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First RAW Video Sample DNGs from the Canon 5D Mark III with New Magic Lantern Firmware

We just told you about what Magic Lantern is doing with the RAW liveview image, and now we’ve got some of the first samples for you to play around with. Luke Neumann has been testing the new firmware with A1ex over at Magic Lantern, and he has produced a spectacular sample that really gives you an idea of what this firmware is capable of. First, here is a video from Luke walking you through the process he went through to get these samples:

While at the moment it wouldn’t necessarily be called video, it’s basically taking still images from a video stream, which could yield higher frame rates. Here is one of the comparison from Luke still images that we posted before (click for larger):

Luke has told me that they have also been experimenting with recording this through the HDMI output, which would solve some issues with write speed for the cards. RAW 14-bit 2K/1080p video for this camera is absolutely mind-blowing, and some of the people over at Magic Lantern seem confident that they will figure out how to get it all the way to 24fps for full motion video. If that does happen, it certainly turns this $3,300 camera into a whole different beast entirely.

If you would like to play around with some sample RAW files, head on over to Neumann Films to download them.

Link: 14bit RAW “Video” on Canon DSLR’s with Magic Lantern – Neumann Films


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  • I hope this happens! I’m curious to see canons response.

  • This should be awesome!

  • Unless I’m missing something, I don’t see how this is going to be technically feasible beyond perhaps capturing a few seconds at 24 fps. I love the ML guys and their efforts, but this one reeks of wishful thinking and jumping to conclusions.

  • Anyone knows if I can use the DNG files with Sony Vegas? Just tried working with them, but I can’t seem to import them right. Thanks.

    • David J. Fulde on 04.27.13 @ 1:13AM

      Look into using Blackmagic Cinema Camera RAW files in Sony Vegas. Should be the same process

      • I looked everywhere for that, and couldn’t find any info. When I import the DNG RAW into Vegas, it’s very small and pixelated. I also tried importing it on DaVinci Resolve Lite, and the same thing happened. Is there a codec I need installed on my computer for it to work?

    • I did download footage from Black Magic and Vegas had no problems with it.

  • Just got done playing with the files, the expose changes on all the frames, I dont know if thats the footage or just me. But the footage has a lot more detail so that is good. If ML can do 1920 by 815 at 24fps for a min or two of footage then it will be really nice, but at the same time they are going to have to do it soon to keep people interested in this firmware, if not the blackmagic cameras will just take over. So if they can explain to us what the time frame is and what they need out of people that would be amazing, that way we can help or donate to them .

    • vinceGortho on 04.27.13 @ 2:23AM

      Canon 5d + Atomos = $4k
      You could get 4k blackmagic and use 4k raw images for stills.
      Or grab 2.5k bmc with pocket cinema or alternative photo camera.

      • You don’t need SSD or external recorder. New CF cards are coming out that will write whatever Magic Lantern can throw their way. It comes down to what they can and can’t do in camera. I think this is a bigger deal for people that currently own a Mark III or Mark II. Not for people looking to buy a new camera.

        • Yep, its a big big big deal to us, but for someone like me who is about to sell the 5d to move to the blackmagic they need to hurry haha. But all in all its really great to see it coming. I have a short film that I will be doing in a few weeks if they can have it that soon then wow…

        • Desmond Williams on 04.27.13 @ 3:46AM

          This is very true. Most of us that own the camera just want it to get better and don’t do as much complaining as the “others”. Even before all of these fantastic updates, the camera was still able to delivery quality video. Luke let us know what we can do to help the process go further.

      • Quit spamming. Yes we are well aware of the 4k BMCC.

  • Great announcement, but Alex from Magic lantern said in the ML forum:
    “Don’t hold your breath for raw video. 24fps at 1080p is unlikely IMO, even on 1000x cards.”

    So, i guess that this big announcement is a dream for “time lapsers”, not for film makers..

    Unfortunately, don’t expect our 5d3 to be a BMC competitor..

  • I am a bit worried about the flicker in the sample, it looks very hard to remove because its not exposure flicker but some chromatic thing, what can it caused by? It would be a real bummer to have this com true but only with issued that make it unusable…

    • But it doesn’t happen until you make exposure adjustments in CameraRAW. It doesn’t do it in other RAW Editors. Seems to be an Adobe/DNG issue.

      • That’s good news!
        The resolution difference is also absolutely unbelievable, it’s as if entire new areas of the image became visible (overexposed areas aside) with details the h.264 version absolutely omits! it would already be great to have 8 bit at this resolution…

  • the magic lantern site been down for more than hour. Weird, now is re-directing to

  • I’ve never had a camera that wasn’t Canon from the early 90s to today. It’s brand loyalty it’s familiarity, and the fact that their products have always been at the very top. Now though I think that Canon has to change their business model. It always seemed that they knew the time they were in and they delivered, but today they seem to live on another planet where there is no Blackmagic, Red, Sony or Panasonic. They were the leaders and now they lag far behind. How have they managed to do that? Insolence? There’s no reason for me to consider getting another Canon product until they are at least as good as the competition, until they officially can support Cinema DNG video. I love magic lantern since the guys seem to love Canon cameras and respect Canon customers more than Canon themselves. It’s time for Canon to wake up again, and when they do, I’ll be back on board, until then…

  • Comparison of downsized RAW stills vs what Magic Lantern is capturing from the liveview feed:

    Nearly as sharp, nearly the same DR (just a bit more noise in the shadows).


  • I’m curious what the write speed of the cf card is that Neumann films used in the test. There are new cards that could theoretically handle the speed for 24fps if the camera winds up being able to unload the buffer onto them quickly enough.
    Or is the bottleneck for in camera recording always going to be the 12 ish fps buffer?

    With the new 5d3 uncompressed out I wonder if there will be a way to send 24 fps of dng via that route?

  • Wow. No reason to get a BMCM if they can get the Mark III working @24fps. Canon sensors are far superior.

    • vinceGortho on 04.27.13 @ 12:31PM

      Are you willing to wait six months for what could possibly be raw 24p that last 30 seconds?
      I hope this works out but I want it to fully work out.

      • I find it ironic that a comment about waiting for a feature in a Canon camera would come from a proponent of Black Magic… the people who have still not delivered the first edition cameras people put down cash on last year.

    • Good luck with that.

      • vinceGortho on 04.27.13 @ 1:08PM

        It would be awesome if this works. I wish they waited until it was at 24fps before announcing. It. Sure this is a breakthrough. But ait was left open for us to think it was video that we could use, not timelapse worthy video.

  • This is a nice step up for those who love DSLR. I’ll go for BlackMagic 4k at $4k instead. :-)

    Never did like the short shooting time of DSLRs.

    • Finally some sense.

    • Short shooting time? 5d3′s and D800′s can record for 30 min and restart immediately getting a few hours on a card. BMCC 4K can record 36 min on a 240gb or 72 min if you have a 480 gb before you swap out your SSD? I wouldnt call 30 min short tho.

      • I wouldn’t care if my DSLR could shoot for 6 hours. It’s all 8 bit compressed detail mush.

        • Its not 8bit’s fault 5d’s are mushy. There’s nothing mushy about the D800. The DSLR thing didnt start because they were cheap. It was because of the amazing shallow depth of field that is still almost double what the 4K BMCC will be being only Super35.

      • Or 5 Hours of 10bit ProRes 422

        Thus, the extended appeal of all of Blackmagic’s camera lineup.

        • …if only they can deliver them to more than a handful of people of the thousands waiting with cash and dreams.

  • What would impress me more than this is 2.5K or 2k motion jpeg or pro res :) The reason being that it would be more realistic to get it to 24p in camera due to lower bit rate. I don’t see how they could get this to 24p, I just don’t. 10 seconds is just not enough. Even with the external recorder I can’t see it and anyway if you add 1000$ bucks for Atomos it gets into BPC territory.

  • Wow. This is alot more interesting than much of the recent NAB news!

  • Ruslan Randzhabar on 04.27.13 @ 3:02PM

    Guys from Magic Lantern should make their own cinema camera! :D

  • What amazing is that Magic Lantern is the only one’s who are on this! Years (6-8) back they found a way to get 444 and near HD resolution out of a DVX-100 called the Andromeda so it’s been possible for a while. The manufactures stifled this as soon as it gained popularity.

  • These guys are saving Canon’s ass now. I hope Canon is paying them something, or leaking some important information at least. Anyways I think we should also support companies like Black Magic, because without them Canon would hold back even more of their possibilities.

    • I agree 100%! Canon has become too arrogant and greedy. They used to be great! Now they are protecting their “high end” products by crippling their “low” end products, but still their “high” end products are not nearly as high end as other products out there. I love the looks and ergonomics of C300 and I adore the lowlight but its price insults my intelligence. A 1080p camera in that price range today! No way! I am absolutely sure that the hardware is capable of more! Alas… they could at least come up with a HDR type of system like Alexa or RED’s HDRx to get the dynamic range above 12 stops. Any camera in that price range can do more than 12 stops, more than 1080p, more than 8bit…

  • Played with the DNGs, and there’s no where near the latitude I was hoping, at least compared to the BMCC. I hope it works out though, full-frame and RAW would be interesting, but as Alex has said, “don’t hold your breath.”

  • This kind of seems dumb to me considering the frame rate and the amount of time.. I mean, you would have to expand the buffer to really make it useable no? I mean the Nikon V1 already shoots raw at 30fps for just over one second clips and looks great for £200 ( ) 10fps seems pretty pointless compared to that? Am I wrong? I love RAW so I REALLY hope its possible to drive it to 24fps but I cant see it happen past the clips with the V1s length..

    • That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking with this new feature. I don’t see it improving enough to make it useable for video, because the buffer will get in the way (unless the 5D has been crippled beyond any trace of scruples).
      And, at the risk of sounding like one of the hacker friends of Mulder, the thought crossed my mind that perhaps Canon tipped the Magic Lantern guys off to find this feature to somehow keep the camera interesting against Blackmagic products, specially after the sad 4:2:2 update. Not to diminish their work, I think what they have done and still do is amazing and of inestimable value to filmmakers, but really it comes up at the right time to shift attention onto the 5D…

      • Canon did not give any information to anyone, believe me.

        • Yeah, they wouldn’t do such a bold move. And of course, what I didn’t think about: the new firmware update was the gate for this CinemaDNG option and that’s the cause of the “time coincidence” I was talking about.

        • Yes, but they should. Canon’s own development is not able to release this in reasonable time, and before that Black Magic will win this market completely over.

      • Chris Lambert on 04.27.13 @ 7:46PM

        More likely ML sat on the news until HDMI out update was in the wild incase Canon were to try and close any loopholes they could then build upon I would have thought.

        Crazy exciting times we live in though If we get a manufacturer release a Android or other open source OS camera, Nikon maybe? Imagine what these people could do! BMD please hire these people to write your firmware we’d probably have some sort of siri based camera telling us “i think your shot may look better 45degree to the right and on an 85mm lens” inside of a week

  • Some of these images in this video were also shot with Canon 5D Mark III. The cameras used were: Canon 7D, 5D Mark II, and 5D Mark III. If someone understands why these came out so wonderful, better than the above, please elaborate on why. This is one of the more beautiful videos I’ve ever seen.

    Make sure you click “Original” in watch quality and wait for it to download. It is definitely worth it!

    • Because thats not video. Its HDR processed image sequences using still cameras RAW stills.

      • Canon knows photography. A little wanting in video.

      • The images in the video might not be HDR processed, at least I don’t think they are and I don’t think they have to be, but photographed in RAW which when processed and converted through a RAW converter does give increased dynamic range and detail, not as much as HDR, but in some cases quite close depending on the subject and lighting.

  • Stu Mannion on 04.27.13 @ 8:38PM

    Does anyone who actually knows what they’re talking about feel confident that sustained 24p might be possible? This could be great for timelapse but there’s way too much expectation running wild here.

    • They say that they feel it is possible to make a constant stable stream at 24 or 25fps at basically 2k, but i wouldnt get hopes too high, it would be monumental indeed and hopefully with new firmware they may be able to get some more leaks, but who knows.

      Also just off topic but when H.265 is really really released in the wild it will make all uncompressed 1080p recording obsolete.

      • I’m not familiar with H.265 but are you saying its going to be better than uncompressed 4:2:2?

      • Chris Lambert on 04.28.13 @ 9:59AM

        how exactly is that going to work? for exporting, web delivery and archiving it will be great.

        For capture in camera grading in post workflows it doesnt sound as though its going to be anymore beneficial than H264 were still going to suffer from baked in, unflexible/forgiving capture that you can’t get back once its gone. I’ll take raw and a couple hundred quid investment on HDD’s anyday

  • Garrett Cox on 04.27.13 @ 10:02PM

    How about instead of 14bit 2k at 10fps, code it to 12 or 10 bit at 2k 24/25fps? Seems like even that extra latitude would be appreciated over the standard 8 bit.

  • what program are they using in the video to do the editing?

  • Hmmmm

    ” If editing is your business and you’re using Adobe Premiere Pro, then investing the money for a Quadro 5000 card is a wise investment.

    Of course, the one caveat to the above is that you need to have a balanced system in order to make everything perform well. Not having enough RAM is the single biggest problem I encounter. It would be interesting to add another 8GB of RAM to the test machine and run the test again just to see what would happen. Similarly, If you’re using RED and have two drives striped together, you’re asking for a problem. CPU + RAM + HDD + GPU = awesome Adobe Premiere Pro editing platform.”

  • Wish–just “any” canon dslr 5D’s 7D new 70D coming out. Have just 2K RAW VDEO…easier workflow without having to purchase anything else…WORKABLE LEVEL. I don’t mind spending $309 on 1000x card. U guys rule.

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