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Best Buy Leaks New Ultra-Small Canon APS-C DSLR, Could Be Announced Soon

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We had what looked like excellent information about a possible 60D replacement, and while that may still be happening, a new DSLR has appeared that seems to be aimed right at those who aren’t quite ready for a mirrorless camera, but still want something small and portable. This new camera, possibly called the EOS-b (some are referring to it as the 100D), was leaked last night by Best Buy, and we have some details for you below.

I was able to take a screenshot before the site went down:

Here are the specs that were on the website:

  • Height: 3.6 inches // Width: 4.6 inches // Depth: 2.7 inches // Weight: 13.1 ounce
  • 18 Megapixel APS-C Sensor with DIGIC 5 Processor (5184 x 3456 max image size)
  • ISO 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400, 12,80 (expand. 25,600)
  • Movie Servo AF // built-in Mono Mic // Video Snapshot with editing capabilities
  • Shutter Speed: 30 seconds to 1/4000 second
  • 4 fps continuous
  • 3″ LCD (1,040,000 dots) and Viewfinder with 95% Coverage
  • SD, SDXC, SDHC Cards
  • White Balance: Auto, Preset (daylight, shade, etc.), Custom, Bracketing
  • Price: $800 with Canon EF-S 18 – 55mm f/3.5 – 5.6 IS zoom lens

So the rumors are that Canon needed to come up with an extra small DSLR because people don’t seem to be buying into the EOS-M. I actually really like the idea behind the M, and I think the mount for that camera is something they could certainly use on a budget cinema camera, but consumers are strange about their preferences, and I’m sure part of the hesitancy is that the EOS-M is priced like a DSLR, but it’s much, much smaller. I would guess the mindset behind this new EOS-b (or whatever they call it), is that people will be more willing to pay DSLR prices for something that looks more like a DSLR.

This camera is going to have pretty much the same performance as the EOS-M — in fact, most of the specs are identical. This is the same sensor Canon has been using in the T4i, and it’s more or less the same sensor they’ve been using in the T3i/T2i/7D/60D. If you need a very small DSLR, this is going to be the smallest from Canon (it’s about 5 ounces lighter), otherwise I don’t know that it’s going to be a great option for video shooters.

While I understand the pro or semi-pro market is a tiny percentage of their sales, I can’t help but feel that a more rugged-looking EOS-M, similar to the Olympus OM-D or the Fuji X series, might have looked like a better deal for consumers. There are some other rumors that they will be introducing a new mirrorless camera, but details are scarce on that at the moment, other than that it may include an electronic viewfinder.

Either way, we’ll find out soon enough if we’re only getting this new EOS-b/100D, or if we’re also getting the new 60D replacement, the 70D.

Link: Canon EOS 100D Detailed Specs Appear — Canon Rumors


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  • I don’t see anything about video though…

  • I’ll be jumping off the Canon ship if this is their ‘big announcement’ on Friday. I’ve been eyeing Nikon/Sony for their strong video/stills quality but was holding out to see what the 70D brought.

    Also been toying with the idea of having two cameras, a GH2 for video then something else primarily for stills and as a secondary camera. Decisions are silly.

    • How dramatic… I sure Canon will throw you a going away party because Eric the best customer ever, a member of the 1% is jumping ship.

      • I was more just trying to start a conversation, but your sarcasm is also appreciated Tom <3

        • Eric, I bought a Nikon D600 as I had two old Nikon zooms with apature ring that cover 28-200mm at 2.8 ( use them on my fs100 along with a full set of lieca r primes). Have to say very impressed, love the built in time lapse and overall image quality). I use it mostly for still an a b camera for my FS100. I come from the canon side as well ( 40D 5D mark ii)

    • I agree. For the past two years Canon has consistently gotten it wrong – either under-specked or over-priced.

      If the highly anticipated 5DMKIII had simply produced the video achievable by the 1DX, it would have flown off the shelves when introduced last year.

      They purposefully crippled the 6D. With the simple addition of dual card slots and a headphone jack I would have purchased one (despite the moire), but as it stands I continue to wait for something new …

      … and alas, whenever, Canon seems to get it right (such as with the C300 & subsequent C100) they price them into the stratosphere making them a less than viable option for most DSLR shooters.

      So once again I stand on the precipice of disappointment.

      From the tempered enthusiasm of a possible 70D to the reality of maybe just a 100D, I patiently wait for Nikon D7100 reviews to roll in to see if this is finally the time to make the switch.

    • john jeffreys on 03.18.13 @ 7:44PM

      The funny part is that Canon really doesn’t give a shit about your decisions lol. They make tons of money off of photographers, selling printers, and cheap little soccer mom point and shoots. They design and sell products that put you into a ladder system in which you constantly upgrade from one camera to the next one over a period of years, all canons; its an upgrade path. and if you jump ship, they are too rich to care.

  • I actually have an EOS-M. People are dumb about their preference. I got the EOS-M because I have a 5D Mark III and I wanted a 7D. The coolest thing about the M is the options for adapters. I can use ALL PL cine lenses not just a select few with a simple adapter. I think it was smart for Canon to release a mirrorless camera with an 18mm FFD. But, I guess I’m not in the majority. My wife loves the EOS-M too.

    • I’m interested by your comment. Have you found the EOS-M works well as a secondary camera for video? I think my primary hesitation is the it’s high price. It seems like a nice, fun camera to have but $800 is a little out of my ‘fun’ budget.

  • If I don’t buy a used gh2 and the EOS-M goes down in price I might get one, but I only need a smaller cam for travelling. I’m not sure how it would help for filmmaking.

  • King of the Jill on 03.18.13 @ 5:00PM

    This is f’ing ridiculous. Where the f’ is the “replacement” to these APS-C cameras? It’s the same god damn sensor! I never dumped my T2i, you know why? Because Cannon never replaced it, just offered a model with swivel screen, or some other nonsense but it’s still the same god damn camera! I didn’t care enought about the weather sealing to spend 1,000$+ so I never bought a 7D. I always cared more about the video mode and guess what.. I get the same performance from my T2i as I do from the T3i, 60D, T4i… come on Canon, really? Update your stuff for real!

    • You are so right! T2i-7D-60D-T3i-T4i … all the same for video, but actually the T4i was a step backwards because it is slightly worse in low light than its predecessors.

    • john jeffreys on 03.18.13 @ 7:53PM

      the 7D is a lot more than just weather sealing FYI…it also has a way better build quality, has HD monitoring, and the sensor has additional readout channels so the image is ever so slightly cleaner.

      • Yes, but if you use a Zacuto Z-Finder then the 60D’s LCD screen gives you effectively a 21% increase in resolution over the 7D’s LCD for focusing. (I realize the pixel count difference between them is less, but the 60D uses the entire screen whereas the 7D does not.) Also, the 60D has manual audio levels – not sure if they ever added that on the 7D. The 60D never had any overheating issues that plagued the 7D before one of the firmware updates.

  • You mean like Canon EOS M small, but not an abortion?

  • For me, DSLR for video is over. Can’t wait to see what “real” camcorders NAB will bring us !

    • john jeffreys on 03.18.13 @ 7:52PM

      There is a big, gaping hole in the 1000-3000 dollar cinema camera market. The BMCC and Digital Bolex are a good start but both of them are still vaporware, because you can’t go out and order one right now. Something with professional features but without the professional price, where I don’t have to pull out a damn bank loan just to afford one.

    • DSLR for video is over? It’s one tool out of a vast tool box. What matters is how you use it.

  • I love the form factor of the EOS-M, but I hate that I have to buy a separate adapter to use the Canon lenses I already purchased. It makes it a $1000 camera instead of an $800 one, and that’s just not worth it to me.

  • I just want Canon to keep focusing on making the best PHOTOGRAPHY cameras they can. Do that. Focus on them being still cameras first and foremost. I’m absolutely tired of them trying to cram 8bit H264 video features that result in video I can’t grade, composite with, etc. I hate working with DSLR videos almost as much as I hate having to do post production with those dinky things.

  • I heard the EOS-M has terrible auto focus. Is that true?

  • EOS-B stands for “Baka”, which is Japanese for fool, as in April Fools… ;-P

    just my two cents

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