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Meet the RagLite, a Light You Can Roll Up, Beat Up, & Hang Up Anywhere

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RagLiteYou can never have too many lighting options, especially if they add more flexibility to a not-so-flexible area of filmmaking. The RagLite is essentially what it sounds like — a fabric-mounted LED lighting system, (or more plainly, a rag with lights), that’s built to give users the ability to light pretty much anything anywhere, as well as set up and tear down without a whole lot of fuss. It’s currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to finalize manufacturing, so continue on to learn all about the RagLite.

Here’s the RagLite’s Kickstarter campaign video, which explains its construction, as well as its potential benefits for filmmakers, (and anyone else who needs an easy-to-set-up light).

Developed by inventor, producer, and director Chad Soderholm and engineer and gaffer Sin Cohen, the RagLite was designed to give users a simple, portable, and versatile lighting option. Though you won’t be able to light everything with this thing (it’s marketed as a light bank), it looks as though it’ll give you the ability to light hard-to-reach areas and objects, like the inside of cars, small rooms (like bathrooms), etc. That’s good news for indie filmmakers, since we don’t usually have access to, say, humongous sound stages or open mansions — it’s usually our buddy’s studio apartment.

Here are a few features their Kickstarter campaign lists:

  • Flexible Design
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Virtually Indestructible
  • Non-Heat Emitting
  • Long-Lasting
  • Power Efficient
  • Module Mounting System (attach D-Rings, Magnets and daisy-chain)

The Cine version, which is geared specifically toward filmmakers, uses 3200K Tungsten or 5600K Daylight LEDs to allow for 100% color accuracy. This version also features flicker-free dimming and a rechargeable battery.  It comes in 3 sizes: 14″x24″, 14″x12″, and 6″x6″, which will allow you to add a quick accent, light your subject’s face, or even provide wide illumination to a room.

Not only can you put this thing anywhere (even underwater), you can mount things onto it. These lights aren’t going to heat up, which is always a concern when working with lights, not only because of safety, but also on-set dead time waiting for bulbs to cool down.

Now, the prices for the different versions of the RagLite range from $75 to $2400. The $75 RagLite mini is built to give users a smaller lighting option if all they need is a way to add an accent light, whereas the $2400 14×24 RagLite Cine gives users 100% color accuracy, as well as a much larger lighting source. So, is it affordable? That depends on which version you’re talking about. Of course, the Cine version costs a pretty penny regardless of which size you choose, however if you’re looking for versatility, portability, and something comparable to a Kino Flo Diva-Lite in terms of output, then this might be a good option for you.

If you’re interested, check out the RagLite campaign on Kickstarter. Scope the rewards (which are essentially pre-sales), watch the videos, and decide if they’re worth your hard-earned cash. You can also go to their website to learn more about the development team, as well as read some important FAQs.

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What do you think of the RagLite? Do you think it provides the features indie filmmakers would find helpful? Let us know in the comments.



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  • Thats odd, because when I went to support the last post from them it was on INDIGO and I chose not to, because they use paypal and charge your card immediately. So they are running an INDIGO and KICKSTARTER and their video shows a towel with LED ropes taped to it… I am glad that I dont approve of paypal now, because this is starting to sound like a scam…

    • hehe, never mind, i am really drunk and confused two different projects. :) Hey its the weekend, give me a break.

      • Christian Anderson on 05.24.14 @ 9:07PM

        Haha! There is truth in your comment. It IS essentially a towel with IKEA LED bars. Doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad idea though.

  • Really cool idea. I love backing new tech on Kickstarter so I’ll have to check my bank account.

  • Cool light, poorly cut video. Bummer.

  • Matthew Groves on 05.23.14 @ 7:46PM

    I backed a campaign like this once, found out it was easier to make my own and DON”T SAUDER. It only makes more points that will corrode over time. Instead snake LED strips back and forth over a surface tied down with zip ties. I used Coroplast at Lowes, zip ties, and $25 LED strips on amazon. Boom, saved you $50 bucks. If you really need additional rigidity, which you will, use DIY window screen bars and plastic corners then rivet or zip tie to the coroplast.

    • .@Matthew, does it matter what class of LEDs you use in terms of getting accurate colour temperature, etc?

    • Jeff Macpherson on 05.25.14 @ 1:25PM

      Thanks for sharing your technique. I’d love to hear more details on this. Maybe Nofilmschool can do a post on it?

  • PASS……………

  • Andrew Doyle on 05.23.14 @ 8:02PM

    Just post the prototype on ebay. There will be hundreds of cheap one listed within weeks,

  • Good for them! I have been working on my own version of this for well over a year at this point, Im glad to see that they got the funding, shows that there is a real market out there!

  • I like the idea, but I’m sure the light emitted from that is going to be as greeeeeeeen as an irish pasture.

  • Their claim of 100% color accurate 5600k light is highly doubtful. The highest end manufacturers like Mole Richardson only reach a 90 CRI for their 5600k LEDs. Some CLAIM up to about 95, but that’s it for what’s out there now. If they can really prove full 100% (100 CRI) accurate 5600k, I will buy many of these.

    • It says on their kickstarted page that the cine lights have a CRI of 95. So yeah, 100% accuracy of what?

      • AFAIK, there are no better LEDs than CRI 95 right now.

        For example Dedolight has a special version of the Tecpro Felloni LED light, they call it “Dedocolor”, it is much more expensive and it has a CRI of 95.
        If there were any better LEDs than these, they would have used them, I am pretty sure.

  • Eh, a 5 meter LED strip with 150 mini-bulbs is under $10 on eBay. Or any small on-camera type 160 mini-bulb light is under $30, gels and brackets included. (these lights generally weight under a pound w/out a battery, a tad over with it … can be Velcro mounted to many/most surfaces)

  • Interesting~~ But I worried how to solve the heat problem.

  • “July 1 – Travel to China to help guide factory”


    I realize that practically everything is now made in China, but do we really need to outsource the production of a “raglight” to China.

    These guys have a great idea that’s unfortunately going to be “appropriated” by the Chinese in under a week. Curious as to who their LED supplier is that’s putting out LEDs with 95 CRI?

  • Steffi Hawk on 05.24.14 @ 2:52AM

    pure scam

    100% accuracy of what ?

  • Reminds me of the Fluostar by K5600 Lighting, but with LED instead of kinoflo tubes. I wish them good luck with the Kicksarter, however he concept is not new, and such units would be easy to build at home, using LiteRibbons.

    • Agreed – you can do this very easy with the literibbons – and those products already exist.

      I find it difficult to get behind gear projects on kickstarter because you are not an investor and its not a charity and you give them the full amount and you may end up waiting years for it to come out – money would be better spent after the product is made.

  • The product is good and useful, but the pricing is outrageous. They aim clearly towards the indie market. but price it like 2 Kino Flo fixtures combined…

  • earnestreply on 05.24.14 @ 12:49PM

    A decent product but damn the video is way too long and kickstarter page has way too much information. And they’re trying to appeal to too many types of audiences which makes them seem a little un-professional vis a vis the film world. And the CRI issue is a big one. Only when it’s road tested will I consider buying one.

  • Christian M. H. on 05.25.14 @ 1:05PM

    Sieht wie unser Produkt (lucilights) jedoch sind unsere Lampen mit Farbechten 5600k & 3200k dual smd´s ausgelegt, inklusive Zertifikat und einen Flicker Free – DualCannel – Dimmer.
    Wir sind gespannt wie sie das Produkt auf dem Markt bringen möchten da wir seit 2012 ein Patent auf dieses Konzept bzw. Produkt haben.

  • This was first done several years ago by a noted UK DOP and extensively trialled by a major manufacturer who has a version ready with temp matched bulbs – final pricing’s the issue.
    I wish them well, but there’s a few reasons you haven’t seen a lot of these about. They break easily, and getting an even light consistency is a nightmare.

    So if there’s genuine interest look for a few branded versions shortly :-)

  • David O'Shea on 05.30.14 @ 3:50PM

    It’s a good idea but hardly new. There are other companies out there that create products with led lights attached to a rollup sheet of canvas. And way more advanced too. Good luck getting intellectual property rights on this. A quick google search turns up numerous flexible led sheets…