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Edelkrone's Reinvented Slider is Here: Slider PLUS+ Gives Twice the Distance in Half the Length

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Edelkrone has announced their new slider invention that was hinted at a few days ago. The new device, called the Slider PLUS+, answers the question of portability without sacrificing length. I suggested that they may be introducing a slider that can be extended non-intrusively, and they’ve done that, but in a way that makes the rig one of the most portable options out there without hurting performance. Check out the introduction video:

Here is some more info about the slider from their website:

  • Ultra Portable: Slider Plus is the only 2 feet slider in the world that you can fit in your backpack.
  • Lightweight: Thanks to Slider Pluses unique design it uses only half the amount of rails to achieve the extra long distances it goes. So you carry half the weight you would normally carry around.
  • Smooth Start and Stop: Slider plus moves as a whole. So more mass travels when you operate the slider. This gives smoother and very natural starts and stops compared to the regular slider designs.
  • Ready for the motorized motion control unit.: Slider Plus has a port on its side to attach the “motorized motion control module”. It is convenient for repeating the same shot or time lapse projects. 
  • Longer dolly-in/out range: When shooting dolly-in/out style, slider plus gives double the range compared the regular slider designs. When you pull the camera back the rails also retracts and they don’t interfere with the shots.
  • Works both on tripods and on ground: Thanks to the 4 height adjustable knobs under the slider plus it works on ground too. Slider Plus delivers 2 ft travel on tripod and 1 ft travel on ground.
  • Quick Drag Adjustment and Locking: Quickly and conveniently adjust the amount of drag you want for better speed control. Or lock completely in any position with a flick of a knob.

So is it as big of a deal as it might have seemed from the pre-announcement? That depends, but it actually does a lot of things that much bigger and more expensive sliders can’t do. The biggest thing for me is not actually the portability (though it is nice that it fits into a small backpack or carrying case), but the fact that the whole slider moves, so when you’re doing a move, you can actually get much smoother motion than you otherwise would. As anyone who has used a traditional dolly knows, the beginning and end of a move are crucial, and if they aren’t operated with precision, the move can really stick out like a sore thumb.

The only issue with this design is that you don’t get much movement when the slider is on the ground, and that is due to the design. So in one sense you benefit, and in another you don’t, as you can’t do all of the same moves you normally would with other sliders out there. I think it’s going to be a specific tool for people who are really trying to stay as portable as possible, but also at times may need short dolly moves. It’s interesting that it’s capable of delivering motion control as well, so down the road this could be a great tool for people doing timelapses. I would also be curious to see this design in a much longer rig, as you could theoretically get a pretty substantial move from a 3-5 foot Slider PLUS+.

At the moment, the Slider PLUS+ is going for $500, and the first limited shipment will begin on January 4th — presumably with more volume thereafter.

What do you guys think? Is this something that fills a need for you? What do you think of the design?

Link: edelkrone Slider PLUS+

Disclosure: edelkrone is a NoFilmSchool advertiser.


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  • looks good but it probably wont carry a Scarlet when pulled to the outer ends I guess. No mention of carrying load….

    • Yeah I would probably only put a DSLR on it.

      • If it can’t carry the weight of a scarlet/epic/alexa, which is ridiculously light weight compared to other pro options, it’s a complete joke.

        • I don’t know what the weight limit is, so it very well could. But if you’re going with something heavy duty like RED or Alexa, there’s a good chance that ultimate portability isn’t as high on your list anyway.

          • Good counter point Joe, but frankly, when dealing with heavy rigs, one does pay attention to these things on “less then 6 man” production crews. The bigger problem is this just doesn’t make sense for anything beyond a one man weekend film warrior production. As a target market, that’s great. But for anyone attempting cinema, we all know it takes a village. The main issue beyond weight limits, is that It’s designed for a tripod and portability. I don’t know about you, but if you or you’re crew is already carrying a tripod, then there is a high chance you’re already carrying other gear, which basically makes the portability convenience of this slider option meaningless.

          • Dan, you’re really not making sense here. Alexa is a very heavy camera. In fact, that’s the biggest complaint most AC’s have about it. Scarlet and Epic, on the other hand are relatively light when built minimally, but still can reach very heavy weights rather quickly.

            This product isn’t worthless if it can’t carry an Alexa – it’s for a different type of shooting.

  • Very neat! All though, it will probably be as pricey the Kessler sliders (which is a lot of money for just one or two camera techniques). For me, I’m happy with my $80.00 Glide Gear slider. But still, this looks to be a great product none the less.

  • Beautiful craftsmanship. Bravo. I think going for that much portability is misguided. At least make it the length of a standard tripod, since I’m carrying that anyway. All in all, it’s my same criticism of Apple’s iPad. Amazing design but make it twice as big and you’d really change the game. I don’t see a lot of doc/reality/news ops really needing that move. I love good engineering and this definately looks the part.

    • I’m not sure you really want an iPad the size of a small TV.

    • I completely agree. If it was 2 feet long, allowing a four foot move, it would be much more useful and would still strap comfortably to the side of my camera rucksack. Of course, if the weight of the camera was then 2 feet away from the fulcrum at the far ends of the move, it would have to be a lot stronger and therefore heavier. I like where they’re going with it though.

  • They priced it too high. Hope they read that.

  • I mainly shoot weddings. Weight and portability are huge concerns, especially if you ever have to take your gear on an aeroplane. The price is amazing for what it does, compared to everything else in the market. I think so anyway.

    Two questions on my mind.

    The big one is whether it see-saws when it’s tripod centre-mounted. I couldn’t tell from the video.

    The second, as Joe mentions, is the practicality of length of slide on the floor. If you look at wedding highlights videos, you’ll see that most people are doing slider shots from floor or table, because it’s a pain to fiddle with a tripod under event conditions, and cumbersome (you’ll hit people).

    But if you have to centre-mount it to use it properly, that raises an additional problem: what sort of tripod do you have to use, and how portable is it? What happens when you want to adjust the height of the tripod with the slider still attached? Either you take the camera off, fiddle with the leg locks, etc, and it’s an annoying process OR you use a tripod that has a strong centre column (like Sachtler Hotpod), and which potentially weighs a tonne (aluminium version) or costs a tonne (carbon fibre version).

  • Carson McNeal on 12.12.12 @ 4:20PM

    I see this as pairing perfectly with the Induro Hi-Hat. Then the full length could still be used on the ground.

  • This will be able to go back to front as well as right to left, right?

    Very expensive but if you’re traveling alot, I think it’ll be worth it. I will be leaving for Asia in a couple months and traveling for a little over a year so compact video equipment like this will really help me out.

    • The difference between a left/right and forward/back movement has nothing to do with the slider, it’s just a matter of screwing the camera/baseplate on parallel to the slider rather than perpendicular.

  • is anyone else getting tired of slider shots? It’s almost as big as a gimmick as super shallow DOF was when the DSLRs started shooting video.

    • Slider shots should be used occasionally so that they really look good when they are used. Using them in every shot is not good, which is why they are seen so often. Slider/dolly shots look so much better (when used correctly) than static shots.

    • They’re your eyes, point ‘em where you like.

  • OK this slider looks awesome to me! I will have to try this one out.


  • john jeffreys on 12.12.12 @ 6:26PM

    Looks very consumer/DSLR oriented

  • You’re going to need very sturdy sticks and head given the one mount point…so that balances your portability benefit. If the rig droops on either extreme even a couple pixels then you aren’t getting pro movement.

    • Stu Mannion on 12.12.12 @ 11:08PM

      Agreed. This is no good for putting on the floor or for what I usually do which is to use a tripod at each end for stability. You’ll need a pretty chunky tripod for this.

  • As someone who does much of his shooting in the backcountry, I think this looks great. Although I didn’t see anything about the actual weight of the unit. The price does does seem high, though many pieces of gear are priced higher on the manufacture’s website — hopefully it’ll be lower elsewhere. Definitely interested, though.

    • Backcountry is exactly what I was thinking when I saw this, great for outdoors, nature, wildlife etc.

    • I primarily shoot in the backcountry and am waiting for a Rhino Slider. I like the idea of having a super lightweight option and an option for a more burly setup not to mention infinite length options.

  • I wonder how stable this thing is. There is plenty of movement involved and every little shake hurts the footage. Also, 500$ is a bit high.

  • They told me the maximum capacity is 10 pounds.

    • 10 pounds… Well that can be a bare bones Scarlet. And stability wise I assume that’s why we are only looking at one foot extension. But no way I’d hang my Scarlet out right on the edges of something like this’s weight capacity. Pity. The retraction of the track for dollying back is pretty cool and I love the design.

  • Cool concept, I’d be (pleasantly) surprised if it were as good in practice as it is in theory. My biggest concern would be see-sawing from end to end. Those bearings in the middle are having to stand up to quite a lot of pressure from the rods, even with only a light camera mounted.

    I hope someone I know gets one so I can try it out. I made my purchase some time ago (Kessler) and won’t be buying another for some time yet.

  • I’ve ordered one.. The portability is awesome… As for the weight worries my miller tripod will do the job and just hang some gear from the centre of the tripod… Looking at the price compared to Phillip Blooms pocket dolley the Edelkrone Slider is in a league of its own… The question is how much for the control unit?

  • I just bought one follow focus from Edelkrone. Its one of the best gear Ive used, robust , precise and practical. I am sure the slider will not deceive its users. These guys make very good products at reasonable cost.

  • My experience with Edelkrone is that they are very, very nice people and offer a money-back guarantee.

    However, be advised: If you order blindly without trying the product out first, then are not satisfied with the product, you can return it for a refund. BUT, you must pay for the return shipping with insurance – back to their factory in Turkey. $$$ And, if for some reason it gets lost on the way back to their factory in Turkey, you do not get that refund,

    Not trying to denigrate their products here at all. But this is an important issue for those who buy without getting a touch & try test drive prior to ordering.

    All the best to everyone at Edelkrone!

    • So what have you ordered and not received… Such hog wash talk.. I have ordered the Modula 5, Pocket Rig, Focus Plus, and accessories. All been delivered with a tracking number. Price point I’m happy with the value because 12 year olds don’t need pro equipment to video lol cats. And most of all happy to see people like you to video with home made rigs that make you look even stupider

  • The carrying capacity is 7.25 kgs (16 pounds). Not bad, at all. Especially considering the price, and size.

  • Great idea but the travel is too short. We use it on the ground many times during events as we have no time to setup a tripod. Would be great for travelling shoots with loads of time. I do suspect the trade off is a heavy tripod to prevent it from toppling.

  • I received my New Slider+ yesterday and overall very happy but cant see a way of adjusted the top Plate that holds the Camera as it has a bit of rocking on the slider rods.
    i have contacted Edelkrone and no reply as yet and no manuals posted either despite the link in the box.
    Can anyone assist as the rocking is exaggerated with more weight and i have only added a small pan head and 5DMk3???
    thanks fro any help.
    P.S. the two Videos posted by Edelkrone do not relate to the top plate only the bottom plate that mounts to the tripod.

    • i just received an email from Edelkrone with images and instructions on how to adjust the top plate and now it is perfect.
      just love it and cant wait for the motor drive.
      P.S. for all the knockers of this product, try being a bit more encouraging to any company or person who invests time and money to create products that can aid creativity.
      this is a unique product, not only is a compact slider but it allows for wider lenses to be used if sliding forward or back due to fact that you can only ever have approximately 4-6″ of rails in front of you because the front of the lens sits proud of the plat of course. no other slider can hide 50% of its rails like this.
      Congratulations to Edlekrone for a great product at what i consider to be a fair price.
      And to all the negative people on this blog – take a happy pill and applaud them.

  • There’s a 3 feet version on their website now.


    Just a warning to those purchasing this product, I got mine in the mail today and it was broken. The belt was snapped and the whole pc was locked and would not slide, basically the entire unit was not assembled correctly. To make matters worse it shipped with no instructions and the card that had the site where the instructions are located was a blank page. They want me to pay for having it shipped back to the Czech Republic and then I have to wait until they deem whether or not they are going to replace it. Also if of some reason they don’t receive this package they won’t refund me, so basically I just bought a $500 paper weight. I would advise everyone to not buy this product and to stick with Kessler who have real customer service and way better quality control. Now I must wait an additional 2 weeks assuming all goes well. Once again I seriously think Edelkrone should be held accountable for their actions and this sort of thing should not be acceptable in our community, we work hard for the gear we buy and their attitude is simply awful towards their defective products

  • I have my doubts about Edelkrone too. My Modula 7+ is very front heavy when I mount my 7D+lens (back-weights attached) and the follow focus (Focus+) has a big backslash. I can hear the teeth inside grind when turning the follow focus, it has been like this from the start. I’m thinking of sending my follow focus system back.

    Something on the side… they promised a $25.000 give away a few months ago. First they delayed the give-away and now they CANCELED it completely without any notification or reason!
    Nice keeping promises Edelkrone..

    Before buying make sure to examine the Turkish buyer/seller policy’s, they seem to be very different compared to the standard European/U.S rules as far as I have experienced.

    To finish with something positive – I lost a few screws to mount my monitor to the EVF holder on my last shoot. I ordered the EDELKRONE protection plan upon purchase. After sending a mail to Edelkrone I received a whole bunch of new screws within a week. All delivered in a very fancy white Edelkrone box (which I use as my GOPRO case right now :-D)

  • Regarding the give-away, I just received this e-mail from the Chief Marketing Officer of edelkrone.

    He states the following:

    Hello Serhan,

    I am the Chief Marketing Officer of edelkrone. I saw your recent comment regarding our cancellation of annual prize and thought I should send you this message to make things clear…

    First of all, I want to thank you for your comment and time.

    The reality is that we received as little as 4K email subscriptions and it was only 5K Facebook subscriptions and our minimum acceptable subscription rate was 50K and our estimates were about 100K.

    We thought we could give the advertising money into an award and get our leads for free but things are not that simple. We have 29K Facebook likes. 24K likes came from paid advertising and related organic traffic. Only 5K generated from the award subscriptions.

    Of course we are going to receive some negative reactions and that is normal since we have screwed up badly. We won’t be trying to cover it up and we will accept the respectful negative comments…

    It was a total failure on our side but we are not frauds that’s why
    we did not announce a fake winner.

    We have learned that we should never be doing such organisations anymore.
    We are really good at developing clever products and delivering amazing after sales support. We will be sticking to that.

    We have clearly stated that we had the right to cancel this thing if for some reason we would not reach the estimated attendance rate.

    We tried extending the duration of the withdrawal but eventually the numbers did not change and we just did what we had to do… We did not push ourselves to collect money from other company resources. It would be trying to correct a mistake by making another one.

    I know at the end no one got the award and we are left with some emails and leads.

    BUT there is a solution to that too. Who ever subscribed for this competition can unsubscribe from the list and I believe that will make things fair and square. We will kindly ask that from the subscribers next week.