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More Gyro Camera Stabilizer Goodness: Updates on DEFY Gimbal & Rotorview from Sweden

Video thumbnail for vimeo video More Gyro Camera Stabilizer Goodness: Update on DEFY & the New $4,000 Rotorview from Sweden - nofilmschoolAs we mentioned before, MōVI was just the beginning for gyro-stabilized camera rigs. They are going to come fast and furious (just like the movie) over the next few months and certainly the foreseeable future. We already shared a little but about the DEFY Gimbal, and now we’ve got an update about the device which should be shipping sooner rather than later. We’ve also got a video showing off a new contender, the $4,000 Rotorview 3-axis stabilizer from Sweden, which is already on sale. Check out the products and sample footage below.

Thanks to Steve Huber for sending this my way, here’s an update on the DEFY Gimbal from Relentless:

And Vashi Nedomansky sent over this one which looks like a good option from Rotorview:

I would imagine that any company that already makes a copter/drone or makes rigs for copters will probably jump on the bandwagon and build one for ground purposes just like we’ve seen so far. Those companies have the most experience getting stable footage, and while the rigs themselves might not be expensive if you wanted to build them yourself, actually getting them programmed correctly to give you perfectly smooth footage is the hard part.

I’m sure we’ll also see rigs designed to handle these, as holding your arms up for extended periods is going to get very tiring. I’ve mentioned tossing one of these on an Easy Rig, and while I think that might be a good solution, there will definitely be some options getting these more comfortable to use.

The Rotorview is built to order and already available for 2,900 Euros or close to $4,000, and the DEFY Gimbal will be entering the pre-order stage relatively soon. Check out the links below for more info on both.


[via Vashi Nedomansky]


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  • Curious how much the Defy will cost!

    These new Gyro stabilizers could be really useful for real estate virtual tours outside of narrative films because they’d be a lot less cumbersome then a slider and tripod or a steadicam knock off when time is money. The Movi was fun to try out at NAB. Shoot I think I might take out a loan and get one!

  • That Rotorview looks very nice. Also, such a Swedish house. The treadmill has pride of place!
    I totally agree with you that we’re going to see dozens of these shortly, at all price points.

  • There’s nothing new technologically about these stabilizers (and even less for gyros, that have been around for ~ 150 years). The chief impetus for these latest developments is the miniaturization of the feasible equipment vs. the old style Panavision cams. The components are cheap too and, when the Chinese and Indian manufacturers begin to assemble the knock-offs, these units will be sold for $300-$400 tops.

  • Almost $4k for a rig that only handles 3lbs? I hope the cheaper ones that come out can handle a heavier payload!

    • Again it’s not the parts, it’s the programming, and also the volume. They aren’t making many.

      • Absolutely, and I think even a 5DIII with the ML raw firmware will look great – I just hope that if the Swedish company comes out with models that can handle RED cams and such, they won’t have the Movi pricetag.

  • Blows me away how many people can’t wait for the knock offs. I guess I’ll wait for you movie to be pirated and aquire it that way instead of paying for your hard work…

    • Worst. Comparison. Ever.

    • wow, very wrong comparision.
      freefly took one of their own gimbals they built for use on their multicopters and “converted” it for handheld usage, tweaked the software and they were done. The software, electronics and motors are out there for years and cost just a few several hundred bucks – some of the code is even open source for a long time!

      Actually it maybe was the company “DJI” which introduced brushless gimbals first, so it was freefly who built upon someone else`s work. And DJI innovated on another companies` work and so on and so forth. That`s also why Freefly didn`t and COULDN`T patent the MOVI, something they surely would have loved to do because I found at least 9 companies offering cheap “Movi`s”.

  • The USAAF (Norden) and the Luftwaffe (Lotfe 7) used the gyro stabilized bomb sights – a long lens attached to an analog computational device – in WWII. I think the copyright on those two had long ended. Garrett Brown’s Steadicam was first introduced in 1976. The latest developments are basically just modifications of what has been done before.

    As to who holds what patents …

  • Tom Antos put one together with the off-the-shelf parts (not an identical Movi copy but functional)

    • Thanks for sharing that. It was awesome. I have never seen that Tom Antos’ site or videos. Pretty cool. I have a BLM pocket cinema camera on order. I may have to try to make one of these.

    • I keep checking his channel for the promised updates where Tom says he has improved the performance. I am super excited about these gimbals. I agree with Vincent Laforet that these stabilizers will be a game changer I just do not think MoVi is the one to bring it to the masses with its current price point.

      This technology is getting close to motion control which is completely beyond most budgets. That is what I am most excited about. BotNDolly has really pushed motion control in a whole new direction and I would love to see that kind of technology trickle down at some point (but that is far off).

  • By the way, if one is willing to browse the net (or just YouTube) for a “brushless gimbal video stabilizer”, he can find a ton of new designs from BeReady, ZenMuse to Aegis to some even more obscure (to the US folks) Romanian and German companies.

    One of the major areas for the development of these type devices comes from the remote controlled vehicle enthusiasts – helicopters and so on – who have been toying with the idea for quite some time. What makes Movi stand out so far is its combination of 3-Axis motion control (many systems only do two), portability and weight bearing. (disclaimer – there may be more … I am not an engineer). What seemed to have happened following the NAB’13 is that various folks with a bit of electronic and technical knowledge decided to build a similar product without copying Movi itself (the Chinese/Indian companies would, presumably, just reverse-engineer it or simply rip the design off).

    My take is that they will be rather useful when mounted on moving platforms such as RC vehicles, electric bikes/trikes, Segways, skateboards/roller skates, suspended/wired cams or with some sort of shoulder-mounted rig. On a professional studio shoots where dollies, motorized jibs and the Steadicam/Merlin type of stabilizers have long been a norm, they are more or less a novelty item.

  • “BeReady One” is offering a handheld 3-axis stabilizer for $699 (up to $2,600 for a full kit).

  • Hello,

    we plan to offer a handheld brushless stabilizer soon for cameras up to 5 kg, like the Red Epic. There’ll also be a smaller version for cameras around 2 kg and a larger one for cameras up to 10 kg. The mid sized version is the most advanced in the moment.

    We have first prototypes to test and improve step by step and plan to add small joysticks to the handles for better control of pan and tilt in single operator mode. For more information, upgrades and new videos you might visit our website

    Andreas Kielb

  • Defy is going into a pre-order mode starting July, 9th. If I remember what I just read there, a light (Sony NEX tier) 2-Axis unit is $1,800, a heavier (BMD type capable) 3-Axis is $2,300 and they’re still working on a Red Epic size/5 KG piece.

  • NEverMOre Jerry on 07.9.13 @ 5:31PM

    The G2 DEFY gimbal orders are now live at Hot Rod Cameras, $2300. I’ll probably pick one up to use with the Blackmagic Pocket Camera I have on order with them.

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