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Save Five Grand on a RED SCARLET: 'Extremely Limited' Deal Available (UPDATE: Sold Out)

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The RED SCARLET, with a Side SSD Mount and Aluminum Canon lens mount, is currently selling for $11,900 direct from RED. However, due to a project wherein a large number of Scarlets were needed to simultaneously shoot one shot, there are now a limited number of these cameras available [UPDATE: no more cameras available] with one minute or less of record time on them for $7,100 (that’s $4,800 off if you’re counting beans). The official word from RED’s Jarred Land:

I can’t tell you much about it.. but we just did a massive project with a need for a pretty special 3 second shot, so they rented a whole truckload of Scarlets from us … more Scarlets than most people have seen in their lifetime.

None of them had more than a minute of record time. We can’t sell them as new.. and the rental was good.. so we are giving you guys a one time break on these as ” Battle Tested ” Scarlets.

$7100 instead of the regular $11,900. Scarlet Brain, Side SSD and Canon Mount. And because I know someone will ask, you can’t swap the mount to a Nikon or PL for this deal.

As detailed in the post, you will be able to add RED ARMOR (RED’s own extended warranty) if you contact your RED sales rep after ordering this deal, should you desire. Otherwise this SCARLET will carry the standard RED Re-Certified Warranty of 90 days (standard for products sold as “battle-tested,” which is RED’s term for “refurbished” products). Get while the getting’s good and let us know when it’s no longer available UPDATE: they are out of cameras at this price. Thanks Demetrius for letting us know!



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  • Hah, glad I got a purchase in before it got nofilmschooled!

  • Same here. Insane deal! Couldn’t pass it up.

  • Raphael Wood on 10.15.12 @ 3:16AM

    Making me question my BMCC order. Very seriously.
    Think I might be joining the “Dark Side” so to speak with this.

  • if you order scarlet you need to order
    RED TOUCH 5.0″ LCD 1600$
    BOMB EVF [OLED] 3900$

    what do you think ….. vs BMCC

    • You need Bomb EVF as well as Red Touch?

    • You don’t require the EVF and you don’t REALLY need the RED touch, provided that you get a side handle so as to control the camera. I use the Zacuto EVF connected via HDMI and it works just fine. Looks pretty good as well.

      • john jeffreys on 10.15.12 @ 11:23AM

        Pretty much any LCD monitor and the side handle is what you need to control the camera.

        • Indeed, I’ve come to consider the Side Handle a more essential item than the touch screen, although it’s nice to use the proprietary RED display output for either their EVF or monitor (there’s only one port and it carries power and input controls as well), and then the HD-SDI/HDMI for the other display.

          • The RED Touch may actually be essential – been doing some reading up and apparently when new firmware is loaded the menus and overlays default to the RED’s display port. I’m not 100% sure if they would automatically default to the only attached monitor though.

            • This was just posted in the REDUser forum:

              The only issue with using a 3rd party monitor as a primary monitor is switching the menus to it after a firmware update. At first we had to ask for a force HDMI preset for each new firmware but now red has created a download package with everything you could need. It’s found in the support section of in the downloads portion and it’s called DSMC resources. Inside will be a series of folders one should be preset files, inside of that will be a selection between firmwares select your, then select the preset you want 720 or 1080, hdsdi or hdmi. Now all you have to do is place the file in a folder named force_preset in the root of your ssd, boot the camera it will run the force preset and then the screen should turn on.


  • anti-red shtstorm in 5…4…3…2…1…

    • red doesn`t need others for their well deserved shitstorm, they and their fanboys create it by themselves – just read the philip bloom and his “epic” story…

  • Wow, that’s an amazing deal. BTW, I’d suggest the cheapest option is the touch LCD, and a v-mount battery plate, and some v-mount batteries. You certainly don’t need the bomb EVF.

  • Aww man, I’m about to drop 9k on an fs700 tomorrow, am I doing it wrong?

    • It depends. If you need slow-mo (you do a lot of sports, music videos, creative commercials), and work on very tight budgets with little time/money for grading then no. If you do mostly narrative shorts/features,, your work will be shown in theatres., and you have time/money for grading, then I would suggest a rethink. But just my 2c

    • It depends. If you need slow-mo (you do a lot of sports, music videos, creative commercials), and work on very tight budgets with little time/money for grading then no. If you do mostly narrative shorts/features, your work will be shown in theatres, and you/your client has time/money for grading, then I would suggest a rethink. The RAW on the fs700, when it comes (and at what price?) will be uncompressed. Uncompressed 4K raw is a production and post-production nightmare for small owner-operators. But just my 2c

      • Thanks heaps for the reply Sam. I do a mixture of events and narrative short films with an emphasis on vfx and action. Perhaps my best choice for now is the Sony: cheap media, fast edit workflow…even though it may end up costing more than the scarlet to get the 4k.

        • Hey Kyron, I’m selling a near-mint fully kitted FS700. If you’re interested, shoot me an email at info at Bought it for a project and no longer need it. Thanks.

      • sorry for double posting. :(

    • john jeffreys on 10.15.12 @ 11:16AM


  • Incredible deal, damn but i could have done with that saving. Sigh. :)

  • oh boy, just bought it, I’m in the dark side now, gotta cancel BMC pre order, sorry blackmagic, I waited too much.

  • Congrats guys, looks like a hell of a deal.

  • SHHHHHH!!!! haha


    maybe the 4K televisions will come sooner… man, to buy a scarlet in brazil it´s go, with import tax, to U$30000, only the body, but i´m starting to think that RED, even with the fanboys and their fascist rules :D :D, is not that expensive, if you are into narrative work….

    but i´m not buying nothing 1.9K or alike now on… the moire in the BMCC made me rethink about it! :D

    anyway, congrats to those with new scarlet in hands! :)

    • We use a lot the Scarlet on your projects here in Rio, also the F3. If wasn’t by those stupid 110% taxes over the products, I would buy another one right now with this rebate… Damn it live in this sh*** country.

      congrats for those who bought it. Great discount.

      • do you rent, Alex or just use it in house… damm, pq escrivinhei em ingles? :D vc faz locação Alex ou só usa internamente? :)

        • This is an international site, so I prefer speaking in english Guto, if you don’t mind. We rent it almost all times, but the owner is my DP for your major clients so we’re now working as partnership. He has a complete kit, with zeiss primes, matte box, Microredrock shoulder, lots os 128gb SMAGS, ND, graduals, dana dolly, top manfrotto head and stuff. He’s really investing on this cam, but is mainly doing 3D jobs for companies in NY. But I’m willing to buy a Scarlet for us, but I’m waiting for BMCC, since we “have” a scarlet whenever we need ready to work.
          When is not avaliable we just rent the F3 Slog or the RED MX. all other stuff we use MKII, III…

          tis rebate is awesome, a pitty that in Brazil, taxes keep things far from us… Hope it changes one day.


          • your are right about using the international common language in here.
            if possible, send me an email, since i´ll need a better camera for a personal project i´m investing.
            g u t o n o v o @ riseup . net

            thanks (and Koo, if you think this last comment is wrong, feel please to delete, but i took the chance since it´s hard to find things in brazil. Sorry).

  • Sooo…..what was the project they were shooting? And will we be able to

  • If they dropped the price another $5k, I might be able to afford it :P

  • For me, as a current RED MX owner whose situation was such that I missed out on my Epic-X upgrade AND getting a Scarlet-X discount… this deal completely fucked with my head.

    I love what Blackmagic is doing, and we’ll eventually have one, here. But for me, for my particular situation, the lure of leveraging our investment in RED crap (the rocket, all the doodads we have for the MX, etc) and keeping our shoots verrrrrrrrrry simply standardized means I just pulled the trigger on getting a Scarlet-X.

    Keep in mind, I’m not everyone- I already spent about $100K on RED and associated stuff for our company over the past 4 years. So for me, it’s a smart buy (plus I only had to buy the body, side handle, and decided to get the touchscreen- already got RED SSDs, and so forth), to get into the next gen of RED (meaning Dragon upgrade) for cheap.

  • I ordered and I believe the RED company is the most smartest company, he made the best decision to be the winner of the market. I hope canon and the other companies follow the same policy.

    1) By owning the red scarlet you have the most acceptable quality of the picture with this price and you can not compare the quality of the RED camera with any other camera with the same price and even two times higher.

    2) the other cameras when you are investing for gears and the camera, very fast technology changes and if you are working in professional industry you should update your equipment because of your clients and every one knows how much difficult is to sell your equipment and how much we are losing money. So by own the red epic or scarlet you are able to upgrade your camera and you don’t need to sell your gears and camera very cheap and invest again in new camera it’s very safe investment with less lose.

    3) The other important issue is we know a lot of successful movie made by this camera and a lot of known and professional filmmakers are working with this camera so you don’t need to worry about the quality result. And it’s a good camera for feature, documentary, green screen, music video, commercial and even photography.

    Note: The only problem I have personally with red company is about their repair service and their costumer service. If something happens to your camera the only places they have in California I’m not sure about the other countries and states, you have to send your camera to the Irvine and its a very long process last time for very small problem that I had with my red scarlet X, it toke close to one month to fix the problem and return the camera. I hope they resolve this problem as soon as possible.

    My suggestion is, it’s better to buy only brain and ssd side. Because in real filmmaking situation you won’t be able to use the battery in the side it dies very fast and you have to buy a lot of batterie for one day shoot and also it takes a lot of time to recharge all of them for next day, any way it’s better to have the V mont battery and there is a lot of options to buy the best one with your budget. I prefer the LCD touch screen rather the side control because you have the full control and at the same time you will own a very high quality monitor for quality control on set pulse for sure you need SSD memory, reader and AC adapter. This is my personal experience and maybe it’s wrong. There is no perfect camera and before invest in buying the camera it’s better to rent it and work with it and make sure it’s a right camera for you.

    • Wow..with all the money you save you could buy
      4…yes..count ‘em 4 whole 64 GB SSD’s.

      • not quite the right figure on that statistic. Also, it’s the same deal with BMCC as it is uncompressed, i.e. the ratio of compression is the ratio of price difference. So your snark will only lead you to the dark side, not to enlightenment.

        • Yeah..but uncompressed is BETTER.
          For 3 decades people have been saying
          “this new compression is visually lossless”
          …….sorry but I still don’t believe it.

  • Yes, someone is scared for real competition…

    And it is not Sony.

  • Canceled my BMCC. Bought the Scarlet. Lord have mercy.

  • For an extremely limited amount of cameras, there seems to have been quite a lot of orders across the blogs. Additionally there would be a lot of people who haven’t posted about their purchase…

    • 75 cameras total I think.

      • I feel like there may have been more, because Jarred was concerned that it would take them a couple months to sell out of them (that’s what he said on REDUser), but instead they may not last the week. I’ve seen so many people say they bought one and it’s been shared so much (and based on Jarred’s comments), that I would venture to say there were around 150-200, maybe more. It’s also possible that this project got more cameras than they needed just in case, so that could explain why there seems to be so many.

        Part of the reason I think this is that there are still cameras available from their site even now.

        • Ya, I was stressing all day yesterday that I would get home in time to order. I can’t imagine they’ll last much longer.

    • I picked one up

  • I ordered one last night and spent half the night and this morning upping my knowledge on all the accessories & necessities. I like the Red Touch, but $1600 for a 5″ monitor? I can get a 50″ LCD TV for that! Obviously, with Red I know I’m gonna be spending a good chunk of change on outfitting the whole rig, but I’m curious as so what other’s have found as good alternatives in terms of monitors and also a power solution? Appreciate the feedback, and of course, I really appreciate the heads-up on this Koo!

  • …hehehe…let`s see how long it`s gonna take when most of these 75 or how many cams it actually is, get sold again :D

  • Eric Emerick on 10.16.12 @ 10:10PM

    Yeah, I’m dumping the BMC order for this. No need for both. With some needed extra’s I’m into RED 4K for just over $10K, try making that statement just a year ago.

  • Raphael Wood on 10.17.12 @ 6:01AM

    It’s strange, if you follow the link you get to the Battle tested Scarlet for 7100$ price no problem but if you try to find it through their website by searching the store it’s not there. I wonder if that means there are no more cameras? Would be a shame, just 3 more weeks and I would probably buy this.

    • The deal is for “friends and family” of RED. So you need the link to
      find the used Scarlets. If you just go to the Red store website you will
      not be able to find them.

  • Looks like they’re out of cameras as of 10 min ago. Hope everyone who wanted one got one.

  • Still a deal? on 10.18.12 @ 8:59PM

    For those who missed out on the deal:

  • Hi,

    I got one of scarlets deal :) Christmas came early this year…
    Need your advice do start with it with the minimum budget as a red newbie :)

    -( Redmote can handel all the features of the brain ?! can have one for 400 $)
    - 7 inch hdmi/sdi Lilliput or similar for starting ?!
    - Which battery option is the most cost effective for starting?!

    Thanks in advance & best regards
    Ryan Koo, a big thanks for

    • Hi there Eno! I’m in the same boat as you – I’ve been shooting with my 5d ii for a while now, and managed to jump in the RED camp with this special deal. I plan to start off my package with an existing Lilliput 7″ LCD, a Redmote, a 64GB Redmag, and a Redstation, just to make sure the brain itself works.