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What's Next for Adobe? Get a Sneak Peek Before NAB, Plus 40% off Creative Suite Through April 19th

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Last month, I talked a little bit about what I was hoping for from Adobe (and Avid) at NAB 2013. Yesterday evening, Adobe provided a sneak peek of some of the major and minor enhancements that they’ve made to their suite of video production tools, and needless to say, some of them are tremendously exciting. So without any further ado, here’s a quick peek at what Adobe has in store for next week’s convention.

First and foremost, hop on over to the Adobe sneak peek page to check out a few videos about the new features. For some reason I can’t embed them here.

Premiere Pro

Here’s a quick rundown of the major enhancements in version 6.5 of Premiere Pro:

  • Vastly improved media management tools: plus two new tools called “Link Media” and “Locate”.
  • SpeedGrade’s “Lumetri Deep Color Engine” now part of PP: Can apply SpeedGrade .look files directly to footage in timeline, Plus preset “looks” are included.
  • Tons of audio enhancements: Support for 3rd party VST3 and AU plugins/Better native plugins/Audio Clip Mixer/Support for hardware control surfaces.
  • More GPU’s now supported for editing w/ Mercury Engine.
  • The ability to copy and paste clip and effect attributes.
  • Adobe Anywhere now fully implemented and functional for collaborative editing.

Here are a couple of snapshots of the new media tools, the Lumetri Deep Color Engine preset looks, and the new audio clip mixer:

I’m not sure about you guys, but these new features in Premiere have me really excited, and not just about the current state of the program, but about where it will be in future versions. Adobe has made a point of listening to customer feedback and implementing new features quickly, and the stunning amount of features they’ve added on this go around leads me to believe that they are dead serious about making Premiere Pro the industry standard NLE for many years to come.

Check out Adobe’s full preview document for Premiere CS6.5. If you’re in the mood for a longer read, here’s a complete list of the new features in the upcoming version of Premiere.

After Effects

After Effects was also given a few new features which both video editors and visual effects professionals alike are sure to love:

  • Solid pipeline between Cinema 4D Lite/Live 3D and After Effects (Cinema 4D Lite will now come bundled w/ AE).
  • The “Refine Edge Tool” which should put an end to old school frame by frame rotoscoping.
  • A newly redesigned Warp Stabilizer VFX plugin which looks to be far more comprehensive than the original.
  • Adobe Anywhere not yet enabled with AE, but will be soon.

And here are a couple of in-depth videos on the major new features from Mathias Möhl:

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Check out Adobe’s full preview document for After Effects CS6.5. Also, if you’re a subscriber, here is nearly two hours of fresh content regarding the next version of After Effects.


Adobe’s SpeedGrade color correction software has been the red-headed stepchild of the Creative Suite family for the past year due to the fact that Adobe had only bought Iridas a month or two prior to releasing version 6 of the suite. With this next update Adobe looks to change all of that. They have been hard at work Adobe-izing (Adobifying?) the SpeedGrade interface to bring it more in line with the Creative Suite design and media management ethos. Here’s a quick look at what to expect from the forthcoming update to the software:

Adobe has also added a few other useful features to the new version of SpeedGrade such as a Shot Matcher to automate the repetitive and arduous task of matching looks between shots, as well as a brand new film stock emulator.

But Wait, There’s More!

In honor of the new version of Creative Suite, Adobe is offering 40% off of the list price for a Creative Cloud membership. Now you can get access to all of the fantastic (and upgraded) apps in the Creative Suite for $30/month. This offer is only valid through the 19th of April, so if you’re interested, head on over to the Adobe site and get signed up!

Adobe also has fresh versions of PreludeAudition, and Story. Check out those links for an overview of the new features.

What do you guys think? Do the new features in the Adobe video apps have you excited for the next version? If you’ve been on the fence about a monthly membership, does Adobe’s commitment to these major yearly updates push you towards a Creative Cloud membership? Let us know in the comments.



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  • Very pumped for the adobification of Speed Grade. I really love resolve, but would love an easier workflow between coloring and editing.

  • As a Creative Cloud user, these are super, super exciting updates. If I wasn’t already in the subscription, though… not so much.

    So glad to see commitment to improving Adobe Prelude and SpeedGrade. I’m most excited about the Prelude and After Effects updates.

    There is one, huge program/feature missing for me, though – a solid, XMP-metadata-driven media management solution, either within Premiere or as a separate application. Right now, my metadata logging in Prelude goes largely unused… and, here, we could really use something that taps into the power of XMP-embedded metadata for quickly finding media.

    • Being able to rename clips on capture in Prelude seems like such a small thing, but it’s such a huge thing for editors like myself who deal with multicam projects on the regular. Very happy to see this change.

  • Looking forward to playing with the new updates, already have a monthly membership and mighty glad of it too seeing as they are releasing updates so quickly. Lets hope they keep this up.

  • Absolutely awesome! I’m a newcomer to the creative cloud myself and hearing that Adobe is keeping their promise by shelling out new updates like “link media” or “preset looks” is super exciting!


  • In videos and articles I constantly hear people saying, “without further ado”. Please stop the ado madness! :)

  • It’s one hell of a deal for $30/month, that’s for sure.

    • I thought it was $ 49.99 a month (and so it still is according to this page):
      Has there been a change in pricing or am I looking in the wrong place? It’d be great if it was only $ 30.00 a month. Also having a big discount for just using Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Media Encoder and Audition would be awesome.

      • Robert Hardy on 04.6.13 @ 11:05AM

        Hey Ernesto,

        The regular price is 49.99/month, but due to the imminent release of the new version, Adobe is offering a 40% discount for a subscription through April 19th. So, if you act fast, you can get the Creative Suite for 29.99/month!

  • Will it be available in a boxed educational version?

    • Robert Hardy on 04.6.13 @ 12:53AM

      Hey Garreth, Adobe has stopped producing boxed versions of the suite as of a few days ago, but you can still purchase an academic license (albeit, a non-upgradable one) through digital download from Adobe. You also have the option of doing an Academic subscription to the Creative Cloud, which is 19.99/month (an awesome deal, if you ask me) and it will be come with the newest versions of the software as soon as they’re released.

  • I’m still looking for some sort of confirmation that they’ve made media and projects easier to get into Speedgrade. I know the biggest problem I’ve had with the current version is that it’s just so difficult to get things from Premiere into Speedgrade. Send to Speedgrade is slow and clunky, taking up tons of space with intermediate files, sending projects from Premiere using EDLs doesn’t work if you have any sort of keyframes present in the project, and importing individual clips defeats the purpose of being able to easily go from NLE to color correction software.

    Seen a few things about new Speedgrade features already, but nothing concrete about making it easier to transfer things from PP to Speedgrade, whether it’s through dynamic linking or something XML-based. This is what’s most important to me because without a solid way to get a project in, all the cool new features won’t do much good.

    • mikael_bellina on 04.5.13 @ 5:31PM

      What you can do, is for example export your timeline, detect the scene and you will create looks and put the looks directly into premiere with the new features (Looks inside Première Pro), they said also, they have improved EDL import. it’s not a perfect workflow but I think it’ll improve a bit.

      I do color correction inside Première but, third party plugin are so slow even with a good computer …

      And in speedgrade it plays realtime it’s nice, just hope the edtiting workflow will be improve, because I don’t like to send everything in a color grading software because sometimes you need test and tweak color correction with plugins and effect, or go into after effect. So applying a looks in premiere previously create in speedgrade (you will still need to export the timeline I suppose …).

      The new features for AE are just so cool, (Need to learn C4D ;-) )

      • This is still a workaround at best. What I want is to be able to bring the sequence into Speedgrade without having to render and do all of my color work there. And if I want to go back and make changes in Premiere, have them update in Speedgrade without having to render (much like dynamic link works now with AE). Then when I’m done with my edit and my color, give me the option to either render, or create another dynamic link to AE for titles and effects.

        For all of the innovation each of these programs is receiving on their own, it’s going to be the ability to dynamic link them all that will be the real killer app for the Creative Suite.

  • no one has mentioned it but the shot matcher is a huge changer for me. If I’m told by a director they want the film to be like a Turner painting, a Rockwell illustration, a Avedon photo or even another film. I will be able to bring that image or still into speedgrade and get a base to wok from.

  • mikael_bellina on 04.5.13 @ 5:40PM

    I didn’t see so much talk about improve performance, I just saw Premiere Pro will support multi GPU, I need to know how can you use multi gpu because with one big graphic card I rarely go above 25% of usage…. And with few effect it’s very fast to freeze the timeline …

  • Healing & Nudging, yayyyy!!!!

  • How about the AVCHD spanned clips huge problem crippling CS6 since day 1?
    Many people are mad as hell about that bug on Adobe forums and Adobe staff aren’t exaclty adressing the issue.
    Anyone here heard something?

    • Are you importing the entire folder structure to your hardrive and leavng it intact? I had the same issue with spanned clips (I shoot with the AF100), but once I imported the AVCHD folders in their entirety, my spanned clips play seamlessly.

      • Yes i do everything right. It doesn’t affect every camera though AF100 and GH2 are fine.
        This is a known problem and it has been “officially” acknowledged by adobe staff on the Adobe forum.
        It only affects long spanned clips, but the very point of using a format such as AVCHD is to be able to record longer and on cheaper media, so…

        Many people (including myself) switched back to CS 5.5 which is working fine.
        After months of continuous reports by many users and no patch to fix what used to work perfectly on previous versions, i believe many people are hoping this fixed in CS 6.5

        Can only hope they fixed

  • Having the speed grade looks in premiere pro will be useful for quick online videos, in saying that I have being using magic bullet anyway so it probably won’t make much of a difference.

    Hopefully one day the place where I work will upgrade from fcp 7…

    Adobe seem to be really going after apple now, even with cheap jokes at the end of promo videos lol

  • So many features of FCP7 that I’ve missed in coming over to Premiere seem to have been addressed in this new version. Looks like Premiere 7 will be FCP8, and then some. My hope though is that it proves more stable on a MacPro then 6.5 has been, and that the days of frequent random crashes are gone. I’ve loved being able to drag AVCHD from my C100 right into it and start cutting, but I haven’t been able to rely on it, and usually have to wrestle with it to get through even a 2 minute long project (often exporting it in ProRes to FCP to finish). But go, Adobe, go!

  • Hey Robert, thank you for the tip. Wanted to join the CC anyway soon so now I saved a whole bunch of money. And after a few days I can say that I LOVE the software I didn’t know before (I knew that InDesign and Photosop are awesome). Thanks!

  • Man.. Adobe is following thru on the next stages like a LightningCloud from a Sorcerer!it just doesn’t stop, does it? This is the most ‘nouveau’ site I’ve seen so far!