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Letus Introduces New All-In-One 1.33X Anamorphic Adapter

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Letus Anamorphic Adapter 1 FrontSpeaking of anamorphic adapters, just as we were talking about the SLR Magic 1.33x adapter, Letus has finally introduced their own 1.33x anamorphic adapter that they’ve been working on for some time — and it won’t need diopters to focus closely. They’ve been posting pictures throughout the process teasing the adapter, but now it looks to be officially completed. Read on to learn more about this brand new adapter.

These are the specs from Clinton Harn’s post on Newsshooter (which also appeared in greater detail on his blog):

This adapter will start at around $1700 US and it promises to be high quality and yet reasonably simple to use. Lens compatibility is much greater than vintage options with a universal adapter for zoom lenses and later on different versions for different focal length primes.

  1. Works with current prime and zoom lenses
  2. Focusable with 0.8mm gear (The adapter has 3 positions: Close Focus, Mid Focus and Far Focus replacing the need for add-on diopters. For critical focus the user can fine tune further).
  3. High resolution. Said to be capable of at least 2K with most lenses
  4. Custom optical components
  5. Multi-coated for superior image quality but still retain elegant flare. (a single coat option will also be available that will flare more. The multi-coat version has higher resolving power)
  6. Made ready with matte box
  7. Patent pending clip on 2 stage filter
  8. Mounting solution for 114mm outside diameter lens like Zeiss CP* and adapting ring for smaller lens like 77mm, 82mm, etc.
  9. 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 mounting points
  10. CNC aluminum housing
  11. 1.33x squeeze, which will work with all current crop of 16:9 cameras, bringing it to a standard 2.39:1

Letus Anamorphic Adapter 1 Front

Letus Anamorphic Adapter Back

As for when we can expect it, the two different Letus accounts tweeted these:

They’ve also posted one sample so far (click for larger):

Letus Anamorphic Sample

It’s obviously a bit early to pass any sort of judgment on the new adapter, especially since there isn’t any footage available yet from what I can tell. This 2K-resolving adapter should be a big step up from something like the Panasonic LA7200, which according to the blog post only resolved around 500 lines at best, and a dismal 150 at worst farther from the center. It’s unclear right now in what range the Close, Medium, and Far distances will work, but it seems like you’ll need to know where in the general area you’re going to be focusing, and focus both your anamorphic and taking lens accordingly.

Obviously plenty will balk at this adapter starting at $1,700, but with the SLR Magic anamorphic likely coming in around $1,500, it’s obviously not some conspiracy that these manufacturers are just trying to mark up prices for the sake of it. The time that goes into researching and developing these costs money, and since they will probably be produced in low volume, they cost more than if a large manufacturer produced one in huge volumes.

One other interesting note that was tweeted is that the adapter should work with projector lenses:

With both the SLR Magic and Letus anamorphic probably coming out in similar time frames, it would be surprising if we didn’t get a bunch of new anamorphics from competing manufacturers sometime in then next year or two (that’s normally how these trends go). With old anamorphic adapters going for record prices on the used market, it was only a matter of time.

You can read more about the process over on Clinton’s site.

Link: Letus35 – Morphing into a new era — Clinton Harn

[via Newsshooter]


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  • This is great news but isn’t it too soft on the edges?

    • For a flat field image at 200mm F4, shooting through another piece of glass, anamorphic… I’d say that’s still pretty impressive performance.

      It looks like they’re modeling their efforts after the much less affordable Hawk Anamorphics.

      Looking forward to footage.

  • Expensive. Sample pic is soft on the edges.

  • Yea, edges are pretty soft. If they weren’t then I’d be looking to pre-order one asap.

  • $1700 for dual focus, tiny 1.3 squeeze ,single lens with soft edges. Think I’ll stick to my iscorama.

  • Anthony Marino on 09.11.13 @ 8:46PM

    I’m putting together an anamorphic combo, just scored a hypergonar (clean as a whistle) and I’m gonna give it a shot. I believe the right “squeeze” is a key componet when it comes to that “filmic” look so many talk about. This and the SLR magic may be the official start of the anamorphic revolution. I love the look, it can make most cameras out there today seem pretty spectacular, especially on a S16 sensor. Let the games begin, exciting stuff. Thanks

  • $1700 ???!! Are they nuts! They’re clearly only targeting the Carl Zeiss/ Cinelenses group!
    They’ll need to down it to $700 to stand a chance!

    • They’re targeting people smart enough to realize you don’t need to OWN every piece of gear.

  • You’re wrong! they just need to take away the zeros, not the number 1.

    But yes. for 1700 it is possible to find an nice Iscorama.

  • Glad these are coming out – I’d much rather trust Letus than SLR Magic, but the prices are both way higher than they need to be.

    I’ll sit tight until next year when some alternatives start to arrive

    • How do you know the prices are higher than they need to be? Are they or are they just too expensive for YOU? It’s important to put things in perspective and look at the cost of R&D. This wasn’t developed over night, there is a reason why proper anamorphic lenses are so expensive and why only few have been made. Don’t you think that if they were so cheap to produce, more people would had done them and sold them?

  • It baffles me, how can a company talk how they have worked on a high resolution adapter and show us a photo with so much soft edges.

  • Yes, I agree- center sharpness is just passable, edge softness is unacceptable. Might be okay if you have a really shallow shot, but it would still screw up your bokeh. But I don’t have a problem with the price, considering the R&D that has to go into it (if it’s passably sharp, that is… ;-) )

    But if this photo is the best image they have to promote their product, I definitely wouldn’t buy one just to say I have it.

    But I’m sure they’re still tweaking, so no doubt better images forthcoming as they work the bugs out.

  • This makes me remember the 35mm adapter days. Do not want..

  • Steve Nelson on 09.12.13 @ 3:46PM

    That softness is very reminiscent of a ton of movies shot in the late 60s and 70s. It may not be in vogue these days but it was pretty common to see major motion pictures with the same softness back then.

  • I think alot of people here don’t have the full grasp of how big this is. As an Iscorama 42 owner, I gotta say that I’ve barely used due to how cumbersome it is. The need of diopters, etc just makes it too difficult for regular use. This seems like a very reasonable solution and looks very professional. The price is high for some, but then again, this is not meant for everyone, just like a RED, ALEXA, F65 are not for everyone. Some can afford to buy it, others rent, others just look for cool videos on Vimeo, Youtube.

    NFS should maybe write more articles educating people more about the cost of professional gear.

  • Spoiled much? I was looking at this and thinking, The next best thing to this adaptor is the Iscoramas. But the cheapest I’ve seen is $2.8k but that was awhile ago. The other direction is the LA7200 for about $1.2k but you need diopters for closeups. Not sure if I read the article in the link properly but did they say they are working on a 16-24mm design? Not bad for 1700 bucks.

  • For the softness, it was a torture test at 200mm on a basically flat surface (that Uhaul station is actually the birthplace of Uhaul worldwide, right across from our office, I think it’s pretty cool). If you look at the original image with no adapter, you would still see some soft edges, as it’s pretty shallow DoF. I am here to answer any question you may have on the adapter. Thanks.

  • Are they just releasing s 1.33 adapter or more will be release like a 2x?

  • one question about lens diameter, is this thing work with smaller lens like old zeiss, for example lens has 58mm diameter?

    i saw they designed 104mm native and has 82mm and 77mm. hope lens diameter will not effect to those squeezing stuff the adapter does…

    anyone know about these issue?

  • Sorry if this comes off ignorant but what is the point of using this if you can just crop it in post to get a 2.39:1 ratio? I feel I am missing something

  • 1700 dollars are you kidding me for a freaking adapter. i find the price to be not a little but extremely extravagant. 1700 dollars for a matte box. a’l pass. Your best best is to look at the eastern markets for a replica and a better deal.

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