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Tribeca Asks Filmmakers: 'What Was the Most Awkward Movie You Watched with Your Parents?'

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Tribeca One Question SeriesMost of us remember watching movies with our parents — maybe a John Hughes flick — laughing as John Candy flips a birthday pancake the size of a coffee table with a snow shovel. Those memories, however, don’t burn quite as deeply and ferociously into our memories as those kill-me-now moments in which your arm and your mother’s arm accidentally touch as a katana wielding Bruce Willis opens the door to Zed’s back room of horrors in Pulp Fiction. Don’t worry. You’re not alone. In an episode of Tribeca’s One Question series, filmmakers talk about the most awkward movies they’ve ever seen with their parents.

Directors Matthew Cooke (How to Make Money Selling Drugs), Rob Bruce (McConkey), Jenée LaMarque (The Pretty One), Christopher Pomerenke (Queens of Country), and producer Chris McDaniel (Queens of Country) share which agonizing films they watched with their parents. Check out the video via Filmmaker IQ.

I must admit, I grew up on 1980s B-Horror movies, so the opportunity to be completely beside myself in embarrassment was there, but I was simply too young to realize it. When I was 7 or 8, I remember watching Return of the Living Dead and Night of the Demons with my dad without even flinching at the topless zombies or infamous lipstick scene. I didn’t even cringe at the crucifix scene in The ExorcistI just sat there bursting with anticipation and waiting for her head to spin around — like a normal kid.

No — it wasn’t until I was a teenager, sitting in my living room watching Monster’s Ballthat I experienced the awkwardness. I remember watching the beginning of that scene (you know which one — the first one) and observing my dad casually strolling into the room. I’m now convinced that no amount of body language, prayer, telepathy, or NLP will keep a parent from walking into an embarrassing situation that you’re tragically a part of.  I tell you, I sat there frozen, eyes averted, contemplating the string of poor choices that lead me to experiencing that 4 minutes of torture.

What about you? What was the most awkward movie you’ve ever watched with your parents?

Link: One Question Series — Tribeca

[via Filmmaker IQ]


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  • Lmmfao…anymovie with a sex scene or sex joke was mad uncomfortable to watch with the parents

  • Hahaha, ‘Shame’ by Steve McQueen

  • I was around 12 and I watched Jay & Silent Bob with my dad. It was a little strange.

  • I watched Halloween (2007) and Girl with a Dragon Tattoo (American version) and even as an adult its still awkward as hell. Now If I go see a movie with my parents I check why its rated what it is.

  • rodrigo calderon on 05.23.13 @ 1:27AM

    the crying game. five minutes after THE scene, we turned it off with my dad cause “this movie is kinda boring, isnt it?”

    • Likewise. We did watch the whole thing, but it was very uncomfortable. My dad laughed throughout ‘the scene’. I just froze in embarrassment.

  • Michael Solomon on 05.23.13 @ 2:06AM

    American Pie…. In theatres…. with my mom….. Doesn’t help that I really look a lot like Jason Biggs. Definitely did not really know what the movie was about. Assumed it was just some awkward teen comedy. Oh man…

  • Watched “Spanking the Monkey” with mommy dearest. Worst movie to watch with ma. Those who recall the plot know exactly why.

  • “Irreversible”. Needless to say, the experience was… irreversible.

  • Superbad. It was one big ball of awkard. Couldn’t stop myself from laughing during the end credits when… well you see a lot of drawn shlongs. It was awkard.

  • The opening scene in happiness was pretty uncomfortable…

  • Black Swan with my mother, in the theaters when I was visiting for Christmas.

    We both loved the flick, but knowing the lesbian scene was coming didn’t make it any less awkward.

  • Anthony Marino on 05.23.13 @ 9:20AM

    Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

  • I saw Big in the theater when I was about as old as Tom Hanks’ character, so my interest in the sex scene was exactly like his, but I was sitting next to an older aunt of mine.

    Now, as an adult, my wife and I host a pumpkin carving party in October. We end the night with a scary movie. A couple of years ago we selected the unrated version of “The Last House on the Left”. Of course there is a 20 min long, horrific rape scene smack in the middle of the movie. No one moved. No one talked. And to this day we all still make jokes about how uncomfortable that was. It probably would have been ok in a dark movie theater. After all we are all adults. But in your home, sitting on your couch, with the room so full of friends. that people are on the floor. Not fun.

  • “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” with my mom and GF.
    We saw it on opening weekend and didn’t know we’d be staring at Jason Segel’s phallus… and in the first 5 minutes of the movie no less. Thinking about my mother’s reaction still makes me laugh. LOL

  • wild things…that scene, you know the one. watched it in the living room with my parents when i was like 12. i will never fully recover

  • Bad Boy Bubby, at home with me ma. The closest thing to serious psychological damage possible through a television screen… With the possibly exception of watching The Human Centapede on LSD, which one of my ‘associates’ voluntarily did, alas his parents weren’t around at the time!

  • Leaving Las Vegas. My parents had no idea what it was about before we sat down to watch it. -___-

  • Punch Drunk Love. The phone sex scene in particular, while sitting next to my mom, was tough to act like it was normal for us to just keep watching. Neither of us said anything and just kept looking at the screen.

  • I think i may have the best one…. 11 years old watching “Howard Stern Private Parts” with my parents. The entire thing…. Yep even the speaker scene lol

  • Back in Blockbuster days, my parents mistakenly rented “Happiness” instead of “Life is Beautiful”… Meanwhile 12 people to sit down as a family to watch an Italian WW2 Drama/Comedy (4 children in house and my 84 year old Italian grandma in front row). After an unbearable first 10 minutes filled awkward silence, my Grandma stands up and says “I knew Nazi’s were bad but this is revolting!”

  • Good Luck Chuck….

  • Haha! Eyes Wide Shut in the theater!

  • Most of the comments are way more funny than that boring video (made even worst by that horrible “Grey’s Anatomy-like” music).

  • I watched “My Own Private Idaho” with my parents like twenty years ago. We had no idea what the movie was about. Very awkward!

  • I feel like there were worse ones but the theater experience I had seeing “He Got Game” was pretty awkward, and Ray Allen’s acting didn’t help any. Also “Eyes Wide Shut” was pretty strange.

  • Mulholland Drive… TWO lesbian love scenes? Come on, I’m trying to watch this with my dad in the room!

  • “A Clockwork Orange” with my Mother in the theatre….I was 15!

  • Last Tango in Paris. My two brothers and I talked our mom into taking to a movie theater in Tokyo. We were kids and did not know in advance about the “butter scene”. Wow.

  • The Wilberforces on 05.23.13 @ 8:45PM

    Happiness…. with mum and dad. Very, very awkward indeed…

  • BRUNO … I was in 9th or 10th grade I think. Sasha’s dong was stretched over an enormous screen – with both of my parents sitting beside me – and I heard one girl whisper, “what’s that kid doing here, oh my god.”

  • Boyz in the Hood… in theaters.
    “Can you drive stick?”… “I can learn.”
    Enough said.

  • In high school I wanted to show my girlfriend ‘American Beauty’. My dad decided to watch it with us.

  • various American Pie movies. this hasn’t happened with just my parents, but two other times with friends’ parents as well. more notably the one with the girl who’s afraid to orgasm.

  • Last Tango in Paris

    Parental unit wanted to watch latest Marlon Brando movie. Oops.

  • i watched desperate living with my mom LOL

  • “Hair gel” scene in There’s Something About Mary…almost internally bled out (in?) from not laughing, even at the age of 30.