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Blackmagic Joins the Micro 4/3 Barbecue: is an Active MFT Mount Cinema Camera Cooking?

Just a few short months ago, it was announced that the Blackmagic Cinema Camera would be receiving a Micro 4/3 lens mount option alternative to its original Canon EF mount. Granted, for those of us still waiting on the BMCC to ship, a few short months is no stretch of time to merely shrug off — particularly when the mount announced was to be a “passive” or “dumb” one, meaning electronic control would not be supported for smart MFT lenses. There’s been speculation that this would change — and given Blackmagic’s recent addition to the consortium of companies aligned with the official Micro 4/3 standard, this speculation seems less outlandish than ever.

Here’s the lean meat of the press release from Olympus (who spearheads the standard), via PhotoRumors:

Olympus Imaging Corp. and Panasonic Corporation jointly announced the Micro Four Thirds System standard in 2008 and have since been working together to promote the standard. Now we are pleased to announce that five more companies have recently declared their support for the standard and will be introducing products compliant with the Micro Four Thirds System standard.

Blackmagic Design Pty. Ltd., one of the world’s leading innovators and manufacturers of creative video technology; JK Imaging Ltd., new representative for the world-famous “KODAK” branded cameras; PHOTRON LIMITED, the world’s leading manufacturer of high speed digital imaging systems; SVS-VISTEK GmbH, an innovative company that develops professional machine vision components and systems and ViewPLUS Inc., a developer of advanced imaging-related equipment. With the addition of exciting new products from these companies, the Micro Four Thirds lineup will become much more diverse, further increasing the potential of this advanced digital imaging system.

As the company responsible for initiating both the Four Thirds System and Micro Four Thirds System standards, Olympus Imaging Corp. will continue to develop and enhance the product lineup for both standards to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

One could passively assume this is just a move for posterity or solidarity — this type of support is common enough in the industry, and stands for something significant in itself (though perhaps not to the every-shooter). More likely though it’s one giant step in the direction of an electronic MFT mount Blackmagic Cinema Camera, which would allow all sorts of electronic-only Micro 4/3 lenses to be used on the camera. It would also potentially allow for Canon EF lenses to be controlled electronically through an adapter. There are no guarantees, however — or even a timeline  – but don’t be surprised if we see it sometime this year.

Furthermore, there’s a likelihood Blackmagic (who does listen, and closely) has taken heed of all the imaginings that high-profile shooter/reviewers have been doing about the BMCC since word of the Metabones Speed Booster hit the streets. The Speed Booster (MFT version to come) looks to adapt a lot of your gear to a level that basically breathes an entirely new life into it. Conversely, Metabones could stir added life-force into the viability of the small sensor BMCC system for those who have previously disregarded it for its high crop factor. Given, of course, that requisite smart Micro 4/3 mount.

Again, the Speed Booster could be good news for MFT shooters even without a smart mount, as long as your lenses can be controlled manually. That said, certain elements aligning (pun intended after the fact) could make the BMCC even more formidable in its niche — assuming Blackmagic and Metabones jump on the respective opportunities that lay before them.

What do you guys have to say about this? Is it a likelihood, or even inevitability, that these technologies sync up? How else do you see BMD joining the MFT standards group fitting into the scheme of things?

Link: Blackmagic Design Pty. Ltd., JK Imaging Ltd., PHOTRON LIMITED, SVS-VISTEK GmbH and ViewPLUS Inc. join the Micro Four Thirds System Standard Group

[via Photo Rumors]


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  • I’m too freaking excited for this! That passive mount is the ONLY reason I haven’t already gotten myself a BMCC… Hope it comes! And I’ve been hearing lots of great things regarding the SpeedBooster… it just seems too good to be true to be honest!

    I think I’ll need a little more time to let this sink in. :O

    – Ron Parida, Automotive Commercial Director

    • All reports point to this being a necessary legal step towards using a MTF mount on the camera, passive or active. It’s not a signifier of an active mount, just part of the process for the passive model.

  • Metabones + activem43 mount would be perfect. Also if they can also allow ProRes recording in 2.5K instead of RAW, for those moments where we need lighter files

    • Hell, while we’re at it, let’s just have the thing record to Cineform. It’s a more efficient codec than ProRes and would allow for longer recording times while keeping the quality top-notch.

      Active MFT + Speed Booster + Cineform would be the bee’s-f’n-knees as far as I’m concerned.

  • They should just buy Metabones. Worked re DaVinci.
    Package them together for 2014 version. Dominate the space, plus fits an integrated model.
    I’d like 1080 48 or 60fps please. That’s the clincher for me personally.
    Have had many clients already order it, and we’ve just started seeing commercial footage start turning up.

  • Neill Jones on 01.22.13 @ 6:17PM

    They haven’t even got the first camera they promised out yet!

  • Chris Lambert on 01.22.13 @ 6:26PM

    What would the crop factor then be for EF lenses + speedbooster? would it be for example

    50mm + speedbooster = 35mm + 2.2x BMC crop = 70ishmm? eg. slightly less than APS-C?

    Is that right or am i being an idiothole?

    • Chris: you are pretty accurate. For ASP-C, the Speed Booster basically makes a 50mm — a 50mm. With the crop factor of the BMCC, ~70mm is pretty close.

    • I think the crop factor with the speed booster is around 1.6x for the EF mount for the BMCC

      • I keep seeing people refer to what the crop factor would be with a Speedbooster on EF to MFT. But people seem to be taking the numbers from a Speedbooster designed to scale down to S35. Wouldn’t a MFT Speedbooster be optically different, designed to properly scale the image from full-frame EF to MFT the same way as it’s E-mount counterpart? That would be logical, unless Metabones intends to cut corners.

        • The micro 4/3 version will also be a 0.7x reducer like the NEX version. One of the designers explains why here:

          So a 50mm reduced 0.7x is a 35mm lens, which on a BMCC with a crop factor of 2.3 is going to work out to around 80mm. The math is a bit dizzying, but all we really need to understand is that all of our lenses will have the same characteristic on the BMCC+Speed Booster combination as they would on any APS-C or Super 35mm camera….except now they’ll be a stop brighter too!

  • Does anyone else think “Speed Booster” is a strange name? Borders on gimmicky for such a nice piece of kit. I wish they would have called it something like “Concentrator”.

  • Eduardo Gonzalez on 01.22.13 @ 6:33PM

    Agreed, I think having an active MFT mount would help a great deal with sales. Looking back I wish they would’ve waited to release one rather than announcing a passive mount and not having any clear idea of when it would arrive. I ordered my MFT BMCC just a few weeks ago which makes me think I won’t see it until Christmas unless they really ramp up shipping quick. I fear that NAB 2013 coming up quick and the possibility that most orders not having been fulfilled by then could seriously hurt sales. Reason? If another company shows up with another camera with similar specs that’s ready to ship (ie if Olympus or Panny decided to blow everyone’s minds and release one at NAB) the BMCC could possibly have people cancelling orders quickly and jumping on some other bandwagon. It’s going to be a very interesting year in the digital cinema world.

  • So far no MFT BMCC has been released yet, am I right?
    Maybe they decided to deliver the EF mount first, to have time to provide an active mount from their very first MFT camera to be distributed.

    Otherwise, upgrading their hardware from passive to active MFT, only a few months after the first passive mounts have been sold, would be a very unfair move from Blackmagic Design.
    And so far, despite their production problems, they’ve been quite good in their behaviour.

    • There are passive mount micro 4/3rd BMC cameras out there in the wild, and I think the plan was to offer the passive 4/3rds mount after the EF mount’s orders are caught up, but really, why can’t they offer an active 4/3rds mount? Is there some significant additional cost for an active 4/3rds mount that I’m missing?

  • Clayton Arnall on 01.22.13 @ 6:35PM

    What would prevent a camera company from just building an adapter like this right into the camera? Would seem pretty useful especially if it could be turned on/off similar to how ND filters are built into cameras.

  • I’m so tired of the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, that’s all everyone is talking about, all the time. And still they have not managed to deliver to over 95% of their “soon to be” customers.

    And honestly 3000 dollars is not so cheap. Everyone is saying that wow 3000 dollars its a bargain. Come on, it’s not free, 3000 dollars is 3000 dollars. The reason everyone says it’s a bargain is because there is nothing else close to it yet, and if you compare it to Scarlets, c100′s, c300′s and other cameras it sure is a bargain. But if you wait 2 months more until NAB 2013. It won’t be THE BARGAIN. Because then we will see new cameras that will directly compete with the BMCC. And still the BMCC would not have fulfilled it’s orders.

    Also good luck with using this Camera handheld, or using pans and tilts. The camera seems to have a terrible rolling shutter “jello”. Even worse than the 5D.

    I would rather save up and buy a …… well I don’t know yet. I will probably have to wait until NAB 2013, but I can’t go and buy this BMCC now anyway, so I do not count this overhyped camera because it simply does not exist to most of us.

    • New cameras? From whom? Canon? No. Sony? No. Panasonic? No. You’re tired of the BMCC? I’m tired of people thinking that these corporate giants will all of a sudden drop their cameras to low prices, or undercut their cameras with new cameras. If the BMCC will be challenged, it will be from a new company, or a company making their first “cinema” camera – and if history tells us anything, they’ll most likely have manufacturing and supply problems.

    • Whatever is announced at NAB 2013 probably won’t ship until late 2013, early 2014. That’s how these things work. It’s always a waiting game. Yes the BMCC has rolling shutter, but no worse than any DSLR, and no, the moire is not as bad compared to say a Canon 7D or 5D Mark II. This is coming from actually using it, not from clips floating around online.

  • Oh…I forgot one huge thing… THE MOIRE is more than terrible on this camera. It’s huuuugeeee.

    • lmao!!!! yep……..but all this talk and they havent really shipped anything…..barely the canon mount….barely

    • Any links to tests, samples and/or reviews to back that up?

    • Sorry, I haven’t seen virtually no Moire in all of the footage of the BMCC I’ve seen so far.

      I’ve seen more Moire than I would want to out of the new GH3, but not the BMCC, which really let me down because I was really looking forward to buying the GH3. Now my choices are to buy a GH2 and then wait till I can buy a BMCC.

  • Wallet open. Take cash.

  • Neill Jones on 01.22.13 @ 7:44PM

    All the talk about the next camera, the next one, and the next one. ” I’ll wait until NAB”, “I’ll wait until Christmas”, “I’ll wait till the S35mm version comes out”. Is this so that you never actually have to go out and shoot something? You can only make something with the camera in hand, not the one in the brochure, or the nice picture on the website with a pre-order button next to it, or the one talked about by a corporate facist that he promises will blow everyone’s mind and the lid off the competition once they can actually reveal what it is and what it does. Log off people, put your raincoat on and grab your 5D, Z1, GH2, Af100, gopro, flip cam, iphone and go express yourself. By the time you come back there might be a camera that you want that you can actually buy. Oh and while your at it pick up some litter………if we all pick up one piece……!!!!!!

    • Finally, somebody is talking sense.

      • No, someone is yet again needlessly raising a false dichotomy.

        Just cos we’re talking about a camera doesn’t mean we’re not out shooting as well. Plus, do you really think repeating the same thing, that’s been said on the comments of almost every single camera-related post on this site, is going to get people out shooting if they’re not?

        If you don’t want to talk about a camera, don’t. Read one of the many other posts on this site and others.

        • I do believe that the dichotomy exists. Non-related threads would not be polluted with BMC rhetoric if it wasn’t true. Excessive commenting about cameras that you don’t have is an unconscious attempt at vindication from something.

          • I don’t see how this is evidence. People are excited about the BMCC… again that doesn’t mean they’re not shooting.

            I’m also excited about other cameras, ones I’ll never own like Epic Dragon, because a) they’re technically fascinating and b) they could change things across the industry. Doesn’t mean I’m waiting til I get one to do anything.

            Basically, I think many understand that if you’re always waiting for the “best” solution, you’ll wait forever. It’s unfair to assume that people interested in new tech are guilty of forgetting that.

          • So if guy one says hey the c300 some great benifits, I’m going to use it on a feature and guy two says that’s stupid, epic dragon has way more dynamic range. Guy two is not shooting. They are too illogical, being illogical and producing films is disastrous, and I’m sure no noteworthy completed projects are coming from bmc extremists. Just because you may be a logical supporter doesn’t mean that others haven’t taken it too far, those are the ones who are molding the reputation of the camera.

          • Sure, there are people like that. As with anything. But to say that you think there is a dichotomy suggests that if you talk about cameras, you must not be shooting. Which isn’t true. Point being, I don’t think it’s useful, or fair, to make blanket statements like these.

        • I wonder if post-production people tell each other to “just sit down and edit something” when they get all riled up about the next version of Avid or something. I wonder if they assume you aren’t working if you get excited about the technology of your field. That would be weird.

          • Neill jones on 01.23.13 @ 5:35AM

            Editors don’t get riled up about new software, I think they realise that it is the human not the software that makes their work what it is. Plus anyone that’s used Avid for the last 10 years knows that the latest update will come with last years bugs, that’s not really something to get excited about is it. And yes actually I would advise to “just sit down and edit something” as I don’t think obsessing about a software update is going to make you a better editor is it.

        • Neill jones on 01.23.13 @ 5:38AM

          Your not out shooting withTHIS camera though are you?

          • I don’t see your point.

          • If you’re saying I should be putting my money where my mouth is and using the current BMCC since it’s already good enough, a few things.

            1) I never said it wasn’t good enough, in this thread or others. I was just disputing the dichotomy you implied.
            2) I have said in previous threads that active m4/3 is not something I’m interested in personally.
            3a) You have no idea if I’m currently shooting with the BMCC.
            3b) I’m currently planning a shoot with the “original”, EF-mount BMCC (which I plan to rent).
            4) I also shoot with a 550D and 5Dmk2, and discussing other cameras hasn’t prevented this.

          • Neill Jones on 01.23.13 @ 11:20AM

            None of those things below Luke, I was stating that you can’t even get this camera yet if you wanted to shoot with it. Re-read my earlier post.

          • Like I said, I didn’t understand you, and took a stab at what you might mean. Either way, I still don’t really see your point; I don’t see how that pertains to “talking about a camera not stopping you shooting”.

    • I’m with you. I keep my eye on what’s coming out, but in the mean time I shoot with what I have.

    • john jeffreys on 01.23.13 @ 12:03AM

      This is why most productions just rent what they need.

    • Neil I want to frame your post.

      Everyone – the next Nab is around the corner and it will always be around the corner. You can wait forever and never shoot anything.

      And a lot of people do that.

      And enjoy your life while I try to make the most out of every camera I have.

  • ernie schelsser on 01.22.13 @ 8:03PM

    Yup, there’s a lot of speculation about NAB, and Black Magic leads the choir in ‘more talk than rock.’ Commenters are correct that BMCC banter is ubiquitous with virtually no product bestowed upon civilization, only a few gear moles have them for review. BM has erred tremendously by telling the planet nine months ago what they are making but not delivering. This spells c-o-m-p-e-t-i-t-i-o-n. BM will get creamed at the super bowl called NAB, and it won’t be brotherly love. Perry totally blew it beyond belief! Get that man some alcohol, he’ll suck Sin CIty dry come April. The witch is dead!

  • It’s not easy to create a new type of camera, particularly when your company hasn’t done cameras before. I expect some very exciting announcements at NAB, but I wouldn’t count BMD out of the race just yet.

    I’m glad they did rock the boat, just like RED did just a couple years ago, and I’m impressed with the BMC so far. Not a DSLR style camera or something you can easily run off with like a C300- but treat it like a cinema camera and you can go far.

    • Seems like a bargain price even with the premium, frankly.

      Considering you could easily make that back many times over with one relatively small job (especially if you can sell a client on the advantage over DSLR), if you really wanted one fast, that’d be the way to get it. In the grand scheme, an extra $700 or so is insignificant if the trade off is having to wait 4-6 more months, at minimum.

    • Why is that bad? You obviously haven’t noticed what happens when EVERY camera gets released. REDs sold at 200%, Alexa’s went for 300%, the C300 for around 150%. A BMDCC sold here in LA in 1 day for $6k about 6 weeks ago. Nikon D800 and D800E’s sold at 50% over list for 6 months on CL. 5D3s the same. I too think it will hit close to $5k.
      And let me repeat – there are now quite a few cameras here in the US. There are MANY in Europe and Australia. I believe half the issue is unlike other camera companies, they seem not to be as US focused in their shipping priorities. Nikon did the same with the D800 (I got mine in London 6 months before you could buy it here) and again, I think that influenced the blogoshere’s reaction to it.
      So to recap – BMDCC seems to be shipping several hundred a month right now. NAB is not until April. By then I’d suggest at LEAST another 150 cameras will be here in the US. That is actually a high number early in the release cycle of a camera of this type.
      At NAB MANY cool cameras will make their debut. None will ship before November. By then, we’re in the 1000s of BMDCCs shipped.

  • One more thing: my pro clients all want the MFT version (for PL glass). And they want it bad. You could sell one of those right now for $8-10k no problem.

    • RED ONE MX 4000 USD 4.5 RAW widescreen, proven.

      Why would anyone pay 8-10k for 2.K RAW not proven.

      • You are not realistic dude. NO ONE. NO ONE will pay 10 k for a BMCC.

        • For an MFT one. Yes they would. These are people who have access to any camera on the market. They want it to see what it will do with ‘proper’ glass.
          Don’t think that the pros aren’t players in the ‘I’m first!’ game. The buyers I have in mind, one is a producer/director who is salivating at this cam, the other is a specialised rental house here in LA who would probably make their money back inside 6 months. 10k – its not even the price of a decent watch in this field.
          You would be surprised how many award-winning DOPs enjoy finding cheap/cool solutions. And bragging about it. To have the only MFT BMDCC in LA? Hanging an Alura off it? Oh yes, no problem selling that.

        • If you wonder how I know, I have sold a few D800s by showing people pictures of them with Angenieux Optimo DP’s hanging off them. Not footage from that set-up, but just pictures of the rig. :-)
          This is the reason the C300 PL mount exists (think about how hard it was for Canon, for whom lenses are very profitible, to even release that model) and why there are still many PL 7Ds working.
          The moire/artifacts they can work around. A ‘baby Alexa’ with a PL mount, so they can use matching lenses? There’s a lot of interest in that.

    • Why can’t you use PL glass on the EF mount?

      • Neill Jones on 01.23.13 @ 8:28PM

        You can’t use the PL glass on the Ef mount because you can’t get the camera with the Ef mount yet.

        • You do realize there are places renting them now right? Including…

          • Neill Jones on 01.24.13 @ 7:07PM

            Well that’s the problem solved for the thousands of people across the world that have pre-ordered and are waiting for their camera isn’t it Gabe.

  • marsupial_2.5k on 01.23.13 @ 4:00AM

    I’ll buy a BMDCC MTF when it’s released. I don’t do preorders, and for the next year I don’t anticipate wanting anything else. I didn’t buy a GH3 like I had planned, and it’s delayed too, so my GH3 interest waned. My most recent m43 purchases were passive lenses, PL adapter, Redrock rig, etc., so I guess I’m gearing up for BMCC. Passive is fine.

    Whatever happens at NAB, that’s cool. ‘Could be some surprises to assess at that juncture. Got my crusty old hacked GH2 and sound gear, nothing stopping me from shooting and gigging until there’s new inventory in stock. Patience is key.

  • ok blackmagic,
    - problem with the small senzor solved (thanks to metabones)
    - problem with the active mft mount should be solved by the time .. now what you have to do:

    1. do something with that stupid internal battery
    2. no need to build a new camera – just add more processing power so it can handle 2.5k raw@50fps or 2.5k prores@50fps or 2k@100fps with compression options
    3. take my money

    • You’re talking about a different camera.

      • Yep. He’s dreaming.

        • The battery is not and issue. You don’t get a RED camera with a battery. End of story.

          • yup, I want more powerfull version of BMCC.. something like epic compared to scarlet.. having slowmotion is a big deal for me

          • So in fact the battery situation with the BMCC is better than Red, which don’t even have internal (and people pay a lot of money for battery adapters with backup batteries to allow for hot swapping).

            And people say it’s a weakness.

  • More kids wanting the perfect camera… active MTF on this camera will never happen. That has been made very clear from the get go by J Brawley and the Blackmagic bosses – there is a mechanical limitation due to the internals and the lack of space! Go and shoot with what you have. This game will never end. There will always be new cameras and the “next NAB”…

    • Hi mate,
      has Brawley really said that? Maybe do you have a link to that news? (I’m not intending to be provocative).
      Since they are offering the MFT option, I was wondering why make it a passive mount instead of an active one. So what you said, “the lack of space” would actually make sense, but it seems I’ve missed that statemnt.

      • He didn’t say they wouldn’t ever do it, he basically said in this version of the camera, but it’s stil not necessarily a definitive answer either way. They will still be releasing the passive mount probably for a while, but an active mount could come sooner than we would have thought.

        • Are we talking about an hardware upgrade (no connections on the passive mount), or firmware?
          Anyway thanx for your reply Joe, is cool that you’re so active on this website, even on the articles written by others.

          • No problem – it’s not going to be a firmware upgrade, if/when they do an active mount, it may not be in the current body as it is now. They are working on the passive MFT, and unless things have changed drastically, that’s probably what will be released first, with an active MFT mount sometime down the line.

  • I can’t for the life of me understand why so many people are looking at this year’s NAB expecting ANYTHING that truly competes with BMD’s offering. Is it just inexperience? Haven’t been paying attention for the last eight years?

    Wishful thinking? Rebellion?

    And Digital Bolex… seriously, why is that even being mentioned at all? You want to talk about Vaporware. Kinefinity? Buy an FS100 instead, same color, same DR, less rolling shutter.

    Pay attention, people…

    • I can tell you an announcement is coming from a major camera manufacturer at NAB. Prototypes are in the wild. You may have noticed certain camera blogs have gone pretty much silent running for a while now. Its not a BMDCC competitor, as its priced well above that cam. Not shipping until ’14 (although that may be pushed up).

      • Are you talking about Panasonic’s Super 35mm camera that they showed at NAB? By the way no one tells us anything here at NoFilmSchool, so we haven’t gone silent about any particular topic because we know something (since we don’t – and not that you were referring to us necessarily).

        • Ha! Not you guys. And I’m already on very thin ice – but there are a few other famous blogs that you’ll note have holes in them in terms of recent content, and will do until late Feb when the samples are due back. I will say its aimed squarely at the Scarlet market, so its not going to be the low cost miracle cam panacea that most commentators here are looking for. And hey, they may decide not to announce. But that would surprise me given the number of units out. and sadly no I haven’t held it either.

        • I would love to see Panasonic get back in the game…

      • To be fair, I did say Blackmagic’s price bracket/arena. =P I don’t know if you’re talking about a camera that I know about, but it is definitely Scarlet target as well.

  • first of all i have three issues.

    1. Its really sad for everyone to buy a new camera and call themselves a dp. what is even more sad is when those DP’s sell their camera and not their skill when it comes to jobs. you see an ad that says dp with red epic mx 5k based in LA bla bla bla. instead of selling his/her skill and experience, they sell their camera specs.

    2. Real professionals and dp’s dont insult each other based on their camera, they respect one another. their skill, determination, creativity and hard work. because that is what filmakers do. they draw inspiration from each others work. i have noticed that whenever there is a new thread on a new topic, just after three comments there are insults and argument, instead of inspiring and learning something from the other. sometimes i feel we miss the whole point of filmaking. which is to inspire, entertain and educate.

    3. filmaking is storytelling. its an art. its visual and engaging. its talent and hardwork. it takes time and effort to be skilled. its trial and error. you must have a purpose for telling a story. you must be insipred to inspire other people.

    Hi my name is sisay i’m from africa, and i want to change the world through film making. film is a very powerful tool to change peoples’ minds and hearts. i feel this is my journey, to tell great stories. i am very fortunate to have discovered this passion. its the only thing that i ever want to do. i have learned so much over the past few years and have not even started.

    • Hahah you sound really funny with the last thing… “Hi my name is Sisay….”. This sounds more pathetic than all those points you put up.

    • Sisay, keep telling those stories. Look forward to seeing them.

  • Hey all BMCC fanboys. Look at the black dot when the camera is pointed towards the sun.

    Second time I see this on a video from the BMCC.

    This could be a huge deal breaker….

    • …at around 10 seconds..

      • Are you the same ‘mike’ above with the insult?
        We’re all well aware of the black spot issue. Keep up will you.
        If that’s a deal breaker for you, the next person behind you will be happy not to point his/her BMDCC camera at the sun, or fix it in post.

        • Where do you see an insult? It’s called freedom of speech. You have it and I have it.

          • ….and yes it’s a deal breaker for me. It’s bad.

          • and one more thing. That same guy was telling how sad it is to see DP’s telling what equipment they have. And he is talking about how “real professionals” should do stuff. Yet at the end of the same writing, we clearly realise that he is a total amateur himself.

            Let me give you a tip. Cinematography is a lot about technical knowledge. The visual storytelling is everything crap is always said by some amateur that has shot almost nothing and is just starting out.

          • Thanks for the tip!
            Would that last statement describe you recently Mike? Because I’m guessing it does. It seems a sore point. Good to see some self-awareness seeping in. As for Sisay, he freely admits, even after years of study, that he is ‘just starting’.
            And yes, the 1st Amendment gives you the right to say any rude thing you like. Does not prevent it being called an insult, or you know, stupid.
            In other places, among the 6.6B that live outside the US, it is customary to introduce yourself and provide some context for your opinions. You might want to think about the value of that.

          • I provide content. Don’t you worry about me. And what filmic work have you done? Can you enlighten me?

          • Content? Content? Makes me think of Jim Mora Snr.
            And trust me, I wasn’t worried. I’m sure you’ll be fine when you’re less hostile.
            As for me, I’ve been in this game for over 20 years, in 5 countries. I’ve also been involved with the RED/DSLR revolution since minute one. I’ve shot everything that can be shot. I even have glittery awards for it. That’s my context. But I find new things to learn every day, and I’m always looking for new ways to skin the formidable cat of filmmaking.
            However, manners I managed to learn early.

    • You know the RED camera suffered from this exact same problem – it is easily fixable via firmware.

  • @mike, re: black dot – You know the RED camera suffered from this exact same problem – it is easily fixable via firmware.

  • Just in case you still think the BMDCC is a mirage- 2nd photo I’ve had from a hire company TODAY:

  • Wow… Mike is an ass hole..

    There, I said it.

  • For me, I’d gladly pay however much extra it would take to get a BMCC with an active mft mount. I have so many great lenses that are built for video, so being able to use them on such a great camera would really be a no brainer.

    As it is, the idea of having to buy a heap of new lenses is…less than appealing (all of my mft lenses lack manual controls)

  • I didn’t have to pay any extra. I got my BMCC today. So if anyone wants to give me 10 000 dollars for it. It’s yours.

  • i’m not a professional. i’m an amateur. in fact i’m a TOTAL AMATEUR.