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Canon T5i/EOS-b, the New Ultra-Small DSLR, Coming Soon as Images Surface

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We’ve got our first images of Canon’s new ultra-small DSLR that was leaked by Best Buy, which will likely be announced soon. The new Canon EOS-b/T5i/700D/X7i (name not 100% confirmed yet) will be the smallest DSLR the company has ever made, and likely put more space between the low-end Rebel line and the semi-pro 60D. Click through for more on the DSLR.

Some other photos have also come from the same website, but they look very similar to the T4i, so based on the size I would go with these:

Here is a comparison between the T5i and the T4i (it’s approximate but very close):

Here are the specs from last time, with some slight additions:

  • Height: 3.6 inches // Width: 4.6 inches // Depth: 2.7 inches // Weight: 13.1 ounce
  • 18 Megapixel APS-C Sensor with DIGIC 5 Processor (5184 x 3456 max image size)
  • ISO 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400, 12,80 (expand. 25,600)
  • Movie Servo AF // built-in Mono Mic // Video Snapshot with editing capabilities
  • Shutter Speed: 30 seconds to 1/4000 second
  • 9 Point AF and 4 fps continuous
  • 3″ LCD (1,040,000 dots) and Viewfinder with 95% Coverage
  • SD, SDXC, SDHC Cards
  • White Balance: Auto, Preset (daylight, shade, etc.), Custom, Bracketing
  • Price: $800 with Canon EF-S 18 – 55mm f/3.5 – 5.6 STM IS zoom lens (will also be sold with 18-135 STM)
  • Release Date: late April/early May

The lens is actually a brand new version, part of Canon’s STM family of lenses that is designed for smoother and quieter autofocus during video. The EOS-M mirrorless camera already had a version of this lens, but they are not compatible with each other as the flange difference is different for the mirrorless and SLR cameras.

The name is still up in the air, but I’m under the impression they will go with something like T5i here in the US. EOS-b would be a terrible name for a camera, especially when it doesn’t match their naming conventions in any way. I have to imagine it was some sort of placeholder name that’s being passed around (but I could certainly be wrong).

If you’ve held the T4i or you own one, you know how small the camera is, so this is going to be tiny. There have been some other details and images floating around, but we will likely see an announcement from Canon this week or next, and we’ll see if we also get the 60D replacement on the same day. It’s looking more like the 70D may not come until later in the Spring, but at the moment it’s still up in the air.

Link: More specs and images of Canon EOS Kiss X7 — Digicam Info

[via Canon Rumors & Canon Watch]


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  • Another Canon DSLR with unexceptional video features? Nothing to see here.

    • Not everyone wants exceptional video features. Some people just want to shoot pictures and videos of their kids.

      • Expect most of the people who follow this site. I think you’re forgetting that this is a film making site, not a ‘go and film your kids and a take a few photos’ website.

      • I completely agree – Canon has realized that they don’t want their consumer photographic cameras to cut into their professional video market. But it raises the question why it deserves a post on a film blog – perhaps it’s the lingering association we have with Canon DSLRs being “good” for video. Which they are not.

        • +1

          I’m actually done with canon at any market level. Too many other options that offer FAR better specs/image at EVERY LEVEL. Especially at the price point of their ludicrous C-series line…

          We have uncompressed RAW at $3k this year, and people are still clamoring over canons 50mb/s 8-bit crap at over $10k? I don’t understand why sites are even posting about canon gear at all anymore…

          • vinceGortho on 03.19.13 @ 7:26PM

            Exactly. That’s why I jumped ship.
            Blackmagic or kineraw mini, o hope they get their act together. Take my money.

          • Kenneth Merrill on 03.19.13 @ 8:43PM

            Good luck taking care of that RAW footage for $3K.

          • To Kenneth Merrill: you can always get the Cinema DNGs ready and then convert them for editing or archival into any format (like ProRes, DNxHD or a high quality h264 encoding) or just go the Cineform RAW route and get video files that are 1/6 the size of the original while retaining all the RAW benefits.
            So no need to be sarcastic to defend Canon there.

          • Hey Kenneth. You don’t need “luck” to deal with the RAW files. You simply need a modern PC or Mac and a few minutes to learn the workflow options.

            Pretty simple to get an incredible advantage over the garbage H264 files you get from the Canon DSLRs.

          • @Swe – RAW takes a lot of computing power. No amount of knowledge of a computer program will make it magically be able to handle RAW without splashing out in the tech department == more money.

          • @Tyler: Actually, there’s less processing power involved since the computer doesn’t have to decode and figure out all the frames from the compressed h264. That’s why Cineform or any intra are far easier to edit with, albeit being bigger in size (that’s the counterpart). Cineform RAW works great and gives 1/6 the file size, and if you need quick turnarounds the ProRes or DNxHD codecs will give you far better results than, say, the 5DMkIII’s codec. And space, in any of this cases, isn’t much more than 72Mb/s h264 footage while being a lot better.

    • Couldn’t agree more…I’ll stay Panny for life.

    • Hubert Hotte on 03.19.13 @ 3:28PM

      Because DSLRs are still primarily made to shoot stills. Not video. Especially on the low.

    • +1 i just don’t see the point.

    • john jeffreys on 03.19.13 @ 3:36PM

      I dont think videography/filmmaking is the target market for this thing. It seems like a small party-camera that you would fit in your purse or bag and take around with you on outings, vacations, or just out on the town

      • Or on a DJI Phantom :P


        • Probably not, that’s primarily a GoPro copter.

          • I’m sure you’re right, I wonder how small this camera would be with a 40mm pancake.

            But for the most part I agree with the comments above. It seems to me that if anyone was purposefully shooting video this camera would be passed up.

          • john jeffreys on 03.19.13 @ 6:57PM

            At the same time, I wouldnt want to carry an 800 dollar camera around; my “beater”/party/drugs/social camera right now is an old busted rebel xs with the kit lens, and a t50 film camera for other times. id like something small and digital to carry around but it has to be durable you know.

    • Yeah! All we expect from Canon is a Mirrorless DSLR with fast and accurate AF while shooting video just like the Panny GH3 but with a bigger sensor for better low light performance and bokeh. As a Wedding Videographer, I definitely need to have 2 cameras, so, I can’t shell out all the money on one expensive C100 (also No AF). Canon should realise that for event shooters like me need the best of both the worlds – run and gun (best AF) and cinematic look. My clients have already started to hate DSLR footage artifacts. So, Canon should seriously consider making something like the Panny GH3.

  • I’ve bought the T4i this summer and I’m fine. I use it to shoot video for my clients (very low budget production of course), but now I’m feeling like I wasted my money seeing so many products from Canon having the same specs!! Obvously I knew everything about canon dsrl and I don’t regret my choice, but the point is that there’s too many cameras out there from canon, all with the same sensor and same specs and same kind of rumor at high ISO… They have replaced the MKII but not the 7D… I surrender, I stop trying understand japanees.

  • Canon’s camera lineup actually makes sense. Nikon on the other hand…

    and this is coming from a Nikonian.

    • Slapping the same mediocre 18 mp in endless APS-C bodies makes sense only for the Canon’s bottom line. It doesn’t make sense for a user seeking class leading IQ or moire free video like the D5200. And crippling the 6D’s video/photographic features to protect the 5D3 also doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for the end user.

  • Apart from the 5D Mk 2 & 3, are all Canon DSLR producing a similar image to the t2i? I’m wondering coz I’m yet to hear otherwise.

  • Christian Anderson on 03.19.13 @ 5:52PM

    Mini DSLR + 40mm pancake lens = ultimate travel camera! I love it. It’s OK to have fun with a camera once in a while, guys!

  • I get the feeling that buying a rebel is becoming pointless, cause new ones come out every couple months!

  • Someone should just pick up a Nikon d7100 and test it for moire. The 5200 is clearly the best super 35 DSLR in the market right now (800$ for something that has the image of the 3000$ Mk3 – no aliasing or moire) and if the 7100 has the same sensor, but no OLPF and no moire, therefore sharper and in a better body, it’s clearly going to dominate the market for a while.

    • vinceGortho on 03.19.13 @ 7:36PM

      enjoying my nikon. I would take less low light performance over soft as hell, mushy video any day.

  • Have fun with a camera it’s right, but in that case I choose a Fuji x100: same price, same focal lengh, gorgeous retro style, amazing and sharp image. Thanks for the news, always welcome, but I still don’t understand the marketing strategy of Canon… this new camera seems to me useless…

  • King of the Jill on 03.19.13 @ 8:18PM

    Cool…. another reason to not sell my T2i. Thanks for putting out a T5i that gives me the same freaking video quality as my old as f’ T2i, great job Canon. Come on…

    • My thinking as well. This just makes my T2i’s seem like an even better deal, and I’ve gotten nearly three years of shooting with them. I’d still rather buy another one used for $300 before I’d purchase anything else other than a full frame model or something from their C series.

      This release represents Canon’s “It’s not you, it’s me” talk from it’s DSLR line to video shooters. It was good while it lasted…

  • King of the Jill on 03.19.13 @ 8:21PM

    I hope to god Go Pro puts out a camera at NAB. This shiznit is ridiculous.

  • If you can’t fork out $3000 for a BMCC you can buy a GH2 that allows you to use much cheaper glass (from Panny as well as used vintage lenses). Or you can get a Nikon 5200 for around the same price.

    And there’s no need to put out more cash for bigger hard drives if you shoot on the BMCC. You can shoot ProRes or DNxHD (still way better than what Canon delivers) which is 1/5 the size of CinemaDNG files or just shoot RAW and stay RAW with the help of Cineform and keep all the RAW goodness and 1/6 the size.

    By the way, since when do people have to be loyal to a company? They’re just tools, and you choose the best one for the job. If anyhting, people are forced to be loyal because of all the propietary mounts and technologies made by different companies for profit.

    Canon made a good first move by accident and hasn’t saved many people’s days since then.

    • GH2 is done now, you can find them used but they are staying at $600-700 used so I think it is better to go with the GH3 and get some more dynamic range and better ports if you are buying something, too bad about the GH2 though :P

  • Actual this EOS-B(aka 100D) appears not to be the T4i replacement as CanonRumors is also reporting a T5i (Which have very similar specs to the T4i and EOS-B.

    Although I’m not excited about this I seems like it would be very useful for balancing purposes.

  • This one is more like 1100D replacement, the 700D/X7i/T5i is similar size to 650D

  • shaun wilson on 03.20.13 @ 6:23AM

    any idea on video codec – if its still H264 or something else?

  • This is the exact same thing as the T4i. They didn’t even bring back the 3x-10x ZOOM while recording function! Come on Canon! (frustrated)

  • Nikon d5200 or a used gh2 make more sense at this price range, unless you want to invest in Canon glass.