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Rambling On With Directors, an Insightful Round Table With Today's Prominent Independents

There seems to be an influx of great candid discussions with some of the most interesting working filmmakers today — one of the awesome benefits of having more people with cameras out in the wild. Produced by Shoebox Pictures and Filmmaker Magazine, moderator Russell Costanzo sits down with Craig Zobel, Alex Karpovsky, Ry Russo-Young and Antonio Campos to discuss some of the important questions that directors face, starting with the big one: “Why do you direct?” Watch the full piece after the jump:

Thanks to Melissa B. Miller for sharing this with us:

I’d really recommend watching the full hour-long roundtable, but if you only have a few minutes right now I’ve selected some of the excerpts for your viewing pleasure:

What you learned on your first feature:

Soderbergh & the Auteur-theory:

Defining success for your indie film:

I find these to be as entertaining as they are insightful. Want more? Head over to



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