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Canon 70D Photo and Specs Leak as Announcement for 60D Replacement Nears

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Canon 70D Leaked PhotoThere was word that this one was going to be announced back in March, but now there are much clearer signs that the 70D, a newer version of the Canon 60D, should be coming very soon. A picture has leaked showing the camera and specs, and we’ve also got a possible announcement date: July 2nd. While we can’t know the final video quality until we get our hands on one, there is a great chance it will work with Magic Lantern and the new RAW video hack. Check out some of the specs below.

These are the ones we know for sure (courtesy of Canon Rumors):

  • 20.2MP CMOS Sensor
  • DIGIC 5+ Processor
  • 19 point AF System (All Cross Type)
  • 7fps for Still Images
  • Built-in WiFi
  • 3″ Vari-Angle Touch Screen LCD
  • ISO 12,800 Maximum
  • HDR
  • Multiexposure Mode
  • LP-E6 Battery

And the photo that leaked showing the 70D (also from Canon Rumors):

Canon 70D

This looks like it’s going to be a decent upgrade to the 60D, especially when you consider some of the recent releases from Canon that have featured the same or similar 18MP APS-C sensor which has been in use for a number of years now in what feels like a dozen cameras.

While the stills mode has some nice features, I think the most interesting part of the equation will be how Magic Lantern can be incorporated into the new camera. I would imagine the 70D will have pretty run-of-the-mill H.264 1080p quality like the rest of the lineup, but since Canon’s firmware has been pretty consistent among these lower-end bodies, there is a very good chance it should be able to shoot RAW video. I don’t see this one featuring a CF card slot, so that will likely mean it will be limited in available RAW resolutions by the SD card controller (probably somewhere below 1080p). Interestingly enough, thanks to its CF card slot, the 50D (the camera that was replaced by the 60D) is actually producing superior results in RAW video.

I never like ruling anything out though, so we’ll just have to wait and see once this one gets into the hands of the ML folks. It’s not clear if the camera will be shipping right away after the announcement, but often with lower-end bodies there is a shorter window between announcement and availability. As far as price is concerned, I would imagine it’s going to come in somewhere around $1,000, which would mirror the release of the 60D, introduced at $1,100 for the body only.

What do you think? Would the stills capabilities make it a worthy upgrade from the 60D — or are you more concerned with how ML might be working on the camera?

Link: Canon EOS 70D Spec List — Canon Rumors


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  • To upgrade from a T2i would be very worthwhile, I would/will upgrade. Then I would have two bodies to carry around, one with a wide the other with a telephoto. Cool!

    • If you aren’t invested in a lot of canon glass maybe look at the D5200 or D7100. Just switched over and I like it more than canon but nikon does have its own downfalls. I do miss magic lantern but the cameras are nice and a good upgrade from the T2I.

      • vinceGortho on 06.27.13 @ 10:05PM

        Vitaliy kiselev just discovered Nikons have a RAW liveview feed. Raw video is a near possibility for nikon.

        • He basically found somewhere in the D7100 firmware where it talked about Live View, otherwise nothing else has changed on the Nikon front. The community is basically only him working on things, so I wouldn’t expect anything anytime soon on that front. You only have to look at Alex’s video to understand why progress with Canon has moved so fast:

          • vinceGortho on 06.27.13 @ 10:49PM

            Cool. Thanks!
            How long was the gh2 hack in development?

            • It took a year for the firmware to be hacked since they had to wait for Panasonic to release an update. I guess the GH2 hack is technically still in development, but it was another 6 months or so after that before some of the really interesting stuff was happening. So the less people working on it, the longer the process, naturally.

        • Joe’s comments are spot on. Just not enough of us yet. I feel like an Apple user in the heyday of PC hacking. However, the D4 should be able to do it easily (it could actually do 4K if you were ambitious), along with the D800 if anyone wants to write the code :-)

          • VinceGOrtho on 06.28.13 @ 3:56PM

            May have to bite the bullet and go with Canon.
            Hopefully ML team can get the 7D operational with Raw. I still believe it’s Canons best video dslr they made: build quality, photo options, near super35 sensor, price to performance ratio especially when buying used now.

  • Why put Digic 5+ when Digic 6 is already available in lower end models and it’s a significant improvement over the Digic 5. Damn capitalism! :)

  • As a Canon Fanboy…..I don’t know what to say anymore about Canon…..don’t know if I’m mad about the same camera be made over & over & over again……..H.264 videos or them using up all the NUMBERS to name a DSLR camera……ML hack can’t help me right now the way I feel……another sad day for a Canon fanboy.

    • Personally I think this looks like an excellent upgrade.

      • If you’re a photographer, sure. For video, you’d have to be nuts (or just a masochist) to stay in the Canon DSLR lineup at this point.

  • More concerned with the ML compatibility to be honest. if it can process 24p at a decent resolution, this will be a legit alternative to the new BMCC offerings. as an h264 video camera though, I can’t imagine it’ll be much different than even the t2i.

    • If it had CF compatibility, they most likely would praise that as a feature on the package. Considering there’s nothing about that on the leaked image, let’s assume they use SD cards. Therefore it won’t be any faster than let’s say the 600D. And that one doesn’t even make it to 720p with the ML RAW hack :/ Sorry to disappoint you, but so far the BMCC pocket camera is unmatched at the price point (unless you manage to get a used 50D for cheap somewhere) and the only real contender in the respective price range against the other two BMCC’s is the 5D Mk2/Mk3 (with ML).

      • Well it also depends on the SD controllers and the buffer. The 70D might have a large buffer which, combined with fast SD cards may give us a resolution higher than 720p. Also Magic Lantern may figure out a way to reduce data rates. Maybe 12bit lossless compressed raw instead of 14 bit uncompressed?

        • That would be pretty awesome, but a raw compression in-camera, before data is even written to the card, ie. in “real-time” – sounds too good to be true. Canon themselves could pull this off easily if they wanted to, but from a hack this is a little too much to ask for I guess.

          On the other hand, the digic5 should be capable of doing it, h264 compression in real time surely takes a lot of processing power as well, so maybe it’s doable (at least hardware-wise)

  • only things that would make this work buying
    1. 6d quality iso
    2. if it had a cf card (not likely)

    canon owe alot to ML

    • I agree with dave here…

      I think a high-sensitivity APS-C sensor is overdue.

      Makes a 400mm lens with 1.4X extender become a 900mm BEAST (well, 896).
      Would have loved to have a decent high ISO APS-C the other night on the Supermoon.
      But “all” we had was a 5D3, a 6D, and a 40D (which is really not worth using anymore except in bright daylight).

  • I have shot hours and hours of footage, doc and narrative, with my trusty 60D and had been excited about the potential video improvements with the 70D…

    Until the RAW hack. Now I’m not as excited if it can’t shoot 1080 RAW.

  • Gonna be throwing down lotsa updates and media as they become available on this at:

  • earnestreply on 06.28.13 @ 2:10AM

    Any chance this will have clean HDMI out?

  • Alright, let me see. The last good raw shooter camera enabled by ML is the t4i. It has a buffer capacity of 40MB/s. If you jump down you have the t3i and t2i with 20 and 19 MB/s, Almost the the same as the 60d. Would the 70d be better? If they use the same buffer speed as the t4i well I may say no too much. But if you include the 5+ processor My response will be, hell yeah! this processor is a beauty when you see what the raw output can do.

    So, 40MB/s is giving you continuous 720P, 60MB/s (which is what I expect for the 70d) will give you a very clean image with out aliasing and moire as the 5D mark III is giving you. I’m just speculating, but I’m not so far to being right about it. The ball is in canon hands… Ha!

    • For God sake! sensor not processor, sensor it is. Sorry. …Being hungry really push your buttons.

  • I’m honestly shocked people care at all about Canon DSLRs for video anymore. It’s obvious even Canon themselves doesn’t care.

    It’s time to move on, people.

  • RAW is nice to have. But what´s really missing IMHO is a true hybrid still/video Canon APS-C, as is the GH3. So there should be a headphone jack. (If it’s missing AGAIN, than I don´t need a conspiracy theory to know what Canon is up to).
    Another thing is a better codec, again, like the GH3 offers with its pretty solid 50mbit codec.
    BUT this will never happen in a XXD. Maybe with a 7D MarkII (if there´ll ever be one).
    But even then, there´s the Canon Cinema line to protect. And as is looks, the price tag attached to the C100 is the lowest Canon is willing to offer a “true video camera”. So why pack better features in a prosumer stills cam?
    All in all, not the first who started a revolution, only to behave like kings afterwards…

  • The problem with the gear manufacturers at this point, IMO, is that they’re really not sure where the market at the moment, so it’s not just that they want to cover their behinds by giving something to everyone, they’re doing it in the dark without being quite sure of price points and feature packages (at these price points). They’re expecting something to upset the apple cart but they’re not sure who, what and where. It may be a new high res smart phone that will wipe all the point-and-shoots off the map. It may be a compact size video camera. It may be a 4K cam/corder at half the existing price range. BMD arguably doesn’t move enough units to really effect the consumer market but the technology – sensors, interfaces, media, processors – is there to have a very rapid jump in the price-for-performance ratio. My speculation is that the units are made quite modular in order for the manufacturers to be able to make that jump at any moment with a slight tweak. Meanwhile, they’ll try to squeeze as much cash out of the market as they can.

  • As a 60D owner who shoots only video I can’t see myself upgrading to a 70D. I think if Black Magic delivers on their upcoming lineup I may have to jump ship. While there are tradeoffs for both sides, I think at the $1,000 price point the BMPC offers so much more, but only time will tell.

  • As someone who shoots both video and stills, Canon is still the best option for me. M43 isn’t great. I didn’t feel satisfied shooting stills on a GH3 when I tried ti and there is no used lens market, no third party market and I don’t want to invest in M43 at all. I think it’s a dead end. I have faith in Magic Lantern to get good quality RAW from this camera, at least better than the Rebel line or 60D resolutions.

  • Looking forward to see the HDMI out benifits and video recording length limits. and the missing one is headphone audio monitoring . . .

    Any news?