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Hackintosh Mod Used an Actual Trash Can to Look Like Apple's New Mac Pro

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Mac Pro Tash Can Mod HEROWe’ve covered the Mac Pro quite a bit on No Film School (too much according to some of you), but considering how long Apple had kept the same design, there was no doubt a new one would get a lot of attention — especially when it looks nothing like any computer you’ve ever used before. The general consensus is that the new Mac Pro closely resembles a trash can, so what better case to use for a new Hackintosh computer than an actual trash can? That’s exactly what a German modder did.

Here’s a little of the back story on this from Dschijn in the tonymacx86 forum:

As this build gets so much attention I think I have to clarify some details.

I am NOT the builder of this mod. I got the permission of the “modder” to present the mod here. The original thread of the build has been in a german forum, which name I am not allowed to post, and has already been deleted. The admins of the source forum are a little restrictive….

All credit goes to the user “sascha288″, he is the owner and builder of that case.

The hardware inside:

Core i3 (Haswell)
Gigabyte z87n wifi
Radeon 7750

And some glorious photos of the mod (for more check out the forum post). The Authentics Lunar white trash can was used (which you can also find here), and eventually painted:

Mac Pro Trash Can Mod Back Before Paint

Mac Pro Trash Can Mod SSD and HDD

Mac Pro Trash Can Mod Internals Top

Mac Pro Trash Can Mod Final 2

Mac Pro Mod Final System

And here is Apple’s actual Mac Pro for comparison:

Will DITs Use the New Mac Pro?

There is some decent power under the hood of the new Apple computers, and obviously this project was not done with performance in mind, but a mod constructed out of a real trash can to resemble the Mac Pro is pretty fantastic. For more photos and information check out the link below.


[via 9to5Mac]


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  • Almost sad, almost.


  • Close enough. Five stars.

  • Shaun Fontaine on 01.15.14 @ 5:44PM

    Just buy a Mac if you want one that much. I have a PC and I’ve had macs, I really like macs but I’m not really that bothered.

  • Guts looks so ordinery.

  • Santa Clause on 01.15.14 @ 5:49PM

    Well, they had the trash can part right.

  • Daniel Horvat on 01.15.14 @ 5:49PM

    The Apple copyright police will be knocking on your door to break your knees in the morning, then they will sue you.

    • Only if he tries to sell it for profit.

      • I don’t think they will ask if they can break his kneecaps or not

        Unless it has been cleared by Apple you are opening a can or worms regardless if you have the intention to sell

    • Menachem was here on 06.2.14 @ 9:56PM

      As long as it doesn’t have rounded corners…

      Uh oh!!!

  • It’s sad that something like this gets coverage on a film making website.
    It doesn’t even come close to the performance of the original Mac Pro and there fore is absolutely irrelevant.

  • Nailed it.

  • Geez, you guys, doesn’t anyone else find this funny? Great social commentary, bravo, Sascha288!!

    • Maxim Drygin on 01.15.14 @ 7:00PM

      +1, mate, those who do don’t comment as there’s nothing to comment here except just clicking the like button :)

    • I’m with you, the only thing funnier would be someone dumping FCP in the lid…

  • Mike Thomas on 01.15.14 @ 7:58PM

    Michael ,

    This website is one of the best filmmaking websites on the internet. Quit being an idiot. They can post whatever they want. If you don’t like it then don’t come to the site. I’m tired of all these haters giving the nofilmschool people grief all the damn time. They do a great job.

  • points for trying, but i’ll gladly wait for the real deal. though i would like a red one without the million $ price tag some guys paid. ;-)

  • Steve, people miss you!

  • Wow all these Haters.. How about a bit of Kudos for some digital anarchy? Such safety…whew, are you all tea partyists, conservatives? Where’s ya Punk FFS? Nobody who is actually creative would think this be anything other than 2 Kool 4 Skool… Have a wank, stop eating McDonalds, go out in the sunshine..Better still build a Hackintosh. :-)

    • “digital anarchy”
      "Better still build a Hackintosh"
      or buy a mac pro, dump OS X and put windows inside! :D :D :D :D :D

    • I’m a tea party conservative and I think it’s awesome you retarded nut lib moron.

  • Michael Hawk on 01.15.14 @ 8:42PM

    I always thought it looked like a garbage can.

    Glad I am not the only one that thinks that now.

  • Give it time. Soon garbage can Hackintosh’s will be running faster than the real thing.

  • I wonder if the performance tests for the trashintosh will be as fast as the real thing.

  • Shut up and take my money!…..

    I’m planning on modding a wheelie bin and even cutting a hole on the side to include screen. Then you can just take your wheelie bin to your client meetings. Impressions indeed.

  • hahahaaha…this is funny….why on earth they even think of it….don’t worry, they will be real ones soon enough for him to buy.

  • Is the top a coffee cup holder as well? If so, I badly need this to get me booted up in the mornings!

  • Well, if you think that the point is to looks like, you didn’t understood what a hackintosh is. Performance is the point. Anyway, it looks quite similar.

  • Just buy a real one….a waste of my time….nothing else to blog about

  • Meanwhile, you can still spend $8000 on a brand new PC that looks like 1989.

  • What would be interesting would be to make a trashcan out of one of those old see-through bubblegum Macs from a few years ago.

  • i wonder how good his cooling solution is.. if he has one in there..

  • Bloody love the idea of having a computer encased in something completely different! Wheelie bins, trash cans, toasters, kettles, fridges, cookers, teapots, training shoes, stuffed animals….. why, the list is endless

  • This shows how ridiculous the new mac pro is.

    Im not sure which is more silly, the mac pro or the guy who copies it though.

    It gets on my nerves how it gets displayed as the crisp clean cylinder on your desk, but by the time you connect the mountain of hdd’s etc to it, its a mess. Isnt one of the features of a desktop that all the hdd’s go neatly inside?

    Apple missed the point with this release imo, and grew the hackintosh market in the process.

  • Dandy Trooper on 01.18.14 @ 2:30AM

    I would love to see this turn into a trend. People building computers into furniture and household items. I wonder what other creative builds people will come up with. Steve Jobs’ vision of computers becoming art may come true.

  • It make me smile. Very nice indeed… will make one for my self !!! Just love the idea =))

  • maybe they will make pc that looks like pencil sharpener tomorrow

  • Hahaha.
    Just remind me of my friends bike;
    a Honda CB 200 engine with Harley Davidson Chopper body looks a like.