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Not Making It to Sundance? Here Are a Dozen Shorts Playing There This Week

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It’s that time of year again, when filmmakers and celebrities alike descend upon Park City to check out the best that independent cinema has to offer. The Sundance Film Festival has just begun — and we’ve been talking to some of the filmmakers about their work — but you don’t have to trek into the cold mountains of Utah just to see some of the movies playing there. Sundance has made 12 of the 64 short films playing at the festival available online for your viewing pleasure — so click through to check them out.

You can also watch these one after another by going to the The Screening Room YouTube page and clicking on the playlist option.

What do you guys think? Which ones were your favorites? Let us know what you think below.

Link: The Screening Room — Sundance Film Festival 2013 — YouTube


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  • The Apocalypse is hilarious. Although paramedics have to be smart, but I still dig it.

  • earnest reply on 01.18.13 @ 8:06PM

    Can you recommend one or more blogs that have good daily Sundance coverage?

    Also, I tried to reply here on my iPhone, iOS 6.0.1, on Safari, and it kept crashing, so I couldn’t make it happen. Just thought I’d pass it on. I know you’re probably working on a mobile version of the site.

  • “When Zombies Come” has shown me tonight that considering that made it into Sundance, anything is possible. Anything.

    • Egad. Same with “Movie Made At Home #6″!

      I understand shorts are like little jokes in a way. There’s a setup, a build up, and a pay off. But if you’re more or less literally going to tell a joke, at least make it funny. Make us appreciate the build up. Instead of not having one.

      • Buzz Lightyear on 01.19.13 @ 9:08AM

        I’m a little shocked at the fact that some of these made it as well. I can go on vimeo staff picks and instantly find shorts I like much better.. Which is fine. Film is subjective and Sundance is obviously looking for particular flavors. I don’t think a short needs to be a little joke however. There are some well done shorts out there that really leave you with something.

  • I’m out here in Park City, so if you guys need or want footage of anything, I can surely help out!

  • I think the BLACK METAL is the best. Good cinematography, nice drama plot, hero has flaw and needs to re-think something… It can be a good, character-driven, drama-movie.

  • on 01.19.13 @ 10:42AM

    Thanks for posting these. If I have some free time in the coming week, I may check these out. Congratulations to everyone who has been accepted into Sundance and for those who are in Park City, I hope you’re having a great time.

  • Marcel was amazing.

  • Some great films. Marcel is my fav

  • Any chance of getting some information on what equipment was used on all these? I know that Broken Night was a D800, and Movies Made From Home #X on an iPhone.
    But can anyone find anything more about the rest?

  • Irish Folk Furniture. Why are so many of them so gruesome??