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Take Your GoPro HERO3 into Battle with the Wide Open Camera Combat Cage

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The GoPro HERO3 might be a relatively inexpensive camera that can be mounted anywhere, but a few more mounting points would make it infinitely easier to position and stand up to abuse over time. That’s why Jared and the team at Wide Open Camera have come up with a metal housing they are calling the Combat Cage. They’ve taken to Kickstarter to fund the project, so click through to learn more about it.

For those who like reading better:

We have tried using the current GoPro mounting hardware and it just simply does not hold up to professional motion picture standards. The  plastic 1/4-20″ tripod mount is not stable for car mounts or any type of real abuse. No safety options, only one point of contact. Not good

We wanted to make a cage that is combat worthy with plenty of 1/4-20″ and 3/8″ mounting options, yet still available to the operator. The Wide Open Camera Combat Cage is the solution. The camera can be accessed in thirty seconds, not a few minutes!  No need to reposition or reframe critical shots. The cage will have 1/4-20″ thread mounts on all sides and 3/8″ threads on the bottom and both sides. The cage is CNC machined from one solid block of milled aluminum and anodized matte black. This is one tough solid piece of metal.

Jared also posted this video:

I’m always happy to see multiple mounting points (it has a total of 8) and a piece of gear made out of solid metal (which will be black in the final version). There is a good chance the Combat Cage will outlive your camera, so it’s not a huge investment to add one of these for your camera or cameras. As of today the project has reached its funding goal, so if you want to get your very own Combat Cage, head on over to Kickstarter and donate $110 to receive one of the first 100 cages. Since the first run is limited to 100, after those cages are gone, you’ll have to wait until they are in full production to get one.

Link: Wide Open Camera Combat Cage For The GoPro Hero 3 — Kickstarter


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  • funny how the word battle gets thrown around so much when most people want to shoot glammy, commercial, pretty, sliding, fashiony, retarded, sellout, “impressing the client” with your rig, bullshit.
    have a good weekend everyone :)

    now back to editing this crappy job… ;)

  • The choice was between “Combat Cage” and “Chunk Of Metal Cage with threads for gopro camera hero 3″
    It was was obvious. Thanks for the comment!

  • Woohoo I’m in. The plastic cage on mine drives me nuts.

  • Certainly a very usable idea. Might have to grab one for the stabilizing options. I used my gopro Black on a paying gig the other day. The client was thrilled to see it. Which gave me enough confidence to shoot with it as my primary for some smaller scenes. I am amazed at the quality. All I want now is different lenses to try and a housing like the combat cage but with a built in section for a monitor to plug in to the battery bacpac. Trying to use the wifi to run my ipod touch as a monitor kills the battery life quick!

  • What are your experiences with the new GoPro? Amazon reviews are horrible. That’s what stopped me from considering it.. Thanks.

  • I came across mention of an article about GoPro vs SONY HDR-AS15. When I googled it and went to the site all there was left of the article was GoPro’s DMCA takedown notice. Wow, that’s pretty nasty reaction from GoPro. It doesn’t inspire confidence for the company at all.

  • PeterK: I will say this, there is a learning curve. Do some online research on how to use it. I think the bad reviews are based on people that will not learn to better use the product. Overall I see many uses for the newest gopro hero3 black model. The Protune feature is nice for getting a real quality look. I have run it on the regular compression and it fits well with my dslr footage. I think if people adapt them properly they can be used for a lot more than sports. I will be using mine on a hired music video shoot next week for some fun shots that would be more difficult to rig with my dslr. That is how I see the gopro as a real advantage. I wanted the slomo options I do not have on my current dslr and easy rigging. I will take it to all my hired music video shoots from now on because you just never know what ideas you will get for using the gopro.

    • Thanks for your opinion ;-)

      • The dynamic range and the automatic brightness setting in the Hero 3 are really amazing. I just shot my first few tests with it (using protune 1080p) and I have never seen a consumer-type camera on automatic settings deal that well with high dynamic contrast.
        You can shoot directly into the sun with parts of your picture being sunlit snow and the other parts being dark pine trees in the shade and it just looks awesome all the way through, with detail in every part of the picture.

    • You have to remember its an action sports cam, and it has it limitations. Its horrible in everything less than normal to bright light, and it packs a small sensor (since it is such a small device). Its good for capturing point of view footage or for action sports, and it can take a beating, and it doesn’t take up much space.

  • @Jared Abrams, that is great to know about the cutouts. I am sold on it. Hoping my tax return hits in time to support the kickstarter. I read about the Novo, but that is out of my reach. I have seen some off brand small lenses you can fit on the older gopros that got me curious.

  • GoPro are working on a mount version. I think you’ll see it later this year. Just came off a 10 day shoot where we used the GoPro as B cam – turned out great. I’ve blown away a lot of people with that camera. Just make sure you have plenty of light. And we would have loved this cage on the shoot.

  • WOW. The proof of web blogs being a big help in getting a project funded. Not just a week ago did I see this kickstarter project from Planet 5d, and it had yet to get half way to it’s funding goal. Now with you and them talking about it, it’s over double it’s goal. The power of sharing on the internet. I’m sure the man who thought of this is probably making up a special cage just for you and planet 5d.

  • Just came back from Bear Valley (Yosemite) shooting Go Pro snowmobile video. The Black 3 does an excellent job. Use 1080p and 720p in any of the fields of view, wide being the most forgiving for camera movement. I used a polarizing filter on one camera from Snake River Prototyping and it really is nice. It’s a real 55mm circular polarizer that they sell with a filter adapter that snaps on to the camera. The great part is that you can stick the camera almost anywhere with GoPro stick on mounts. If you clean the surface with alcohol, dry it good, wipe it again. We even stuck them on surfaces in 40 degree temp. put camera on and went. Not one popped off. And no, I’m not an advertiser for anything. I wish someone would have told me about this stuff when I started using the GoPro.

    • Yeah, those 3M stickers really stick.
      I put one to my car windschield recently (because I didn’t have the suction cup mount) and it was a lot of hard work to get it off again! You need a strong knife, a screwdriver and a lot of muscle!
      The other one is on my snowboard helmet and even though the surface curving doesn’t perfectly match, I don’t think it will ever come off.

  • Now if that cage also prevented the Hero 3 from freezing once in a while, I’d be in…

  • Has anyone actually had hands on or taken delivery of the combat cage. It is now June. I cannot seem to get any info from the manufacturer.