its users. They need to learn from Apple’s mistakes and fast.

  • Johnny Unitas on 09.12.12 @ 12:04PM

    C100 blows.

  • Above peter mentioned people should support a company like they support a football team, I agree. But at the same time we need to see if a company from no where called black magic developed a camera which can do amazing stuff for $3k, canon can do the same but they are not doing it, everyone is looking for options, I guess Sony has realized it, and giving people options at a reasonable price.

    In my opinion After the announcement of black magic cinema camera, all the companies are really thinking and trying there best to compete in the video section, but we as filmakers are comparing apples with oranges, dslrs and cinema cameras are two different categories. But there is one truth why canon dslrs were so popular .(because of video). And now they have changed the video division to pro cinema line, which is expensive, I love canon camera but can’t afford so I need to see what are my other options, I am a big canon fan, I own couple of canon dslrs but it’s time to move on, if canon can not provide which other manufacturers are , surely any oneone would move. I am still waiting for one more release from canon if they still disappoint the video lovers, I guess this is the time to move. This is no canon hate comment, I respect there research and technology but please canon should not let down thousands and thousands of there customers. I am really thinking about Sony now. Very good times for filmmakers.

  • Raoni Franco on 09.12.12 @ 10:24PM

    Men, you guys are making me tired of all these nerding around cameras details and argument over argument, x plus but y minus. it’s ok and important to discuss things like that but here on nofilmschool it’s becoming a boring tech debate, one after another and another and another. my god, isn’t there anything else on film making? once here and there you guys post something about creativity, screenplays, but it’s obviously not a main concern. sorry if I was a little rude, but this is a sincere comment of a guy that maybe it’s not going to acess nofilmschool anymore if things remain like this. if you think this is the path you want, keep going, because in that case your job is being extremely well done.

    • we all are struggling with the same problem, creativity, tools are limited, budgets are limited, we want everything for nothing, but if you come and expect screenplay comment on the page of the new highly anticipated camera, then you are most probably in the wrong section, there are plenty of sections on nofilmschool, and there is no better blog out there for filmmakers. Just find the right section to talk about creativity, or use contact the forum administrator to direct you to the right page. here is simply about technical and canon, you do not need any C camera, you can make a great film on your phone, but the more you will film the more you will understand how important is quality as well.
      We are a bit ferukt about the camera specs. We all want Alexa and a few prime lenses for 6k, but it simply isn’t going to happen. Once it does, it will no longer matter the camera, and we will all be looking for the same page as you are, about screenplay creativity:)

      • Raoni Franco on 09.14.12 @ 2:43PM

        Once it does there will be much “better” options to film with, and an Alexa will no longer be your dream-cam, and so on and on. It has been like this for years and years, didn’t you notice? And you’re all going to be like “oh man, I want a 12k resolution cam with X dynamic range, then i’m going to be able to tell my story”. I’ve been following this crazy chase for about two decades and what i’ve seen so far is that the quality of the image is constantly increasing and, in the other hand, the content and meaning of what is being produced is constantly getting shallower and shallower.
        And I don’t think I’m in the wrong place or section of the site because I knew here you were going to probably disagree with me and that makes things more interesting. What do you think?

  • Wow… I’m sure the camera is pretty great, but that is possibly the worst promo film I have ever seen. This isn’t seriously the official one commissioned by Canon is it?

    • Horrendously overdone color grades, poorly exposed and lit in many places (even for natural light only), obvious (hence overdone) use of a stabilizer in post (boat shots at 3:01), some kind of fake HDR shots as well (or is that poorly executed highlight recovery?? – jeep shot at 3:08 is one example), fake tilt shifts to exacerbate the “shallow depth of field” look (00:49 and 3:06 are particularly drastic examples)… this thing is riddled with cheap, overdone amateurish gimmicks.

      Like I said, I’m sure the camera is actually really great but this video cheapens it to no end. I’m really, really shocked that Canon would put their name on this. It drags the C100 down into the realm of the GoPro.

      I wonder if they are regretting giving the director too much creative freedom.

  • They forgot to put a “C” on the paraglider. I’ll never buy Canon again!

    Seriously, that was horrible. I feel dead inside after watching that. The complaints about the technical aspects are valid, but my main take-away is that I feel like a sheep being hawked fake Louis Vuitton handbags. Crass.

  • Sorry but 4:2:0 for £6000? are you insane??
    It has lovely organic compression, it does not look like dslr, it loks a bit closer to c300, but it does not compare in any way.
    This video was supposed to show the highs and the lows, and what did Sebastian produced, a promo, full of ugly magic bullet looking like graded video, that is just pathetic.
    Seams that he did not really demonstrate the camera, but try to hide its flaws behind loads of fun shots. So that we would be trick to believe, its fun to buy right now.
    I am sure its more practical then BMDC, for use in factual and fast delivery productions. But the image just does not cut it. At least not for 6k. sorry. Maybe at 4k cost this would be worth the money. But right now with so many competition, I do not even look to spend much over 4k, I cant even make as much money to cover for the cost of this, even sold my 5d2, as i knew it will half the price in 6 months. And If I have to chose, I would prefer to buy 5d Mark 3, D600 nikon, both just for its full frame, or even one of those new sony RX1. IF I cant have C300, I dont want any C:)
    C300 its superb above all right now, but C100 its trying too be a bit too much, just for a bit too much money, just like this film is trying to be a bit too cool for a simple camera promotion, should have just shot a date scene, would make more impact in low light. It’s not teenagers buying the camera, but a very technical people, who notice french balls straight away, and to me personally they are not attractive one bit.

    • i agree completly. it also seemed to me like he was trying hide the cameras abilities (or lack-there of) behind too many jump cuts…as if he were compensating for “limits” somewhere. what good is getting the same sensor, if the footage doesnt measure up. people keep saying sensor sensor. you can have a rolls royce engine, but if you put in in a body that doesnt maximize its performance, what do you have?

  • Never seen a worse promo video, all critic on the camera aside… where is Canon locating its target audience? The Promo video for the GoPro Hero 3 makes this look like a cheap home video and that camera sells for 400$!
    Looking at the price tag this camera is targeted at pros and right now I can think of at least 3 models from other brands offering twice as many features for less then half the price,
    And where does all this crap of having to support a brand like a football team come from? A brand should look at the consumer needs and offer a competent product at a competent rate. Ever since Canon released the 5D2 with its video features more by accident then anything else, all they have been coming up with are what seem to be compromises trying to get the price / value ratio back to were it had been before the so called DSLR revolution.
    Canon should change their mentality, it should be going back to ‘with Canon you can’ and not to ‘ With Canon you can’t do what you can do with with BMC/Sony/Nikon for half the price’!

  • Matthias Kraus on 10.20.12 @ 8:13AM

    For me this is the greatest camera of the new “low priced” big sensor cameras. You get the sensor of the C300! Thats more than great! The images of the C300 are so good, and here you get the exact same sensor! Take a nanoflash and you have a cheap C300. Images are great and the handling is superb! I have tested it last week and for me the form factor of a camera is very important. I want a small camera with great, filmlike pictures, good to handle with a big sensor for documentary work, and for me this is the camera to go. No Blackmagic, no FS700 and no Panasonic will give me that. The FS700 is just the slow motion i want, but be true: how often do you really need slow motion? It´s an effect, not more. And the Blackmagic is awful to handle… for me its just a camera for indie filmmakers who do acted films… .
    But for documentery work, in my opinion the C100 is the biggest deal out there!

    • for docu work yes..but i think you underestimate the blackmagic cinema cam. geez people…all you need is a cage and your good-to-go for form factor. the right lenses will give you the equivalent of full frame in most circumstances.

  • That is absolutely horrible looking stuff (footage), I’ve got waaay better images (resolution details) with a panasonic gh1, canon 7d…. anything from years ago.
    I was pretty excited about the whole “same sensor as the C300″
    but this is a Joke ..and yes I’m aware about the compression, vimeo ‘s max. bit rate etc.. etc.
    Hopefully this camera is able 2 do better than that… and get higher frame rate for Slow Motion!

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