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New Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera Footage to Feast Your Eyes On

Video thumbnail for vimeo video New Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera Footage to Feast Your Eyes On - nofilmschoolThe first cameras could be in the hands of some lucky owners by the end of the month, but until then, if you’ve still been on the fence about what the little Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera is capable of, we’ve got some new footage to show you. While the previous clips were from John Brawley – who has worked closely with Blackmagic to develop the camera — the new clip is from a third party entirely. Check out some brand new Pocket footage below.

This was sent over by Hook who is one half of A Couple of Night Owls:

Here is what was posted for the description:

Been out grabbing some footage and testing this little guy the last week or so and having a blast! I really can’t get over the image that’s coming from this tiny little package. Amazing. The stealth factor is also great as everyone assumes you’re on a typical “point and shoot” and don’t think twice so pay you no attention. I can see myself shooting casually with this more than my EF 2.5k model (which i plan to sell to get the MFT mount version) as it’s so portable and light-weight, i can take it just about anywhere with me. I couldn’t bring myself to rig up this camera as it kind of defeats the purpose to me.

The footage is mostly made up of our Canon L Primes via the Redrcok Live Lens adapter so that i can control aperture on our lenses. Some shots are with the Panasonic/Lumix 12-35/2.8 (thanks to Gilbert for loaning me this and a couple of other active lenses to test with).

Lenses used in this clip are:

Canon 24/1.4L
Canon 35/1.4L
Canon 50/1.2L
Canon 100/2.8L
Panasonic/Lumix 12-35/2.8

Everything is either handheld, on a monopod, or on a Glidecam HD4000 (thanks to Si Moore). Majority is shot at ASA400 (did not shoot RAW) with a few of the night shots at ASA800, but even some of them are at 400. Most of the night shots are also at F1.4. The glidecam stuff by the beach was the Lumix 12-35 at around F16 (don’t have any ND’s that fit the filter thread). Otherwise the majority of the day shots are at F2.0 using Tiffen IRND’s to get appropriate exposure.

Shot in BMDFilm with my LUT applied, and only minor corrections beyond that:

I can see this camera becoming VERY popular. Great stuff and congrats again to all the team at blackmagic, plus a HUGE thank you to BMD for letting me take this guy for a test drive!!

If you missed the previous videos showing off the camera, here they are:

The big question I’m sure most of you have is, will you get your camera by the end of the month? Blackmagic has said they would ship by July, but they’ve never mentioned how many cameras they think they can ship. It should also be noted that shipping for them really means shipping to resellers like B&H, which means it can take additional time for the resellers to get everything in order. While I do think at least some cameras could ship this month, it’s anyone’s guess how many they have on order and how many they expect to get out in the next few weeks — especially since they are still fulfilling backorders on the original BMCC.

As for the 4K camera, Blackmagic says they are still working to ship by the end of this month. Not having footage in public yet doesn’t necessarily mean anything, but at NAB the Pocket seemed farther along in the process. We’ll just have to wait and see.



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  • The footage looks fantastic; the taste in music is atrocious.

    • LOL what do you mean? I see you’re not a fan of the hipster-summer-acoustic one hit wonders… shame on you!!

      but seriously… the footage lookjs f’in amazing… to have this in my pocket would be just amazing. I also don’t see the point on having this rigged up. The way to go is to couple this little monster camera with the amazing Panasonic 12-35 f2.8 and just have fun…

      • I’m a hobbyist who shoots on a GoPro Hero 3 and iPhone. I have zero experience with “real cameras” so please bear with me:

        I’m sold on this camera, but having no experience on lenses my question is: What is it about the Panasonic 12-35 F2.8 that everyone seems to say that it would be perfect for this camera? The lens is more expensive than the camera itself so I would like to know if this is the one lens I should get started in the world of “real cameras”.

        • I think people are assuming it’s the most versatile lens to use. 12-35mmX2.8 crop factor means a zoom of roughly 35-100mm, or a wide to telephoto range. The lens is also stabilized and fairly bright. But with the micro4/3 mount there will be many possibilities.

        • 1. It’s reasonably fast (f2.8)
          2. it’s reasonably wide (12mm = 34.5mm full frame equivalent)
          3. It’s a constant aperture zoom
          4. it’s sharp (on par with Canon L glass)
          5 It’s got IS (image stabilization), which on this light lil’ guy may make or break handheld footage!

          There’s not another lens I’m aware of the check’s all these boxes, though that’s not to say it’s the one and only option.

          • Thanks. I love the fact that there is so much agreement that this would be the best all-around lens for the BMPCC. It makes things easier on newbs like myself.

        • Just to clarify what’s been said in case it’s at all confusing, the biggest difficulty with this camera is to get a wide angle since the sensor on this camera is pretty small and therefore makes lenses 2.8x more telephoto (but for simple reference just use 3x for easy approximation). So for instance, a 35mm will be roughly a 105mm (35 x 3) and a 50mm will be 150mm. This is great when going for telephoto, but not so great when going for wide since even a very wide lens like Canon’s 14mm would be 42mm, not very wide. The 12-35 gives you a moderately wide option (12 x 3 = 36, and is actually more like 33.5) all the way to a nice telephoto (35 x 3 = 105) all in one lens. The constant 2.8 means that you do not need to decrease aperture when going telephoto, which is a limitation of many zooms, and 2.8 is moderately fast and therefore decent in low light. The IS (image stabilization) will be very helpful, especially on a camera this small. And lastly the lens seems to be pretty darn sharp. Do a vimeo search for this lens and you’ll see some good examples. So, yes this lens is a great partner for this camera and it’s not uncommon these days for the lens to be more expensive than the camera.

          One thing to keep in mind is that this lens is only made for 4/3 mount cameras. So it’s great on this camera or something like the GH3, but it would not work on Canon or Nikon or Sony cameras since the sensor on those cameras are too large for this lens. But all things considered, if you could only buy one lens for this camera, I’d get the 12-35, no question.

          • Thanks for the detailed reply! This is the one I’m getting then.

          • VinceGOrtho on 07.22.13 @ 1:06PM

            Or you can attach the speedbooster to subtract .71 from 2.8 and get a wider angle of view, closer to super35 sized sensors.

          • Could go the speedbooster route, though you’ll probably loose Image Stabilization, which is one reason why it makes sense to stick with native lenses designed for the camrea/sensor if you can. I’m sure there’ll be an extra wide option for m4/3 available at some point – how pricey it ends up being is another matter.

        • The best thing to keep in mind when buying cameras and lenses is this: The camera itself is like a phone, every year a better one comes out with new features, better image quality or resolution, and versatility. You’ll probably upgrade often (probably as often as you do with your iphone!)

          But your lenses are an investment. You can use them on any of your future camera bodies (or adapt them to fit to other brands of cameras). Your lenses will always outlive your camera, and good optics never go out of date. So when you see a lens that’s “More expensive than the camera”, keep that in mind. A good lens could last you a lifetime!

      • Kenneth Merrill on 07.22.13 @ 6:00PM

        I would think the Olympus 14-35mm 2.8 would be even better, if twice as expensive.

        • Is it a 2.0 rather?

          Searching. Can’t find an Olympus 14-35mm 2.8. Finding an Olympus 14-35mm 2.0 for $2299.99. Photo samples are glorious. Is that the one?

          • Kenneth Merrill on 07.22.13 @ 11:49PM

            Yeah that’s it. 2.0? Even better! Pretty expensive but it would be a super nice all-around lens to have. For cinema I usually prefer primes, but on a camera as portable as this, I would rather keep it that way and just use one lens most of the time.

          • I’m really looking forward to samples from the BM 4K. Maybe some samples will be with expensive lenses to show the best it can do.

          • Apparently that one is 4/3, not micro 4/3 correct? So one would need an adapter to use it on this camera right?

          • I would add that the Olympus doesn’t have IS also. I’ll take an IS lens for a camera like as small as this because hand shake is going to be enormous for my jittery hands. Also I think that Brawley has said there isn’t an active 4/3 to M4/3 adapter that will work with this camera…yet.

          • And I forgot to say that the size of the Olympus is about the same size as the Canon 24-70, almost completely killing the “pocket” size of this camera, while the Panasonic is still relatively small.

          • Thanks for the info, Gavin. I’m new to the 4/3 world and didn’t know the difference in mount. Also, IS would be a huge selling point for me. So yeah, I would probably go with the panasonic then.

          • @ Jorge:
            Yes, that’s right.
            Four Thirds was the precursor format to Micro Four Thirds, so finding an adapter from the former to the latter shouldn’t be hard.

          • There are adapters, but not an active one that plays nice with the camera…yet.

  • wow just wow morethan enough Cinematic look & DoF

  • My question is, is it worth buying when you have a Canon APS-C (as it can record RAW without all the Magic Lantern pain)
    Telling from this footage it doesn’t look like a big step up (?)

    • Your question is not easy to understand.

      Yes, it worths every cent.
      No, it doesn’t have a APS-C.
      The raw work flow is basically the same as the ML is converted to cinemadng in one step.
      Yes, the image quality is improved greatly.
      No, nobody has seen raw from the pocket camera jet.
      And no, it is impossible to have a complete judgement since the footage is already heavenly compressed. But the aesthetic, color, and dynamic range is already notorious in prores mode.

    • I agree your question is not easy to understand. What are your plans for shooting? Subject? Pro? Hobby? If no one knows your intended use, it’s pure guessing. Even with the camera not out yet, it’s still guessing.

    • well you’re forgetting that the internet compresses video when you put it on vimeo or youtube or ANY online video hub. the heavy compression is how they are able to store it all on their servers. what we really need to see is what this looked like pre-compression.

  • Anthony Marino on 07.22.13 @ 9:20AM

    I’ve had my order in but just can’t seem to get excited yet. The back log (from what I’m told) is ridicules. But in the mean time I’m learning which lenses will fly with this S16 sensor, and no it’s not an issue, though speed is my biggest concern. It should be fun collecting some S16 and C mount lenses for this little beast. Thanks

  • That looks gorgeous.

  • Does anyone have any info on the 4K camera? Here we are, three days before their supposed ship date and no one has seen what the 4K camera can do. Does anyone think these two cameras are shipping on time as promised?

  • IMO, too much blue (again) added in grading. In any case, BMD has a big presentation in LA on Thursday, where more of their plans will likely be announced. On EOS HD post a few days ago, the meme was that the Euro retailers have no knowledge of the shipment schedule yet. Maybe we all get first clues on the 25th.

    • Its in both NY and LA. 4K footage will be there (and I guess released thereafter).
      No accident they are on the 24th and 25th.

      The camera is stunning. I agree with the writer above that if you already own a Canon and are doing the RAW thing then its not a ‘must have’, but at $1k plus the price of a lens adapter, why not have it as a B cam?
      For the rest of us, its a no-brainer. Even if you own a C300 etc. Yes, that even includes you grumpy GH3 owners :-)

      Also, so great to see my hometown (!) demonstrating what absolute mid-winter looks like. I never owned an overcoat until I moved to London.

      • Have you got any inside info on what the availability of either of these cameras will be in London (or Europe in general)? Cheers.

      • VinceGOrtho on 07.22.13 @ 1:10PM

        Hopefully the 4K camera will have more detail in shadows to make up for the 1 stop less of dynamic range.
        I’m a fan of under exposing my images, then retrieving detail.

      • VinceGOrtho on 07.22.13 @ 1:13PM

        Hopefully the 4k will have more info in shadows. I like to under expose my images, then retrieve detail.

      • I attended the BM Event in LA yesterday. They had all three models on tripods and connected to monitors. The 4K hooked to a Sharp approx. 32″ 4K monitor. Looked very good. Had a Canon 24-105 mounted showing nice shallow DoF on the little model train and town setup next to the stunningly beautiful female model.

        As for the “Delivery Question”, the BM rep I spoke with said that they shipped the first batch of Pocket cams to resellers on Wednesday July 24th. Said the initial batches would be small but ramping up. He also said that the 4K cam they had there to display was hand-carried on a plane from Australia the day before and would be hand-carried back immediately following the NY event today. That fact led him to speculate that the 4K’s would not possibly be shipping before sometime late in August at best.

    • DLD

      I do agree with you about the grading, but I think it’s a tad much green. But it does make a beautiful picture, regardless of the grading.

  • CVP (biggest Euro camera seller) has said that Blackmagic has left them in the dark as to when they will be receiving cameras. Also, B&H changed their expected release date from July 25th to ‘coming soon.’ Seems the resellers are getting worried and Blackmagic hasn’t communicated with them much. I LOVE this camera, and am looking to get the 4k BMPC, but their lack of communication scares me.

    • Also just hearing people talk about how it took upwards of a month for Blackmagic to fix their backfocus from the BMCC sensors when Blackmagic predicted it would 2 weeks. That may not be a huge difference, and it may not even be Blackmagic’s fault, but in an industry when time is literally money, I can feel the money literally slipping through my fingers waiting for the camera. Maybe I’m being a little to cynical. Maybe Im asking too much from a company that has already promised some incredible things. But man.

  • Guys, just cut BMC some slack! They’ve just started producing cameras from scratch and footage so far is stunning.
    The above footage is AMAZING. BMD just renders an image that is so darn close to what I´m used to see on the big screen.
    Wet dream: If they`d put their technology inside a C100 body…

  • As a lightweight S16 pocket camera it’s amazing. With filmic latitude and the flexibility of raw format I can see a new rise of 16mm indie cinema, only now with digital tools. And the mountains of lenses, oh yeah.

  • My mother is going to UK 25th this month.. And go back to Brazil after one week. Seriously, I really hope that blackmagic ship the camera on time! So she can bring to me (here in Brazil have so much tax that I would have to pay $2,5k for this camera!).
    But probably gonna be able to buy this camera just next year, Well, I still hope to be able to buy on time, but…

    • Chris Lambert on 07.23.13 @ 7:03AM

      sorry buddy but prob more chance of her winning the lottery whilst over here than buying one of these off the shelf

  • WOW! This footage is amazing! However, I still think the BMCC still has a much more cinematic image.

  • I had planned to buy the BMCC pocket before Magic Lantern creates RAW for 5D. So, ok the BMCC pocket is small and portable, ok the dng abd the ProRes 2 are flexible and great formats, ok the battery is changeable … but the shit x3 crop factor is absolutely stupid! How is possible, to make this?? The X2 on the GH3 is sometimes disabling under certain conditions, then the X3 with the BMCC gets downright silly!

    • People focus too much on the ’3x crop factor’. Though technically true in comparsion to full frame (a comparison which was seldom made before the 5D in 2008), it is by all rights a S16 camera. There have been many films gorgeously captured on 16mm, and I have yet to watch something shot in that format and think ‘I wish it was wider’.

      No doubt, affordable extra wide m4/3 lens options are needed, but until then we can plan effectively, think about our shots, overcome our obstacles, and hopefully become better film makers for it.

      There are of course plenty of 6-9mm S16 lens options if you can find/afford them.

    • don’t over think it, in all reality, it is VERY doable to use a x3 crop factor. please realize that for AGES this was a film format that was in use, and in some film schools its a standard they teach. you may require some education to know how to get the image you want out of it, but it IS possible. thats where creativity comes from, thinking outside the box.
      you may never get a fish eye look out of this camera, but you can EASILY get a equivalent of a 20mm or even better if you combine existing full frame lenses with speed boosters. it can be done, just needs some patience and thoughtful consideration

  • Great image for $995.00, regardless of the grading. No one can argue that. Wait, maybe I spoke too soon.

  • This cam looks great on paper, but the rolling shutter on the videos above makes it look like it was shot on my camera phone. Raw or not, that’s bad.

  • Footage looks stellar. But two words for Black Magic. Ship it.

  • This is great footage, can’t wait to start shooting in RAW format. But that really eats up storage fast, came across a great site to store it with loads of free space the more people you refer, check it out

  • Peter Kelly on 07.22.13 @ 4:51PM

    I’ve pre ordered two if these bad boys! Can’t wait to get my hands on them.
    Still Black magic are fast becoming a joke with there release dates. Is ridiculous at this stage. I ordered mine fully expecting them to be way late, I can get by without them for the moment. . I wouldn’t be surprised if it was six months before I get mine and I pre orderedpretty quickly after they were announced

  • The skin tones look great. I plan to go to the BMD event in L.A. this week. We will see what they have to say about shipping and the 4K cam.

  • Michael Hawk on 07.22.13 @ 6:17PM

    So…release date still good for July?

  • Yay Auckland!

    How do we have one here before I can even get shipment of the BMCC?

    Anyhow, nice test!

  • Jerome (also..but not the other jerome) on 07.22.13 @ 11:58PM

    still looks like video…there is just something that doesn’t do it for me with this camera. I like the image off a dslr way more even though there is less DR.

    • I’d like to see a DSLR do that basketball footage!

      • I would too. This footage is a bit soft like the other footage released. There is something strange going on with the highlights. Look at the motion blur of the fairy lights behind the ice skaters, or the highlights on the basketballers in motion. It looks like trails vs motion blur. Perhaps thats whats causing the overall motion to look weird. Maybe the result of 2.8 crop on a CMOS sensor?? Apart from that the footage looks fine. Just fine, not amazing or great. But fine is good.

        Although everything looks like it was shot from the other side of a street.

  • Hipsters are taking over the industry. It felt like watching an engagement or pre wedding video. Camera seems fine, but the the cliche video and music make it hard to focus. Nice colors and editing if you turn off the music.

    • Honestly – this blog is becoming less and less enjoyable because of the insane frequency of pointless, negative hating you get on hear. Once upon a time people were here to encourage each other and promote great art or inspire others to push themselves further – now people come out with shit like “Hipsters are taking over the industry”. If Hipsters are “taking over” (which is nonsense) then that can only be a product of the amount of talented “Hipsters”.

  • I come for the tech info; I stay for the trivial, nonsensical banter.

    “I wouldn’t color time like that.”
    “Would be cool if the song didn’t suck.”
    “Beautiful but where’s the soul?”
    “Yeah, but is it future proofed?”
    “Ugh, but it’s got a rolling shutter.”

    Sigh. Anyway. I think the footage looks stunning. Quite amazing how far we’ve come.

    Just for the sake of the naysayers that seem to find faults in every product released (you know, the one’s that demand a 4k, global shutter, ergonomically pleasing, 5000fps @4k, 20bit RAW – that doesn’t require an investment on storage BUT IS STILL UNCOMPRESSED, super sharp – BUT NOT VIDEO SHARP, removable battery that lasts for 8hrs and charges in 8 minutes, all at a cost of 4k or less etc) I say this,

    Stop it. Seriously. Somehow filmmakers have managed to make films without the luxury of a camera offering immediate playback, near silent operation, weight of .25 of a pound, cost less than a nice guitar, etc etc etc. Appreciate that you don’t have to actually be educated in the craft of shooting on film to walk away with a gorgeous product with today’s cameras.

    So have your opinions, contribute to the conversation and be thankful you’re not loading mags of 1000ft 16mm stock that cost you the price of a camera today (that matches its quality.)

    /Rant over

  • This blog is just fine and remains a great place to take and give criticism. How boring it would be if we all wore Wayfarers and shot with the same cameras and had the same looking product. I’m sure there are things that you (Kraig) don’t like and are tired of seeing too. So don’t come here trying to point fingers when we all have a natural response to things we don’t like. Nevertheless, I do like the camera work and color as I said before just not the Hipster style and music.

    • Concur. Arguments and opinions is what delivers the vast portion of information to the newbies like me. I like it when people argue (without the name calling, obviously) because they use their accumulated knowledge to bring their points across. And I get to pick their brains.

      PS. Meanwhile, Panasonic G-6 has a new Venus Engine, focus peaking, a pretty decent output rate, 1080 60p, OLED EVF and is available at a mid-$600′s price point (body only).

  • Chill_tnfo on 08.1.13 @ 2:00AM

    The Pocket camera looks amazing. I’m just hoping they ship soon! TNFO has a new interview with Blackmagic with updates on the release dates for the cameras and Resolve 10.

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