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Major New Versions of Adobe's Creative Apps Now Available, 40% Discount for Upgraders Until July 31


The new versions of Adobe’s creative apps are now live on Creative Cloud, including video-relevant apps like Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, Photoshop CC, SpeedGrade CC, Audition CC, and more. If you haven’t yet taken the plunge and switched to Adobe’s new subscription-based service, they’re adding a 40% discount to entice you (which brings the $50/month subscription for the entire suite down to $30/month). Here are videos spotlighting new features for every updated video program:

Premiere Pro CC

After Effects CC

Photoshop CC

Audition CC

SpeedGrade CC

Prelude CC

Story CC

For the complete list of Adobe videos showcasing new CC features, here’s a full playlist.

Normally this is the place where I issue a warning not to upgrade if you’re mid-project and your current program is working fine… lest you be the one to discover a bug. However, it seems that the new CC apps are available separately from the CS6 apps, making it possible to install them alongside your old apps. Along these same lines, if you login to your Application Manager and don’t see the new programs, scroll down — the new CC versions may be listed underneath all of your currently installed CS6 applications.

Anyone working with the new CC apps — what do you think so far? For more discussion on the pros and cons of subscription software, please see our earlier post.

Link: Creative Cloud — Adobe (See “Special Offers” on the right for discounts for upgraders)


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  • I think I’ll go for the subscription. I really like the monthly payment and allows me access of other programs I wouldn’t have bought for myself.
    I might start doing some animations now in Flash now when I’m mostly in Lightroom and Premiere.

  • Whenever I try to launch Premiere Pro CC it immediately crashes :-/

  • Don’t care… not until Adobe comes up with a solution for perpetual usage upon CC exit. I’ll stick with the CS6 Master Collection until they do. Avid’s Media Composer 7 is looking to be the better option to Premiere anyway. DaVinci Resolve already kills SpeedGrade. Pro Tools or even Reaper easily murders Audition. So if you look around, there’s still plenty of professional options to Adobe’s “Captive Consumer” program.

  • It simply means Adobe started to feel the heat, not many people took the subscription.
    By next year they will have dropped it, just like Microsoft.

    • Microsoft hasn’t dropped their subscription service for their Office line of products. In fact, their new iPhone app is only available to subscribers.

      • You do realise MS is playing a monopoly on the same people that would willingly pay for a Norton subscription? Yeah. We aren’t that dumb.

        Here’s your reality: We are getting charged a definite amount of money for an indefineate amount of time – I doubt everyone here uses more than a few Adobe programs so if they went out and paid for the ones they only use – at $500 USD a month – CS updates bi-yearly – That’s $1000 every ‘update’ cycle.

        Now what are you paying $1000 for anyway? An overglorified update system that – lets think about this – has /never had a massive petition signed for it/. CC has, and it was against it.

  • As, I posted in the last article, I’d think the ideal middle ground, between the continuously-paid $50/mo model and their old retail model, would be simply a regularly-updated online marketplace for the programs.
    So, one would be able to buy the full CC suite for maybe $2600 (as is the retail price for CS6 Master Collection) at any point in time to receive the most up-to-date version available. Maybe a customer purchasing their programs this way would receive six months to a year of feature updates.
    After a specified time expires, the user would then have to pay a standard price to receive content and functionality updates. A system of price progression with a hard limit would work well: $60 for one month’s worth of updates, $100 for two months, $150 for three months, and so on. Perhaps it would max out at $500 after a period of one year, and stop there, progressing further only after another year had passed.
    With such a system in place, Adobe would be free to release new features fluidly while customers would have the option of buying those features when they need them, or not at all. It wouldn’t slow down Adobe’s development process, since updates would always be required to be cumulative (all or nothing). Problem solved.

    Add in the newly interesting idea of fixed-length subscriptions coupled with guaranteed ownership after the subscription’s end, and Adobe then has three business models that can work for a wide variety of customers. Crisis averted.

    I can get behind the $30/mo “three-year subscription plus permanent copy” model mentioned in the last article. Until that’s available, though, I’ll be holding my money, no matter how much they discount it.
    (Unless it’s like $5 a month… <__>)

    • Peter Kelly on 06.18.13 @ 4:14AM

      Again its much more expensive in Europe which is just inexcusable. I spoke to a lady in Adobe and she wasnt able to give me an answer as to why that was the case.

      There is no good reason when you see FCPX is the same price worldwide on the App store.

      Its a disgrace!

      • Yeah, I don’t understand why it’s so expensive in Europe. When you see 30USD (22EUR) you think, ok, that’s pretty cheap, I should invest. But then the Europe price is 60EUR. Almost triple of the american price. And even more, Europe is kinda short on cash right now, so CC is no on most people’s priority list.

        In my oppinion the CC idea is right, just needs a few adjustments.

  • thanks for the info Koo…..tough to say no to $30/month, even if you’re just using a couple of programs

    off topic, but any chance we’ll get some behind-the-scenes on AMATEUR soon?

  • Howard L Hughes on 06.18.13 @ 7:58AM

    I like the subscription. people complaining over nothing when they pay for a service for their phone is more. @ $40 per month it would take 65 months or 5 years to pay for the complete suite. you want something to hold on to buy cs6 then. now if you are planning to buy this and not make a profit on a regular basis payper use. (which to me is a bit expensive. ) but this monthly payment is not bad for a business move at all. as far as other options sure their are but the fluid work flow and constant updates for $40 a month is better than any monthly plan i can think of. even when i don’t use everything i can get someone to do the job for me and make tweaks i see fit as well. Numbers based on $2600 for the master suite. i see less money coming out of my pocket. can someone please explain how this is actually costing me more money in the long run??

    • Hobbyists and educators are more concerned about price, while professionals are less concerned. The biggest issue is not being able to open your source files upon CC exit. If I spend two years on the CC using Flash creating .fla source files holding thousands of lines of ActionScript code, and then all of a sudden I can’t access all of my source files containing all of that code… that’s a direct violation of my legal rights to the Intellectual Property I worked hard to create. Thousands of people signing the petition are concerned about the IP issue.

    • @Howard L Hughes

      there is more at play here than that. its not just money. the files you make with any CC apps will be up-openable once your subscription runs out. so some are saying, “well if its such a problem, only pay for it the month that you need it and than cancel.” but thats useless if once your subscription is over you can’t open your files anymore.
      its not just about it being cheaper. and yes, you ‘could’ get just a suite of CS6, but again, if you’re a teacher, or a hobbyist, or on a tight budget, thats not exactly cost effective either.
      its about alienating the customer. and further more, internationally its even worse as the cost of CC subscriptions is much higher, alienating even more people with an unfair price structure. as someone already said in a comment here, in europe its 3 times the price. its an inconsistent and half-baked system that needs to have its wrinkles ironed out before its forced down our throats

  • Just an FYI for those that didn’t follow the asterisk: the subscription is discounted (with a valid copy of CS3+) for the first year only. So a 3 year subscription would be US$1560 – which is still cheaper than the typical “every other” upgrade path most non-business customers seem to opt for. The only catch is if you tend to only use one or two individual programs (which means you’re not likely to be a frequent upgrader anyway).

  • Anthony Marino on 06.18.13 @ 10:29AM

    For 30 bucks a month to access professional software is a no brainer. I just wish I can get the damn thing to work right. It wouldn’t let me upgrade or download anything last night (late). Haha. Today we shall see.

    • Anthony Marino on 06.18.13 @ 11:08AM

      So far so good. It’s installing the CC app Premiere and AF. Now I have to figure out what to do with the C6 family version installed…do I leave it? Do I even need it? Now on to Step 2

      • I was wondering the same thing… Think I’ll leave CS6 there for a while until I know CC opens up legacy projects without any issues.

        • Anthony Marino on 06.18.13 @ 12:03PM

          Tech support seems to think we can remove it. I like to have the space back so maybe I’ll remove the cs6 family version tonight. There’s no way I can evaluate the new app so fast but so far CC Premiere seems more responsive and a little smoother. And something strange came up about using the MPE in software mode so I changed it back to GPU acceleration and things seem to be ok. I got the yellow line back over my clip after importing an old project into the new premiere. So maybe it’s safe to say the gtx 670 is reconized now? Seems to be. Now on to step 3. Thanks

          • You can re-install CS6 apps by going to the Creative Cloud website and clicking download on a program (like Premiere), and then selecting CS6 from a drop down menu on the page that loads. If you want Encore you’ll need to keep that part of Premiere CS6 installed (although you can uninstall Premiere itself).

        • Ryan, I think the safest way is to run CC on a new system and keep older CS5.5 or CS6 on a machine that never goes online, just in case it gets an “update” that actually cripple those versions.

    • could just be the servers are busy with lots of people trying to download it at once

  • Darren Orange on 06.18.13 @ 11:25AM

    I went for it at 29.99 a month back when new comers could get that deal. Okay so already tested Audition….holy crap is it sooo much faster! Guys you got to check it out, next feature all Adobe…done its over it’s happening…

  • I may bite for $30 a month, especially since I’m already paying $10 for Adobe Story.

  • what the heck happened to adobe encore?! seriously?!! just got finished uninstalling all of CS6 to make way for the CC versions, only to find that encore isn’t in the list of CC apps. so now what do i do? on adobe’s website it now says the CS6 was the last time they would be publishing a version of encore, because of the same reason apple didn’t make an update to DVD Studio Pro. problem, i still have customers that want that! so if you want to keep making dvd’s for clients, no matter what format that happens to be, DO NOT DELETE YOUR CS6 COPY OF ENCORE!!!
    of course the FAQ says that CC members have access to older versions of the software, its not obvious or apparent how that is possible :-/ anyone with advice on how i can get it back, i would greatly appreciate it

    • Don’t worry! I had the initial panic, but all is well…go to:

      Go to the download center and click download under Premiere. This loads a page for Premiere…under the text “In this version” is a drop down box that lets you select CS6. Now click download and it’ll launch the Creative Cloud program and it downloads and installs Premiere CS6.

      Then if you only want Encore, you can go to uninstall Premiere but uncheck Encore so it stays installed.

      • Leaving out Encore and eliminating Dynamic Link is still unacceptable. Are there plans for a new DVD/BD authoring program??? Or are they declaring that disc is dead? Adobe better fess up and let us know or there’ll be defections coming.

      • Leaving out Encore and killing Dynamic Link into Encore is still unacceptable. Are there plans for a new DVD/BD authoring program??? Or are they declaring that disc is dead? Adobe better fess up and let us know or there’ll be defections coming.

  • Is this a permanent 40% decrease or just for the first year? I got this last year when the released it and for the first year it was $29.99. If they are giving a permanent 40% discount I’m about to make some extremely angry phone calls to Adobe.

    • You’re about to make extremely angry phone calls? Even if they did offer new customers a better deal, you still got the deal you agreed to and paid for. A company has the right to make whatever deals they want. Go make some films instead of worry about whether you got the best deal.

  • I’m a heavy user of CS5.5 and was pretty excited about this release, but it seems many new problems came along:
    Sayonara DVD or BR easy delivery with Encore
    Even worse, forget about batch export (my main concern actually) because Media Encoder is just useless:

    It’s too bad really, i really dig Adobe solution for video…i hope they get their stuff straight because even Adobe Forum evangelists are starting to get real upset.

    • For what it’s worth, CC performance for me is significantly better than CS6. A sequence that took 10+ hours to render took ~8 in CC.

      • If something is taking that long to render then you might need a better computer.

        • Uh huh…so tell me, what am I rendering? How long is it? What kind of footage? What kind of effects am I using?

  • Subscription to user software that may lock you out of your own older files is not only ludicrous but should be against the law.
    For those that have done editing by splicing film or by linear transport following smpte TC numbers on a sheet of paper, most Non-linear systems offer way more than we actually may consider indispensable, but over the last decade some features and tools went from “oh, Wow” , to ” meh” and all the way to “OMG, seriously!!?? Why did we upgrade?? I can’t believe we lost another F#@*ng week !!”
    So being able to reverse course if need be, maybe because your editing computer crashed and the available ones only have older OS,whatever the reason may be, I will never support software upgrades and updates that obsolete or cripple previous “legacy” work. We learn from our mistakes and sometimes we want to re-use the same wheel without re-inventing another one.

    • Re: “…should be against the law” It is against the law Agni. It’s called Intellectual Property. It is defined in the 1976 Copyright Act: Article I, Section 8, Clause 8 of the United States Constitution, also known as the Copyright Clause which covers Intellectual Property. Here’s an example… the code that’s used to create the Flash Professional program is Adobe’s Intellectual Property. We pay Adobe for a “license of use” to use their program to create our own code in ActionScript, which becomes our Intellectual Property. All of that ActionScript code you worked hard to create is housed in a source file called an .fla. Adobe wants to use a never-ending subscription to rent access of that .fla back to you, which is wrong. Adobe cannot legally control, administer, withhold, or perpetually charge you to access your own Intellectual Property.

      • Thanks for the detailed info on the ACT. It seems very clear, just like the U.S. Supreme Court decided in 1979 against the use of “Pen Registers” to monitor telephone records in Smith v. Maryland, but fast forward 30 years and a more sophisticated version is totally cool. It seems that nowadays, big corporations can circumvent the Law by cooperating with government doing the same with total impunity, so I would not hold my breath that common sense will prevail. Just stop giving them our money and focus on ways to minimize the dependence on those technologies that distract from the actual creative process. In Audio, there is a resurgence of Analog at all pro levels. I would not be surprised if these present marketing strategies, alongside the loss of basic protections, initiate an exodus of creative minds from the “corporate idea” of imaging.

  • Also I have to add that any monopoly runs contrary of the principles of this website. If only the big name filmmakers would adopt the same attitude as hardware and software firms have, we would not even be having a discussion about may of the topics we usually do in this forum.

  • Apple FCP X team just sits back, smiles, and passes out torches and pitchforks, enjoying the luxury of $40 billion in cash, new CPUs, and patience.