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Watch Some of the First Footage from the New Full-Frame Canon 6D

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With all of the recent camera announcements, it’s easy to forget that Canon introduced a new budget full-frame camera, the Canon 6D. While it doesn’t sport all of the features of the 5D Mark III, it should be a step up from the aging 5D Mark II (which hasn’t come down in price very much thanks to Canon’s new minimum pricing agreement with resellers). Johnnie Behiri, who often tests out the latest and greatest cameras, took a pre-production Canon 6D for a spin and gives us his thoughts and some footage below.

Here’s a little of his process and what he had to say about the footage:

The footage was taken with a pre production model camera and hopefully the video quality in the final version will be improved.

Camera weakness:

-Severe moire
-Soft image
-No headphone socket
-No audio through HDMI while recording (for monitoring audio on new EVF’s)
-No clean HDMI output

-Format: 1080/25 All-I
-Video shot with available light. Litepanels 1×1 was used for the interview only
-Audio was recorded directly to the camera. No external audio recorder was used.
-ISO settings 640-1250
-Picture profile: Netural 0,-4,-1, 0
-30% sharpening was added in post (Adobe Premiere CS6)
-No CC was applied

He also mentions that the camera has manual controls for audio, and the footage is very clean to ISO 1250. Honestly I think it looks great from this sample. With the exception of some moire — which you could argue should be absent from a new Canon camera in 2012 — I think it looks exceptionally clean and crisp. In practice I don’t think the moire will be any worse than the 5D Mark II, but obviously more testing will need to be done. Canon wanted Johnnie to emphasize that this is a pre-production camera, so some of the image issues could be worked out a bit once the camera is finally released sometime next month.

I think not having the headphone jack is a big deal, especially since the competition has included this feature even in the lower end models. As for the other stuff, the clean HDMI isn’t as concerning, but it would be nice for Canon to start including these in all models, especially since they’ve decided to bring it to the 5D Mark III. Dynamic range doesn’t look like it will be as good as the Mark III, but again, it’s tough to tell from these shots.

I won’t really make any conclusions at the moment other than to say that I think this could be a great camera if you don’t need the headphone jack and you’re already heavily invested in Canon lenses. For a new camera which should have better high-ISO performance than the Mark II, $2,100 for the body is competitive, especially since this is a full-frame camera. We’ll just have to wait and see if Canon makes any adjustments to the camera by the time it’s released.

What do you guys think about the footage? Is this a camera that interests you? What do you think about the pricing compared to the competition?



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  • Which lens is used?

    • lens looks like a rokinon ,look like one of the new cinema lens was used

      As far as the camera, thats how you know canon is full of BS, technically by this camera having the same digic new processor, it should be cleaner and more free of more like the new mark 3, but again im assuming canon has cripled this new camera, i promise if they do the same with the c100 i will be most likely done with canon and their water down schemes.

  • Looks like some tasty chocolate. The video quality also looks pretty good, but there is post sharpening, so I don’t quite know what to think.

    • What are the better tools for doing proper post-sharpening? Thanks.

      • Augusto Alves da SIlva on 11.28.12 @ 7:14PM

        FCP sharpen is good enouugh…usually we use it when whithin the picture style used we bring the sharpness down. Don´t overdo sharpen, it brings out many of the defects too.

  • Antoine Serviette on 11.27.12 @ 4:12PM

    I think I can speak on behalf of most of the online independent filmmaking community in saying that we are sick of new, intentionally crippled DSLRs. I’m saving up for a red one body.

    • You’ll have to save up for a lot more than that, but more power to you.

      • Antoine Serviette on 11.27.12 @ 4:35PM

        im expecting body prices to be around 3-5k, given the recent firesale. then slowly get the accessories.

        • I don’t think you’ll see people selling MXs for 3k on a near future. It was an insane deal from red, but now they’re gone… It’s a beast camera and nothing now can compares with it in a sub 10k price range.

          BMCC is not an option now and I would like to see that camera mature a little before buying. I suppose they’ll add a lot in firmware updates in 2013… I would still stick with both.

          @ Didn’t like 6d footage at all. too much moire, false colors and noise blocks… Probably is a much better deal if you’re going to use it for photos…

        • Antoine Serviette on 11.27.12 @ 5:36PM

          I’d be okay with an M body (original sensor); it’s still better than any other shallow camera that canon/nikon/sony are trying to sell us. As far as the BMCC, I respect the image but the sensor is too small for my taste; I’ll get one if it was at least m43 size.

          • Um…. this was a promo video for a chocolate shop.. DSLR fits the bill perfectly.. you know why? A small business like that isn’t gonna fork out what you think is a reasonable wage for shooting their promo. The guy with a decent portfolio charging $50 a second for a commercial, will always get the job vs someone who thinks they are a hot shot and price themselves to that belief.

    • Dude, the RED ONE is sold out…..

      • Antoine Serviette on 11.27.12 @ 4:52PM

        used ones arent

      • Daniel Mimura on 12.6.12 @ 9:32PM

        There are always used packages for sale.

        You have to pay an something crazy like $600 or $800 to get factory ownership transfer (that’s way more than a vehicle title transfer, excluding taxes)…but still, I’d rather get a lot more for my money with a used camera instead of a new camera that’s crippled in a million ways.

        A Red (even an original, non-upgraded sensored Red One) is still far exceeding any broadcast (or projection) spec I’ve ever heard of. Try getting that with a similarly priced C100.

    • I have a red one to sell if you are interested. please email me…

    • Yeah I pretty much agree. I’m still using a 7D but have not been too interested in any of the new dslr’s because my mind is set on my next camera being a full camera. Nice image though.

  • Lenses: Samyang 35mm, Canon 70-200 f4, Tokina 11-16mm

    • It’s good to see the Tokina 11-16 used on a full frame sensor. I was under the impression that it could cover the sensor on the 16mm end, but I don’t think I’ve seen the proof before.

      • I think you can use it on a full frame but only on the 16 mm end, otherwise you get vignetting.

  • Antoine, I really agree with you. Each time that they bring something to the market there are some short-comings. This is a is an attempt to squeeze the consumer. I have problems with the RED but in the end it is a better deal. Canon and NIkon are delivering junk with some sophistication added to dazzle the market.
    It is disgusting.

    • Canon and Nikon are doing what they always done, making still cameras. You can view the fact that a FF DSLR is capable of producing some fairly compelling video content as impressive or you can lament the fact that they aren’t always as capable as dedicated cinema camera costing many times more. But I’m not sure I’d characterize such failures as “disgusting”. A bit harsh, no?

      • Actually they’re not doing what they’ve always done (Making still cameras) they’re infact putting a lot of time and effort into cultivating the indiefilm making comunity buy adding features that they might find atractive. If they were selling stills cameras, those cameras would shoot stills and only stills full stop. they shot themselves in the foot when video became an unexpected success and all of a sudden there video camera sales started to take a massive hit. All of a sudden there value plumited as people realised they could shoot great video with a reletivly cheap camera. Now they are trying to slowly claw that market back buy introducing new cameras with, lets face it video that isn’t progressing at a rate we all know it is caperble or progressing. their actual video cameras on the other hand are introducing features that they probably would have prefered to introduce much later given a choice, features like 4K Raw, high frame rates etc… And it’s working too.. look at some of the comments in this one thread, people would rather save up and buy a camera that delivers what we have now been conditioned to expect from a professional camera.

        I could go on but I suspect many people already know the rest.

  • Ew. That first shot is way over exposed, there is no sky. Dynamic range is normal for DSLR.
    At :24 the wood grain looks horrendous. Nothing different about aliasing.
    I think the Mark III video quality is much better but overall typical DSLR video quality… nothing special.

  • They’re basically shooting themselves in the foot with this camera and the Cinema series… Sony has a more logical video solution for professionals interested in the DSLR hype and integrating it with full bodied production cameras. I’ll be selling the Canon gear soon and swapping to the A99 & Something in the FS series..

  • lol at all you ppl just looking for a reason to bash this camera….a full frame Canon Cam for $2100….this will be a great tool…..that what these are right? “tools”… long as it looks good thats what counts…..

    • Antoine Serviette on 11.27.12 @ 7:14PM

      but it does’t look good, is the problem. late 2012 camera and STILL no clean/uncompressed hdmi out, awful codec and line skipping. Canon just wants to make money, they don’t care at all about the filmic process.

      • That just your opinion… looks good to me… need to bash you hater

        • Antoine Serviette on 11.27.12 @ 10:25PM

          Not hating, friend. Just giving observations, which are true because they are based on real specifications.

      • You could always just get an actual video camera. There’s no shortage of them. Just don’t be stuck on having a DSLR so bad.

  • Oh, Canon. Go screw yourselves. And, according to their balance sheets, they seem to be doing a fine job at that.

    Blackmagic, this is your chance to knock these dinosaurs out of the water, at least in the indie film market.

  • This looks crisp, I wonder how it will stand against the GH3.

  • I wish the black magic came with even a 1.6 crop!!! Until then, it’s not even an option for me as an Indy filmmaker.

    The future looks amazing!!

    • Antoine Serviette on 11.27.12 @ 7:14PM

      the BMCC has a 1.6 crop…relative to super 35 lenses lololo

      • Yeah a 50mm will become a 100mm almost….lmao….smh

        • Actually 50mm x 2.3 crop = 115mm

          • wow thats even worse….lmao…

          • VINCEGORTHO on 11.28.12 @ 12:39AM

            But don’t act like you can’t get a wide angle. You’ll fortunately need fewer lenses to operate the BMC.
            Tokina 11-16mm. A 24mm and a 17-50mm and you’re set. Whats the problem?
            The small sensor that shoots raw data has the potential flexibility to open shadow detail as if it were shot on super 35mm.

          • @vince ahhh sir 11-16 in that crop sensor is not “wide” at all….that’s the problem….

          • Antoine Serviette on 11.28.12 @ 2:11AM

            being restricted to just a few lenses is so lame, man. the beauty of the recent trend in interchangeable lens mount camcorders is that you can drown yourself in almost 100 years of lens production history and try out everything, experiment with old stuff and try new stuff and not worry

          • vinceGortho on 11.29.12 @ 8:57PM

            @terry its 24-36, how is that not wide?

      • Why do people keep saying that? It’s a 2.5x CROP on the sensor. That’s UNREAL! 50mm becomes 150mm.

        I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille!

        Ok, give me a sec! Let me just put on my 8mm fisheye… LOLOLO

        • 2.3x? Depends on where you look for your info, it seems… Damn internet and your false information!!!

        • Lmao!!!!! My thoughts exacty….

        • Hahahaha!!!!!!!

          • Whatever it is, it’s a crazy crop… who wants to shoot with super wides all the time with no dof….50mm = 100-115mm….that’s rubbish…….

          • It has depth of field. Move back if you want more. You can still get wide unless you want so wide, you’re edges start looking bad. The 4/3 mount makes more sense for the sensor but the camera still beats out any DSLR. At least that’s what we’re told, since 5 people have one.

  • Is the lack of headphone jack really a big deal? If you’re recording sound seriously, aren’t you doing it separately from the DSLR?

    • It isn’t a big deal at all, no. You can buy a $25 cable that allows for in-line headphone monitoring.

      Frankly, the built-in preamps on these DSLRs are so bad anyway, I wouldn’t rely on them for anything except as an audio guide track for syncing.

    • Not every shooting situation allows for dual-system audio. It’s just not always practical, and sometimes the “good enough” quality of DSLR audio is all someone has as an option. So yeah, headphone monitoring can be very important. A deal-breaker for everyone? Certainly not. But for some videographers, it’s a huge feature to have, if for nothing else than pure convenience.

  • I wouldn’t sell my canon 5dm2 for this camera.

  • Canon’s camera for the budget filmmaker is the C100. Everything else they offer is video just for a convenience, though for the same money you can get good video (without great ergonomics) and great stills from the 1DX.

    But you can always throw a steak to the Canon hater brigade by showing just how lame their cheaper DSLR video is. If people prefer to spend $3000/yr rather than $7000/3 yrs they can scream all they want about the BMCC and the GH2/GH3, but they will lose money in the long run and constantly have to adjust to their new toy.

    • Constantly adjust to their new toy? Care to explain how this aplies to BMC and GH2/3 and not canon?

      • Carlos i feel ya im lost too on that comment about gh3 and BMCC

      • There’s a concept called transition cost which is the cost (tangible and intangible in this case) of changing things. If you want a new camera, the price of the camera isn’t just what you pay in the store. Nor even the various new rigging etc. you will need. A fair accounting must include your lost productivity and income as you come up to speed on the new system as opposed to just cranking out more product on the old one.

        Then there’s the opportunity cost, which is harder to calculate. You’re buying a new camera theoretically because it will improve your opportunities, potentially because clients feel you are better equipped. But that’s fairly rarely the case that typical clients (esp at this level) know much about one camera vs. another. (Not to mention the end audience of a product.)

        The thing that does attract clients is quality of realized output they can evaluate. And while the hope may be the new camera has greater potential for quality, the reality is every new camera system has a learning curve, and an older camera that’s absolutely mastered in and out will usually shoot a better product than the flavor of the month for most people.

        And thus my argument that spending $7000 on a C100 that should amortize over three useful years, not to mention sticking with the fairly future-proof EF format vs. a small sensor format like m43, is going to be better business than upgrading the latest m43 DSLR every yearly taking a huge risk (some people have had work delayed six months now!) on newcomers like BMD.

        I hope that explanation eases your confusion.

  • no moire please! such an ugly thing!

  • Beautifully shot Johnny. It’s a shame it wasn’t shot with a better camera. I am a 5d shooter and I always defend moire and aliasing problems by saying “but, it looks great online”. 100% of my client base uses their video pieces on web. This 6d seemed like an interesting b-camera, but even watching on my iPhone, the moire and overall picture quality looks unacceptable. The post sharpening made the contrast look artificial and harsh. And the beautiful chocolates looked a grey-green color. (The last thing a chocolate shop would want to advertise.)
    If the production model steps up the straight-out-of-camera specs, I would love to have an affordable full frame b-camera / backup body in my arsenal.

    • Jason and all other friends who took the time to watch the video and comment, THANK YOU!

      Next review is just around the corner.


  • Video: Overall Impression – To think you can get a Full Frame Image that looks this good for just over 2 Grand is amazing. I noticed (viewing at full screen on a 17 Inch MBPro) some moire during the slider shot across the display case. The Depth of Field Shots were pleasing to watch. Color Depth was a bit shallow, but the image still maintained a richness. The young Chocolate Chef’s audio was very good, and almost sounded like she was miked. It was not mentioned if there in fact was an external mic jack, but it would be an important omission if it is not included. It will be interesting to see how much better the production model is than this beta version.
    Thoughts on the Camera: The fact that this is a Full Frame Camera, it should have no less than all the basics to achieve professional quality results on a budget. Ext. Mic Jack, Headphone Jack, Clean HDMI…these are basics in 2013! While I can understand not wanting to give it too much, Canon can make this camera the best Budget, All-In-One, Full Frame camera on the Market by not releasing a potentially great product with one hand tied behind its back.

  • GREAT review and video Johnnie, alot of people were waiting for this type of review for the 6D!

    In my opinion, It seems kinda silly to spend 2k on this camera if it comes in this condition. The moire really upset me, and no word from Canon on wether they’ll give it Clean HDMI. It’s pretty obvious Canon wasn’t looking to improve TOO much with this…Even the photo specs are not much different from the Mark 2 for this camera to really matter… If you’re going to get a Canon DSLR Full Frame, it makes more sense to either save up another 1K for the Mark 3 or buy a used Mark 2 for cheaper…