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Get Your Shoulder Rig Redrock'n'Rollin' with New Gear Upgrades

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As a longtime owner of a Redrock shouldermount rig, a recent announcement from the accessory manufacturer almost makes me wish I had instead waited the eight-some-odd years to spring for the package today. Actually, it’s still pretty good news to me, and any other current rig owners, for that matter — because what’s announced isn’t a new Redrock rig unto itself, but instead upgrades for key components for any shouldermount setup. Bump the jump for the details.

microShoulder Pad Upgrade — $200

  • Strong and flexible: super tough Cordura®, breathable 3D mesh, and free-forming microPoly beads
  • Smarter: uniquely balanced pressure distribution
  • Self-leveling: promotes proper alignment and better stability
  • Made for You: actively adapts to all shapes and slopes
  • Luxury: unmatched, fatigue- fighting, extreme rig comfort

I’ve been on shoots before wherein the camera op — which was me, in many cases — started feeling some pretty gnawing discomfort spending long hours with a rig living on his shoulder. Granted, all kinds of camera setups were mounted on those rigs in my own experience, including camcorders outfit with full-on 35mm lens adapters, likely outweighing DSLRs — then again, with all the other riggery you may be using on your DSLR (or BMCC, or what have you), the weight may be quite comparable. As such, any improvements to a shoulder pad itself in terms of comfort is surely welcome by any run-and-gun shooters out there. The new microShoulderPad goes for about $200 at Redrock.

microBalance QR Quick Release Counterbalance Weight — $180 or $250

  • Stackable: Quickly add or remove as many 2 lb weights as needed to achieve ideal rig balance
  • Precise: Front-back & unique left-right adjustments for customizable balance — can also be mounted vertically or horizontally
  • Multi-talented: Attach battery directly to weights
  • Smarter: Easy quick-release mechanism lets you quickly adjust your weight without using any tools

There’s a couple notable things about these weights, and the tools-free aspect seems pretty big to me. Easy locking and disengaging (never mind tools-free reconfiguring) spells good news for the camera team’s time efficiency on set, not to mention the sanity of the ACs. Additionally, brick batteries such as those produced by Anton Bauer can be mounted straight on to the weights themselves, enabling battery quick-release too. The microBalance QR goes for $180 and $250 for a single weight including either a horizontal or verticle mounting clamp, respectively. Once you have the clamp you want, each additional weight is $100.

microHandGrip Grip Upgrade Kit – Pair for $20

  • Redesigned: Improved rip pattern enhances comfort, reduces moisture build-up
  • Customizable: Double-locking grips offer more flexibility and mounting points
  • Advanced: Fully compatible with the microRemote system Fingerwheel controller

Again, this is as much a comfort-finesse upgrade as it is a tech-practicality one: out in the field and fighting the elements on a long day, things like comfort and sweaty-grips equates to practicality in a way. Then, of course, there’s the option of easy direct-mounting of something like a remote follow focus, which also makes the life of a single operating pulling their own focus a lot smoother prospect. A dual set of microHandGrips is only $20.

Remember — you don’t have to be a brand-loyal fanboy or a life-long Redrockstar for these pieces to be appealing to you. There number of pieces you can combine to create your own rig frankenstein-style is literally limitless, so if you’d like to, say, replace your current shoulder pad with the microSP upgrade (because, in all honestly that thing looks 1000x times comfier than anything I’ve used before) but keep your old rails, follow focus, and so on, no problem. These rig solutions certainly aren’t plastic, but Redrock has always been a good line-rider of solid (and fairly elegant) engineering and low cost — so if any of these items looks like it appeals to you, check some user reviews and consider treating yourself to an upgrade to your rig.


Disclosure: Redrock Micro is a NoFilmSchool Advertiser.


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  • Since this is basically an advertisement, I think it should be labeled as such.

    • Nevermind…I see it at the end. I change what I said to “It should be labeled up front.”

    • Dave Kendricken on 12.20.12 @ 10:44PM

      As I say, I’m a long-time Redrock shoulder rig owner, and let me tell you — they certainly didn’t pay me to buy their products. I honestly think the balance of quality and affordability of Redrock gear gives it great overall value — and that’s regardless of whether or not we run ad space for the company.

  • The price tag has always made me turn in the other direction, but as an evolving filmmaker, you realize you get what you pay for. I dropped some serious Christmas presents on myself and purchased the blue cage cinema should mount rig and wireless follow focus setup recently. I’m super stoked to get the new setup.

    Cheers to your post and everyone else who works with you guys. I find your site such a valuable resource I look forward to being the first I check daily.

    Take care!

  • Its all fine and dandy… It just seems since I purchased a C1 Pro-Rig from Cinemecanix, every one is re-thinking their shoulder rigs… I met the owner in Vegas and again in Amsterdam , he’s a really nice guy and As far as I’m concerned he’s the only one who has understood balance, comfort and functionality. Sure their not cheap… But I haven’t seen any other rig being able to accomodate so mny different cameras. And check this out, it’s also got an adjustable shoulder pad for a custom fit. So there you go for an ad… Surely I will probably will it to my son when I die :-). Any how this is the Last shoulder rig I will ever buy.

    Enough said and thanks to one camera guy who decided to develop a rig to inspire all others !

    Thank you Eric Auclair from Cinemecanix

    Hey maybe he’ll read this and send me free stuff

  • I like the color :>).

    Got UPS comin’ with Redrock and Zacuto gear. I didn’t realize the holidays were the best time to buy: free overnight shipping, and UPS even comes a day or two early! That doesn’t happen any other time of year.

    Now that I’m Redrockin’ I’ll be eyeing their hardware goodies and looking for blue ads on NFS.

  • awesome my original rr grips just ripped, but I like my shoulderpad

  • Tacky. Keep the adds in the add spaces, dont disguise them as content…

  • I’d have to double check to see if it’s removable, but I wonder if just the pad is replaceable on the original shoulder rig. The standard pad is an abomination and it’s kinda ridiculous they’re just coming out with a plush version now. I could’ve told them the original was crap after the first prototype :-/

  • Really?? $250 for a weight and some plastic around? $200 for a shoulder polster??? It’s like those companies who charge you $50 for a sandbag or those wooden production milk crates… it’s ridicules how those people abuse the little filmmaker who loves to have new gear, is made to believe he needs it, and spends a fortune instead of making movies!! C’mon that’s bullshit! And no one can tell me the price is justified, not as long as I can buy other quality products, like something as simple as a backpack for less than $100… and a backpack alone has pollsters, plastic parts, metal parts.. so don’t tell me you can’t do it for cheap!!

    • Ya I hear ya…. I have ordered stuff from overseas that is just as solid and dirt cheap. It’s really all about quantity. They are most likely made in the US too which will bring up the price. I have to say though that if this gear is made in China at these prices then I feel the value is not that great. I have used RedRock and Zacuto aplenty but I feel there is other companies out there with comparable gear for much less the cost. Also this always stumped me… Why does RedRock have blue components? Just a thought!

  • justaddwater850 on 12.21.12 @ 3:14PM

    My mouth has always watered at the idea of getting a RR rail system. No doubt their rigs are top tier, but is a shoulder pad really worth $200? I really don’t think a sore shoulder is worth that much. Hell, the thing just seems like an over-glorified pillow. I think I’ll stick with my towel burrito for now. My shoulder will just have to make do.

  • you have gotta be kidding me. Just go on ebay and get these things for a fraction of the price from China or India. I’d dealt with Redrock rigs, they have good quality but its not top of the line and definitely isn’t unique or worth the price. I’m gotten some similar items from filmcity on ebay that are comparable.

  • Gerrick Winston on 12.28.12 @ 2:52AM

    @Rick – Have you checked out the Master Cinema Series over at Letus?? Now that’s a heck of a rig! It is pricey, but as far as great balance, it’ll give your C1 Pro rig fits, lol!

    • I dont think so, when I let go my C1 Rig, it doesn’t fall down and I can position my accessories where I want and not get my neck in a kink… plus I would like to see my RedOne on this thing… the Letus MCS looks nice but if you like operating the follow focus with you teeth it becomes to close for comfort. Not as versatile as the Cinemecanix gear and more expensive… loll

  • Daniel Mimura on 01.6.13 @ 11:10PM

    I’ve had bad luck with redrock micro on a few occasions. I’ve found their kips (not true Kipp™ brand handles) to be subpar. I’ve used their gear on a few occasions I’ve found the handles to be stripped out and then you can’t tighten them down enough, making it really jenky. Also, sometimes, but not always, I’ve found a little play in their plastic handles that has a little rattle. Not, like, where it’ll bother the sound guy, but just enough for me to feel my gear isn’t all tight and locked down and feeling secure.

    The blue also just kills me. I swear I’m not a label whore, but I see blue and I’m just reminded of their jenky gear.

    I’m a huge fan of Berkey System stuff. I’m just about to get a shoulder pad from them…much cheaper, and higher quality and more customizable that the blue stuff.