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Director of Photography Timur Civan on How They Made MōVI's Jaw-Dropping Debut Film

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Perhaps the biggest story at NAB this year was Freefly Systems’ steadicam-esque gyro gimbal MōVI, which we’ve covered several times. The Vincent Laforet-directed debut film was DP’d by nofilmschool friend Timur Civan, and at NAB I had a chance to sit down with Timur briefly to chat about how they shot the debut video, how the Canon 1D C behaved, how the MōVI might affect the steadicam market, and what impact it might have on filmmaking in general.

This was an informal sit-down in the NAB press room so please forgive any awkwardness! And given we refer a few times to specific shots from the debut video itself, if you haven’t seen it already or need a refresher, I’m including the film itself at the bottom of this post again.

Is it just me or is my head large enough to cause an eclipse?

Thanks to our friends at FreshDV for squeezing this in between all of their other video shoots. Also on the same topic as this, I previously posted about Stanley Kubrick and the MōVI.



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  • IDK, have you ever promoted a product that much?

  • Alex Parker on 04.29.13 @ 11:58AM

    It is only “jaw dropping” to people hyping it or in the industry who can appriciate hand held work. Show it to any middle schooler, movie goer, or anyone else and they won’t get it. They will yawn.

    • It’s a good thing this is a site for film makers then!

      • john jeffries on 04.29.13 @ 2:12PM


        • john jeffries on 04.29.13 @ 2:13PM

          oops, i was not trying to reply to you

          this comment system is broken

        • Timur Civan on 05.13.13 @ 4:00PM

          well, no. i don’t like canon cameras in general. but the 1DC is pretty impressive. we took the short to Deluxe to have it graded, and it was rather amazing that Andrew Francis, the colorist was able to get what he did from ISO 3200-5000, footage. people forget that we had a few hours to pull this whole thing off. this means one or two takes and zero time.

  • Ryan, your head is a little big but if you make your body larger nobody will notice it :)

    Thanks for NFS, is the first site I visit in the morning.

  • I think the footage is beautiful. But stuff any middle range shooter can capture. The camera does a lot of the work these days, make no mistake. Focus issues all over that trailer decreased some of the tech “you should know” details.

  • Frederik O. on 04.29.13 @ 1:38PM

    To be honest, I have seen better footage made with the Glidecam. If you have some weeks experience, you can pull off that hoop shot Ryan talks about without problems.
    The movement of the girls when they walk out of the gym looks really weird.
    For 15.000 bucks they can keep their Movi.

  • Love Timur. Love Ryan. Not particularly interested in the MOVI based on what I’ve seen. I’ll just hire somebody that can use it the same way I hire a Steadicam guy now.
    Also, the heli stuff was very average. I realise the flexibility of being able to do it from any chopper, and given how often Vincent shoots from one, great for him. But I just hire a purpose rigged chopper, or use an octocopter.
    Finally, this is the most disappointing 1DC footage I’ve seen by professionals so far. Sorry.

  • i love the promise i see in the MOVI. once this gets into the hands of other filmmakers, i think people will appreciate the promise of it. – my favourite shot is at 2:24. this video isn’t perfect, but for solo mode, tearing along a bike path on either another bike or by foot, and keeping such a smooth shot with the other riders in the distance, blows me away. and the set up time for something like that would be much faster than most other systems.

    what i would love to see is some of the raw footage, to get a feel for how much added stabilization happened in post.

  • Cool device. Not so cool framing, composition and overall capture.