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Version 1.2 of BitTorrent Sync Now Available as Free File Syncing Tool Reaches 1 Million Users

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BitTorrentSync Version 1.2BitTorrent is still hot in pursuit of creating a decentralized internet, and their new web syncing tool BitTorrent Sync is seeing a lot of use. BitTorrent Sync is a tool for syncing your files over the web without going through third-party servers. With the release of version 1.2, they are making it faster, available on iOS7, and adding an API (Application programming interface) for developers to build on top of BitTorrent sync. Hit the jump for the details.

Passing the 1-million user mark for their beta project is impressive, but don’t let the beta tag scare you off — people have been utilizing it since pre-Alpha. For filmmakers, it means the ability to quickly transfer or share files directly with members of your team. BitTorrent are also encouraging developers to get creative with the tool as well, so I hope to see some interesting ways to use the service down the line.


Since July BitTorrent have synced over 30 Petabytes worth of data with this free service. With version 1.2, they are announcing key upgrades:

  • Sync is twice as fast, with speeds up to 90 mb/s
  • Sync is now available on iOS7 and iPad

Download BitTorrent Sync for Free

Developers can sign up for the API here.

Below is their new promo video, featuring a filmmaker (and his mom):

And here’s a video of setting it up and syncing a folder to my iPhone:

Have you used or plan on using BitTorrent Sync? Join the discussion in the comments below.

Link: Introducing BitTorrent Sync 1.2 — BitTorrent Blog


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  • D.L. Watson on 11.6.13 @ 3:26PM

    Well, good bye Dropbox. Hello Bit-torrent.

  • trackofalljades on 11.7.13 @ 12:33AM

    This isn’t a replacement for Dropbox, Glacier, Google Drive, etc. it’s something very different that is also very useful. This syncs the data across your own (or your collaborator’s own) local storage. The perk is it doesn’t matter where that local storage is, even if you’re separated by thousands of miles. Bear in mind, though, that the data can only sync as fast as the slowest ISP connection involved is. Bottom line, there is no magical “cloud” copy being maintained by someone else. So if you use this, you need to be responsibly archiving the content from at least one of the devices you’re syncing.

    • Great points. I think a lot of Dropbox users use it solely to transfer files though, and this is an alternative to that method. Thanks for this reminder though. <3

  • Gotta luv dat momma’s boy.

  • We started to use this a few weeks ago for an animation project. We couldn’t use it because it synced so slow and couldn’t handle large files above 50mb. Sometimes it never recognized that there were new files. Sometimes it didn’t recognize even the other computer on the same network (wifi). I wanted to use this to make an automatic backup of the project files and to interchange the files used on different computers. Didn’t work at all, unfortunately. First I also said good bye Dropbox, but now I think it needs still a lot of development…