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5K Apple Retina Displays Coming? New Wallpaper for OS X 10.9 'Mavericks' Shows Up

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Apple OS X 10-9 Mavericks WallpaperIntentional or not, Apple’s new software releases often hint at what may be coming down the line. When they revealed their newly redesigned Mac Pro and their new desktop release, OS X 10.9, which they are calling Mavericks (since they seem to be running out of feline-related names), they also posted a promotional wallpaper to their website which just so happens to be double the horizontal and vertical resolution of current Mac displays — leading to speculation that they are preparing Retina models.

First if you missed it, here’s a brief overview of the new OS:

Thanks to Apple Insider for the heads-up, here’s a snippet and the wallpaper in question:

The 5,120-by-2,880-pixel image hosted on Apple’s website is sized at exactly twice the width and height of the 2,560 by 1,440 pixels found in today’s 27-inch iMac and 27-inch Apple Thunderbolt display. The Retina-caliber wallpaper was first noted on Twitter by Web designer Marvin Scharle.

Apple OS X 10-9 Mavericks Wallpaper

So is this a fact? No, not necessarily, but it would be very surprising if Apple wasn’t preparing 4K and above displays for use in their Thunderbolt monitors and iMacs. It’s unclear when we might see a display like this, especially as price could be an issue for any display of this size at the moment. If anyone can push their weight around to bring costs down, however, it’s likely Apple, so I don’t think it’s unrealistic to see these for real by the end of the year, especially as the 4K display market is going to heat up over the next 6-18 months.

A lot has been said about needing a giant TV to take advantage of what 4K has to offer, but it’s sort of the opposite when it comes to computer monitors and smaller displays, since our eyes are so close to them, and an iMac of this resolution would still be lower PPI than the Retina iPad. We’ve talked about the web as being the first place that this 4K transition might actually begin, and it’s almost certain that Apple will push in that direction based on the specs for the new Mac Pro, which touted 4K as a big selling point. It would be unusual for a company like Apple to brag about such specs without having products — high-resolution displays in this case — lined up to take advantage of them.

What do you guys think? Would you be interested in one of these displays or iMacs?

Link: Apple OS X 10.9 Wallpaper

[via Apple Insider]


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  • A big Yes!

  • Wouldn’t that be quadruple the resolution?

  • Chris Lambert on 06.12.13 @ 12:26PM

    The raised woops at the mention of finder… virgins in da house!!

  • Sorry but don’t think because of the wallpaper apple is going to release a big retina display. The fact of the matter is that apple has had these sizes of wallpapers since 2011. So going by the wallpaper size means nothing.


    • You’re probably right, but I don’t doubt that Apple will bring 4K to their iMac monitors at some point. It was, as Joe mentions in his article, a big selling point during Monday’s keynote for the new Mac Pro and updates to FCPX.

      • yeah i see that.. i think at some point we are all going to have 4k displays as a standard. now when is that going be? who knows. My main point is that the wallpapers thing means nothing, and solely going by that is simply erroneous. But apple is seems to be using “edit 4k” as a marketing thing so like you i wouldnt be surprise if the mac pro comes out with a 4k display and a regular one.

    • William Koehler on 06.12.13 @ 10:44PM

      If you go through Apple’s materials on the new upcoming MacPro, they are pushing hard on the ability to edit 4K video. To edit 4K video it of course helps to be able to see 4K video. I would be very surprised if they don’t roll some new 4K displays out at the same time they release that new MacPro.

  • Anthony Marino on 06.12.13 @ 1:19PM

    I’m not cheap by any means, I over spend more than I under spend. But my God things just seem like they’re gonna be so expensive. It’s a fact we’re gonna need tons of storage and visual performance. Two things right now that are incredibly expensive…no matter how powerful these units get, what they need to process high quality footage still may leave a lot of us spending hours on end, transcoding, copying and outputting if we don’t spend the big bucks. I was hoping things evened out a little…oh well maybe someday :)

    • especially with the new solid state drives, we need the speed but the storage will be so much less for a lot more money. guess we will have to wait and see

      • Anthony Marino on 06.12.13 @ 5:05PM

        So true. As it stands I need 2/1TB for my computer scratch disk and another 2 for the recorder I need with the camera. So soon ill be spending close $1300 for 2TB’s in scratch disks (I need 2 at $640 a pop) and it looks like another $2200 for 2 SSD’s (480gB each) for the recorder equaling 1TB. So that’s around $3500.00 total for 3TB’s….jeez.

        • john jeffries on 06.12.13 @ 7:45PM

          Except prices go down over time. Back in the day, a 10mb hard drive costs thousands of dollars. Now my car’s key fob thing probably has more memory than that.

          • Anthony Marino on 06.12.13 @ 8:46PM

            Haha, true. Hope for sooner than later. Let’s also hope apple can drive the market. If it’s the other way around we might be waiting a while.

          • john jeffries on 06.12.13 @ 10:29PM

            If it’s one thing you can trust capitalism/corporate america to do, it is to make things exponentially cheaper and easier to access year after year. I never trip about component costs, I just wait a few months and watch the price drop. 512gb SSD’s used to be a crazy luxury, now they can be had for fairly cheap.

    • It’s cheaper than 35mm, that much I can say.

      And 4k, unlike previous digital systems, is higher quality than 35mm.

  • Why the hell havent finder tabs been a thing yet?

  • People are already plugging macs into 4K displays. Apple just wants their OS to look good. Reading more into this seems like a huge assumption.

  • Uhmm… hello.. When you take a photograph with a dslr you get a large file. Why would you shrink it? More resolution the better for a computer background.

  • David Sharp on 06.12.13 @ 5:17PM

    “If anyone can push their weight around to bring costs down, however, it’s likely Apple,”

    Joe I was drinking a coke when I read this! Now I have to clean up my monitor. Please be more careful before you write something that funny.

  • john jeffries on 06.12.13 @ 7:44PM

    A 5K 30″ or 27″ thunderbolt display? YES PLEASE

  • Love y’all but this was a long way to go – even for Apple Fanboyz. Must be a slow filmic noozday.

  • I know this is about smaller monitors that can fit on your desk and be up close to you. But I thought readers here would like to know about this TV.

    Skyworth of China has three 4k TV’s that can be used as monitors. This video is about the 50″, 65″, and 84″ 4k TV’s made by that company. I have never seen these in person, so I don’t know the quality. I know a few readers here may actually want, and could afford, an 84″ 4k TV as a monitor. I want one, but $16,000.00 is out of my league right now.

    50″ for $1453.00
    65″ for $4843.00
    84″ for $16,144.00

  • Calvin Johannsen on 06.12.13 @ 9:24PM

    I’ve been using a tabbed finder for well over a year. Grab TotalFinder for $18. Apples standards of innovation aren’t very high…

    • No need to be smug. It’s just one feature among many. We know how this goes. No matter how much new stuff you add there’s always someone out there developing something else in between new releases. Apple on the whole still does innovate at a high level. Can’t name another company that produces as much integrated hardware and software on this level for so long.

  • not sure if it’s the same company but Seiki has a 50″ 4K TV (actually quad HD) for $1,500 listed …. Amazon has it at $1,298 (and, I think, so does Tiger Direct) … the reviews have been pretty harsh, however …. Asus has a 32″ monitor for ~ $4K ($4K for 4K, as it were) … Sony’s 55″ is $5K and 65″ is $7K … LG has an 84″ for $17K …

  • 5120 by 2160 also happens to be the highest resolution listed in Apple’s 2012 ProRes white paper. I can’t imagine Apple releasing their new Mac Pro and FCP X without new cinema displays to go along with it.

  • Tim Rockwood on 06.13.13 @ 4:54PM

    Decades ago at ABC, Turner Broadcasting, the Extremely Slow Paying Network, and even VeryDisco we used Ikegami monitors in edit suites, control rooms, and production trucks–knowing full well that home viewers and prosumers couldn’t even contemplate that price point.

  • Apple clearly working on multi-monitor improvements so I think that they think that most of us will get more more less cash with multiple monitors but hey, why not put desktops spanned across 2 monitors – and other stuff too maybe if you do not mind a big black gap. And I was a manufacturer I’d look at going mass with edge to edge, border-less, displays. They are there in TV studio backgrounds, on stages, in art: why not is our work/living spaces?

  • Sorry, typo. Not “more more less” >> get more for less cash with multiple monitors
    (why no edit my posting option?)
    ((must read before Submit))

  • Steve Muulen on 06.14.13 @ 8:54PM

    5,120-by-2,880-pixels is a very special resolution. It has a 16:9 aspect ratio(1.78:1) so HD can be scaled-up to fit.

    UHD, 3840×2160 (Quad HD) can also be scaled-up to fit.

    Assume you have a UHD Hollywood movie with an aspect ratio of about 2.40:1 — the width is 3840. The letterbox height is 1600. Now upscale both by 1.33. What do you get? 5,108-by-2,128-pixels.

    This fits nicely in a QT player window with room for controls.

    OR, scale-up a bit more and the screen is filled with a 2.40:1 movie.

    Now, put the guts of a SUPER Apple TV box into the monitor. Add several HDMI connectors. You now have an APPLE TV.

    You can iTune stream an HD movie and upscale it for 1.78:1 or 2.40:1.

    Or, solder in some SDD chips and you can background download from iTunes a 1.78:1 or 2.40:1 UHD movie.

    Wait for bigger Internet pipes and iTunes can stream 1.78:1 or 2.40:1 UHD movies.

    Marketing is simple. NEVER call it a UHD or 4K2K TV. Then folks can claim one can’t see all the pixels. Call it a Retina TV and folks simply know it looks great! Retina is a brand that can use several technologies to eliminate a watcher from seeing individual pixels.

    June 14th 2013 — the “other” Steve

  • Have been using retina mbp for more than a year and eagerly awaiting such a monitor! it’s a shame to use retina mbp with classical lo-res external monitor. If price will not be too extreme I’m definitely going for one of those!! :)

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