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Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera to Begin Shipping in 3-4 Days, 4K Camera Nearly Ready

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black-magic-pocket-camera-xlA few days ago, we caught a glimpse of some more footage from the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, and it was quite excellent, to say the least. At that time we still had no idea whether or not the camera was going to start shipping anytime soon, and most of us believed that it probably wouldn’t. However, at Blackmagic’s LA event earlier today, the company announced that the Pocket Cinema Camera would begin to ship within 3-4 days in limited quantities and that the 4K Production Camera still needed more work before it begins to ship.

Here’s the tweet from Ogy Stoilov at MRP Films which confirms the news from the event:

Blackmagic LA Event Tweet

[Update]: Although the above tweet says that the 4K camera should be shipping by September, a source at Blackmagic Design has just informed us that the work on the camera should be completed within 2-3 weeks, and that it should be shipping sometime in August.

While I’m sure that some of you are absolutely thrilled about this development, it doesn’t seem likely that most folks will receive their pre-ordered camera for at least another couple of weeks or so. If previous shipping procedures are anything to go by, the “small quantities” of Pocket Cameras will be distributed somewhat evenly to resellers around the world, then they will slowly begin to trickle out into the film community from there.

Of course, the camera that many of us are waiting for, the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K, will not meet its estimated shipping date (not a big surprise considering we have yet to see any footage). We don’t know the exact reason for the delay, but since it’s another brand new sensor, it has to be properly calibrated to get the most out of it, and that’s probably the part that isn’t finished yet (since the camera was physically working at NAB 2013).

With that said, getting the Pocket Camera shipped this close to the projected shipping date, even if the quantities are limited, is a victory for Blackmagic Design, especially considering the ordeal with the original BMCC. I, for one, think that it’s a sign that Blackmagic is finally working out the kinks in its production model and gearing up to meet the massive demand for these cameras.

What do you guys think? Are you excited to see the BMPCC make its way into the wild? Is the fact that Blackmagic is closer to meeting their projected shipping dates a good sign for their future as a camera production company? Let us know in the comments!

Link: Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera and Production Camera 4K

[via Ogy Stoilov -- Twitter]


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  • haha.. no surprise..

  • Chris Lambert on 07.25.13 @ 7:31PM

    What about firmware mentions? I have a pre order down on the 4k but would like too see audio levels, maybe some improved focus assist, higher frame rates (i’d settle for 60p), customizable WB if it doesn’t already exist and probably a ton more stuff I can’t think of.

    Read somewhere their aiming to get the iso natively to 800 like the original so that’s something I guess I can live with the delay still best solution out there until CF falls to a level where people can actually shoot RAW practically for a day not a 3min music video/ demo reel.

    • +1

      AGREE i understand some shipping delays, but what i do not understand, is that currently to date there is no footage of compressed RAW.

      Compressed RAW is a big deal , because it would not apply only to pocket camera, but firmware was said to be available to MFT and regular cinema cameras. This would be alot better to shooting with for just 30 mins of RAW on a 256 gb ssd.

      10 bit ProRES just does not cut it for me these days. Also im just curious to see hom much compressed raw would fit on the fastest sdhc card and how it handles. It still baffles me why they did not equip this camera with a CF slot. But then again, it would make for a great 2.0 pocket camera “ala” iphone 4s

      I STILL give them more credit than digital bolex, because their is some footage and people outside the camera company have actually touched it.

      i would pay 1650 a piece resell if they released compressed raw update or would maybe get 2 mft mounts

    • The reason why they can’t do 60p is because the camera would overheat because of its size. I confirmed this with black magic at their booth at nab this year.

      • So why not a burst mode then? If a 5D MKIII can do 60fps at nearly full HD res then the BMPC should be able to do it…

        Also seems to me that the amount of data throughout for 1080p at 60fps or even more would be less than 4k at 30fps…

        • They have previously stated that 1080 is downscaled from 4K. So to do 1080p60 means data still has to come off the image sensor at 4Kp60. I’m betting that’s still not possible for either the sensor or BMD’s image processing pipeline.

          • Then they should ad a sensor crop mode… My point is that if a 5D can do it BMD could do it with the right code… I’m sure there’s a way.

        • 2073600 Pixels per frame (1080)
          8847360 Pixels per frame (4K)

          1 second of video @ 1080p, 60fps = 124416000

          1 second of video @ 4k res, 30fps = 265420800
          1 second of video @ 4k res, 24fps = 212336640
          1 second of video @ 4k res, 15fps = 132710400

          So all in all, even 15fps @4k is more than 60 @1080, and the BMPCC can’t even do that so there is probably no hope in hell it will happen.

          And that isn’t considering what the camera hardware can handle regarding buffers, busses and overall processing speed along with the over heating factor. Someone was speaking out of their bum hole :)

  • Mher Hakobyan on 07.25.13 @ 7:31PM

    this is not serious company that make us wait so long time. how much we wait BMCC 2,5k?, and now 4k? change the name of this camera, for example white magic, the problems with this cameras maybe will be solved. joke

    • Is Panasonic a serious company? The G6 is trickling out a month after its promised June release date. And don’t ask me how long I waited for my GH3 and GH2. If Blackmagic was the only company that ever missed a release date, I might agree with you – but they’re not.

    • I guess RED is not a serious company either then.

  • to bmc.. u lying sonofabitch (joke)

  • This is why Apple gives generic release dates “fall” or “later this year”. Once the product is ready and actually being shipped to retail locations, then they announce the release date which is usually just a few days away.

    • Yeah, it seems like that would have been a much more solid strategy for the release of these cameras, especially considering the fiasco with the original.

    • Ha! Some of us remember an Apple that was a hip but struggling minnow in the computer business and REGULARLY missed ship dates. Ah, the late 20thC.

      This wonderful policy you both laud has only been since they had oceans of cash that allowed them to build stock without a pre-order estimate. If you’re interested, the initial iPhone shipped late :-)
      BMD are pretty small, and make over 100 products. It was painful, but I’m willing to give them a ton of leash, given the price/performance ratio.

  • I was there today. Pocket Camera definitely getting the interest after the latest footage. I’m literally salivating.
    It and the 4K looked good, but it was only a poor bored model sitting next to a train set you were shooting. :-)
    Its on in NY in 2 weeks. Go have a look.

  • Why didn’t they just say the cameras would ship “this summer”? Simple way to not let everyone down and perhaps exceed expectations.

  • A 1.5 month delay? Some of us have been waiting 1.5 years for RED DRAGON. It’s all about perspective. Appreciate that they’re waiting to release it right, then release it broken.

    • Hehe. Nice to see some RED bashing. Its been a while.

      • Hi Mark. If you want to read some Red bashing pop over to Red’s own support forum :) I was really surprised by the range of issues users have there.

        I’ve not read about BM fixing the issues remaining with their first camera so lets hope they don’t go the way of Red only interested in new sales rather than fixing what they’ve already sold.

      • Pardon? That’s not what I said. I’m a RED owner/operator myself, and I’m just pointing out that we’ve had a sensor upgrade that’s gone from 6000 dollars, to 9500 dollars, with over a year and a half delay. It’s frustrating, yes, so to see BMCC users flip their shit at a month and a half delay seems a little…odd.

        Again, it’s all about perspective. At least they’re not saying December.

  • I really hope I can get one of the first shipments of the BMPCC since I pre-ordered back in april, kind of a let down hearing the small quantities after they seemed so confident, somewhat worried about the 4k cam for everyone who ordered that already. I think they really should have just said “Summer 2013″ or something like that instead of a date (July 27).

    • I would say 90% or preorders for the BMPCC were done on the day of announcement, if not more.
      So don’t hold your breath.

  • I hope the next camera BMD makes is an ENG style camera with high ISO, Built in NDs, slow motion, great EVF, etc.. Basically a BMD FS700 or C300. I love my FS700, but the internal codec is weak. I know Canon nor Sony will ever come out with a game changer. If BMC did something like the FS700 with their awesome codecs and great color science and priced it under $10K, it will be truly a revolutionary camera and sell tons. If you are ready this BMD, PLEASE make a camera like this as you are the only company that seems to listen to their customers. Just upgraded my FS700 in hopes that S-Log 2 would be good, but it just breaks apart on the 8-Bit codec which makes me realize that it’s up to smaller companies like BMD to really revolutionize cameras. Sony and especially Canon are just dinosaurs.

    But I guess with them missing most release dates, something like this could be announced at NAB 2014 and be available in 2016 :(

    A boy can only dream.

    • Dinosaurs huh? Well, those ‘dinosaurs’ make cameras that work and are delivered when stated.

      And, if BM is the only company that listens to it’s customers, I kinda doubt your FS700 would be doing 240fps.

      Dream on, dreamer.

      • Maybe… but that doesn’t make the Canon and Sony cameras not still 8-bit crap codecs.

      • As an FS700 owner, Sony has been very frustrating. The 4K has dragged on like a bad joke and the clunky / borderline un-useable solution they offer is an “A” on image quality, but a huge “F” on usability. The S-Log 2 they offer might be great on the F5, but it sucks on 8-Bit codecs. A bunch of little functions (like quick ISO adjustment) that are easy to fix in firmware upgrades are never addressed. Sony keeps repeating over and over again: “The F5 customers have spoken, and we have listened and addressed your requests.” For the FS700, this is not true at all. Sony has listened very little to our suggestions on hardware and firmware upgrades and instead just frankensteins hardware and software (4K recorder and S-Log) made for the F5, and tries to adopt them to the FS700. The stuff is a borderline joke. They might not be as bad as Canon who really does not listen, but they are not much better at least concerning the FS700. If you are an F5 owner, Sony treats you like Gold, but I’m not in the cool crowd unfortunately.

        Black Magic, while they obviously have production problems, are a much smaller company and have a closer connections with their customers. At this point, the 4K BMC is not for because I need high frame rates, built in NDs, higher ISO and better form factor because I do a lot of field work and to fit my aesthetic. BUT, I truly feel they have the potential to release a camera that can revolutionize and change the $8k to $12K price range for the better. One things for sure, that’s not going to happen from Sony or especially Canon.

    • Sadly you got screwed by the F5/F55 development cycle. FS700 is still a good cam, but it was over-priced and that 4K add-on is a kluge.
      There will be many more camera companies. However, the dinosaurs will generally have the edge in the small, useful things (e.g NDs) that have taken 50 years to introduce.

    • If you think Sony has never come out with a ‘game changer’ you might want to brush up on your camera history.

      • Ditto Canon…

      • History is just history. In cameras and tech (at least for me), the motto is: “What have you done for me lately?” And for the FS700, it hasn’t been much lately.

        I really feel that BMC has the most potential to make great. semi-affordable cameras (which for me is up to $10K). To make “History” in the current era. Yes, the F5 is really good, but it’s just too expensive for most people.

    • I love what you’re saying but add the 7Q and you have a dream come true. My only dislike is the FS700 form factor. Waiting all this extra time on the pocket and 4K cams I’ve been struggling with switching to FS and calling it a day.

      • Actually, the form factor is really nice once you get used to it. Shorten / modify the viewfinder and you get a fantastic barebones handheld camera. I shoot tons of non-rig handheld and I like the FS700 for that because the Loupe / EVF and the LCD are 1 unit which makes it really practical. On the C300, the LCD is separate unit and the C-100 the EVF is really not useable. All the buttons on the side are great for quick access. The LCD on top doesn’t even bother me much.

        I actually really love the FS700. It’s a fantastic camera, but the internal 8-bit codec holds it back quite a bit. The CD 7Q seems pretty cool, but it makes the camera way bigger and realistically will cost about $5K after buying all the media and required codec upgrade. And it still won’t shoot 4K RAW.

  • I was there in LA today and was told by two separate BMD reps that the 4K is 3-5 weeks away before they ship to suppliers and 1 week for the pocket. We will see.

    One thing that was a bit unclear is if they will have 1080p ProRes option working in the firmware that is released with the camera.

    The focus peaking is now green (instead of white) so much easier to see. Did not see any levels, so not sure about that, but I was unable to change from 4K to 1080p for sure. Did not even see an option for it in the menu.

    • That cam today was the original “show” prototype. Both it and the Pocket they had were crippled. Still looked a nice image.
      See that gift horse? Let’s stop checking its teeth.

  • Maybe the shipping in small quantities is just relative to the size of the camera. ;)

    Will be buying one of those when they are generally available that is for sure, but picked up a used Gh2 a month ago to tide me over.

  • I remember specifically watching a video (at NAB I believe) and a high ranking BMD employee stated that the camera’s would ship on time. The first one (BMCC EF mount) was delayed due to an apparent sensor issue… But regardless these seem to be great cameras and I hope they will be on display at Cine Gear NYC.

  • From what I found around the web, the pocket cam will go out from the plant to the HQ for some software tweaks, then to the retailers globally (but, at first, in limited quantities, obviously).

  • If they say it will be only another 3 to 5 weeks I think I can hold out and let me release it when they have the bugs and issues out first and have a updated firmware after if anything. But it seems to me that they are trying there hardest and they are a small company unlike Sony who is massive. Give them some breathing room as I am sure half of the world ordered this camera.

  • Anthony Marino on 07.25.13 @ 10:32PM

    Here we go again. No excuses this time, if this pocket camera takes months to get in our hands BM will have a lot of nerve. Business is business, but not delivering in a normal timeframe is unacceptable. I still know people waiting for their BMCC. I mean really, come on already.

  • Not surprised the 4k cam has been delayed. Like some others, I did get a chance to go to the BMD LA event, and seeing how many of the features were locked on the 4k cam, it’s definitely not ready as Dan May had been constantly relaying throughout the whole day. Wish I knew if how high you could take the ISO even though presumably it’s much lower than the other cams. Nonetheless, impressive details even with lesser dynamic range (But quite noticeable) At least it seems the Pocket Cam won’t suffer as much, though I heard from a few days to weeks regarding shipments and in decent quantity. I expected better, but it’ll suffice for a cam that delivers a lot I suppose.

    • I also really hope the orders come in within an acceptable time frame. C’mon BMD, how do ya expect to profit much from a trinkle of shipments especially something as affordable and desirable as the pocket camera?

  • Wohoooooo! No more waiting, took the money and bought myself a new mountain bike. You only live once and my other cams still do the job. Wohoooooooo!

  • Here’s the issue with Blackmagic; they make great products – awesome truck routers, adapters, cards, converters. They’ve been in the game a long time now – they are not a new company, nor are they an upstart. They are very well established. What they don’t realize, however, is how very public cameras are. The entire prosumer and professional market is on the edge of their seat waiting for release (and even hobbyists, now). People aren’t preordering HDMI converters or hyperdecks. They should just give vague release dates. “Second quarter.” “Fall.” If it’s early, we’ll be surprised!

    • “The entire prosumer and professional market is on the edge of their seat waiting for release”

      Overstatement of the day!

  • It is a little frustrating to wait more. But I’m still looking forward to seeing the first footage from it. It may end up being my first step into 4K.

    Tip to BlackMagic:

    it would be better to estimate the release date of your cameras a couple weeks beyond when you think it will be ready. If it isn’t ready when you thought it will be then you have a couple weeks to finish, and you’ll be right on time. And if it’s done when you thought it would be it will be out a couple weeks before the time you told the public it would be ready. This would help to repair the image you guys got from the delays of the 2.5K. I like your products. So I’d like to see your image over that fixed. :-)

  • I just got an email regarding the delivery from a BMD staff, quoted as below:

    Thanks for your email.

    Far as I know the factory is working delivering the 4k in July. However, like you mentioned, it is only a few more days to the end of July, and I have not gotten any information or updates yet.

    The Pocket Camera is due to be shipping soon. And the factory and product team have been working very hard to meet the July shipping date for the pocket first because of overwhelming demand.

    I will keep a look out for any firmed shipping dates for the 4k and will advise as soon as I find out anything.

    Meanwhile, be prepared for a slight delay, but don’t worry, the delay will not be as long as our first 2.5k BMCC.

  • Luke Lasley on 07.26.13 @ 3:22AM

    Do you think 2.5K Prores is possible with a firmware update on the current BMCC? I shoot Prores for a lot of client projects due to storage and turnaround time, but the extra resolution would be nice to have without having to transcode from raw.

  • Peter Kelly on 07.26.13 @ 3:49AM

    YAWN, i’ll believe it when I have my two BMPC in my hand. I predict that will be mid September at the earliest. and I pre-ordered straight away

  • Leon Benzakein on 07.26.13 @ 11:02AM

    Went to the Burbank event. There was only one Pocket camera there. I had hands on the Pocket camera. It was very warm to the touch with the AC supply. I could not see if there was a battery on board.
    I am concerned that the SD card being so close to the battery may be a problem because of heat being generated by the battery. I hope I am wrong and that Blackmagic is addressing this.

    • I held the pocket cam at cinegear. It was on battery power and it wasn’t exceptionally hot. There are a ton of cameras that have the card next to the battery without problems.

  • I’d rather just get a Sony F3 and have everything I need from the start. Costs about the same once you factor in all of the rigging and peripherals you need to get the BMPCC up and running anyway. 4k isn’t even necessary 99% of the time.

  • THe BMC 4k Camera doesn’t even show how much space left on your media. Lulz.

  • Neill Jones on 07.26.13 @ 2:30PM

    Have they confirmed that the BMPCC will ship with RAW?

  • Andrew Reid got an official statement from the BMD UK offices. (I’ll just link)

  • vinceGortho on 07.26.13 @ 4:50PM

    Any word on the kineRAW?

    • Nothing on KineRaw that I can find but Canon has an announcement on the 31st, that is rumored to be their new 4K camera based on the current 1 D C/X type body. It’s supposed to have a 44 MP sensor.

  • I ordered my Pocket Cinema Camera from BH. No lens.. What should I get. I need it wide and fast.. to film inside cars.

  • Getting both. Making my own light sets now. Almost have my sound set in place. By end of Oct? Have my edit station together. Scouting locales. Bit by bit, penny by penny. Damn glad I have my writing down. Rewrite after rewrite. Finally! Graduate film school, student loans and all, finally paying off. All on my own coin. Didn’t want it to take this long; but it is what it is. Ohhhh yeah.

  • If you need wide and fast get a Nikon 14-24mm 2.8 and a D800 ;) 12 stops and 14mm that is 14mm. Your car footage will look great with NO distortion. Its an amazing lens. Or a GoPro 3 Black.

  • I was at their LA event. The word from the horses mouth was that the “limited quantity” that was shipping was a trivial amount. I’d wager a few dozen, no more than 50. This was merely to almost meet shipping dates, on paper.

    • I ordered from the BH site before NAB opened – B&H jumped the gun and posted the BMCCpocket BEFORE it was announced at NAB. We’ll see if I get mine in the first shipment – if not, then ordering first is just a scam, the vendor has an in with the retailers and helps pick who will receive the camera first, based upon how “Famous” you are. This makes sense since good video right out of the box will get even more press.

  • Rosanna Smith on 08.16.13 @ 9:48PM

    Sounds good.
    Where can I pre- order and how much?

  • Jaydip Mukherjee on 12.4.13 @ 11:47AM

    There is no new news update from BMCC 4k? when it will be started shipping? Why so silent? Thanks.

  • Jaydip Mukherjee on 12.4.13 @ 11:48AM

    BMCC 4k… when it will be started shipping? Why so silent? Thanks.

  • Sounds much impressive…What are other features of BMCG.

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