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Blackmagic Confident Pocket Cinema Camera with RAW & 4K Camera Will Both Ship in July

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Video thumbnail for vimeo video Blackmagic - nofilmschoolWhile they’ve rarely had major delays with their other equipment, the company has had some serious problems delivering the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. If you’ve had a pre-order on the camera, you certainly know this by now. With the announcement of two new cameras at NAB, the Pocket Cinema Camera and Production Camera 4K, some of these same questions have come up again. Can they deliver in July as promised? Will there be delays that push camera availability weeks, or even months from the original release date?

In this video from News Shooter, it is reiterated that they are confident the cameras will ship on time, and there is even mention that the Pocket camera should ship with RAW CinemaDNG — something that has been up in the air since NAB:

The little camera is still the one I’ve been most excited about just because of what it packs in such a tiny package. There is not another camera out there shooting RAW and ProRes at this size, and it’s unlikely we will see one this size from any other major manufacturer shooting in those formats anytime soon (if ever). If this were a camera from Sony or Canon, it would be shooting highly compressed H.264 of some kind. Instead, we are given just about everything the sensor has to offer, including RAW sensor data.

Richard seems a little less confident about the 4K camera at one point, which has been the word on the street, but after everything that has happened, I would be surprised if the company would have its people saying that they are confident about shipping dates if they weren’t internally. It’s worth mentioning that the previous Cinema Camera would not have had any delays were it not for the sensor company they were working with changing a key part of the manufacturing process right around the time the camera was originally set to ship.

Either way, we don’t have long to go to see if the cameras ship on time and what kind of volume we’re actually looking at.

Link: Broadcast Asia 2013: Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera Update — News Shooter

Disclosure: Blackmagic is a nofilmschool advertiser.

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  • Even although @1080p at the correct view distance pixels are merged Its great to see the envelope being pushed. This will mean stills and video are merged at 4K raw resolution so this is in effect a photographic technology convergence. Hear hear gents, let’s toast the fact we are the winners.

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