Want to Break into Hollywood? It's All in the Script

It might go without saying (even though it doesn't make it any easier), but the best way to find yourself chumming it up with Hollywood big wigs is to write a great script. In these camera obsessed times (me included) it's easy to lose sight of the fact that the script is the most important piece of any film. The story and the characters are the foundation for the film, and without them, there's nothing for the pretty pictures to stand on. Pixar knows this, that's why they've been so successful. The reason you've seen so much of myself and E.M. on this site is because Koo is already living by this very idea (the script matters). So if you're looking to break into the industry, a great script could be your ticket.

I'm sure you are saying to yourself, well isn't that obvious? Maybe, but it's always better to hear from those in the know - actual industry professionals. We've got two posts talking about getting scripts into the right hands from Go Into The Story, a must-have resource for any aspiring screenwriters out there. Marc Maurino answers a simple (yet complicated) question about how one can land representation as a screenwriter. Here's a brief tidbit:

Lots of folks I know will send upwards of fifty, a hundred, a hundred and fifty query letters requesting a read from a management company–and get maybe a 10% read request rate. Those are loose numbers, but just a caveat that it’s a TON of papering the town, but it only takes one rep to love your stuff to push you forward.

FINALLY, please make sure your script is REALLY ready…have you had professionals read it? has someone other than you and your partner proofread it? Have you had a table read with actors to hear the words up on their feet? Have you had five or ten people who will not BS you give you their responses? If and when “yes” to all of these–GOOD LUCK!

His main advice, and something that's incredibly important to keep in mind, is that once your script is "perfect," only then should you send it out. To whom should you send your script? Managers are the first stop, and you can find them through the Hollywood Creative Directory and IMDb Pro, as well as other services. Some of these sites have trial memberships that you could certainly take advantage of if your script is already in good form.

The second post is about getting your script into the hands of big-time actors. An anonymous executive of an A-list actor's production company had this to say:

When you are a star, a true star that only needs one name like Brad or Leo or Will, you don’t find scripts as much as they find you. The economic model of today’s Hollywood is more about math than it is about creativity. Every studio or financier has an algorithm worthy of Billy Beane that they use to project the foreign and domestic value of their films. In that equation, there are very few names that guarantee success. If you happen to be one of those names, everyone in town chases you. Everyone. The only way to cut through all of that white noise is with an impeccably written script. And the good news is that when it comes to writers, Hollywood is incredibly democratic. It doesn’t matter if you’re an Oscar winner or that Oscar winner’s pool guy…if you have an exceptional voice that manifests itself in an exceptional script, people will take notice. But if you want to talk more specifically, let’s use some examples of the four scripts that my boss is currently circling – each of which has taken a different, circuitous road to where it is today.

There are an infinite number of ways that scripts can get into the hands of the right people, but the only way that can happen is by working at it. Perfecting a screenplay is difficult, but it's the only way that your script is going to be read. Every agency and production company reads thousands of screenplays a year, and most of them are first read by interns or assistants, and if they don't like it, you're out of luck. This practice has been going on practically forever, which is why at the very least, your script needs to be in the proper formatting and without grammatical errors (software can help). Without that it's likely that no one will read past the first few pages.

There are other ways that you can get your script in the right hands: contests and competitions. They can help you get past the intern gateway and actually get executives and agents to take a look at it. We've talked about a few of them in the past.

While we're on the topic of screenwriting, there's an interesting read from Genre Hacks about why Hollywood rewrites scripts after they buy them. The short answer: not because they aren't good. Regardless, it's important that your story is solid before you even begin to write, and then on top of that your script has to be perfect. Not easy, of course, but so far this year 16 spec scripts have been sold. Hollywood is eager to buy new ideas, and there's no reason why your script can't be one of them.

If any of our readers out there have sold a script, or know someone who has, please share your experiences below.

[via GITS How to land representation? Write a great script! and Behind The Curtain: How do scripts find their way to actors?]

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Interesting article. Thanks. What I miss, however, is the necessary steps you need to take *before* presenting your life's work - how to protect your original idea from getting stolen and/or adapted by Hollywood sharks... In the Netherlands , you can register your creative work at the tax authority (afdeling successie & registratie). Is there an equivalent in the USA? That way, at least you can prove that it was your original idea...

March 4, 2012 at 2:01AM, Edited September 4, 7:54AM


In the USA and Canada there are writer's guilds where you can register your script and have a copy put in storage to prove that at that point in time you owned that literary material in that form. However, there is little you can do when it comes to ideas being stolen because ideas can't be copyrighted.

March 4, 2012 at 7:00AM, Edited September 4, 7:54AM


Actually WGA registration is basically useless when it comes to copyright claims. You need to register with the US Copyright office if you live in the US. WGA registration does help prove involvement if there was a dispute for the writing credit, but, again, the legal impact is marginal at best.

March 4, 2012 at 8:13AM, Edited September 4, 7:54AM


Yup, you're correct.
Here's another thing; you need to have a LOT OF MONEY to fight the people who used your script and ideas. Lawers don't really like to take these cases because it takes too long and most likely not going to win.
I had my ideas and script taken apart and used in several features and it wasn't worth the time and money to take it to court. "Good Scripts" as the article said, is subjective. The studios still going to re-write it 50 times in the end.

A script came across my desk and I liked only one short single scene and I wrote an entire feature around that, but paid for the screenpay anyway. So, all anyone needs is a kernel of briliance and they can write the rest. I'd shocked if anyone buys a script and shoot it as is.

March 8, 2012 at 2:23PM, Edited September 4, 7:54AM


I guess you can register your stuff at http://www.wgawregistry.org/webrss/ I did it for a couple of script I wrote and has a International coverage... by the way check yourself, hope it's what you are looking for.

March 4, 2012 at 2:20AM, Edited September 4, 7:54AM


Proper Hollywood makes about 400-600 movies a year. If they're buying 8 scrips on average a month this year, then 1 out of 5 scripts are spec scripts going into production.

After talking to some tv and film writers... I'm convinced this is one of the few books that describes anything about selling a script http://www.amazon.com/Writing-Movies-Fun-Profit-Billion/dp/1439186758 -- Comedy aside, it's insanely insightful.

March 4, 2012 at 8:17AM, Edited September 4, 7:54AM


Where are you getting those numbers & what do you mean by proper Hollywood? The big six studios (sony, fox, universal, paramount, WB, disney) release, on average, about 100 films a year. There's the smaller labels and distributors like Relativity, The Weinstein Co., IFC, Fox Searchlight, etc, but that only adds another 150-200 per year being released. These companies also don't produce all their released titles; a lot are being made independently and then are bought or given dist. deals. I know you're talking about films in production and not being released, but these numbers do correspond with each other. Also, most scripts that are bought never go into production, hence development hell. Original ideas & specs are always in demand and being purchased, but I think your production numbers are way off and that 1 out of 5 productions are not based on specs.

March 4, 2012 at 10:00AM, Edited September 4, 7:54AM


John, it's major studio releases averaged over 10 years from Boxoffice.com and a few other reporting sites. I would take it as an extreme ballpark figure. Of course you make a good point as far as buyouts and shelving, development hell and so on, but I think hard figures are impossible as there is no real reporting on it.

March 4, 2012 at 11:59AM, Edited September 4, 7:54AM


Thanks for the link to genre hacks. I should add that even if a great spec script doesn't sell, or sells but doesn't get made into a movie, excitement surrounding the spec can still propel an new writer into the big leagues of studio writing assignments.

March 4, 2012 at 10:10AM, Edited September 4, 7:54AM


No problem, really liked the post. That's a great point, selling a spec proves to the establishment that you know what you're doing - which in Hollywood is half the battle.

March 4, 2012 at 7:35PM, Edited September 4, 7:54AM

Joe Marine
Camera Department

thanks for this piece marine!

March 4, 2012 at 12:14PM, Edited September 4, 7:54AM


I'd also like to bring up that while it is a good idea to protect yourself and copyright your work, don't ever send out a script with the copyright symbol or wga number on it. Hollywood sees that as the sign of an amateur and it is. It scares them into thinking you'll go crazy and sue everyone. They won't want to deal with you.

Have your copyright in case you end up needing it, but don't go waving it around like a loaded gun.

March 6, 2012 at 4:27PM, Edited September 4, 7:54AM


Felipe - thanks for the tip, makes sense. I think if you follow the 'traditional' approach randomly sending out your scripts to agents/management your spiting in the wind. and never-ever send your scripts out to professional 'readers' who evaluate you for a fee. research and find movies similar to your script, really focus in on something specific. if possible join imdb pro, then you will access to names addresses and contacts directly to the production companies associated with the film. have a targeted approach networking with actual film makers and production houses. also don't be so locked into all or nothing attitude. if your script isn't the perfect match it's ok. they may say we got other things going on maybe you'd like to assist on this or that. fine take it, run sound, edit, be a pa, make copies, get coffee who cares - just get in there. and at some point they might be stuck on a scene it's not working or whatever - and your like hey i have an idea, what about this - boom your in.

March 6, 2012 at 9:35PM, Edited September 4, 7:54AM


Having an MFA in screenwriting from one of the big 3 film schools...didn't help me sell m first low budget spec out of film school. I wrote different mediums, for different budget ranges before I got into and through film school. Short stories, teleplays, novellas and screenplays. Having the right contacts or management didn't help either. I studied the specific medium known as movies -- which are visual driven narratives above all else. yes, more so than just dialogue. And the foundations they all rest on -- screenplays. I read and broke them down and studied so much -- scene by scene; sequence by sequence, etc. More than anything else? I treated writing like a second job on top of all else. 4 to 6 hours a night after classes, work, etc. I sought strong criticism for my work...as long as it was solid criticism and not just some reader flipping through pages for money. And now...6 years after leaving LA for a break from that biz -- without stopping the actual work of writing -- I'm going back for meetings. But now, also with a trailer for a feature as writer-director. And no idea what the results are going to be. I take it seriously, maybe religiously, but that's the committment I made 6 years ago. My success is totally based on the work I do far above anything else. Do the action; stay out of the result..and follow what the Army taught me before -- drive on.

March 8, 2012 at 12:49PM, Edited September 4, 7:54AM


First I would like to thank you Joe for writing such an informative article. I have found that in Hollywood, it is part of ‘Who you know’, ‘What you know’, and most of all ‘What can you do for me’. Having something purchased does not always mean it will be made into a movie as is, although sometimes it does. Having your script copyrighted does not guarantee you the soul rights to it; and yes it is true that when it is Stolen you truly have no real say in the matter, however, you can look at as I did, “If I am good enough to steal from, then I am good enough to be there too.”

I have always been told that if you truly enjoy what you do, you never work another day in your life. I sure do love to write, and I don’t feel like it is work at all. Don’t get me wrong, I have a schedule I keep. I try to write every morning for at least an hour, or until I get 10-20 pages completed. Good luck to all and happy writing.

March 23, 2012 at 7:14AM, Edited September 4, 7:54AM

Deborah Wheat

Hey Joe,

Excellent article.

Now that the Hollywood Creative Directory is pretty much gone, what would you recommend as a source of email addresses for querying about scripts? Unfortunately, IMDBPro has very few email addresses.


October 1, 2012 at 7:04AM, Edited September 4, 7:54AM


Very interesting and insightful. Here are my questions and problems. Yes, I have written a script. Yes, I have read it to numerous highly educated friends including doctors, clinical psych's, teachers and they all were "rivited" by it as it is based on a true story. However, how am I protected that after I send my script in to Hollywood or some other agencies, my script and idea wont be copied and altered a little and I am left out in the cold as they now tell me " thanks but were not interested". However, they choose to go forward on my script without me or my resources. What protection should I take prior to sending in my script? Should I get a patent or any other legal protection on it prior to sending it to many different resources? Please let me know. Thanks a lot, Todd.

January 13, 2013 at 9:04AM, Edited September 4, 7:54AM


I know this question was not directed at me, but I feel the need to answer with a few quick misunderstood copyright facts, followed by a sobering reality (and while I'm not an intellectual property attorney, I have met with many of them over the years, so that's the only real reason you should listen to or trust me. *Always* check with your own attorneys in the end):

First, there is no "patenting" written work. It's called a copyright. Patents only apply to physical inventions, software, chemistry, and the like.
Second, you do not need to do anything to protect your written, creative work, other than somehow prove that you wrote it when you did. For example, if you send an email out, that email is your copyrighted work (so long as you weren't copying someone else's material in it). This can be proven by the time and date stamp of the email, as well as the receipt by the other parties. (In the old days it was suggested a "poor man's copyright" would be to send yourself your document in the U.S. Mail, but this was always a pretty useless suggestion since it could be easily faked and would certainly not stand up in court. Better to send your work to several people you know, especially your attorney!)
You *can* get a registered copyright for your creative work with the government (for a pretty small fee), but this *only* changes how much you are entitled to if someone rips off your work and you are actually able to prove, in a court of law, that they made money from your ripped off work. Let me restate that again - Getting a registered copyright simply means that, if someone rips you off, you are entitled to at bare minimum a specific dollar amount (and that amount is different in every medium), and you will only get *that* if you successfully sue the parties and WIN YOUR CASE. (i.e. - This is often very difficult to do).

The sobering reality for amateur writers is this: It is very, *very* unlikely that your work will be stolen. The sad fact is, most writers' work is in no danger of being stolen, because it is BAD. I say this about my OWN work - at least my earlier work ; ) - so I'm not pointing fingers or trying to make people feel badly, but it IS the reality.
Even bad work that contains those precious "ideas" that are novel which someone may rip off, is simply not worth protecting and honestly is not worth fighting to get monetary compensation for. This is for two reasons: 1., As was stated earlier, no one can copyright an idea. And 2., if you had a great idea but you executed it poorly in any form (script, novel, movie), then you are honestly NOT entitled to any financial compensation if someone takes your idea and reinvents it or makes it good (or differently bad). Period. This is the very reason why you can't copyright an idea. So if you *are* ripped off in this manner, you might get mad, but you cannot and SHOULD NOT win a legal case. I firmly believe this, because ideas are a dime a dozen. Execution is where you put in all the long hours, and it is being ripped off in EXECUTION wherein lawsuits are warranted (as well as big payouts!)

Countless amateur writers fear that their work will be ripped off, and it seems like the worse the writer, the more they cling to the idea that they have been or will be ripped off at some point. They have no ability to honestly assess their work and realize that it is TERRIBLE, and that no one in their right mind would want to rip it off. When I talk to these people, it drives me crazy!

Now - Having said all this, I will say that when it comes to ripping off execution, it does happen. I actually have met Hollywood writers who have been ripped off, and in one case an individual sued Dreamworks and they actually settled out of court (Yes, I'm talking about "The Island"). This is virtually unheard of, and the only reason he won was because he had his own produced feature film that had clear dialogue and even edited sequences which were virtually identical to "The Island", which a jury of laypeople could easily see. Once again, execution, not ideas. And by the way, his original version was itself terrible, and was even featured on MST3K. Why Dreamworks felt compelled to intentionally rip off his executed version instead of just taking the kernels of ideas and creating their own original work will always mystify me. It certainly cost them a lot of money, and made him rich in the process.

So in conclusion (yes, I know this is like a thesis paper, but it's an important topic), I want to reiterate that writers being ripped off doesn't happen nearly as often as people think (although there are plenty of other ways writers get screwed that having nothing to do with copyright infringement). To paraphrase what Deborah said, if you're good enough to steal from, you really don't need to worry about being ripped off. Seriously.

March 3, 2013 at 1:50PM, Edited September 4, 8:21AM


Well hi everyone my name is Farzin Youabian and at this time I do have 4 screenplays that I love to sell all of them and I don't have an agent or producers to make this films in Hollywood, Ca. Please let me know if you can help me . Thank You Farzin Youabian a writer and Director.

August 9, 2013 at 10:14AM, Edited September 4, 8:21AM


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Well I dont want to sell my screenplay I want to make it my self but my luck is just not happening. I just want yo talk to someone to help and I dont know how to do it.. any suggestions?

December 18, 2013 at 8:36PM, Edited September 4, 8:45AM

Dylan Dunn

You Sir, might be the rarity. Sucks that a bunch of millionaires can be such anal people who'd rather stifle a new voice than nurture it. I'm sure the writer was very happy and I pray your goods Karma returns multiplied X 100. ♥☆:-)

February 27, 2014 at 10:25AM, Edited September 4, 8:45AM


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Looking Forward- Life in the new world. The most interesting book you will ever read.

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The Science
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Within this new science are the discoveries of clean energy, the ability to reverse the second law of thermodynamics and calculate the masses for all known particles. This new breakthrough will be studied for years and become a core part of our educational system at all levels.

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This is my first book, written from a historical point of view—perhaps the most interesting prospective that a man could ever conceive. Yet at the writing of this book, this is a man who sees the new Kingdom that is almost upon us, and how it will come about, while trying to understand it, and to relay his perception of what it will look like.
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Chapter 3
The Coming

At the time of Christ’s birth, the Jewish nation was anticipating the arrival of their savior. From the study of ancient scriptures and teachings, they anticipated His arrival and believed He would come as a conquering King, a mighty warrior, leading them in victory against their enemies. They were looking to break the rule of the hated Roman Empire occupying their land and relieving them of their resources.
They were looking to elevate their political position to that of a ruling country. They wished to show the world that they were the chosen people, and with such, there was no concern for the salvation of others.
They entirely missed the true reason and circumstances that surrounded Christ’s life, death and resurrection. They did not understand it as the road to salvation for the Jews as well as the Gentiles. Thus, the stage was set for disbelief, misunderstanding and rejection. Likewise, it would not be hard to accept the fact that those looking for His return may not understand or believe the conditions of His next return. Once again, the stage has been set.
The Bible speaks of a resurrection at the end of the ages as a time that the dead will hear His voice, rise, and all things will become new. We can conclude that the coming of Christ and the resurrection happen simultaneously. He may come and start the resurrection by His voice commanding the dead to come alive. Or another possibility would be that the new science might start the resurrection and, according to Scripture, Jesus will have to be here for it.
If humanity fails, or refuses, to build this new science in time to save the earth from its current calamities, Jesus will have to bring it with Him when He comes. Either way, His coming is inevitable and we now have the power as humanity to play a role in the return of our Lord and Savior, King Jesus.

Chapter 4
All Things New

All things will be made new. What will that look like, what will it be like?
At the commencement of the Refresher, death will be gone forever. Particles that were a part of life that have died or decomposed will re-assemble themselves as the new science is implemented and the strong force is released.
One of the first things we will see is the clouds opening and our new King Jesus coming with a legion of angels to assist those returning to family and loved ones. One of the first things we will notice is that all our pain will be gone.
The Bible says that the ground will open as the dead come back to life. All life, matter and materials will return to their highest or original state. We will also see dead leaves and branches falling up as trees and plants become restored, rematerialized and made straight as we look on with complete and utter amazement. All foliage worldwide will become healthy, and quickly all our grass will become green. Dilapidated structures, homes, buildings and automobiles will re-materialize as we look on with complete awe. Whatever the scientific laws are that govern this event; this will be without any doubt the most fascinating time in history.
It will be a time of pure joy as loved ones come back. It will take a little more than 19.89 days to restore 100 years of aging. Once the formula is applied to the date of someone’s death, we will be able to calculate the times of arrivals for lost friends and family members. Any death that has occurred within the last five years will come back in one day.
The Holocaust victims will come back fourteen days after turning on the refresher worldwide. It has been calculated that it will take a little over 3.26 years to restore the whole earth to its Edenic state.
The graveyards, and the roads leading to them, will become crowded as people arrive to meet lost loved ones. Out of the ashes we will see armies arise as dead hearts start to beat and warmth comes back to bodies that have been cold.
The sound of a rifle shot from across the battlefield may be the last thing that a person heard. An embracement from a loved one before drifting off may have been a last experience for many on this earth. When the time of refreshing comes and these people wake from their rest, there may be confusion as their surroundings have changed and become unrecognizable.
Their confusion will shortly turn into joy, as they realize that they will never experience pain or death again, but will be able to live in a perfect environment in a perfect state of being. There will be no more pain, no more death, no more hatred, only life and complete unity.
Can a man enter the womb and be born again? That was a question that was asked of Jesus. It would seem to be an impossibility, yet with the Refresher running, it will be possible! Where there are multiple lost babies, they will come back from the latest lost to the first—it will be truly an amazing event that will be recorded and celebrated forever! There will be no anger or blame. There will be no guilt, only be joy at seeing our perfect babies come back to us and be allowed to live, grow and be loved.
There will be so many babies, that we will be hard pressed to build enough schools. Maternity wards may be the only branch of hospitals that will remain open, however, there will be no pain in childbirth and there will not be complications either. Maybe there will just be no births of aborted babies at all, maybe children will just be backed into existence and incubated in machines until they are ready for birth. Regardless of the laws that are set forth governing the conditions of children’s return, there will be babies everywhere, for a long time to come.
Every living soul that has ever been conceived on this earth will come back to us, of all humankind along with most animals and plant life. There will be re-unions all over the world! Victims of old age, disease, murder, war and any other conceivable death will come back—lost loved ones, lost children and good friends. Our enemies will become our friends, and those who were held captive by others will rejoice with their captors at their newfound freedoms.
I am looking forward to seeing my mother along with other family members again and telling them the story. I will get to see my grandparents again as young people, and hear their stories of growing up and the stories of generations before them. We will be able to help them in the construction of their new homes or start a new farm.
We can have history lessons from those who were there, from Adam and Eve, Abraham and King David to George Washington, Andrew Jackson and Ronald Reagan.

The fall season is a beautiful time of year and its beauty is built up around death; how much more will there be beauty when there is only life! Plants, animals and all matter will revert to their highest states as all matter reunites to its original, perfect design.

All matter that has been subject to decay will be reverted back to its original state. Anything that has been manufactured, built or used in the creation of something will become new again. Old homes will become as new. Homes, buildings and forests that have been destroyed by fire, along with all their contents, will be restored. All the lives that were lost in their destruction will be restored.
The highest state of a human being is said to be their early twenties. Maybe different for some people, but we will all be at our optimum age for physical activities. We will be young, healthy and all will be beautiful. We will have acute mental clarity, deep reasoning abilities and vivid memories. Our learning abilities will improve and we will have a deep desire to learn. With our new minds comes strong self-control which will enable us to control our thoughts and our habits.
In our highest state, we will never experience pain, and our energy will be endless. If we injure ourselves, we will quickly become healed, with no pain or disfigurement. Scars will disappear and those with longtime disease, birth defects or disfigurements will become healed, and perfect in design, just as they were originally intended.
Garbage dumps will be a windfall for their owners as old items come to the surface and become re-assembled. Many items will become valuable for historical or sentimental purposes.
Mistakes will become new only to still be a mistake. What if something has been partially rebuilt? When you crash a car, does it immediately fix itself? What if you intentionally want a dent? Do knives stay sharp forever, do batteries ever run down? How will the strong force know when something was an accident and when it was done on purpose? These are deep thoughts and I have been contemplating them for quite some time now, and still do not have a clear understanding.
We will look back in amazement as new light is shed upon every aspect of our lives, as our lives becomes free of problems, stress or pain, and life will be lived as it was originally intended.

Chapter 5
The Economy/ Governments

Many world leaders believe that the New World Order will take over by science and they will be in control; they are correct about the science; however, it is not their science, and they will not be in charge.
The Bible speaks of a time at the end of days when the Lord will set His throne in Jerusalem and establish His kingdom upon the earth. That time is quickly approaching, as He comes to restore the earth and pay the debts of the world.
The new Government will pay all the debts of the world in the great financial re-set. All personal, corporate and government debts will be paid. Mortgage, credit card debts, student and auto loans will be paid off. All creditors and note holders will be paid in full plus all future interest.
No man will owe another. The debtor is servant to the lender, and the new King would not want for anyone to be servant to another, but that we should all be free.
The Unified Universe will co-govern with regional and local governments. The new Government will act as an overseer of and a servant to all other governing authorities, and will be available for dispute resolution or guidance, but generally will not interfere with the day to day operations of governmental duties.
Our duty as a world government is to ensure that while each individual is assured of plenty, each individual becomes productive. We offer our Father’s version of a free people using their God-given talents, combined with hard work, ethical conduct and the pursuit of opportunity to achieve great things for themselves and for the betterment of the community.
Our current economy is based on scarcity and debt. For every dollar that is printed, debt is created. We then trade these notes of debt thinking that we have something of value, when in fact these notes are notes of indebtedness with no backing of any substance.
The economy is fed by debt that grows at an ever-increasing rate. As more debt and dependents are created, more debt is needed. Through the reserve system, debt can be multiplied many times over and be used as an artificial stimulant to the economy. It is a system that has been intentionally set up to enrich those at the top. The system may be intentionally collapsed, ensuring those at the top a dictatorial position.
The new monetary system will return to the gold standard. The new gold will be atom pure which has a higher value than our current gold. This will keep inflation in check as governments will not be able to print and distribute currency with no backing. We will be able to trade in our notes, checks or debits for real gold at any time, as there will never be more currency printed than gold available.

The new economy will be called Escalationism. It is the perfect blend of socialism and capitalism. There will be no scarcity in the New World, but only abundance. Since there will be no scarcity, value will be based upon beauty, creativity, usefulness or power.
In the new economy, everyone will contribute as their abilities allow. Society will not endorse idleness. Everyone will be encouraged by those around them to be productive. Everyone will be able to join the workplace, go to school, or contribute in some fashion or another.
There will be business grants given, for business that promotes strong family values or has other good uses that will benefit the population in some manner or another. Priority may be given first to the operation of the Government and other necessities as needs arise, but the new Government believes that unbridled businesses are essential in maintaining strong economies.
The new economic system will be two in part. In the first part, everyone will be provided with a credit card that does not need to be repaid to relieve the card holder of any want or need or to fund any good ambition, limited only by the current balance in the Bank of the Unified Universe and the necessary prioritization of projects for the good of the Universe. This would include any necessity such as housing, food, school or transportation.
The second part of the new system will enable each citizen the freedom from governmental intervention, excessive tax burdens and regulatory policies to advance and create personal wealth through working, investing or owning a business, and the freedom to keep that wealth and do with it that which they please.
Initially, in the second part of the system, everyone will be issued a debit card with an initial amount of one million dollars in their bank account. These funds will be considered wealth and may be used for any legal or moral item, endeavor or investment at the discretion of the card holder.
Under the new economic system, the wealthy will not be permitted to have over ten thousand times that of the poorest. The poor will strive to make the wealthiest wealthier, as it will have a direct impact on their wealth. The wealthy will strive to bring up the poorest, in order that they may gain yet more wealth.
Under this new scenario, all will be allowed to grow their wealth and that it would neither be at the expense of others nor at the mercy of the governments.
Governments are necessary for directing developmental issues and providing social services; however, our current systems have grown well beyond levels needed. With no tendencies to sin, people will be self-governing, demanding less oversight and less government.
While there are many excellent government employees, most governments will be scaled back to smaller levels with the majority of programs being eliminated. Many government workers will need to be re-trained or re-hired for employment in other industries.
Taxes need to be paid for governmental services, but the only fair way to tax a population is through a sales tax. Sales tax is, to a certain degree, a voluntary tax. In order for those with less income to save for future wants, desires or investments, they can simply purchase less, thus avoiding taxes that may otherwise be paid. Those with more disposable income may purchase more products and services, thus paying more taxes, but only at their will and not forcibly.
Those paying taxes have a right to their monies being spent wisely. Therefore, government should make all efforts to be run efficiently. Many government jobs can be subcontracted to businesses that can be run more efficiently than the government. Having efficiency in governments reduce taxes and keeps more capital in the hands of the consumer. The result is more growth, prosperity and freedom for everyone. Even the displaced government workers will do better financially and will be able to accumulate wealth faster, as there will be many opportunities for wealth creation in the new economy.
In every inhabited world in the whole Unified Universe, the sales taxation rate is initially set at 20%. These taxes are then distributed equitably between all levels of government—Universe, nation, province or state, county, city and town. All other taxes would be considered regressive or confiscatory and will neither be implemented nor allowed by subordinate governing bodies or agencies. This rate may be adjusted by the diarchy as the needs may arise, and budgeting becomes more understood in the new system.
There will be no property taxes, income taxes or capital gains tax. There will be no complex tax forms and regulations. In lieu of the income tax and capital gains tax will be thank offerings to the Unified Universe for the many blessings received from that entity—of any amount or percent of income that the citizen joyously feels like giving.
There will be no enforcement branch of the IRS. There will be no late fees, penalties or tax audits. Trade will be free throughout the Universe, so there will be no need of tariffs or free trade agreements.
Businesses should not be hampered by government, but encouraged, helped and allowed to grow without multiple permits, burdensome restrictions or unnecessary fees and inspections placed upon them. Permits and business licenses can be issued in a quick, simple manner, and not be held up, or excessive fees placed on them, and will not be needed from multiple jurisdictions or agencies.
Taxes and compliance issues are some of the biggest expenses in businesses. With these expenses being virtually eliminated, businesses will become easier to run, and business owners will have a higher chance of being successful.
Resources and energies spent on compliance issues, environmental studies, or mitigation fees for new development or business creation can be redirected toward expansion, quality enhancement, or may be used at the discretion of the business owner.
Since everyone will have virtually unlimited amount of wealth, products that lack in quality, service or are not user friendly will not be accepted by the general public, but they will demand those of higher quality, those with beauty, character and usefulness. From large corporations to small businesses, a high-level customer service will become an important aspect of attracting and retaining customers.
Under the new economy, the cost of products will become lower and our incomes will rise. With a cheap, clean power source, no health care or energy costs and significant tax savings, the cost of living will go down considerably. Demand will rise, production will increase and the economy will grow exponentially.
When governmental intervention takes the form of social entitlements, dependency is formed. Dependency is similar to slavery, and can be used as a form of control over a population of peoples. Dependency also binds one to a particular party regardless of the views of that party or whether those views actually reflect those of its constituents. When incentive and opportunity to work, or to be productive, is taken away, there is a mental, physical and spiritual degeneration.
Welfare recipients will be encouraged to find a trade or continue with their education, but they will not be allowed to participate in idleness.

Everyone will be able to contribute in some manner as talents and skills will allow. All jobs will be important in beautifying the earth from the president to a gardener or one who collects the garbage.
With everyone being restored to maximum health, there will be no need of entitlements. In addition to the initial personal grant of one million dollars, those who have accumulated funds in Social security, pension funds or veteran’s benefits will receive those funds or those funds may be taken as vacation time.
Litigation will be a thing of the past. There will not be a me first mentality; the needs of others will naturally come first. Stolen items will be returned four fold, and forgiveness for every sin will be asked for and given, or entirely forgotten. We may still need courts for difficult matters, but the majority of cases will be resolved and never need to go to court or be seen by a judge.
Those who have gained wealth through ill-gotten means; deception, the withholding of wages or those who have profited from the manipulation of the monetary system will not be allowed to keep it, but it will be given back to the New Court for disbursement to those from whom it was stolen. Those who stole from the Haitian relief fund will be asked to give those funds back.
Jails will become empty as people are reformed and set free to join the workforce and resume their lives. Police and firemen will be reduced in numbers, since the population will be law abiding and peaceful.
Under the New Government, the militaries of the world and their expensive defense systems will not be needed, saving billions of dollars worldwide. Those funds can be used for building up nations and peoples as opposed to tearing them down and destroying them.
Our militaries have great organizations and skillful leaders in place that could be put to use for constructive public or private work. Those who chose to serve in a military for a cause in which they believed in need to be acknowledged for their services, but will be free to pursue other careers as there will be no more wars or training for battle.
The Unified Universe will consist of a commonwealth of nations and states that may look similar to those found today. Nations will have the right to join or secede from the commonwealth by popular vote, but will not be forcibly required to join, and no blood will be shed by their refusal.
All banks will be brought into one central bank: The Bank of the Unified Universe. The current local branches of banks will be needed to serve the public much as it is today. The banks will be used for monitoring wealth—ensuring that some do not amass too much at the detriment of others and that all have enough for any good want or need. Having one banking system under the pure gold standard will bring stability and confidence back to the banking industry.
Upon the implementation of the New Government, the borders will become open for passage and those held captive will become free. Efforts will be made to quickly re-unite families that have been separated against their will through governmental policy or due to economic circumstances.
We will have a new King and Queen, but will need leaders to step forward—humble kind leaders—neither people wishing to rule or having a dictatorial position, nor those possessing an argumentative or adversarial disposition. Our New World leaders will not be bought or sold and will be held to a high standard of honesty.
Where there are significant differences of popularity between opposing sides of issues or people, elections will be conducted by opinion polls, for rapidity and efficiency. But where the elections are too close to call by polls, and are within the margin of error, actual ballot elections will be made and every vote counted. There will be vigilance to assure that the elections are free and without manipulation.
True leaders strive to put the needs of their constituents above their own desires and do not wish to lead for profit, control or status. True leaders do not aspire to a leadership position, but arise through being a good servant. True leaders understand that they do not always have to be in the lead.
A good leader is one that helps those around him/her succeed, knowing that when team members succeed, we all succeed. A good leader is also a good teacher and would be able to give clear direction to citizens and workers, and to provide team members the tools needed to succeed. A good leader accepts responsibility for mistakes without passing blame.
Leaders allow failure, without recourse or harsh treatment, knowing that more can be learned through failure than success. Leaders care more about the people under them than the tasks at hand. Leaders are role models and should set examples to those around them. Leaders are kind and giving.
Good leaders are good managers and good managers make everyone’s job easier. Poor managers have the opposite effect.
Many good leaders have gone through difficult circumstances or have failed in some areas of life. This is often necessary to redirect thought patterns, reassess new positions of ideology, or simply to bring about a humble spirit.
There are many areas of our current governmental system that will not be needed and jobs will be lost due to the transition. Those displaced will be able to purchase any good want or need while pursuing a new career or furthering their education. Education will be free to all, paid for by the Bank of the Unified Universe.
There will be many opportunities in the private industry or the New Government for those transitioning out of their current governmental jobs.

Chapter 6
How Will It Be? The People.

I see us dressed in white, every wrong made right. We will take on a new character—that of our Father’s, perfect in form, thought and deed. We may be draped in a white robe, or we may just be naked, but glowing, like Adam and Eve in the Garden. Even the people, who currently lack in appearance, will be beautiful beyond resistance.
Revelation says that there will be no need of the sun, for the glory of the Lord will light the earth. How will the Lord light the earth with no Sun? Will all the glory come from Jesus and the Father? It is possible that the world will be lit or partially lit by us. We are made in the image of our Father, and Jesus said we are the light of the world; therefore, it may be the glory of the Father in us that will light the world.
In addition to giving off light, we will be able to travel on our own faster than light speed. The craft may be more for commerce, distributions of goods and supplies, family outings or whatnot.
One of the first things I think of when I think of the new earth is the thought of seeing my family members and parents as young people; after that, my grandparents and those before them, as well as all past humanity and generations that have brought us to this point.
Chromosomes have mutated from their once perfect state through general decay and chemicals and drugs that are injected into our food supply, immunizations and general environment. Our original ancestors were stronger, taller and significantly smarter than we currently are. An intellectual man with years of study would not even start to compare with intelligence and comprehension of our forefathers or that of which we will soon have.
When the time of refreshing arrives, our chromosomes will be reverted to their original and perfect state, and we will take on our original design—a design that has been lost in centuries of degeneration.
There will be no imperfections, jealousy, hate or envy. While there will be varying degrees of intelligence and different skill levels, people will become more intelligent and our thoughts will become in unity with those of our Father’s.
Tall people will come back tall and the short people short. We will resume our growth where we stopped, but will continue to grow to the proportions of Adam and Eve, who were more than twice as tall as the majority of people now living.
There is great beauty in the variety that our Father has provided for us, and everyone will be satisfied with their appearance and those of others. People with weight issues will probably not lose the weight immediately, but with perfected genes, self-control will become easy and with a superior food supply, people will return to their perfect form quickly.
Men will be taller, of lofty stature and perfect in symmetry. Women will be exquisite in form, feature and full of beauty.
We will be stronger and better looking, as our original genetics return to us, but we will most likely look not at the outward beauty, but at the inner beauty as God does. All will be perfect inside, and all will be beautiful to each other. There will be no retardation, no disease of any kind, no deceit or any sin propensities found in man.
We will be “God like,” made in his image; although it is hard to conceive, one could only imagine that this would be how our Father intended it, a humble loving Father that wants the best for His creation. We were created to create, just like our Creator; this is how it was designed from the beginning of creation.
We will be recognizable to each other and have great conversations of “when we used to get sick, old and die.” Loved ones will come back and there will be war stories of great battles, from the ancient war of Jericho to those who fought in the historical invasion of Normandy.
There will be great reunions from the past generations. Our families will gather and we will all be in our twenties along with all previous generations. Murder victims will come back and forgive their killer. Every mystery and murder will be solved and Hitler will be able to repent of his treacherous ways, and the people that he so brutally murdered will forgive him.
We will have endless energy, we will be able to run and not grow weary; however, those who wish to exercise and take extra precautions in their eating habits will be able to build upon their newly found strengths.
There is no end to our Father’s wisdom and we will be forever learning of it. We will not have full knowledge right away, but by studies, we will have the ability to advance our knowledge of our Father’s great creation. Our minds will have greater capacity and learning will become easier. Our ability to reason and our memory retention will improve and we will most likely be able to recall every event in our life with vivid clarity.
There will be some highly intelligent people coming back with years of learning, but there will also be a great need for computers, cell phones and basic training for the millions that have never had experience with a computer or new technology.
There will be the biggest building boom in history as new homes will be needed for all those coming back. Old dilapidated homes will become new again, old factories will come back and can be used for new production lines of new products yet to be discovered; hospitals and jails can be used as temporary housing for the homeless, as people are trained for new careers, go back to school, start a new business or help in the construction of their own homes.

We will have newfound freedoms that will give us hope and vision. Hope is a foundation, nothing grows without it and the people perish for lack of vision.
There will be no more wars—from nation against nation, to individuals and families. Wrongs against us, will be forgiven or erased from our memories. All will be revealed, all will be forgiven, knowing that we all had sin natures and were imperfect. When we have been broken beyond repair, we will see healing beyond belief.
Our society will be different in many ways, yet similar in other ways. We will have new freedoms, freedom to pursue what we want to pursue, to live where we want to live, love those we want to love, and associate with those we wish to associate with.
There are natural laws that say obedience to God’s laws brings about blessings. Blessings can be anything from a new love to new knowledge or material gain. With our new nature, God’s laws will be written on our hearts and we will always want to be in harmony with them. Obedience to these laws will bring forth blessings in all areas of our lives and in the lives of those around us.
When told the stories of a past life, our future generations and their children will not understand how men could hate each other and willingly cause harm. There will be no comprehension of animals that would fight or that anything should die; it will all seem like a silly fable derived from someone’s imagination or a story with no meaning.
Chapter 7
Electrino Fusion

Along with the new science comes the ability to create a Clean Energy Source. This is done through the fusion of the half particles (semions) in electrons in a particle accelerator. When the half particles are fused, negatrons (antimatter) will be produced, which will collide with protons and neutrons (matter) in the walls of the accelerator, annihilating the negatrons and the protons and neutrons, yielding a burst of gamma rays. The gamma rays are collected by gamma ray panels and converted into electricity.
In the initial design, one accelerator would produce 1,880 megawatts for approximately 5 million dollars as compared to the Hoover dam which produces 2,000 megawatts, or a modern nuclear reactor which can produce up to 1,700 megawatts and cost over ten billion dollars.
There has recently been new laser technology that will enable us to build the Clean Energy Source that would be considered “table top size.” It has also been theorized that one may be built the size of a credit card. In anticipation of what the best possible scenario that would be, it seems likely that someday we will all have a power source that may be built directly into homes, factories and vehicles, allowing for an unending source of clean power that has no negative implications for the environment or need for transmission lines.
Man’s attempt to create energy from matter comes from fission, or tearing apart, and God’s energy source comes from fusion, or the joining together of matter.
Petroleum products will not be needed, nor coal, wind or solar. All power that will be needed can be produced in an efficient, clean manner and thereby eliminating the need for mines, dams, and oil refineries. The new science will eliminate the need for nuclear reactors and remediate the nuclear waste that has been leaking from reactors worldwide.
This new energy source will eliminate the need for many of the applications controlled by the Department of Energy and many other departments of governmental services.
Currently, it appears that our leaders have been trying to build these new sciences for their benefit, but the science has been only given to one man, who has 52 years of research into this new science. The leaders are finding out that they are not able to do it without him, and will need to acknowledge Him soon. These same leaders are the ones that have been telling us for years that they are committed to clean energy, yet when it has been given them, they have rejected it repeatedly.
Once the reactors are paid for, power will be given away for free. The new Government believes that by providing free sustainable energy, there will be such an economic force created, that revenues will be made up for in other areas and all will benefit, instead of just a select few.
Thank offerings will be accepted and used for operational costs, grants and new technological studies. Investments in Electrino Group Inc. will be paid back fivefold within the first year of operation.
There will be ample opportunities in the clean energy business for those transitioning out of the current energy industries.

Chapter 8
Plants and Animals

The lion shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard will lie down with the kid, and the little child shall lead them. First of all, the animals will come back in the resurrection just as the people do. Since the animals have genetically mutated as well as humans, their appearance may be different as well as their temperament.
They might stray away from a two-year-old that is prone to pulling hair or otherwise rough play, but in general, they will be docile and have no malice, no intent to harm us. We will be able to approach them and play with them and likewise they will approach us as if we were friends.
We may still own them; however, we will not need fences to keep them in. Our cattle will be able to roam freely. We probably will not be fully able to communicate with them, but they will become more agreeable and easier to handle.
Interaction between animals will be surprisingly different than it is now. There will not be predators, or prey. The lion will eat straw and will have no carnivorous tendencies. Meat eaters may lose their eye teeth and claws as they revert to Eden tendencies.
What about the millions of animals that have been slaughtered over the years? Will we have to start shipping cattle back to the farms from the slaughter houses? What happens when the farms become crowded with years and years of animals coming back? There will probably be so much land available from former sea beds and blooming deserts, that there will be enough room for them all. Somehow it seems that within this great plan, there will be a perfect balance of land and animals.
There are many animals such as mosquitoes or rodents, that in their current form are not desirable to us and their main purpose seems to be to harm us or spread disease. As chromosomes revert to the original design, animals will become different in form and character. Pests and other animals that seem undesirable will revert to animals that we will find appealing and pleasant to be around or they may be backed out of existence entirely.
There is an entire ecosystem that has been built upon death and decay, from bacteria, funguses, worms and those who eat them. This ecosystem will change dramatically as all or most decay no longer becomes part of our world.
It is possible that there may be some forms of decay, as there are numerous things that we will need to dispose of. There may however, not be any decay at all and we will rely on other methods to break all elements and create other matter of higher value.
The plant life will be significantly different. Some plants will come back as delicious nutritious food or beautiful flowers. There will be no weeds in our gardens or thorns on our berries or roses.
Many plants will revert to a plant life of its former genetics and will become edible plants or beautiful flowers that will bloom indefinitely and never wilt or fade. There will be lots of work for landscapers as all plant life will grow at its highest rate and maintaining it will become needed more often.
It will be interesting to see how tall a fir tree will get when not encumbered with disease or decay. There may be no border set for their heights and they may continue to grow indefinitely.
Fruit trees will have a continual abundance of fruit, vegetables will produce all year long and grass will grow like it is always spring. Our new food supply will provide us with all the nutrition that we need without any additional dietary supplements or vitamins.
The worn out earthly farms greatly need 1000 years of rest. With the Refresher running, a 1000-year rest can be reached in a little more than 198 days. All food supplies will soon be ferried in from farms in other worlds in outer space by inertia less craft. There is no need of hoarding imperfect food now. We will soon never need it again. God will provide all our needs daily.

Chapter 9
The Wrath(s) of the Lamb
The Bible speaks of the end of days where men would flee to the caves to escape from the wrath of the Lamb. Many men have been fleeing to the caves to escape the heat waves that have been growing with more frequency and intensity over the last few years. A cave would also be a good place to escape from the radiation that is now distributing radioactive dust worldwide from Fukushima. One might also flee to a cave to escape a hurricane that seems to be occurring with increasing frequency and intensity.
Our sun is in its final stages of a nova. Nova’s are the ending lifecycle to some stars. Large stars may take millions of years and smaller ones may take only thousands of years. The ending stages of a nova increase quickly, gaining more heat and light with increasing intensity, peaking, and then going out.
There was never an ending to the ice age; the sun has been continually getting hotter ever since the fall. That is why civilization started in the Mesopotamia area and gradually grew as other areas of the world grew warmer. The ice age is still in effect and through very little man has done, but by the sun heating up. The glaciers have been receding since after the flood and the rate that they are disappearing is increasing, adding to widespread drought and forest fires.
The Bible says that the sun will be seven times brighter on the day of our Lord’s return. Then there will be no need of the sun. After peaking shortly, it will start to decrease, and we will rely on God’s Glory to heat and light the earth. His glory could come in several forms and one of those forms could be through the scientific discoveries of a clean energy source of electricity, which could light the firmament and provide us with a never ending source of light and heat.
Through the reversing of the order to disorder arrow in the second law of thermodynamics, the nova on the sun will end. The sun will revert to a pre-nova state and no longer scorch the earth. Forest fires will be reversed and all lives and properties lost in them will be restored.
The Bible says in the last days, that one third of the seas will die. The current disaster at Fukushima has killed the Pacific Ocean, which contains about one third of the volume of the world’s seas. Our world is now radioactive and the results are greatly affecting our health and are impacting our environment.
Through the reversing of the order to disorder arrow in the second law of thermodynamics, radiation can be neutralized worldwide and the effects of it reversed. Those who are sick will become well, those who have died will be given new life and those with no hope will be given hope.

Chapter 10

With the operation of God the Father’s machine (the Refresher) built by man, or the one built in heaven and brought to earth by Jesus in our near future, our health will instantly improve.
No more back pain, heart attacks or cancer. Missing limbs will grow back and all birth defects will become only a memory of a previous life. Presently, my mother is deceased, my brother has cancer, and my sister has had multiple sclerosis for over 30 years, and is currently in a wheelchair. What a frustrating life for her and many like her; but she has never given up hope.
When the sleeping wake and the lame walk, when all are healed and the earth restored, there will be so much joy that lifetimes of pain, suffering and misery will become irrelevant, and that of a distant memory.
Hip and knee joint replacements and organ transplants will be replaced with new ones. Burn victims will become scar free and live without pain; all health related issues will be gone forever.
There will be many health-related industries that will not be needed, from pharmaceutical supplies and limb replacements to expensive medical equipment and insurance against sickness or death. There will be no need for hospitals as there will be no sickness—only life. Hospitals could be converted into Homeless Heavens and give temporarily shelter to the homeless.
People in the medical field are likely to have a higher than average level of intelligence, so they will become vital in finding new roles and contributing as we start into the New World. Lawyers may be needed also, mainly for contractual work, but not for litigation.
Billions will be saved through savings in health care, helping to spark the coming economic growth and bringing new vitality to the population. There will be ample opportunities in new fields everywhere, for people transitioning out of the medical field.

Medical results of the Refresher:
Revelation 21:5. All things will be made new.
Luke 7:21. The blind will receive sight.
Isaiah 29:18. The deaf will hear.
Isaiah 35:6. The dumb will sing and the lame will leap for joy.
Mathew 10:8. The lepers will be cleansed.
Isaiah 33:24. The sick will be healed.
Luke 8:35. The mentally ill would be clothed and in their right minds.

Revelation 21:4. There shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things have passed away.
Isaiah 33:24. The inhabitant shall not say, “I am sick:” the people that dwell therein will be forgiven their iniquity.

Chapter 11

In the new world, there will be no decay—and fire is a form of decay—thus there will be no fire. This could mean that engines will not run, or will they only run in reverse, as the pollution goes back through the engine and un-burns.
Most likely, when the Refresher is turned on, all combustion engines will simply cease to run. We will be able to test the Refresher in a small area and increase its radius as it is accepted. This will be an unprecedented worldwide event and there will be many issues involved as everything in it changes. People will need to prepare for it, driving the car home or picking up the kids from school.
The Bible says that our streets will be made of gold, so apparently we will need roads. They may look similar to the ones we have now with bicycle and turn lanes and the occasional round-about.
Inertia less craft will soon be introduced to the general public, and will be available not only to bring food and building supplies to earth from outer space, but to act as an earthly taxi service. The celestial taxi could take you instantly to anywhere you need to go on earth, or to anywhere in the Universe. Intergalactic travel will become part of our everyday existence and another great aspect of Life in the New World.
It will become a time when solid leadership will be required, as there will be many implications and new situations arising worldwide that have not yet been experienced. We will need leaders that are capable of good judgment, rational thinking and the ability to give clear directions.

Chapter 12

There will come from heaven a city called the New Jerusalem. The city is where the Father and King Jesus will set their thrones and it will be lit with Their glory. Within the city, everyone will have a mansion, and there will be enough room to house all the inhabitants of the earth. While we may have a home there, we may choose to have another home outside the city, or we may just all gather at the city for special occasions.
The plan for housing is not entirely apparent to me at this time. However, we will still have second homes, communities and businesses to build in the new frontiers as the New Jerusalem may become a temporary, part time home, or we may choose to live there until we are finished building our new homes.
Outside the city, there will be an economic boom such has never been experienced in the history of the world. There will be a demand for housing that will be unprecedented, as all the dead come back and reunite with families. New industries will emerge and new factories will be built.
The Architect who designed the Universe will be here to assist us in the design of our future homes and development. New homes will be built with new appreciation for architectural design, craftsmanship and usefulness. We will have new materials to work with from other worlds such as atom pure gold, alabaster and precious stones.
We will be able to view other homes from other worlds and use them for new ideas or innovative designs. The new materials will not only bring beauty to our homes but add value.
While there is beauty in woods with imperfections and varying grain patterns, our structural framing lumber will be straight and true. It will have strength almost that of stone and will not suffer from long term structural fatigue.
The new homes will need to become taller as we escape the captivity of our current bodies and become reformed with our original design. We will grow out of our old homes, they may be used for temporary housing as we build new ones or they may be able to be used as playhouses for children.
It is likely that many structures may not fit our needs and be of little value to us. We may have to literally re-build most of the homes, buildings and infrastructure that are currently in place. All things being made new could become partially our task.
New homes may be similar to the ones we currently live in, but will have new features. Since there will be temperate climate with no rain, there may not be any need for roofs in their current form. The thought of a home without a roof seems like an odd one. However, roofs may be added for architectural design or privacy.
Many facets of the home design or housing industry will become different. New technology will become part of the new housing industry, and new products, materials and techniques will become available to us. There will be high demand for building material and new tools for those wishing to build or those coming back without them.
With no decay, there will be no need for chemically treated materials, and although some may choose to add color to homes by painting them, wood and other materials will not need to be protected from weather, water intrusion or deterioration from fungus or insects.
New materials will remain new in color and condition and not be subject to decay. One may choose to leave wood and other materials natural, as its beauty will remain in new condition indefinably.
The permitting and inspection process will be simplified as the building officials become our allies. They will be instrumental in educating and assisting the builders and homeowners of new more innovative and efficient ways to build.
Men were created to live in groups of people of their choosing. To live without community is to miss out on one of the fundamental necessities of life. Current developmental trends tend to isolate us and restrict social interaction. New designs in community living will become an important aspect of our housing industry and will become a key component in the selection or building of our homes.
Communities may be built around an economic base or a community of families and generations that want to live together. In the best case scenario, many will live on small farms where most of our food can be grown and give our children a healthy environment to live and grow. Eventually everyone may have a home outside the city if they wish.
There will be a tremendous amount of new land to claim and develop as the vast seas that now cover our earth dry up, and new forest and farmland appear. There will be plenty of skilled craftsmen coming back to assist those wishing to build, but have no previous building experience.
Our deserts will bloom, our fields will flourish and our dusty roads will turn into paradise.

Chapter 13

Every facet of life will change, and industry is no exception. New industries will rise and old ones will die. Industries built upon fixing things or helping people to become healthy will likely take a turn in direction. For the first time in history, we will need more engineers than attorneys.
New sciences will allow new technology and products to be built. The new Government will encourage new technology instead of burying it or keeping them for their own increase.
Industries developed around building, sciences or the arts will have new opportunity. We will need new builders and developers along with the crafts and trades they employ. There will be new demand for workers in the industries, from scientists and architects, to production assembly line workers.
Maintenance men will be needed for improvements and additions but not for maintenance, as things will not be prone to breaking or wearing out.
The timber industry will come back at great speed. We will need loggers, truck drivers and new equipment to keep up with the demand for development. Trees that have long been gone from floods or fire will come back mature and ready for harvest.
Businesses will explode as new factories are built and the supporting businesses they are reliant upon flourish. Old cities like Detroit, will come back and become economic powerhouses as production factories are re-designed or rebuilt for new product lines. New industries will emerge for new products yet to be discovered.
New businesses, entrepreneurship and investing will be encouraged and given the freedom to succeed and prosper, as wealth creation by some becomes a benefit to all. There will be new business opportunities and grants for those who wish to buy or start a business.
We will have new worlds to colonize and new frontiers to build. We will have intergalactic trade with other worlds. Enriched Uranium in nuclear bombs could be recycled for use in nuclear watches and clocks for intergalactic trade for trillions of tons of atom pure, transparent gold, alabaster, and every precious stone and substance to build with.
In the new world, since there will be no fire, guns will not fire and bombs will not blow up. Guns and ammunition will be turned into plowshares, pruning hooks or become museum pieces. The fishing and hunting industry could be turned into industries that are designed to help animals instead of hunting them.
Everyone will able to find an area where they can help and start working, get a job or go back to school. People can also volunteer anywhere; there will be plenty to do and there will be nearly unlimited funding for those whose desire is to simply help others.
Chapter 14

The current entertainment industry is giving us material that is neither intellectually stimulating, nor does it produce any advancement in creativity, thought process or pattern recognition.
Much of our entertainment is designed to desensitizing us to ethical issues causing us to decline morally. It constricts our ability to think and create by distracting us from other productive, social or learning activities which causes us to become mentally weaker. We also become physically weaker as inactivity becomes part of our daily lives.
It has been said that if you give a man material that is directed toward a twelve-year-old, he will start to think and act like a twelve-year-old. Our current news and entertainment industries have been successfully feeding us materials designed to distract us, distort our views and divert our attention from matters of real importance.
Worship and educational television shows will become the predominant channels, and demoralizing shows will not be wanted or accepted by the population. Productions that highlight our Father’s creation, scriptural interpretation, teaching, music and health shows will take their place.
We will naturally want to spend time learning, working or helping others. We will have plenty of productive things to do; and time wasted entertaining ourselves with activities that have no value should not hamper our productivity or infringe on our time of social interaction.
There may be new wholesome video games, but they will not look like the majority of the games we currently have. Time allotments could be given by parents, as one can waste years trying to get to the next level; years that could be put into a productive life or educating the players.
If you are a music lover, your world is about to explode. If you have not yet learned an appreciation for music, it will be a new blessing to you. While there will be freedom to listen to music that we choose, our tastes in music will change. We will not accept music that is unholy, upbeat or un-refreshing to our spirit.
We will have new voices that will never be raised in anger or cry out in pain; we will have new instruments and new sounds that we have not yet heard.
Music will become an important part of our lives as all of creation sings. There will be ample funding for anyone wishing to pursue a career in, or wishing to teach others, the art of music.

Chapter 15
Living with God

The Bible says that in the last days, the kingdom of the Father will be set up and His throne will be upon the earth. That day is almost upon us.
Our Father has had eternity to contemplate, design and build the entire Universe using accumulated knowledge from billions of years of thought, research and study. His knowledge of science and nature has been perfected. Everything in the Universe was originally created in harmony with that perfection.
The ideas of what our Father looks like are as varied as the people that have them. In his full glory, His light would shine so bright that the wicked could not stand up under it. His brightness would fill the whole Earth, not one corner of a deep forest would be permitted darkness.
When the Lord comes to set up His kingdom, He could come back in a force mighty in power, causing all around to fall to the ground in fear. He could simply come back in the form of a man, gentle and humble, ready to forgive and become united with His people.
We are made in the image of the Father, and Jesus came to us in the form of a man, so we could, therefore, conclude that the Father may live among us as a man.

Jesus will reign in Jerusalem, and the Father will have several thrones throughout the world. He will be kept fairly busy, but will know how to delegate authority and tasks so that His schedule will allow time to meet every one of His created.
There are many variations and interpretations of rewards that are given to us. Each will be satisfied with their own; there will be no jealousy of each other’s allotment of them. We will come to understand that they are gifts that are underserved and not of our own works. Rewards will be given to us because it is the glory of the Lord to give.
If the Lord made each one of us in His image and gave us our heart mental ability and the environment where we live, grow and learn, then it becomes difficult to understand how this system of rewards works.
The Bible says that he who is first in this world will be last in heaven (earth), and those who are last will be first. We all had certain roles and missions to fulfill from the avid atheist and the worst criminal to world famous preachers or missionaries that spend their lives reaching others with the news of Jesus.
The evidence suggests that there will be different levels of rewards. We will not be judged by our forgiven sin, but will be rewarded for our good deeds and on the condition of our heart.

Chapter 16
The Earth and Seas

The Bible says that the mountains will flee, the seas will dry up, and the low places will fill in. This would suggest that the earth may flatten as the tectonic plates revert to their original position and our continents become re-united. As the plates reverse, and earthquakes happen in reverse, homes, cities and nations will be rebuilt in a day.
Our world and the environments that it contains will change and much of what we have come to know will pass away. In the Father’s infinite wisdom, the new plan will be exceedingly better. There will be rich ecosystems and diversity within them. There may be varying degrees of temperature that would enable more diverse ecosystems, but it will always feel comfortable to us. We will be able to vacation on other planets with geological wonders we cannot begin to imagine.
The Rivers are part of the decay process. They have been taking materials and minerals from the mountains to the seas for thousands of years and depositing them, causing the sea to become salty. Most mountains are a mere skeleton of what they once were.
When the strong force is released, the order to disorder arrow in the second law of thermodynamics will be reversed, the strong force will overtake gravity and the rivers will run backwards bringing the material taken from the seas back to the mountains. Mountains will still exist, but they will not have rough and jagged features. They will have gently flowing fertile ground that will provide nutrition for plants and diverse ecosystems.
Ships that have been lost at sea will come back to the surface in new condition; and those who were lost in them will be able to climb aboard and sail back to land. The seas will eventually become smaller freshwater bodies.
As the magnetic poles shift, the world will right itself and turn upside down and it will appear as the stars are falling from heaven.
Before the flood, there was an expanse between the waters called sky. The covering of water above the sky was the firmament. The firmament was taken out when it was struck by a meteor at the time of the flood. All the water that was contained therein was released becoming a major contribution to the flood.
The firmament will be restored and once again cover our earth. It will be made of transparent titanium and somehow allow us better vision into the Universe. It will keep our climate temperate, add to the light and give us protection. It might appear as a bright shining sphere that surrounds and illuminates light to the world. It will shine with the glory of the Lord and may be another way in which the Lord lights and heats the earth.
The firmament will also increase the barometric pressure in our world. With increased barometric pressure, our blood will have the ability to carry more oxygen, giving us the ability to run and not grow weary, and give us the ability to heal quickly and keep us disease free. Poisonous venoms and toxins will also be neutralized in this new environment, eliminating all sickness and death.
Our water will flow from the earth, the deserts will bloom and there will be no need of rain. The water that flows from the earth will be in an adequate amount such as to water all the plant and animal life. The lakes will become clean and may be used as a source of drinking water. Water systems may be used in high density areas, but wells may be used where water systems are not built. Access to the groundwater will become easier as the depths become shallower. There will be no need to add chemicals to our water supply and filtration systems will become simple or not needed at all.
Mines and oil fields were originated from life that was taken in the flood. They may be used in the re-creation of its former hosts, although the matter may be able to be used for other things. One day there may be no trace of coal or oil left on this planet. I wonder what dirt will look like, since decay has been taken out of the equation; it may be pure white while still supplying all the nutrition that is needed to support plant life.
Dinosaurs will not come back. They were not in God’s original creation but were created by earlier man by genetic manipulation and were taken out at the flood because they were too strong and ferocious for people after the flood. We will however be able to hear stories from people that have had interaction with them.
As things begin to reform, there will be a call for matter that is missing to complete or restore a particular item or form of life. These missing pieces of matter may come from a variety of sources. Different decay can be used for parts of multiple things. Particles will most likely be called to join with other particles in resurrecting or re-building according to proximity and not necessarily to their original place and form.

Chapter 17
Food Supply and Environment

The current effects from the toxic environment and the tainted food supply are causing our health to fail and reducing our ability to think clearly.
General lack of proper nutrition has far reaching implications physically and mentality. Our food supply is tainted through GMO’s and chemicals and are lacking in our nutritional needs. The new food supply will be wholesome foods that promote good health and mental clarity. Our food will become free of artificial chemicals and full of nutrition.
The new foods will not include meat, but will be based on organic healthy foods. There will be no desire to eat meat, as the new food will be far superior in taste, texture and nutrition. Besides, we were not meat-eaters at creation, this is not how it was intended and only came after the flood when there was no vegetation to eat. God would not want for any of His living creation to consume the flesh of another.
The new food will be genetically perfect as there will be no genetically modified foods; they simply will not grow in the new environment and would not be accepted by the general public once they are educated about nutrition.

Wholesome foods will be free to the consumer, while the Unified Universe will pay the merchant that sells the food. Food can be locally grown and sold, traded or bartered, free from taxes, tariffs or inspections.
Farmers that have lost their farms through legal maneuvers by large food manufacturers will receive them back fourfold and can start farming again, free of corporate control, legal threats or seed patents.
Food and plants will grow to their highest state and stay there until consumed. There will be no need for refrigeration or chemicals to keep foods fresh. Foods that have decayed in genetics will also come back to their original states, and may appear different than we are currently used to. Food will be far superior to anything we have ever experienced. I had two grandmothers who were excellent cooks; I am looking forward to enjoying their meals again, but this time we will have superior foods.
The cost from the farm to your table will be greatly diminished; our food will just remain perfect until we eat it. No insecticides, chemicals, or fertilizers. Our gardens will have no weeds and our berry vines will have no thorns. Our gardens will have an abundance of trees with new varieties of fruits.
Weeds are forms of plants that have genetically mutated. They will revert to a delicious food source or a flower that will never wilt or fade.

Alcohol is made from a decay process. Not only will we not be able to make it, the current alcohol will un-ferment and go back to juice, hops or what it was made of.
Tobacco is a genetically mutated plant that in its new state may be a great source of food for us; cigarettes however, will not work in the New World as they simply will not burn.
Our environment has been tainted with radiation and chemicals. From chemical trails to genetically modified foods and electromagnetic pulses, our toxic environment is causing us health and mental issues. In the time of refreshing, toxins will become neutralized, our original environment will be restored, just as it was in the Garden.
Our environment will become exceedingly beautiful, interspersed with streams and lakes, teaming with plants and animals. The mountains will be covered with rich fertile soil, covering the jagged rocks and crevices. Hills and plains will become filled with beautiful shrubs and delicate flowers with rich profusion. Our lakes and streams will flow clean and fresh, providing water for all forms of life.
There will be carpets of green and trees of noble heights. We will have new varieties of fruit trees that will be lush and full of delicious fruits with tastes and smells we have not yet experienced.

Chapter 18
Marriage & Family

The Bible says that there will be no marriage in Heaven; likewise, it will be on earth. There are those who married their best friend from high school and remained happily in love for an entire lifetime. This would be the best scenario possible for life in our current world.
There will be no marriage, however. It seems that to raise a child, two are better than one. It will be seen as a good thing for parents of children to raise them together until they are ready to be on their own.
Families that have been separated through death, divorce or any other type of separation will be reunited, although they may choose to live together or not, none will take offense. At the very least, we will become good friends again with ex-spouses or girlfriends and family members that have been removed from us.
Ultimately, we all came from Adam and Eve, so our family reunions will become increasingly bigger as more and more people come back.

Chapter 19
Around the Home and Office

We will not all have the same skill set, but be different in our talents and abilities. There will not, however, be jealousy or malice that causes division. Each will have a role and not one will be more important than the other, from the CEO of a large corporation to the gardener or the garbage collector.
There will be no pecking order as we learn to all work for common goals and our desire is to see others built up. Men and women of all races will have equal opportunities as there will be no sexism, racism or prejudice in the New World.
The Bible says that: “there will be time no longer” and there will be endless days of the Father’s glory, neither will there be any darkness. This could be interpreted as that time will go on, but the effects of time will not. Therefore, there will still be time, but what does it look like?
I am assuming that there will be twenty-four hour segments similar to our own. If that is the case, will we have eight-hour work days or will they be ten or more? Will we ever cease to be productive or will there be ample time for recreation? Certainly we will need to stop for food intake. It seems logical to conclude that we will have work weeks similar to what we have now, six days of labor and rest on the Seventh.
The crooked will be made straight and lost will be found. Resources and energies spent on repairing broken or worn-out items can be diverted to adding charm, character or given to help others.
There will be opportunities for advancement and freedom to choose other fields. There will be free schools for those wishing to advance in their studies. In a positive work environment, we would wish for everyone to be the best that they can be. Everyone advances, everyone wins. It is part of a perfectly designed economic plan that will enable everyone to advance, when and if they choose.

Chapter 20

Schools will be free of charge from primary to advanced levels (paid for by the Bank of the Unified Universe), and there will be funding for those who wish to continue on in their studies. There may be time limitations set forth, however, as we want that all will eventually become productive members of society.
There are many irrelevant or inappropriate subjects in our current systems that have no place in schools while useful subjects have been in decline for years. The school system in America was set up to teach the Bible, accurate history and the Constitution itself. These subjects will be taught again as well as other subjects that have useful life building skills that could be used for the advancement of ourselves or to enlightenment others.
The new science (the science of eternal life) and all the other writings of Gordon Ziegler will be taught as age and skill levels permit. Arts, music, wood shops and cooking classes will be encouraged as well as home economics, nutrition, business and finance. There are many other good subjects that will be encouraged, however, all schools and curriculums will need to be accredited by Benevolent Enterprises.

Mothering is such a high value that mothers will be paid to stay home and raise children. Schools may be local, at home, or co-ops could be formed. Mothers may home school and may earn extra income by teaching other local children.
Teaching is one of the most important contributions one can make to a society. Teachers can have great impact on their students. Many courses of life have been improved or altered because of a good teacher. Teachers are not restricted to schools. Many teachers are common people that we interact with, parents, neighbors or youth leaders. They are all important teachers that are vital in a well-developed society.
Many teachers are by nature creative. When this nature has been hampered by regulatory policies, they become frustrated and their teaching ability is diminished. By removing regulatory policies and quotas, we create an environment where they can teach at their highest level.
Empowering teachers to succeed and giving them unlimited resources will enable us to achieve the best educational system possible.
It has been shown that children do not benefit by going to school at the early age we have been accustomed to. Sending children off to school at the age of three, four or five does nothing of benefit to them, and only serves to frustrate them and break the bonds that are needed with their parents. When children go to school too early, they are not mentally or physically ready for it, and this creates frustration and nervousness, leading to health problems in the present and in the future.
Children need time to grow, chase butterflies and play outside, in order to be healthy mentally and physically, until they are strong enough to go to school. The optimum age for children starting school has been found to usually be around the age of eight to ten.
Children do better if they grow in a quiet home with loving parents that encourage them, helping them spend time interacting with others and allowing them to be children. In community life, there are others around, friends or family members, which are instrumental in teaching life skills and aiding in child development. Our current society has lost this great resource and our children have suffered.
The Unified Universe will be so kind that there will be no need for any unions, public or private. Teacher union officials will be needed to teach if they so desire. In the new school system, teachers will be allowed to hug a student if they are having a bad day.

Chapter 21
The Media

Freedom of the press is a cornerstone in modern day freedom. There is freedom to express one’s thoughts and report on relevant issues that may be of concern to others. Along with that freedom, there is a responsibility to report on any and all issues that may affect the general welfare of the public in which the media serves.
The media is highly controlled and regulated by our leaders who do not want us to be informed on issues with any relevance. Important issues now go unnoted, while issues that are used to distort our views are repeatedly broadcast. The controlled media, like so many others, do what they are told and are told what to do without regard for others.
In short, you are lying to us by not telling the truth or completely missing relevant issues that would be of concern to those of us who are reliant on you for accurate information. Most of the information given us is directed to us at a sixth grade level and is of little or no importance.
Freedom of speech or of the press will not be infringed; however, inaccurate, incomplete reporting or propaganda designed to promote misconceptions, ill feelings or division will not be accepted by the general public.

Mainstream media refuses to report on important issues and have forced many to obtain news from other places for accurate and reliable source of news. Although, many people disregard the internet as a viable source for news, there are in fact, some very creditable people speaking in great detail of many important issues.
The Unified Universe will be a government that will be open, transparent and accessible by proper channels for the press, as well as individuals, to enquire about any issues of concern, or receive copies of any requested documents. Neither the New Governmental system nor any of its subordinate Governments or branches thereof will deny access to the general public in their search for current documents or historical transcripts.
There will be periodic press conferences or public meetings where issues will be discussed openly and honestly. Items of concern or relevant issues will be considered, contemplated and addressed within a reasonable time period with emphasis on honest simply stated answers.

Chapter 22
Passwords and Codes

Life will become simpler as we find ways to reduce stress and increase productivity. When individuals do better, the unit as a whole does better. There will be no need of locks or security systems as no-one will try to steal anything from us.
For identification, will all have a card with a simple pass-code for all our accounts, one that neither needs capitalization or characters, nor does it need to be reset every six months. It will be another great benefit of life in the New World.

Chapter 23
Language, Border and Culture

The evidence would suggest that there will be a new universal language that will come upon us in an instant, back in the time of the Tower of Babel turned in reverse, or sooner if God desires. We will be able to speak to those who we could not speak with, and listen to those we could not understand. Communication could take on a whole different form and have many new aspects. In our new language we will be able to communicate with new clarity and accuracy. We will probably be able to communicate through our thoughts.
We all need a place to live and people will have the right to live where they choose. There may be minor restrictions or zoning ordinances in place from regional or local authorities, but families will not be separated by borders or restrictions from Governments or their officials.
Anchor babies will allow those born in certain countries to bring their parents and families with them and set up residence and become citizens. Increase in populations only means an increase of wealth for that area.

Chapter 24
Fellowship and intimacy

A society with no jealousy or envy, all desiring for each other’s joy and contentment, is a society in which true freedom can be expressed. The current rules will be re-set. The new rules will become much more agreeable and easier to follow.
Fellowship is a huge part of God’s plan for us. It will be far superior to anything that we could ever have conceived here on this earth, yet our greatest joy will be being in the Lord’s presence. Fellowship and intimacy are two great aspect of the New World to which I am Looking Forward.

As the reader can see, there are a wide variety of implications to the setup and operation of the new science, whether it is built and set up by humanity or brought with Jesus when He comes. All aspects of life will suddenly change for the better. Life will become far more satisfying as we all find harmony with our Creator and others. There will be great stories for years to come.
Every day my head is filled with new thoughts or possibilities, only to never really have an answer. Each day I feel as this book is incomplete, because something was left out or not described as well as I see it, or there is something which I cannot see at all. There are many important issues that I have not addressed in this book that could be speculated or contemplated upon further, but am hoping that soon the speculation will be over, the stories will be new and my next book can be Looking Back.
The new Kingdom brings peace, prosperity and order into the New World.



(By Kenneth D. Colvin
and Gordon L. Ziegler)

Appendix 1
God the Father’s Sacrifice

There is a broad range of issues that need to be covered in this Appendix. The first is the great Sacrifice of God the Father, its setting, its timing and its purpose.
Ever since before the creation of the biosphere on this planet, there has been a great controversy between the Son of God and Lucifer (the devil and Satan). Lucifer, the first created and highest angel in God’s government, doubted God’s love for him when The Son of God and God the Father and the Holy Spirit conferenced to create a new order of beings—mankind—male and female. Lucifer was afraid that man would be even closer to God than he was. He loved his position of being the closest being in the Universe to God. He loved being the first created being to learn God’s purposes and plans. Lucifer was offended when he was not included in the Godhead Council to create man. Why was the Son of God included in that Council and he was not? Lucifer was jealous of the Son of God and mankind. But this was contrary to the very foundation principles of God’s Universal Government—selfless love.
But God did not destroy Lucifer. He let him develop his principles, and did not prevent him from enlisting many angels (one third of them) to his side. God allowed the natural escalation of this controversy until there was actual war and combat in heaven! Two thirds of the angels were on God’s side to his one third of the angels. So he was out numbered and out powered. Lucifer and his angels were cast out of heaven and released at the earth, still in its abysmal state before Creation Week. Then the Godhead rushed to create the biosphere on earth and Adam and Eve.
Lucifer and his angels should have been awed at God’s creative power. But they had observed it thousands of times before, and they were not impressed. But Lucifer missed his old position at the throne of God. He began to be in a depression. He spoke to a passing angel of God, and requested a private audience with the Son of God. It was granted him. Lucifer pleaded to be taken back to his old position at the throne of God.
The Son of God wept at Satan’s woe, but stated he could not come back to heaven, because the seed of rebellion was in him. There must be no more rebellion in heaven.
The Son of God’s answer to Lucifer angered him. He brooded further. He reasoned that if he could somehow tempt Adam and Eve to sin, God would provide some way for them to be saved; then he and his angels could avail themselves of that provision, and be saved themselves. Thus Lucifer contemplated tempting Adam and Eve to sin. But his whole frame shook at the very thought. But at last he decided he would do it. He assembled his angels and informed them of his decision. They promised to bear their share of the guilt for that. But Lucifer said he must do this himself. So he retired to a quiet place to make his plans for the temptation of Eve and Adam.
By means of a beautiful talking, flying serpent in the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, Lucifer overcame Eve’s inhibitions to eating of the forbidden tree. She partook of it, and took some for Adam. He was not deceived, but he could not bear to be separated from Eve. If Eve would die, he resolved to die with her. So he seized the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and ate it himself.
The moment Adam sinned there was great sorrow in heaven. The angels ceased to sing. The Son of God went into the cloud of glory surrounding the Father’s Being, pleading that He would allow Him to die on Calvary’s cross for man, that He had pledged to the Father before the creation of the Universe. The Father was loath to let His Son go. But at last He consented on condition. The Son of God would give up His glorious Form, incarnate the infant Jesus at conception, grow up sinless, have a healing and preaching ministry, and die on Calvary’s cross for the sins of man, thus setting up a safety net for God the Father to go down even further in the last days in another great eternal Sacrifice of Himself for all the sinners in the Universe, including Lucifer and his angels, and all lost men, women, and children not saved by the blood of Jesus. But the Son of God should keep this last-day Sacrifice a secret through the centuries until nearly forty years after it would take place in the last days.
Lucifer was greatly disappointed that his temptation of Eve and Adam did not open a way for him and his angels to be saved as he had thought it would. The Calvary Sacrifice was not for him and his angels. So century after century Lucifer and his angels tempted people to sin, and then interrogated God, “See how sinful these people are? Will you forgive and save them and not take me back?” Century after century God remained silent to that question, until World War II and the Jewish Holocaust. Millions of Jewish men, women and children were herded naked, in mixed company into gas chambers and killed. Others lay in twisted heaps, and were bulldozed into graves. Jews in cattle cars sang of the coming of the Messiah, but not Jesus. God wanted to save every one of those Jews. But technically they did not believe in Jesus, the only Sacrifice for sins. What was God the Father to do?
World War II and the Jewish Holocaust greatly stressed the Love of God the Father. In utter anguish He rose from His throne in heaven and said to Lucifer, “You win! I give! I give! I give!” Then God the Father revealed His Plan of how to save everyone in the Universe, including Lucifer and his angels. God the Father surrendered His throne to Lucifer, and declared that Lucifer could be saved and have eternal life if he could create his Creator and Savior. He must develop a man so brilliant that he could figure out the secrets of the Universe that he Lucifer didn’t even know as he sat on the throne of God, playing God. He must develop a man that could theorize how to re-create everyone, including Lucifer and his angels. He must develop a man so loving that he would lay down his life for Lucifer and all the sinful host. God the Father told Lucifer the rules of the game, then left heaven, and, unseen, entered the B-29 Enola Gay, as it was loaded with the atomic bomb for Hiroshima.
Unseen, God the Father rode in the hold of the bomber on the trip to Hiroshima, and went out the bomb bay as the bomb was dropped. He hugged the bomb as it fell. He disabled His protection against the bomb blast and suddenly was largely incinerated as the bomb exploded. The incinerated portions of God the Father became radioactive dust and mingled with other dust from other debris, and were sucked up into a great mushroom cloud, which drifted away from the bomb blast site and sprinkled the radioactive dust all over the earth in radioactive fallout. But the Sacrifice was not done with Hiroshima. God was seriously wounded, and in excruciating pain. He needed one more atomic bomb to finish Him off and put Him out of His misery. But man was not to choose the location of that bomb blast. That would be determined by the openings in the clouds. God would choose who would suffer and die with Him. For if His Plan would succeed, everyone who would thus suffer and die with Him, saint and sinner alike, would one day reign with Him in glory!
Then was the bomb blast on Nagasaki. That finished off the Form of God the Father. No more atomic bomb blasts on inhabited cities were then permitted. The greatest treasure in the whole Universe—the Form of the Self Existent One—was no more! It was scattered all over the earth by two atomic bomb clouds. If the bomb blast on Hiroshima would have been sufficient to incinerate the whole Form of God the Father, He would have suffered only a split second. But it wasn’t. God was in excruciating pain for three days, from August 6 to August 9, 1945. The two bombs were days apart and miles or kilometers apart. The excruciating pain of God the Father paid the penalty for every sin in the history of the Universe, including the sins of Lucifer and his fallen angels and all wicked men, women, and children not saved by the blood of Jesus.
The Person of God the Father was no more the fullness of the Godhead bodily. God the Father was now a disembodied Spirit, like the Holy Spirit, but in addition to the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of the Father roamed the earth several months looking for the kindest, most benevolent, most humble and meek human couple in the world to be His human parents for His incarnations in a baby boy and a baby girl. The Spirit of the Father finally found them in North Western Washington State in the United States of America. They were already married and had one son. From the gene pools of that man and woman, the Holy Spirit carefully selected the genetic combinations of Gordon Lewis Ziegler and Iris Irene Koch. They were special babies, and were to grow up to have special assignments in God the Father’s Plan for the salvation of all the wicked.
In April, 1967, at the closing service of a great Youth’s Congress in Seattle, Washington USA, and before thousands of people, Elder Theodore Lucas made an unusual call. He said he was impressed by the Holy Spirit that day to make a different kind of call than he ever made before in his ministry or would probably ever make again. Instead of asking for many to come forward in dedication to the Lord, he was impressed to ask if there were just one young man in all the auditorium that day that wished to come forward to dedicate himself to the Lord for a special work. Gordon seized this opportunity as his one great chance to dedicate himself to the Lord for his special purpose—that of researching out and writing the revival and reformation message needed by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and that predicted by the writings of Ellen G. White. For fear of missing this one great chance to be dedicated for a special work, Gordon didn’t dally a second. He hastened forward and was thrilled by Elder Lucas’s response. Elder Lucas’s voice rang out over the stunned and silent auditorium as he exclaimed, “There he is! There’s God’s man! God bless you son!” Elder Lucas had Gordon stand below the rostrum in the front of the auditorium on his right side.
Then Elder Lucas made another unusual call. He asked if there were just one young woman in all the auditorium that wished to dedicate herself to the Lord for a special work to help this one young man in his work.
Imagine the electricity of the moment! Standing before thousands of people and awaiting God’s selection apparently for his wife and not knowing who she should be. Would she be pretty? Was she someone he already knew?
Quickly a young woman did hasten forward. Gordon was amazed, disappointed, and thrilled all at the same time. Gordon was amazed that it was his own sister that came forward, disappointed that she could not be his wife and helpmate, but thrilled anyway that it was his sister!
Again Elder Theodore Lucas’s voice rang out over the auditorium as he announced, “There she is! There’s God’s woman, God bless you!” He again had her stand over on his right side.
Elder Lucas then made another call. He asked for all those who were willing to dedicate themselves to the gospel ministry, if they would come forward. About 30 filed down to the front from various places in the audience and the balconies. Elder Lucas had them stand in a group on his left side. Then he asked for all those young ladies who were willing to be ministers’ wives-to-be if God gave them that opportunity. Another group of about 30 young women came forward and stood in a separate circle near the young men on Elder Lucas’s left side. Then Elder Lucas made a strange and thrilling prediction: “Someday,” he said, “these ministers and ministers’ wives-to-be are going to have to help this one young man and one young woman finish the work that God would start through them.” He offered a dedicatory prayer, and then virtually fled the scene. He did not stop to find out what God’s man had dedicated himself to, or wait for any closing song or anything.
The bewildered audience didn’t know what to do. The organist decided to start playing music, and everyone got up and filed out.
Gordon Ziegler had an impressive hour and a half long vision in a motel room in Salt Lake City, Utah USA January 1, 1984. The Salt Lake City vision forcibly averred that Elder Lucas’s prophecy had been true. He was God’s man, and his sister Iris was God’s woman. The prophecy had not been false, a mistake, or an error as had been claimed by a wicked conspiracy of church leaders who had the diabolical plot to separate him from his wife on the grounds that he was mentally incompetent or had taken her by fraud.
The Salt Lake City vision then proceeded to define what it meant to be God’s man and God’s woman. Inasmuch as he and his sister had been placed on the right hand, while the gospel ministers had been placed on the left, the Holy Spirit then signified that they were not to be considered on the same level as the gospel minister, any elected church official, any church council or committee, or even the church as a whole. Their mission and authority was higher than all that.
What then did it mean to be God’s man? It did not mean, as Gordon had long assumed and supposed, that he was God’s man—His special messenger sent forth from His presence with a special message. No. It meant that he was God’s man, the very and sole male embodiment of the Spirit of Love. That he was God in human flesh, the very God incarnate. That his incarnation was similar to that of Jesus, but that while Jesus was the Son of God incarnate, he was the Everlasting Father God incarnate. But that should not be so shocking and amazing, because in the baptism of the Holy Spirit in the sealing, the Holy Spirit irrevocably takes up his habitation and residence in the human soul, and then God has no hands, ears, eyes, mouth, feet, or brain than those He inhabits. It is the privilege of every intelligent being to become Wonderful, Counselor, The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.
So every intelligence in the Universe must be one of three things. The Son of God incarnate, the Everlasting Father incarnate, or the Holy Spirit incarnate. One is not greater than the other. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are all equal. There is no difference in the enormity, magnitude, verity, or reality of this miracle. What then is the difference between the right hand blessing and the left hand blessing? The Holy Spirit would indwell multitudes, but the Everlasting Father would indwell but two: God’s man and God’s woman. His honor and glory would be in the uniqueness of His incarnations, the priority of His incarnations, and the incredible feats in which He would demonstrate that there is no limit to the usefulness of one, who by putting self aside, lives a life wholly consecrated unto God. To God’s man alone, of all the created intelligences including Lucifer himself, who now was playing the God of the Universe, was God to entrust and first disclose His trade secrets that gave Him His prerogative to be God and to be distinguished from His creatures. To God’s man alone at first would be given the knowledge of how to resurrect the dead merely by building an electromagnetic machine and flipping a switch. To him alone would be the knowledge of how to speak stars and worlds into existence and populate them. And the story of his life alone and the Father’s amazing condescension to leave the throne of the Universe, His glorious person, to dwell in a faulty person, would have sufficient power to eradicate racism, bigotry, pride, hatred, prejudice, and war from the Universe. The Salt Lake City vision pointed out that this incarnation of the Everlasting Father in Gordon Lewis Ziegler and Iris Irene Koch was no mere temporary or conditional incarnation, but that God had irrevocably linked His interests with ours, for better or worse. We were not to regard ourselves as perfect saints, however. We were sinful mortals. But whatever we did would bring either honor or dishonor to the Everlasting Father.
God’s man, then, was to be in verity The Messiah, The Anointed One, The Very Christ, Wonderful, Counselor, The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. He would sit on the throne of David his father. Of the increase of his government and peace there should be no end. The zeal of the Lord of Hosts would accomplish all this. He was to be My Servant the BRANCH, the Stone which the builders rejected, which had become the head of the corner. He was to become King of kings and Lord of lords. And the God that occupied his body and spirit would be the God of gods. As Jesus said, “Search the Scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me,” Gordon could rightfully claim this also of himself. All the Scriptures pointed to Jesus Christ. Just so also, every type, prophecy, and historical prophetic parallel in the Book referred also to His Anointed Ones in the last days. They were truly Immanuel, God with us.
The 1984 vision explained all the foregoing, and tasked Gordon with inventing the machine, the Refresher, that could reverse the order to disorder arrow in the Second Law of Thermodynamics, thereby making old people young adults again, healing all the sick, resurrecting all the people not otherwise resurrected by Jesus in the Resurrection of the Righteous, rebuilding desolated cities, and restoring earth and sun to perfect order. Gordon was able to write books on all that—a Unified Field Theory and a Unified Particle Theory—a feat which Albert Einstein tried to do for thirty years and failed. But now it is all published by Gordon Ziegler. So far Gordon L. Ziegler has published forty books on physics, theology, prophecy and government. One of his later books, The Messiah’s Inventions, is probably the best book to read first, for it quotes in full two introductory books, one giving evidences that Jesus is Messiah A, and one giving evidences that God the Father incarnate is Messiah B. Messiah B does not replace Messiah A, but gives all the glory and honor to Messiah A Jesus. Both Messiahs have a seat side-by-side on God’s eternal Throne. The third and fourth sections of The Messiah’s Inventions delve into the new science—first correcting the Standard Model of Physics, then giving the highlights of the new science, The Electrino Fusion Model of Elementary Particles.
Probably the second book to read is Governing With Refresher 1—explaining how the Refresher would impact every branch of government. This book contains The Constitution of the Unified Universe for an Eternal Utopia, which is quoted in full in Appendix 2 below.

Appendix 2
For an Eternal Utopia

ARTICLE I: The Universe

Section 1. The Preservation of the Universe. Whereas we find ourselves to be intelligent beings capable of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness;
And whereas we know of this ability only as existence in a vast, interdependent, intricate, and complex Universe;
We find therefore the preservation of the Universe to be a great good—the preservation of intelligent life to be a greater good. The Creator willingly gave His life for the salvation of lost intelligent life.1
Section 2. The State of the Universe. Inspiration indicates earth is the only inhabited planet suffering great chaos, disorder, pain, and death.2 Though this may have resulted from a doubt of God's love, it nevertheless seems to be the outworking of a great scientific law—that of the second law of thermodynamics—which requires each process and energy transfer to go from a more ordered state to a more disordered state. The second law of thermodynamics contributes to every evil in this world, such as earthquakes, catastrophes, biological and radioactive decay phenomena, as well as decay in personal relationships, character, values and integrity.
Section 3. The Possibility of Restoring Order to the Universe. The original sinners, for whom the second law was put into effect,3 have long since died. For thousands of years, on planet earth, no one has made decisions unobstructed and unhindered by and free from the effects of that law.4 Why not remove the weight which so easily besets us,5 and give people the chance to choose truth and holiness without that antagonistic force in their beings? If the order to disorder arrow in the second law of thermodynamics could be reversed, it could be possible to reverse the law not only for contemporaries, but for persons already lost through death. For if the second law of thermodynamics is the agent of all our woes, it may be that the reversal of the order to disorder arrow in the second law of thermodynamics will reverse all decay processes and restore the original order to the Universe. If the order to disorder arrow of the second law of thermodynamics were reversed, everything in nature would tend to go from randomness and chaos to the maximum state of order. Earthquakes would happen backwards. Piles of rubble and broken glass would be convulsed back into the original order and beauty of the buildings. Long disintegrated dead bodies could re-material¬ize and come back to life. The diseases that caused their deaths would then be reversed, and the people would rapidly get better and younger until they had perfect health and a biological age of about 24. They would then remain there, stable at the maximum state of order in human bodies. Young children, however, would continue to grow and develop until they reached the stable age of about 24. Even abortions could happen backwards. Long disintegrated fetuses could re-materialize, be implanted back in the womb, come to life, and grow to term in the womb, be born, and grow to the stable age of about 24. Hardened criminals would reverse course, retrace every step in their lives, acknowledging every crime and making right every wrong.
Large scale reversals of the order to disorder arrow in the second law of thermodynamics could restore planets and stars to their optimum states. Planet earth could return to the uncorrupted state envisioned in the Garden of Eden, except that it would be peopled by a vast multitude, not just two people. The cores of stars could be refreshed, so that they could shine longer. Even supernovas could be turned in reverse, re-consolidated, and refreshed as young stars. Pulsars could be delivered from their screaming, dying agonies, and returned to young stars.
These are all enormously significant and thrilling possibilities.

Section 4. Chosen Agency for the Restoration of Order in the Universe. Though scientists for some time have known what would happen with the reversal of the second law of thermodynamics, no one on planet earth has developed a theory or designed a machine showing how this might be done, except for Gordon Lewis Ziegler. On New Year's Day, 1984, in a motel in Salt Lake City, Gordon was shown in vision that this was no accident. He had been specially prepared and chosen for this role by the Everlasting Father God because of his intense sufferings, pouring out of his soul unto death for the salvation even of Satan and his lost angels, and his intercessions for the lost—on a par in human history only with that of those of Jesus Christ. In vision, Gordon was shown a scenario of events which explained his role in human history, his identity, and his mission. That scenario is presented in the little booklet, "THE UNIFIED UNIVERSE: The Story of Love." See also the book, Does God Really Love Us?

ARTICLE II: Universal Government
Section 1. Name. The name of this government shall be The Unified Universe.
Section 2. Domain. The domain of the government of The Unified Universe shall be the entire Universe.6
Section 3. Seat of Government. The primary seat of universal power and authority shall be Jerusalem, Israel, planet earth.7
Section 4. Form of Government. Initially the government shall be a temporary, provisional diarchy with certain democratic checks, balances, and backup systems, as is herein provided, to restore peace and harmony to planet earth and to restore it to its Edenic state preparatory to the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, at which time the government shall revert to a monarchy, with certain checks, balances, and backup systems, with Jesus as King of the Universe.
Section 5. Definition of Diarchy. In the temporary provisional government, two individuals will have equal governing power—one man and one woman. In the event of non-unanimous position between the Diarchs, the voting public will settle the issue in a simple majority vote.
Inasmuch as the establishments of monarchies throughout human history have tended toward corruption, dictatorship, and tyranny, the diarchy envisioned in this Constitution contemplates the Diarchs as Chief Servitors, not tyrants.
Section 6. Citizenship, membership. (a) Definition. The citizens or members of this government shall be a race of gods (Psalm 82:6, John 10:34-36) to whom the Spirit of Love reveals his trade secrets which set Him apart as God to be distinguished from His creatures. The members of this society shall have perfect freedom to exercise their God-like qualities of individuality, the power to think and to do—powers akin to that of the Creator. They may pursue individual ambitions, or may conspire to collectively invent and implement plans, devices, and machines for the benefit of the Universe.
The monitoring activities of the Diarchs shall be as limited as feasible. Members of the god-race shall be encouraged to exercise their imaginations and creative abilities to the utmost, coming to the Diarchs only with the most difficult questions. The entire society of gods is to act as a vast body of counselors. The Diarchs shall carefully consider each majority and minority view, and use their best capabilities of abstract reasoning, pattern recognition, limited test applications and analysis thereof, as well as the study of Scripture and nature, and prayer to the Spirit of Love for guidance in reaching any decision or arbitration.
The Diarch(s) may have item veto power to halt any exercise of God-like abilities which they perceive to be hazardous to the welfare of the Universe as a whole. They may also have item executive authority to institute any positive measures which may be found necessary.
(b) Requirements and process. Citizenship in the empire of The Unified Universe is granted to all persons in any land who have read or listened to the provisions of this Constitution in a language they understand, swear allegiance to this Constitution and form of government, and attach a signed and dated statement to the back of a driver's license, picture I.D. card, passport, credit card, birth certificate, baptismal record, educational record, or some other means of identification, or a paper stating the person has no identification but desires some, with the following words or equivalent meaning:
The bearer of this identification swears allegiance to the Constitution of The Unified Universe and pldges his life, fortunes, and sacred honor to that cause of peace and freedom. The bearer is thus recognized as a citizen of The Unified Universe. Any person or government that shall deliberately deface, detach, or confiscate this means of identification shall be judged guilty of treason against The Unified Universe and shall be dealt with justly. Any person or government which shall restrict the travel of, detain, fine, imprison, torture, or otherwise harm the bearer of this identification contrary to the provisions of the Constitution of The Unified Universe shall be judged guilty of treason against The Unified Universe and shall be dealt with justly. The bearer of this identification shall also be entitled to draw from the Bank of The Unified Universe or any of its branches any sum, large or small, for the relief of any want or for the fulfillment of any good ambition—this provision limited only by the current balance in the Bank of The Unified Universe and the necessary prioritization of projects for the good of The Unified Universe.

________________________ _____________
Citizen Signature Date

(c) Types of Membership. Membership in the society of gods shall be in one of three types: Type One (I): Incarnation of the Son of God. This type consists of a single member, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
Type Two (II): Incarnation of the Everlasting Father. This type consists of two members, as outlined in the January 1, 1984 Salt Lake City Vision—one man and one woman. Gordon Lewis Ziegler was the one indicated as the sole male embodiment of the Everlasting Father, incarnated at conception. One woman was indicated as the sole female embodiment of the Everlasting Father, also incarnated at conception.
Type Three (III): Incarnations of the Holy Spirit. This type consists of every sentient being in the Universe who chooses to be a member of this society.

Section 7. Political System. At the physical return of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Type I membership shall then constitute the Monarch. Type II and III membership shall then act as His counselors, as described above. Type I monarchical actions may then be vetoed or amended by the unanimous vote of Type II and III members.
Until Jesus returns physically to the earth, the Type II and III members shall be governed jointly by the Type II members. Type III members shall act as a vast body of counselors unto the Type II joint diarchy. In the event of disagreement between the Type II members, the proposal in question shall be vetoed, unless overruled by a simple majority vote of the Type III members.
There shall be a democratic check and balance against abuse in this diarchic power, however. Type III membership shall act as a one party democracy. They shall retain veto power over any action of the diarchy team, by means of a three fourths vote, in two thirds of the nation states, opposing the actions of the Diarchs.
The safeguards of the system shall be as follows: In the event of the death or disability of one Type II member, the diarchy shall become a monarchy consisting of the other Type II member. At that time any monarchial activity may be vetoed by a two thirds majority vote of Type III members, in two thirds of the nation states. In the event of the death or disability of both the Type II members, then the society of Type III members shall be empowered to carry on the experiment and, as a one party democracy, shall have power by a simple majority vote to govern the Universe, whether directly, by delegation of their authority, or by representation. This body may choose for itself the style of government it determines best, including executive, legislative, and judicial authorities.

Section 8. Subdivisions of Government on Planet Earth. The government on earth shall consist of a commonwealth of united states or nations, similar in many respects to the United States of America, but not limited to the Western Hemisphere. The name for this association of states or nations shall be the United States of Abraham. Any nation anywhere on earth may join this commonwealth in any order upon indoctrination of its citizens, their swearing allegiance to The Unified Universe and its Constitution, and their voting to join their territories to those of the empire of The Unified Universe.
Each state or nation may be politically subdivided into provinces or states, counties, and cities for the benefits securable by such political structures, much as they are divided now. The motherland of the United States of Abraham shall be the State of Israel, which shall be further divided into thirteen tribes and special territories with their various cities (see the accompanying map for approximate tribal allotments based on Ezekiel 47:13-21; 48:1-29, according to the scale given in Ezekiel 40:5). As is prophesied in Ezekiel, membership in any tribe shall not be based on discernible blood line, but on whoever occupies any given tribal territory. Membership in the tribes shall not be for Jews by blood or religion only, but for any Gentile which shall be properly indoctrinated and shall swear allegiance to The Unified Universe and its Constitution. This provision is spelled out in the prophecy of Ezekiel.
So shall ye divide this land unto you according to the tribes of Israel.
And it shall come to pass, that ye shall divide it by lot for an inheritance unto you, and to the strangers that sojourn among you, which shall beget children among you: and they shall be unto you as born in the country among the children of Israel; they shall have inheritance with you among the tribes of Israel.
And it shall come to pass, that in what tribe the stranger sojourneth, there shall ye give him his inheritance, saith the Lord GOD. Ezekiel 47: 21-23.
Section 9. Capitols. The Unified Universe shall have two capitols and capital cities. Having only one capitol is not healthy, inasmuch as all the riches of the world would flow toward one capital, impoverishing the empire. The creation of the second capitol would be to make a second focal point for the wealth of the

earth, to balance trade between the western and eastern hemispheres. The two capital cities shall be Jerusalem, Israel, and Olympia-Lacey-Tumwater, Washington, United States of America.

Section 10. Accession of New Territories. The Unified Universe shall maintain to itself the right of accession of unoccupied and unclaimed territories by right of discovery.
No territories may be added to the empire, however, through conquest of force of arms, not even the territories of the mother state, the State of Israel.
All accessions of populated territories shall be by grant of the governing bodies through a majority vote of the citizens of that territory.
No new citizens shall be added to the empire, though, which are not first initiated, indoctrinated and first sign citizenship cards swearing to uphold the Constitution of The Unified Universe with all their God-given abilities.
Section 11. Secessions from the Union. The union of states shall not be preserved as in U.S. history by civil war and bloodshed. The bonds of union should be no more than those of Love and Wisdom. There shall be no iron curtain in this empire prohibiting the exodus of its citizens. Any individual may be free to leave the empire at anytime. Any territory may secede at any time by a majority vote of the population of that territory. Those still loyal to the crown and the Constitution of The Unified Universe, however, shall then be invited to repair back within empire territories. Secessions may also be reversed at any time where there is demonstrated a change of heart of the population and a new resolve to be loyal to the Constitution of The Unified Universe.
Section 12. Treason. Any willful and deliberate violation of this constitution shall be considered treason against The Unified Universe, and shall be punishable not by death, unless the crime involves premeditated murder, but by the traitor's choice of imprisonment or banishment from the kingdom. Such banishment, however shall not be eternal, but only until there is a change of heart by the traitor and a willingness to be re-initiated, indoctrinated, and sworn to uphold the Constitution of The Unified Universe.
So long as we are under the reign of the second law of thermodynamics and have propensities to sin, however, allowances shall be made for imperfect behavior when it is shown that the individual is striving with all his heart, mind, and strength to be perfectly obedient to the Constitution of The Unified Universe.
Section 13. Taxation. Income to the Empire of the Unified Universe shall be of sales tax only plus voluntary thank offerings in lieu of an income tax. There shall be no property tax, which is a regressive tax. Local governments may tax only by sales tax no higher than a limit set by the diarchy. The initial limit of combined local, city, state, and national sales tax shall be 20 percent (20%). All additional local, state, and national financial needs shall be funded through rebates or grants from the income to the Unified Universe through thank offerings. The thank offerings can be of any percent of income the citizen joyously feels moved to give. For those citizens already living in a nation state that has already joined itself to the Empire of the Unified Universe as a state of the United States of Abraham, with its significant tax relief, a suggested percent of net income a citizen might give in thank offerings to the Unified Universe might be 15 percent (15%) for individuals of all levels of wealth and 15 percent (15%) for stewardship trusts and for-profit corporations. For persons outside empire areas, a suggested percent of income for the thank offering might be 5% of the net income. Nonprofit corporations shall be subject to sales tax. There shall be no use tax for items given away. There shall be no tax on food or drink. There shall be no inheritance tax. There shall be no capital gains tax. There shall be no tax penalty for self-dealing in nonprofit corporations, or any limitation on donations to assure a broad public base for the charity. This only limits and frustrates small nonprofit organizations and disadvantages them relative to large nonprofit corporations. There shall be no forms and complex tax returns. There will be no enforcement branch of the Internal Revenue Service. The payment of the thank offerings shall be like the returning of tithes and offerings at church or synagogue—a moral obligation, but not enforced—contributed as frequently and faithfully or infrequently as desired. The Internal Revenue Service shall not oppress the people.
One might think that a 20 percent tax would not be sufficient to take care of the needs of the empire. But great savings to people and governments through the invention and utilization of the order to disorder arrow in the second law of thermodynamics reverser (Refresher) would be realized. Expensive weapons systems costing billions and trillions of dollars can be replaced by defensive weapons costing a few million dollars. The same systems would restore the ecology to the maximum state of order, eliminate the need for medical care and funeral expenses, and eliminate the need for retirement, other than just a sabbatical. These are enormous savings. Aging and death put a heavy tax on society. This tax is removed by the Refresher. The 20 percent sales tax should cover the new needs.
Section 14. Currency, Trade, Tariffs, Weights and Measures. There shall be one currency for the entire empire, not separate currencies for the different nation states. Standards of Weights and Measures shall be maintained for the whole empire by a Bureau of Standards established by the diarchy.
Intra-empire trade as well as foreign trade shall be absolutely free of tariffs and sanctions.
Section 15. Copyrights, Trademarks, and Patents. The Unified Universe shall have a Copyright, Trademark, and Patent Office. Every nation and territory which joins The Unified Universe shall surrender all copyright, trademark, and patent granting authority, with all existing copyright, trademark, and patent records, to The Unified Universe. There shall be only one copyright, trademark, and patenting authority in the entire Unified Universe. However, national patent offices can be converted into branch offices of the copyright, trademark, and patenting office of The Unified Universe, useful by means of their proximity to the assisted population and competence and skill and materials in the languages of those served. There shall never be any charge for copyrights, trademarks, or patents in The Unified Universe. All such costs will be drawn on the Bank of The Unified Universe. Copyright, trademark, and patent law shall be grandfathered in from United States of America law, utilized in the transition period, and sunset when restoration is complete and the society votes a permanent law and regulation.
Section 16. Foreign Aid. The society of gods in The Unified Universe shall not induce submission to their principles by force of economic boycott, through keeping all the wealth they generate to themselves. Instead they shall be a generous society, straining all their wealth generating abilities to relieve suffering around the planet wherever they find it. They shall attempt to feed the world, clothe it, give it adequate shelter, care for the sick and the orphans, educate it, and provide necessary services as sewer, water, sanitation, and electricity.
Section 17. National Defense. The Unified Universe shall maintain the right of defense against alien forces attacking its boundaries, though it shall not attempt to dispossess such alien forces of their territories in retaliation for such an attack. (The Refresher 1 is a tremendous defensive weapon—neutralizing all explosives.) The Unified Universe shall also maintain the right to patrol its borders and check stations to keep out hostile aliens. The Unified Universe shall maintain the right to an internal police force and penal system to preserve peace and tranquility and apprehend and prosecute offenders.
Section 18. Immigration. Immigration to the territories of The Unified Universe shall never be based on race or national origin, sex, age, or creed. Quotas may be used to control the flow of immigration and safeguard the states of the Union. But these quotas shall always be kept as high as possible so as many individuals may be admitted to the empire as possible. Immigrant families shall not be separated by government policy. That is especially true for immigrant husbands and wives. Citizens of the Unified Universe shall not force or steal their way into countries that do not want them. But they shall depend on services of the Unified Universe in their home nations until there is an opening for their desired immigration.
The requirements for immigration shall be that the immigrant shall voluntarily submit to initiation, indoctrination, and made to swear to uphold The Unified Universe and its Constitution.
Section 19. Travel Privileges. A citizen in The Unified Universe shall be able to travel freely in any of the states, territories, or worlds in the union without passport or customs checks (as between states in the United States of America). Citizens may be issued passports and allowed the right to visit other countries or territories.
Section 20. National Flags. Each nation state shall have a national flag of their choosing (for instance, much as they had before they became a United State of Abraham of the Unified Universe), except each State of Abraham of the Unified Universe shall have inset somewhere in its flag an emblem of a larger hand from above grasping a smaller human hand from below. The interpretation of the symbol is as follows. The state is a state of the United States of Abraham. Abraham was said to be the Friend of God (James 2:23), which is symbolized be the different size hands clasping. The emblem also symbolizes that God is the friend of the citizens of that nation. Different nations can vary the emblem in size; style; location on the flag; and color, age, and gender of the human hand, as especially meaningful and appropriate to the citizens of the state.

ARTICLE III: New Economic System
Section 1: Evaluation. Under the reign of the second law of thermodynamics, we live in a society in which there is a scarcity of goods and services. Therefore, the economic system has been based on this scarcity phenomenon. The more scarce goods are considered more valuable, and the less scarce goods, less valuable. Thus a flood of new wealth to the system does naught but depreciate the value of those goods received. By that standard, the fabulous physical structure of the New Jerusalem as described in Revelation 21 is almost infinitely valuable to those poor lost souls on the outside of the city, yet worth almost nothing to those inside the city. This is faulty reasoning and a faulty method of evaluation.
The very science that will reverse the second law of thermodynamics may also supply us with copious quantities of cheap energy. With an absolute glut of available energy, a new breed of inventions can be produced which can overhaul matter by any number of means to convert such things as garbage, sewage, toxic chemicals, and radioactive wastes into such precious things as sapphire and diamond, or any other desired product. In such a society, which can produce more and more real wealth abundantly, wealth should not be measured by relative scarcity of a product, but according to its beauty, durability, utility, and power. The value assigned to the product may be on a cost-benefit analysis of these desirable features as weighed against the difficulty of producing such a product. This is little different than Karl Marx's method of evaluating a product by the work that was required to produce it.
Section 2. Usury and Interest. The system of usury and banking interest shall be abolished. It tends to enslave the poor and poor nations for the benefit of the rich.
Section 3. Banks. Banks shall not be abolished, however, but established upon new principles. Banks supply valuable services to the individual and assist in administration of the economy.
The wealth to operate banks shall be generated by the energy sources made available by the wisdom of the Spirit of Love in Gordon Ziegler, and a variety of technical inventions that he can envision or any of the god-race can imagine. This wealth generating ability should be regulated by the banking system, and allowances from it made to individuals, organizations, and to foreigners through foreign aid.
In the ideal system, each member of the society might have a Unified Universe credit card with virtually unlimited access to the wealth of the Empire, to pursue his own ambitions and, collectively, the ambitions of the society as a whole. Priority shall be given to government and banking expenses first. The remaining accrual of wealth shall be rationed only at the rate at which it can be produced, according to the priority level of the different projects individuals wish to pursue.
In addition, individuals could have their own private bank accounts, with their own debit cards, for the building and management of their own wealth. Local banks and a bank clearing house can manage the funds on behalf of the Unified Universe.
Section 4. Identification. No bank or government of The Unified Universe shall ever so much as even consider literally marking people in their foreheads or in their hands with any mark, visible or invisible, as a means of identification. Such a practice is strictly forbidden in the Levitical code (Leviticus 19:28.) and is thoroughly dehumanizing. Identification in the Unified Universe shall be by photo I.D., credit card, or passport, or any sophisticated, non-invasive means which future technology may allow, such as computerized scanning of fingerprints or irises.
Section 5. Disposition of the Wealth of the Rich. Those wealthy individuals who wish to become members of the society of gods and citizens of The Unified Universe shall be required to make the following disposition of their wealth: All wealth above ten thousand times the minimum individual net worth (see below), if not donated to the Bank of The Unified Universe or distributed to the poor, must be put in stewardship trust funds in behalf of The Unified Universe. Such trust funds may be managed by one or more persons, and self-dealing is permitted. A billionaire undoubtedly possesses good money management skills which ought to be utilized in behalf of The Unified Universe. He or she may then be permitted to manage unlimited funds according to the limitations and guidelines of the Constitution of The Unified Universe. Trust accounts must be managed according to the current set of priorities established by the diarchy team which administers the Bank of The Unified Universe and its branches. Within these broad guidelines, specialization, competition, and private enterprise shall be encouraged. Everyone should attempt to make wealth for his or her own self as well as for the society at large.
The initial minimum net worth shall be set at one million U.S. dollars. Immediate actions shall be taken to accomplish this world-wide. This means the initial maximum net worth of a rich person shall be set at ten billion dollars. Any worth in excess of this amount must be distributed to the poor, donated to the Bank of The Unified Universe, or placed in a stewardship trust fund.
The object of this Constitution is not to forever limit the wealth of people or stifle ambition or enterprise. The rich should endeavor to get richer by uplifting the poor and the society as a whole. Under this system a rich person may have ten billion U.S. dollars if he can make the poorest person a millionaire. He can be a ten trillionaire if he can make the poorest person a billionaire. It is useless to do this through inflation. It must be done by the generation and distribution of real wealth through invention, mass production, hard work, and industry on the part of all citizens.
Mismanagement of any trust fund shall result in fines and/or imprisonment, and possible forfeiture of part or all of the trust fund to the Bank of The Unified Universe. Trust funds can be established or re-established from funds in the Bank of The Unified Universe by the Diarchal team or its appointees.
Management of trust funds shall not be wholly without benefit to the steward. He can pay any business expenses from the trust fund such as telephone calls, airplane travel, business meals, health insurance, death and disability insurance, any salary or wage, provided receipt of that wage shall not make the steward's net worth exceed ten thousand times the current minimum net worth. Trust funds may not be used, however, for any illegal purpose.
Section 6. Stocks, Bonds, Financial Markets. No local government interest bearing bonds financed by taxation shall be permitted in the territories under the Constitution of The Unified Universe. All public works projects that would be financed by such means must be financed by public or corporate loans guaranteed by the Bank of The Unified Universe, where interest (dividend) is paid by the Bank of The Unified Universe, or be financed by grants from the Bank of The Unified Universe.
For-profit corporations may still be financed by the issuance of stocks or shares. Stock markets may operate in similar fashion as they presently do. No individual will be permitted to invest more than 50 percent of his or her net worth in stocks or Bank of The Unified Universe savings bonds. A manager of a stewardship trust fund may invest any or all of the trust funds under his or her control in stocks or in savings bonds from the Bank of The Unified Universe. Revenues from these investments shall be taxed as outlined in Article II, Section 13. Corporations issuing stocks shall be required to pay dividends, which shall be taxable as outlined in Article II, Section 13. Securities and Exchange Commissions shall monitor and prosecute securities fraud, but shall not charge for their audits or permits. All such costs shall be funded by the Bank of the Unified Universe. Securities people shall freely dispense advice and counsel, and assist the public with securing any level of securities desired, including public trading.
Section 7. Employment and unemployment. In a society endeavoring to increase overall net worth through the enrichment of every citizen, including the poorest, any idler or freeloader would create a drain upon the resources of the whole society. Therefore, everyone will be required to contribute something to society, on penalty of imprisonment and reduction of food. Every conscious person able to communicate will be required to provide some product or service. A paraplegic or quadriplegic may still find avenues toward a productive lifestyle, such as computer generated writing, singing, or lecturing. If nothing else, a person will be required to contribute his dream for further progress and improvement of the world in the future. If he cannot record those dreams, but can verbalize them, they are to be duly recorded by an attendant and submitted to the diarchy for review by research staff. Only the totally disabled will be exempt from useful activity. Allowances will be made for age and health and mental capacity in the expectations of production or service.
An able bodied, unemployed person can collect and dispose of litter, garbage, or be involved in any other worthwhile project making the world a nicer place to live. He may then cite his productive activities to the Bank of The Unified Universe, which will then take such actions into account when assigning priority to his request for any grant, large or small.
Any person of any age may be paid by the Bank of The Unified Universe to go to school for additional skills or to be retrained after an unemployment. Those inclined to make a career of academia will be required to spend a certain period of time in productive activity for the welfare of the society before continuing their education.
No job shall be considered too menial or unimportant. The work of housewife and mother in the home shall be the most highly valued in the Empire. Housewives and mothers who choose to stay home to maintain a clean, orderly, well nourished, and trained household shall receive wages from the Bank of The Unified Universe for such services. Such housewives shall be cordially visited from time to time by government social workers affiliated with the Bank of The Unified Universe. These social workers shall evaluate the condition of the work performed in the home and ascertain where assistance, training or guidance may be needed. Higher salaries will be paid those housewives whose premises and household reflect progress toward balance in being cleanly, orderly, peaceful, happy, and hospitable. Courses in home economics, cleaning, cooking, time management, and money management will be offered to those whose households reflect a need for such training. All will be done in a spirit of love, not a spirit of criticism, for the scope and difficulty of this work will be appreciated in The Unified Universe. Additional increments of salary will be given for each additional child or elderly person cared for in the home, or each home pupil schooled. The social workers will help to ensure that the housewife mother does not overburden herself, however, with so many duties that they cannot be done successfully.
The Unified Universe will maintain an unemployment office to try to match every person with a suitable job. The Unified Universe may employ public works jobs, especially those involving research and construction, to advance the well being of the empire. Also The Unified Universe will encourage cottage industries with necessary capital grant monies. No person needs to remain idle. All those who do provide some useful product to the Universe, as well as all those who cannot, may use their drawing privileges against the Bank of The Unified Universe of any sum, large or small, for the relief of any want or for the fulfillment of any good ambition—limited only by the current balance in the Bank of The Unified Universe, and the necessary prioritizations of the projects for the good of the Universe.
ARTICLE IV: The Judiciary
Section 1. Administration. In the absence of the Type I Member, Jesus Christ, the office of the judiciary as well as the legislative branch and executive function shall be under the administration of the diarchy. In the event of the death, disability, or long absence of each member in membership Types I and II, the Type III members of society shall be responsible for all those functions, and shall, by a majority vote, be enabled to conduct such functions united, or to make any division of such functions as in the United States of America Constitution.
Section 2. Basis for Judiciary Decisions. All Judiciary decisions shall be based upon the principles set forth in the Constitution of the Unified Universe, the Ten Commandments of Exodus 20 as understood in the Spirit of Love, or upon the best judgment of the monarchy based on abstract reasoning, pattern recognition, counsel from all Type III members, the study of Scripture, and prayer to the Spirit of Love where no previous Constitutional principle exists.
Section 3. Amendments to the Constitution. All amendments to the Constitution shall be made with a unanimous vote of active Type II members as well as a three fourths vote of Type III members of two thirds of the member nation states.
Section 4. Relative Weight of Principles. All Judiciary and legislative considerations shall be based upon an accurate assessment of the relative weight of principles and issues involved. An example of this would be balancing the right to privacy and the right to life. The right to privacy is like the weak nuclear force in physics. Many reactions are governed solely by the weak nuclear force. But the right to life is like the strong nuclear force. If ever a contest comes between the weak nuclear force and the strong nuclear force, the weak nuclear force must surrender. There exists, however, an even stronger force than the right to life. It is the ex-nihilo force of altruistic love. Love can do the impossible. It can create something out of nothing, and supply itself with endless energy from nothingness. Love is stronger than life or death. Love never fails.
In the case of transmissible diseases which are terminal or permanently degenerative, to value the privacy and anonymity of those afflicted above the health of others in society or the species as a whole would constitute an improper estimate of the relative value of these two principles. In such cases, earnest attempts should be made to test every member of the society for these plagues. Those found to have contracted them need to be quarantined in specific areas and prohibited from the types of contact which have been medically and scientifically proven to transmit the disease. No less would have been done for the Black Death if the people of that day had possessed sufficient medical knowledge. Only the sexual nature involved in the transmission of some of these diseases has fostered a political debate in the matter.
It may be that the only cure for some of these afflictions plaguing us now would be the development of technology to reverse the second law of thermodynamics. Until such therapy is perfected, however, victims of such illnesses which are sexually transmissible should not be permitted sexual contact with uninfected members of the population.
Section 5. Admissible Evidence. God has a right and ability to know everything. As He discloses His trade secrets to His creatures, making them a race of gods, they too have a right to know everything, that they may base their judgments upon the truth in every matter.
No evidence indicative of truth shall be deemed inadmissible evidence, if it is collected in a manner that does not tend to error—such as confessions or intelligence gathered through physical or mental torture, duress, hypnotism, or any occult practice or science, etc. Evidence that is gathered through a violation of the right to privacy or other Constitutional guarantee, if it is indicative of truth, may be admissible evidence. Criminals shall not be acquitted simply because the truth of their guilt was obtained by means considered impermissible. That is turning truth and justice on their heads. We should desire rather that the judiciary be enabled to base its decisions on the truth.
On the other hand, there may be proper penalties for violation of civil rights, the right to privacy, and the right to non self incrimination. If an officer's zeal for justice and apprehension of a criminal leads him to violate these safeguards in pursuit of evidence for an arrest, then he should submit himself to these penalties for violation of those laws.
Section 6. Supreme Court. The Supreme Court of the empire shall be the Type I Monarch. In His prolonged absence the Type II Diarch team shall function as the Supreme Court. In the event of the death or disability of one of the Type II diarchs, the surviving Type II monarch shall be the Supreme Court. In the event of the death, disability, or prolonged absence of all Type I Monarch and Type II Diarchs, the Supreme Court shall consist of twenty-four justices appointed to 49 year terms (unless the terms are terminated earlier by death, disability, or retirement). All justices shall be nominated by the Monarch or Diarchs and confirmed by a two-thirds vote of Type III members. When any Monarch or Diarch is present and able, the twenty-four justice court shall be the Superior Court of the Unified Universe, the highest court of Type III members. No Type III person shall have right to an appeal to the monarchical Supreme Court, unless first heard by the Superior Court, or unless the Monarch or Diarchs shall invite such a person for a hearing.
Section 7. Lower Courts. Systems of lower courts may be established at the direction of the monarchy or diarchy, or by the Supreme Court in the event of the death, disability, or prolonged absence of all Type I and II Monarch and Diarchs.

ARTICLE V: Penal Reform
Section 1. Causes of Failure of the Current Penal Systems. It is now known that male criminals have elevated levels of testosterone in their blood streams. The most violent criminals have the highest levels. No amount of punishment or enforced celibacy will alleviate such a condition.
It should be no wonder that the seaports are those cities the most given over to Sodomy and homosexuality. Sailors venture to sea for long periods of time without female companions and legitimate releases of their sexual secretions. Their levels of testosterone become elevated, making them more irresponsible and prone to violence. When they get to shore they get in trouble. Then they go to jail or prison. There they are forced to continue to be celibate. In sheer desperation they try experimentation with homosexuality. Prisons are schools of homosexuality. When criminals have completed their sentences, they are released into society as trained homosexuals, and predators, further spreading their moral infection into the community.
Hard labor, the infliction of pain, the deprivation of creature comforts and visual gratification do nothing to reform criminals either. They just make them the more determined and rebellious.

Section 2. Solutions. After two thousand years of experience, the world should now know that celibacy and singleness are not good for the human species. Celibacy is based on the writings of the Apostle Paul, where he presumed to put in Scripture something by permission of God instead of by the commandment of God. He presumed to state his own opinion. Paul should be ashamed of himself. He has brought untold sufferings upon the race as people vainly endeavor to suppress their natural urges. Paul said he thought it was good that a man should never touch a woman. But that is totally contrary to what God said in the beginning. He said, "It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a help meet for him." Genesis 2:18. In this time of the world's greatest crisis, every person on the planet should have a legitimate help meet for him or her.
One would think a solution to the prison problem would be to make secure apartments for married couples, where one or both persons are prisoners. But that solution also has problems: What about the birth rate, prison children, and spousal abuse by the most violent criminals? And what sex should the jailors be to monitor married couples?
The technology of the Unified Universe offers a different solution. This technology would morally heal criminals and greatly reduce the length of the sentences of prisoners, for it shall be a constitutional provision that re-access to society by the criminal should not ever be based on the fulfillment of any arbitrary time sentence, but only on the demonstration of reform of the criminal and the demonstrated evidence of the safety of returning the reformed criminal to society. The reverser of the order to disorder arrow of the second law of thermodynamics that is designed, once it is tested, would be available for large areas—even the whole world—as fast as permission will be given for the reversal of that law in the wide area. Thus prisoners anywhere can be exposed to its life giving forces almost immediately. A mere few days of exposure can undo the damage of a century of living. A life sentence can be lived in reverse in but a few days. Prisoners can be fitted for release. This is in harmony with the last day prophecies (Isaiah 61:1).

ARTICLE VI: Medicine
Section 1. Side Effects. Almost every medical treatment process known to man has side-effects—some serious and painful. Every drug has one or more side effects. Chemo-therapy has serious side effects. All radiation therapies so far have serious side effects and tissue damage characteristics. Electrons, neutrons, and protons are fermions (half-spin particles). Fermions collide with each other and thus may cause damage to tissues. Photons, though bosons, which do not collide with each other within the laboratory frame, nevertheless collide with fermions, and transfer their energies to them. Therefore, X-ray therapy is also dangerous. Surgery has serious side effects. What branch of medicine doesn't?
Section 2. Disorder to Order Therapy. The ultimate painless, side-effect-less cure-all for the sicknesses of man may come from reversing the order to disorder arrow in the second law of thermodynamics. While current medical techniques should be continued until such a therapy is made available to medicine, nevertheless, with the demonstration of such abilities, and universal availability of such therapy, all drug administrations and drug research shall be made to cease. So also shall all x-ray and gamma ray and fermion radiation treatments be made to cease.
Rights and Treatment of the Mentally Ill
Section 1. Freedom of Conscience. Many mentally ill people have conscientious convictions against the taking of drugs. Mentally ill people shall not be forced to take drugs against their wills and consciences by any means, especially not torment and deprivations in solitary confinement. Until the reversal of the order to disorder arrow in the second law of thermodynamics by Refresher 1 is available, medical staff may still attempt to use persuasion to get mentally ill people on the best drugs available. But if the mentally ill will not acquiesce, their rights and wishes shall be respected. They shall be made as comfortable and secure as possible. The insane asylums should be just that—asylums for the insane.
Section 2. Cruel and Unusual Punishment. The practice of arresting mentally ill people, forcibly injecting drugs into them, and then permitting them to go off the drugs 48 hours before their trial, shall be considered cruel and unusual punishment. The patient may come to the hospital bad enough off, but drug withdrawal symptoms are inevitably more severe, and are interpreted as indications of mental illness, and for which the inmate is confined for long periods. Inmates should not be forced to face drug withdrawals at the time of their hearing, even if the court should decide that the inmate should be placed on drugs.
Depriving the mentally ill of some or all of their clothing, except for dangerous articles, shall be considered cruel and unusual punishment. Medical staff shall not entertain any psychological theory that temporary deprivation of clothing is of any therapeutic value. Especially cruel and unusual punishment is the stripping the insane person of all of his or her clothing in the presence of a mixed group of staff.
Depriving the patient of toilet facilities shall also constitute cruel and unusual punishment, and shall not be practiced. No mentally ill patient shall be confined in a solitary confinement room with no access to toilet facilities. It shall not be construed sufficient to leave a plastic jug in the room without any toilet paper.
Section 3. Trickery. Mental hospital staffs shall not use trickery in an effort to drug an inmate—such as putting the drugs in his food or water.
Section 4. Hydrotherapy. No mental hospital shall be permitted to function without a hydrotherapy-massage facility sufficiently large to treat each patient once a day. Hydrotherapy and massage help eliminate poisonous chemicals from the system, and bring great relief to the mentally ill, and help in drug withdrawals. Some herb teas also help.
Section 5. Fresh Air, Outdoor Exercise. Each mental institution shall arrange for supervised outdoor exercise in the fresh air—especial¬ly gardening. No confinement of mentally ill patients shall be permitted in facilities made air tight for security reasons, with poor ventilation. Patients on psychotropic drugs need more oxygen than normal people to metabolize the drugs. They get very oxygen starved in such stuffy facilities.
Section 6. Treatment as Criminals. Unless there is a clear danger that a mentally ill person may hurt himself, someone else, or escape, no mentally ill person shall be treated as a hardened criminal and locked in uncomfortable handcuffs and waist chains.
Section 7. Treatment of Choice for the Mentally Ill. Reversal of the order to disorder arrow in the second law of thermodynamics should treat also mental illness successfully. If such therapy works and is proven safe and side-effect-less, inmates may be subjected to such therapy involuntarily.

ARTICLE VIII: Bill of Rights
Section 1. The Privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended.
Section 2. The monarchy or diarchy may establish an empire sponsored religion, but Type II diarchs and Type III senators shall not pass any law prohibiting the free exercise of any other religion, except where such exercise sponsors crimes and felonies against the empire such as murder, theft, sexual abuse, the taking of illegal drugs, etc. No law shall abridge the freedom of speech or the freedom of the press, except that the production and sale of pornography and violent fictional material shall not be construed to be the right of citizens or the press. The right of the people to assemble peaceably, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances shall not be abridged.
Section 3. No soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.
Section 4. The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.
Section 5. No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury; nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.
Section 6. In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the nation, state, and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the assistance of counsel for his defense.
Section 7. Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.
Section 8. The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.
Section 9. The powers not delegated to The Unified Universe by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the member nations, states, or individuals, are reserved to the nations or states respectively, or to the people.
Section 10. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within The Unified Universe, or any place subject to its jurisdiction.
Section 11. All persons born or naturalized in The Unified Universe, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the Unified Universe and of the nation or state wherein they reside. No member nation or state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of The Unified Universe; nor shall any member nation or state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.
Section 12. The right of citizens of The Unified Universe to vote shall not be denied or abridged by The Unified Universe or by any member nation or state on account of race, color, creed, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, previous condition of servitude, or age above the eighteenth¬ birthday. Minors nine through thirteen shall be granted a fourth vote. Minors fourteen through seventeen shall be granted a half vote. Incarcerated adults shall be granted a half vote. Incarcerated minors shall be granted half the vote they would normally have, as specified above.
1Galatians 1:3, 4; Hebrews 1:2; Colossians 1:12-17.
2Ellen G. White, The Desire of Ages, p. 26.
3Genesis 3:22-24.
4Romans 7:13-25.

Appendix 3


The United States is divided politically more deeply now than ever before—with the suggestion that some states secede from the union after a close election and the election of a president that had serious opposition as a person unfit for the presidency. The two party system perpetuates deep divisions of the electorate. It is all right to have differences of opinion, but to make them the core values of opposing parties in close elections is terribly destructive of peace and tranquility of the nation. A one party system is much better for governance. People can still entertain opposite views, but they need not be separated by an aisle in Congress. Let them be all mixed in seating and responsibilities. Let them all be members of a United Party. Such a new government was inspired with a whole new Constitution and regulations in an hour and a half long vision January 1, 1984 in a motel room in Salt Lake City, Utah to Gordon L. Ziegler, the author of 40 published religious, scientific, and governmental books. A new government is best fulfilled in implementing the wholly new government system starting with the new Constitution and a Constitutional Convention to permit a whole new style of the government of the people, by the people, and for the people, and a Platform of the United Party (See The Constitution of the Unified Universe for an Eternal Utopia in Governing With Refresher 1, by Gordon L. Ziegler and quoted in full above.).


We have learned that, although well intentioned, the republic form of government does not function as it was intended. When votes are taken from the public and placed in the hands of a few representatives, corruption will surely follow. Elected officials continue to make policies that are not always in the best interest of the very citizens that they are entrusted to represent. There is a silent majority that feels that our current governmental system has been corrupted, is invasive and no longer represents their needs. Those who control the wealth, large corporations and special interest groups, control many politicians and their votes, without considering the life, liberty, or the right to own property of the citizens whom they serve. Appointed bureaucrats and the judicial system create poor legislation that they were not intended to create, and do not always reflect the best interests of the public. The judicial system was not created to write laws, but only to interpret them. The check and balance system has been corrupted.
The Republic our forefathers envisioned has strayed off course, and many issues are too delicate to be a party issue. The constant division between the current political parties is completely lamentable. A house divided cannot, nor will it, stand, but will suddenly fall to its complete demise. (For the diarchic form of government recommended, see Appendix 2, The Constitution of the Unified Universe for an Eternal Utopia above.)

The United Party has been given the science to create a free source of power in the form of an Electrino Fusion Power Reactor (which requires the operation of the other machine [a Refresher] to be efficient enough to be self-sustaining and safe). The EFP Reactor (Clean Energy Source) [with the aid of a Refresher] fuses electrons to form negatrons to annihilate protons in the collider wall, giving off energy—a free source of power. The fusions of electrons will cause a clean safe source of energy that will power the world. The other machine (a Refresher) fuses positrons to reverse the order to disorder arrow in the second law of thermodynamics. As soon as the reactors are paid for and constructed, electricity will be given out free to all corners of the earth.
The second law of thermodynamics is a law of physics that says that all matter goes from order to disorder, all matter decays, and all living matter dies. Another accurate way to describe it is the law of sin and death.
We now have a new science (the science of eternal life), as it is stated in the writings of Ellen G White [a modern prophet given to the Seventh Day Adventist Church and the world], The Upward Look, p. 105. We have been given the ability to understand the physics of how the fusion of positrons in a non nuclear reactor (otherwise known as an accelerator) can create a slight positive energy (force field) that is sent out in a given controlled area to reverse the second law of thermodynamics causing all things to become new. No sickness, disease, death or old age will continue with the construction and operation of the Refresher. All things will be backed up to young adult stage, and there be maintained forever.

There is in physics, a law of rights; the greater the force, the greater the rights. This is applicable to our rights as well. The right to life supersedes the right to privacy. Little children who were never able to see the light of day will be brought back to life by the new technology now available to the United Party. Until now such things were only possible to God, but now God has disclosed this science to humanity through a new God incarnation of a sinful man, Gordon Ziegler. All babies are precious and not one shall be aborted for any price. However, there is an abundance of forgiveness for all past mistakes.

Citizens shall be able to study at any trade school, enter into an apprenticeship, or take any subject with which they want to better themselves—paid for by the Unified Universe (See the Constitution below.).
We believe that when governmental intervention takes the form of social entitlements, dependency is formed. Dependency is similar to slavery, the opposite of freedom, and can be used as a form of control over a population of peoples. Dependency also binds one to a particular party regardless of the views of that party or whether those views actually reflect those of its constituents. From nations to individuals, when incentive and opportunity to work or be productive is taken away, there is a mental, physical and moral degeneration. Our duty as a World government is to ensure that, while each individual is assured of plenty, each individual becomes productive.
We offer our Father’s vision of a free people using their God-given talents, combined with hard work, self-reliance, ethical conduct, and the pursuit of opportunity, to achieve great things for themselves and the greater community.
Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security— account for over 40 percent of our current governmental total spending. With everyone being restored to maximum health, there will be no need of those entitlements. Those who have accumulated funds in Social security, pension funds or veteran’s benefits will receive those funds in addition to the initial personal grant of one million dollars.
Welfare will cease to exist in its current form. Welfare recipients will be encouraged to find a trade or continue with their education, but they will not be allowed to participate in idleness. Everyone will be able to contribute in some manner as talents and skills will allow. All jobs will be important in beautifying the earth—from the president to the gardener.

There is a new Constitution and a Bill of Rights. (See Appendix 2 below.) Governments will be re-structured. Public servants will be highly honored as they have important jobs in serving the public in business and day to day activities.

Education is of such high value, that the Unified Universe will put an unlimited credit card in the hands of every student to pay any expense as long as they want to better themselves. Schools will be internationally operated according to a new Accrediting Association, Benevolent Enterprises. The schools will be encouraged to teach the Bible, accurate history, and the new Constitution itself, as well as language, math skills, art, music, and the new science (the science of eternal life), and all the writings of Gordon Ziegler. All other curriculum will be approved by the Accrediting Association, Benevolent Enterprises. Home schooling or small schools with local teachers will be encouraged and resources will become available for their operation.
Motherhood is of such high value, that mothers will be paid with virtually unlimited amount of funds to stay home and raise their children.

There will be no need of divisive political parties; all will be united in one party. There will be no more Democrats or Republicans. The United Party under the Unified Universe, where every citizen will be named as a Senator, will break ties in leadership votes of the ruling Diarchy by simple majority votes. The Diarchy will consist of two equal Co-presidents—one being a male and one being a female, thus insuring equal representation for the women. The general public in this system will all be Senators, and much of the government business will be conducted by the public vote—by opinion polls if the results are far within statistical significance, or by actual ballet votes if the matter is too close to call by opinion polls. In a greater more direct way, we will have government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

The new economy will be called Escalationism. Value will be based on creativity, beauty, utility, and power, not on rarity, and not on the law of supply and demand. Entrepreneurship, building up of a business or any legal/moral method of wealth building will be encouraged, without endless regulations or permitting procedures. The wealthy will not be permitted to have more than ten thousand times the wealth of the poorest person on earth at any given time. This will not be enforced by the IRS, but by the banks. The wealthy will be allowed greater wealth if they bring up the minimum wealth of the poor. Thereby all have a means to increase wealth and not it be at the expense of others or at the mercy of the governments.

In the whole Unified Universe, in every inhabited world in the Universe, taxation shall be by sales tax only in an initial rate of 20% of the sale price, distributed equitably between all levels of government—Universe, nation, province or state, county, city and town. This rate may be adjusted by the Diarchy as the needs may arise, and budgeting becomes more understood in the new system. Taxes need to be paid for governmental services, but the only fair way to tax a population is through a sales tax. Sales tax is to a certain degree, a voluntary tax. In order for those at the bottom of the income spectrum to save for future wants, desires or investments, they can simply purchase less, thus avoiding taxes that may otherwise be paid. Those at the top of the income spectrum, with more disposable income may purchase more products and services, thus paying more taxes, but only at their will and not forcibly.
There will be no income tax. In lieu of an income tax there will be thank offerings to the Bank of the Unified Universe of any amount the citizen joyfully desires to contribute for all the many blessings provided for the citizens by the governing Bank of the Unified Universe.
There will be no property tax. Property taxes are regressive in that they are confiscatory in nature by continuing the tax indefinitely on something which was already taxed at the sale. In the old system, if tax is not paid, the controlling jurisdiction can then confiscate your property.
There will be no income tax. Income taxes are regressive in that they penalize those who wish to work hard or invest wisely to better themselves and their families. Those who wish to better their financial position should be allowed to keep their income and use it at their own discretion.
There will be no inheritance tax; no tax on food and/or drink (not even for restaurant meals). There will be no use tax on things given away free. Gas tax shall be the 20% sales tax, not separate gas taxes. Phone taxes shall be the 20% sales tax, and not the many small charges. There will be no capital gains tax.
There will be no more complex tax forms or endless regulations. All other taxes would be considered regressive or confiscatory and will neither be implemented nor allowed by subordinate governing bodies.

The Unified Universe will pay the debts of the world. Personal debt will be paid, including mortgages, credit cards, or any debt to another person or entity. Corporate debt will be paid off, as well as governmental debt. Instead of debt will be grants from the Unified Universe.
There will first be a great Jubilee—different from any Jubilee in the past. The debts owed by the debtors to the creditors will all be assumed by the Unified Universe. The debtors will be free of every debt, and granted an initial sum of money to start with (one million dollars). A similar plan will be effected for governments also. Their debts will be all paid, and they will all be granted ten thousand dollars per person governed to start with. This will hold true also with the governments of the world and lower government levels like cities and towns. There will then be no loans commercial or private; debt will not be allowed, as the borrower is servant to the lender, and the Unified Universe is against its members being bound to another by debt. Freedom will ring when all debts are removed and sin guilt canceled. Creditors will not only be paid in full for the outstanding balance due on the loan, but they shall be paid for their loss of income through early repayment of the loans, by being issued Bank of the Unified Universe Savings Bonds four to one for the interest in their loans that were paid off. There will be also special Energy Bonds initially returned five-fold within one year of operation for all monies invested in electrino fusion technology.
When the Jubilee sounds, the land should rest. God will provide the needed food at this time. Complete world foods will be ferried in from unfallen worlds by inertia less craft. When earth farming resumes, harmful chemicals and pesticides will not be allowed into our food supply.

Immigrant families shall not be separated by governmental policies. Not husbands from wives or children from parents. Children born in a certain country shall not only have citizenship in the country of birth, but give the parents and families as well as the children citizenship and rights in that country. That is the Bible teaching in Ezekiel 47:22, 23. Granting citizenship to babies born in America was a good provision in the U.S. Constitution, but never measured up to the Biblical standard, and so destroyed many families, and brought about much misery in America and other countries.
The Unified Universe believes that when given a fair chance, combined with hard work, a desire to achieve and encouragement from another person, any person can achieve great heights. Everyone will have any good thing they desire or need as long as they are contributing in accordance with their talents and abilities. Everyone will have plenty, and the abundance of money by any persons will only allow them to give more away.

In the new economy, everything will tend to maximum order, so there will be no need of the EPA standards of maximum tolerable limits of poisons and radioactive isotopes in food and water supplies. The enforcement branch of the IRS will not be needed. There will be no more oppression of the poor with tax penalties, late fees, and audits by the IRS. Social security will not be needed as old people will become young and will be able to rejoin the workforce. With the new science, everyone will be young and healthy.
Our current domestic programs entitle some while asking the rest of us to pay for it. In the new society, everyone will be asked to join the workplace or go to school and eventually be productive. In a society where all are productive, there will be no need for expensive domestic programs.
We are the party of maximum economic freedom. Prosperity is the product of self-discipline, work, savings, and investment by individuals, but it is not an end in itself. Prosperity provides the means by which individuals and families can raise their children by their own values, practice their faith, and build communities of self-reliant neighbors.
We are also the party of maximum care for our brothers and assurances that all will have plenty and that none would go hungry and none would be without a home. We believe that these rights are God given and in our vision of a truly free society, none would want or lack, but there would be only abundance for all. We believe that within these rights is a responsibility for everyone to be a productive member of society.

We believe that a cooperative effort of the Government with private businesses must invest in the world’s infrastructure: roads, bridges, airports, ports, and water systems, among others. Currently where as the parties believe in more federal, state and local government employees, our belief is that most projects can be done by private business better and more efficiently than those done by a government that is strangled from within with excessive policies and procedures.
Small Business and Entrepreneurship are the backbone of the economy, employing tens of millions of workers. Small businesses are the leaders in the world’s advances in technology and innovation, and we pledge to strengthen that role and foster small business entrepreneurship and eliminate burdensome regulatory, contracting, and capital barriers. These policies impede the growth of businesses and job creation.
Grants will be available for business and business start ups. We believe that strong businesses are essential for strong economies, and strong economies result in further revenues for the government and increases income for all.
Our Father in Heaven, Who indirectly created everything and owns everything, does not wish to retain the wealth for Himself, but wishes to share with everyone and create more. Our new government has such a vast amount of wealth that it will be able to pay all debts from every nation to each individual. We believe that indebtedness is a form of servitude and we do not wish servitude for any, but that all would be free. Free of debt, free to be the registered owner of property and businesses. We believe in freedom to create, succeed or fail, as more is learned from failures than successes.

The current Federal Reserve is a privately owned business that prints money for, and lends it to, our current governments. This system will change somewhat in the new economy. The banks will not be abolished, but established on new principles. Instead of breaking up the large banks, all the large banks will merge into a colossal bank, the Bank of the Unified Universe. We allow that this bank will still be privately owned, but be under the control of the Chairman of the Bank of the Unified Universe, the King of the Unified Universe. The system of banking interest and usury will be abolished, however. The Fed will no longer control the banking system by controlling the Prime Lending Rate. The interest rate will be zero, and all tax funded bonds will be outlawed and bought up by the Bank of the Unified Universe. The Stock Markets will function similarly to now, except a special Bank of the Unified Universe computer trading buy, sell compensatory balancing program will take all the ups and down out of the stock markets, and the stock market averages will follow smooth upward curves for all good stocks. The Bank of the Unified Universe will buy out all stocks that it wishes to retire at a profit to the sellers.

Throughout history, there have always been homeless people. Our current Government spends billions on military, social services and unwanted programs with funds being diverted back to those who implement policies while many of our citizens do not have a place to live. The United Party believes that there is enough wealth in the world that every citizen can have a home. Current leaders who claim to have the best interests of their citizens while stepping around the homeless issue are cold and missing an important aspect of leadership.
Home ownership expands personal liberty, builds communities. It means a decent place to live, a safe place to raise children. It bespeaks the quiet pride of those who work hard to shelter their family and, in the process, create caring neighborhoods.
The Unified Universe will ensure that everyone has a home. As part of the initial one million dollar grant given to each citizen, a home would be considered a good need and some of that allotment can to be used for the purchase or construction of a home. While home ownership is an important aspect, there will be funding for those who choose to rent.

Living under the Refresher will be substantially different than it is now. As peoples will revert to their original design, there will be no tendencies to sin. There will be no thievery or oppression of others. This will create a population that is for the most part self governed. Thus there will be less need for government on all levels.
We are One United Party, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All. Upon Implementation of the Unified Universe, anyone wishing to join can sign a Citizen Statement (sticky), they will then become a citizen of The Unified Universe and will have all the same rights of any other citizen to live, work, colonize or pursue any good pleasure, dreams, or desires, just as it was intended.

With the New Science, the United Party brings with it, there lays the answer to a clean environment and food supply. With the implementation of the new science, toxins will be backed out of existence, and genetically modified foods will revert to their original natural state. The radiation that is now covering the planet will be remediated. There will be no need for pesticides or chemicals; and the people, being more educated, would not allow these toxins into our environment or our bodies.

The leadership of the Unified Universe will be so loving and benevolent, and so easily entreated by the least citizen, that people will find no reason for forming unions or protesting against the government. Suggestions from every citizen on certain working conditions or any other matter will be duly noted and considered. Income will not be set at any definite levels, but each citizen and employee will have a credit card that does not need to be repaid that can be used to satisfy any want or any good ambition—limited only by the current funds available in the Bank of the Unified Universe and the necessary prioritization of projects for the good of the Empire. In addition, they will have their own bank accounts where they can build wealth and spend wealth for their own desires.
The solar crisis and the Fukushima ongoing radiation contamination world-wide are so bad that the main news media or government controlled media are not reporting how bad the situation is, and thousands are already dying from unnecessary cancers because of those news blackouts. The United Party will outlaw such media control, and let the people know how bad the situation is. Everyday citizens should know that the situation is so grave as to threaten the whole human race with extinction in a few months if the sun cannot be saved from its current nova and the Fukushima world-wide radioactive contamination cannot be stopped and reversed. There are only two alternatives to save earth now! 1. Pray that Jesus will come and use His heaven made Refresher-Regenerator technology to save the sun and earth, and hasten the efforts to prepare the way for His coming; or 2. Finish the attempts to create man-made Refresher-Regenerators by letting Gordon L. Ziegler inspect the current efforts, to trouble shoot them, and tune them to work as designed. A few volts wrong can make them not work at all. For the sake of this planet and people, let all parties now working on this be united and work together.

The next thing to consider in this Platform of the United Party is that a new machine system is possible that could reverse the order to disorder arrow in the second law of thermodynamics—reversing aging, disease, and decay processes in a test area as small as five acres and an operational area as large as the entire earth orbit around the sun. A concise name for the first such machine has been chosen to be Refresher 1.
The Refresher 1 would make no small impact upon society, and would affect governing in significant ways. Great financial savings would come to the governing bodies through the operation of the Refresher 1. Medical costs would be eliminated. Death costs would be eliminated. Agricultural costs would be greatly reduced, and the quality of agricultural products would be greatly increased. People would no longer need Social Security for support during the declining years before death. Social Security, instead, could be used to finance shorter sabbatical vacations. Thus, the financial costs of Social Security could be reduced. The Refresher 1 could eliminate crime and heal and restore all criminals, eliminating the need for prisons and large security forces. This also could save a lot of money. Societal wastes would be recycled more completely and more cheaply. Energy costs would be cheaper, and transportation costs would be cheaper with the operation of Refresher 1 and the Clean Energy Sources. Environmental restoration costs would be cheaper. Weapon systems costing billions and trillions of dollars could be replaced by defensive weapons costing millions of dollars. In a thousand ways, Refresher 1 would save money to governments and society. Thus, taxes could be reduced, spurring the economy.
The use of Refresher 1 will enable society to be governed by a whole new type of government—not communism, and not capitalism, not socialism, but escalationism (escalating minimum wealth).
Refresher 1 is a theorized invention to reverse the order to disorder arrow in the second law of thermodynamics—thereby reversing aging, disease, and decay processes in a controllable area. A highly skilled man, James M. Potter, Ph.D. of JP Accelerator Works, Inc. of Los Alamos, New Mexico, has been found who can direct the technical development and construction of the system for the old fashioned rf cavity acceleration of particles, if he were given enough money to make it a priority. A second new way of building a Refresher is by laser acceleration of the particles. Another highly skilled man, Brad Sorensen, an expert in lasers, has been found who could build a laser Refresher if he were given enough money to make it a priority.

Events and conditions in the present order of things follow ordered paths like the following:
Application of fertilizer on fields → runoff into streams → dilution into rivers → dilution into oceans → oceans become more salty and saturated with minerals.
Farm soils leach → minerals and organics go to streams → go to rivers → go to oceans → oceans become more salty and saturated with minerals.
Rock formations leach → minerals go to streams → go to rivers → go to oceans → more salty oceans.
These paths are all ordered events governed by the order to disorder arrow in the second law of thermodynamics as we now know it. By reasons explained in Electrino Physics Draft 2 and Refresher 1 Draft 2, by Gordon L. Ziegler, the above arrows would all be reversed in the Refresher footprint with the operation of Refresher 1, and dilute nutrients would flow back to farmlands and rock formations. Apparently this would occur through streams and rivers flowing uphill, and rain stopping. We see that Refresher1 would turn the present order of things on its head. Agriculture would largely be impacted—but apparently all for the better.
In the new order of things, far less fertilizer would be needed—or none at all. This would be a great savings to agriculture—and also to the consumer. But other savings would come to the farmer through the operation of Refresher 1. Consider these pathways:
Construction of new barn → long aging → barn becomes weathered and begins to sag → long aging → un-maintained barn actually falls down and collapses.
Fresh coat of paint → paint oxidizes → paint blisters and peels.
New tractor and truck → with age, wear and tear occurs → vehicles are worn out, must be disposed of.
With the operation of Refresher 1, all these arrows would be reversed also. There would be no obsolescence of facilities or equipment. Equipment would always be new and operable. This would save a lot for farmers and everyone. The only reason for purchasing equipment would be to increase capabilities.
But there would be more savings. Consider this pathway:
Fresh picked fruit → fruit over ripe → fruit spoils → fruit decays.
With the operation of Refresher 1, all these arrows would be reversed also. Decayed fruit would un-spoil and become quality fresh ripe fruit again. Thus in this economy, there would be no spoilage or waste. There would be no need of refrigeration, canning, or drying. This phenomenon would save the farmer and save the consumer a lot of money. Quality lower cost agricultural products would be in more abundance than now. Food shortages would be eliminated. The world’s hungry could all be adequately fed.
There would be great financial savings also to farmers and everyone in fuels and energy costs. But for that see “Energy and Refresher 1.”
With all these changes to the natural order, there would not need to be as many regulations. Agriculture would be more fool-proof. There would not need to be such a large bureaucracy to regulate it. Thus there would not need to be as high taxes. It would be important, however to maintain a Secretary of Agriculture position. It would probably be best to ease into the new order, and determine from experience what rules and regulations would be necessary, and how large a bureaucracy would need to be maintained for agriculture.
Agriculture has been practiced for thousands of years in some parcels of land without the practice of sabbatical years and jubilee years as prescribed by Levitical law. Thus the entire earth is in need of a thousand years of rest. This year (2015) is the seventh “shemitah” (seventh seven year period with a year of Jubilee following). This year has been proclaimed by the pope to be the year of the Jubilee (didn’t happen yet). This fall should be the time when the land should rest. If Jesus does not evacuate the living from the earth this year, then great cosmic arrangements should be made to ferry in agricultural crops after this year from other inhabited worlds by inertia less craft.


The first thing to consider in this part is, if the Refresher 1 works as theorized, there will be great financial savings to governments and the people. The accelerated economy would produce increasing wealth for governments and people. A new type of government would be best to regulate such a booming society. We could call such a type of government “escalationism” (escalating minimum wealth). A system of banks would be required in escalationism to distribute and account for the wealth and regulate the economy. The banking system, however, would have to be established on a new model.
The second thing to consider in this part is that escalationism would work now before the Refresher 1 is operational. Capitalism offers opportunity for growth and wealth. But something is wrong with capitalism. The rich keep getting richer, and the poor keep getting poorer. That is not good. In communism all share alike. But in that system there is no incentive to work hard. All get paid the same anyway whether they work hard or not. That flaw contributed to the collapse of the Soviet Union. Escalationism does not require the rich and the poor to all receive the same wages or have the same wealth. In escalationism, the rich can have up to 10,000 times the wealth of the poorest, and there is incentive to work hard and get rich. Yet the poor do not get poorer. They all get richer. If the plan is followed by the rich as well, in time they will get richer and richer too. Of course the growth rate without Refresher 1 will not be as dramatic as it would be with Refresher 1. But a switch from capitalism to escalationism would significantly stimulate the economy even without an operating Refresher, by putting hoarded capital of the wealthy and banks in the hands of the consumer, increasing purchases and sales tax.
The third thing to consider in this part is that current technology could be adapted to carry out the escalationism plan. Banks already have debit cards for private accounts. Local banks, World Bank clearing houses, merchants, etc., have computers which could be programmed to authorize debits for purchases according to a priority system from the World Bank account—The Bank of the Unified Universe. The plan could be implemented in a short time if there were a decision to do it—if at least one nation agreed to the plan.
World Banks regulate the economy now by varying the Prime Lending Rate. But there would be no interest in the escalationism system, only dividends, which could be increasingly large.
Now World Banks are privately operated. That would be the ideal also in the new escalationism banking system. But instead of breaking up large banks, precisely the opposite policy should be followed—all the large national banks should merge into one colossal bank—The Bank of the Unified Universe.
In the Constitution of the Unified Universe for an Eternal Utopia, in this platform as well as several other books by this author, the published initial minimum net worth of an individual citizen is $1000, and the initial maximum net worth of a wealthy citizen is published to be $10 million. (Article III, Section5) These values were not inspired, but were estimated from existing currency in the world to effect this plan. But these values are not satisfactory for either the poor or the rich. Escalationism does not work well with small numbers. A millionaire is not rich by today’s standards. They say now you must have at least $5.0 million to be rich. So $1.0 million would be a comfortable poor person’s assets. There would not be enough money in the world to do this, but computerized bank accounts could do this easily. Therefore the short range goal of society should be to quickly increase the minimum net worth to $1,000,000, and quickly increase the maximum individual net worth to $10 billion.
The wealth of the Unified Universe is intimately associated with the citizens of the Unified Universe. Each citizen of the Unified Universe pledges his life, his fortunes, and sacred honor to the Unified Universe and its Constitution by signing a citizenship statement. In essence each citizen signs over all his wealth and assets to the Bank of the Unified Universe to be the legal owner of all he has in order to be a citizen of the Unified Universe and be the registered owner of all his assets and have a Unified Universe credit card with virtually unlimited drawing power for any want or any good ambition he/she has.
Gordon Lewis Ziegler of Lacey, Washington U.S.A. has already signed a citizenship statement. That means that the Bank of The Unified Universe, when it is established, already is the legal owner of his inventions—the Refresher 1 and the Clean Energy Source and a number of other inventions he has thought of and is developing. With the Refresher 1, the Clean Energy Source is worth $2 trillion if it replaces all energy sources on earth and by today’s standard, and 4000 times that much to produce enough energy to make the sun unnecessary. By today’s standard already $8 quadrillion and more are already at the disposal of the private bankers of the Bank of the Unified Universe from one citizen alone. This plan of ownership could really take off, and the owners of The Bank of the Unified Universe could quickly own all the real estate of the earth and hard assets.
However, the Refresher 1 and the Clean Energy Source are worth nothing now if they are not immediately developed. But in order for this plan to be effective, The Bank of the Unified Universe must immediately pay off the United States’ National Debt and every other debt public and private worldwide. My Clean Energy Sources made operational by one or more Refreshers could finance those bequests.
But I, Gordon Lewis Ziegler, would appreciate meeting with the world bankers and signing papers in establishing the Bank of the Unified Universe, signing over the Refresher 1 and the Clean Energy Sources to the legal ownership of the Bank of the Unified Universe and its private owners and paying off all debts public and private. Let us not wait till autumn and the ordinary date of the Jubilee! Let us have a financial Jubilee now!

1. The government costs referred to in The Unified Universe Financial Plan are not all government costs. Most government costs will be covered by the sales tax—which is authorized to a maximum of 20% combined tax by national, state, and local governments by The Unified Universe Constitution. The government costs referred to in The Unified Universe Financial Plan are for special projects as needed in the different government jurisdictions.

2. Personal ambition grants will be made by the branch banks or central bank, after request review and prioritization by the branch or central bank, to the person’s personal account, or to a company or corporation bank account as appropriate.

3. Credit cards may be issued to anyone with a signed loyalty statement to The Unified Universe on the back of a picture I.D. card, where the signatures and faces match, except credit cards must not be issued to persons with net worth over 10,000 times the current official minimum net worth (which is initially set at $1,000,000). The initial big push will be to quickly raise the minimum net worth of an individual to $1.0 million. Then the maximum permitted net worth of a citizen of The Unified Universe would be $10 billion. Any person that wishes to become a citizen then having more than $10 billion net worth must first donate all the excess funds to the Bank of the Unified Universe, or donate them to the poor, or donate them to a non-profit organization, or place them in a trust to be operated by the Bank of the Unified Universe and him or herself. For additional details, see The Constitution of The Unified Universe, ARTICLE III, Section 5.
4. Other forms of identification may be accepted, as outlined in The Constitution of The Unified Universe, ARTICLE II, Section 6(b). In swearing allegiance to the Constitution of The Unified Universe, the citizen-to-be makes not only a financial transaction but a political commitment. But there is no religious test to be a citizen of the Unified Universe. A citizen can be a Sunni, a Shiite, a Kurd, a Christian, a Jew, a Bahai’i, a Buddhist, a Hindu, an Atheist, or any religion, or no religion at all. Thus it is best to take the citizen signature at face value.

5. Illegal aliens as well as citizens of a country may become citizens of The Unified Universe and be issued credit cards. They would immediately become documented citizens under the protection of The Unified Universe, with drawing rights from the Bank of the Unified Universe.

6. In the UU system, sales tax is compulsory. But voluntary thank offerings would be in lieu of income tax. The thank offerings may be of any percent of net income. In nations joined to the empire, with significant tax relief, the thank offerings might be 15% of the net income. In nations that have not joined the empire, but are operating by a different system, the thank offerings might be 5% of net income. No other type of tax than sales tax and thank offerings is permitted in the Unified Universe. See The Constitution of The Unified Universe, ARTICLE II, Section 13.
7. Branch banks cannot normally just administer the taxes and donations received in their areas. In impoverished areas in third world countries, individuals may have little or nothing to contribute. But they would each receive a minimum of $1,000,000 initially and use of one credit card and one debit card. This would only be possible by the redistribution of wealth from rich areas to poor areas through The Unified Universe Bank Clearing House, according to the number of citizens serviced by each bank.

8. The initial $1,000,000 net worth for each individual would not be achievable if individuals were in debt at the commencement of the UU escalationism plan. Therefore it is essential that all debts be assumed by the Bank of the Unified Universe in a Grand Jubilee at the beginning of the escalationism plan. In addition to the debt relief, individuals will be seeded up to $1 million initially, so that their initial net worth would be a minimum of $1 million.

9. The most crucial registration for a citizen of The Unified Universe is the Citizen Card with the Citizen Statement (described in the Constitution). A new citizen will take that I.D. and present it to a participating branch bank of the Unified Universe. The branch bank will examine it and the tentative citizen to see if he/she is the said person. The branch bank will record the birth date, sex, height, weight, color of eyes, the mother’s maiden name, the person’s place of residency, all means of possible contact, and whether their net worth is less than 10,000 times the current minimum net worth. The bank will then take a new photo, assign a number (which will be the number of the personal debit card and the citizen number. The bank will then issue a new personal debit card with photo, citizen number, citizen statement on the reverse with space for signature and date. The bank will enroll all that data, keep it for bank records, and send duplicate records to the offices of the Unified Universe.

10. All members of the family, including little children, may have their own credit and debit cards. The parents or guardians may safeguard the cards of the minors (under 18). But street orphans may have their own.

11. For those having a net worth of more than 10,000 times the minimum net worth, the bank may offer to receive donations of the excess wealth into the Unified Universe Account, or sign the person up for a Stewardship Trust Account, of which he/she can be a trustor of the account along with a representative from the bank. The Stewardship Trust Account data must be registered, kept for bank records, and relayed to the offices of the Unified Universe. The wealthy person may then be issued credit and debit cards with his/her citizen number on it, and recognized as a citizen of the Unified Universe Empire.
12. All other licenses and registrations, such as driver’s licenses, business and occupation licenses, corporation registrations, trademarks, marriage licenses, etc. will be grandfathered in in the existing jurisdictions. Adjustments then may be made as it seems appropriate.

The government of the Unified Universe following the escalationism plan is that government predicted in Scripture in the book of Daniel: “And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever.” Daniel 2:44. Also, “And the kingdom and dominion, and the greatness of the kingdom under the whole heaven, shall be given to the people of the saints of the most High, whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and all dominions shall serve and obey him.” Daniel 7:27. The prophesied kingdom is a last-day kingdom. It is set up by God Himself (the Everlasting Father God incarnate and Jesus Christ). This kingdom has some means of making the people live forever (it has the Refresher 1 machine). This kingdom “shall be given to the people of the saints of the most High.” It shall not be a political kingdom merely of some nationality. But it shall be governed by “saints”—those that keep all of God’s commandments (Exodus 20)—including the fourth commandment, the Seventh-day Sabbath. It will be governed by a people that are loyal to their king. By the time these prophecies are fulfilled, the “saints” will include Seventh-day Adventists (spiritual Israel), Jews, Messianic Jews, and a host of converted people of all nationalities and former religions.

The kingdom, while including the greatness of a political empire, is a spiritual kingdom. The individuals in the kingdom fill roles as incarnations of different members of the Godhead (see the Constitution of the Unified Universe, Article II, Section 6(c)).
The Chief of Staff of this kingdom needs to be a special person. He needs to have a long, close relationship with the King, be used to high office and important responsibilities, be familiar with individuals of many talents in religion, science, medicine, social work, securities, and other disciplines in different continents, be loyal, not a clamorer for high office or high wages, of high morals, gentle, kind, loving, diplomatic, able to contemplate an ordinary looking person being the Everlasting Father God incarnate. He must have organizational skills, computer skills, and work well with people of all ages. The King has identified one such person—Dr. Joseph Galusha, formerly one of the Vice Presidents of Walla Walla University. When the Unified Universe kingdom is set up, the King will nominate Dr. Galusha as his first political appointee—as Chief of Staff—to be voted on for confirmation by the Senate (in the UU system all the voting citizens). The King will rely heavily on the Chief of Staff’s experience and expertise to select talented individuals to fill the other cabinet positions.


The King of the Unified Universe now nominates a second person to a second office: Kenneth Colvin to the office of Messenger in Chief.
While there is no religious test to be a citizen of the Empire of the Unified Universe, earth is scheduled to go through a faith building experience of signs and wonders which is designed to convert every person on earth to the religious faith of the King. Every person then will be a “saint of the Most High God.”

According to theory, Refresher 1 will have the interesting property of preventing the explosion of every explosive, including bullets, conventional bombs, IEDs, and even nuclear and thermonuclear bombs. Refresher 1 would have the even stranger property of un-exploding every explosive that has already been exploded, undoing the physical damage (including casualties) that was already made by the past explosions. Thus the Refreshers would make excellent defensive weapons, but could not be made into offensive weapons. National Defense in the Unified Universe must find ways of translocating offenders without injuring them or killing them, as was done in the original war in heaven before the creation of this earth. Such defense is in removing and keeping out offenders, not in injuring them or killing them. This goes also for internal security and police forces: criminals must be imprisoned, or banished from the empire, but not injured or killed.
While land based Refreshers could be used to disarm and bless enemies of the Empire, and even restore the sun, a Refresher could be seaborne or even airborne in a C5A—Refresher accelerators and collision chambers in the C5A wings, and a Clean Energy Source in the hold of the C5A to power the engines and the plane electronics. The C5A carrying the Refreshers would naturally be immune to being shot down, and could fly over and disarm a war theater.

The Unified Universe will probably start with one country, but expand to many countries. Domestic commerce in the Unified Universe is not only within one country, but with any country within the Empire. It is like trade within any state and between states of the United States of America. What is now foreign trade may then be domestic trade. All domestic trade as well as foreign trade will be without tariffs and sanctions.
Under escalationism, there will be a redistribution of wealth from rich regions to poor regions, but not necessarily out-sourcing—giving all manufacturing to poor countries for the enrichment of a few. There will be a sliding cap on the wealth of the wealthy, and no incentive to outsource except to increase the wealth of all. Employment will be found for highly skilled individuals in rich regions as well as poor ones.
Escalationism will greatly increase the financial status of the poorest people, and create a great demand for quality homes, automobiles, and other amenities and infrastructure, thus creating also many more job opportunities.
The ecology with Refresher 1 will be greatly changed from now. Dead animals, vegetation and people will come to life, get younger, and reach maximum order for those species. Growth will be rank. Species will be restored. Extinct species will be brought back to life again and flourish. Disease and death in any species will never come again. According to Bible prophecy, the animals will be tame, gentle, and peaceful. Isaiah 11:6-9.
Fewer regulations will then be required to preserve the ecology and environment. Every negative action will be backed up. Things will be much more fool proof than now. As a consequence the environmental protection and ecology bureaucracies will not have to be so large then, so the bureaucracies can be much smaller, for a savings in taxes and a spur to the economy.
There will be many positive impacts upon the ecology of earth, and no negative impacts. Every species will fill the important ecological niche designed for it by the Creator. And all of this is available for $70 million dollars in one year the old fashioned way with rf cavity acceleration or in only $5.0 million with more up to date laser particle acceleration. The rf cavity way, though more expensive, is better understood and more advanced in completion. The laser method requires inventing even the wheel, so to speak. It would be good to build both. The United Party shall be the party of the Refresher 1, funding it, and incorporating its technologies into every branch of government.
As advanced as science and technology currently are, they are based upon a faulty model of the universe. They are based on Einstein’s aether-less theory of relativity, when the true theory of relativity is an aether model (it makes a big difference in some calculations). Also, the Standard Model of Physics is based upon the Quark Hypothesis, where fracton charges come in ± 2e/3 and ± e/3. The true model of physics is based upon the Electrino Hypothesis, where fracton charges come in ± e, ± e/2, ± e/4, and ± e/8. Using the Electrino Hypothesis, the structure of every known particle is induced in Electrino Physics, Draft 2, Appendix B. The quark composite particles are not orbital symmetric. The electrino fractons are orbital symmetric, which enables them to fuse, opening up whole new phenomena, including the reversal of the order to disorder arrow in the second law of thermodynamics in Refresher 1. Refresher 1 would actually be a test of a whole new Grand Unification Theory (GUT). It would be the basis of a whole new model of education.
The youth need to be taught right principles. A poor analogy to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity was “everything is relative.” This axiom was brought into education, the judiciary, government. Laws, regulation, behavior were based on changing and evolving social mores. As a result, the condition of society now is deplorable and getting worse. As it turns out, in physics everything is not relative. Universal gravity provides a preferred frame for relativistic phenomena. Some things in physics are absolutes, not relative. Just so in society, not everything is relative. God’s Ten Commandments are absolutes. When these things are recognized in society and taught in public schools, as well as private or parochial schools, there will be seen a change in the crime rate and the divorce rate. To facilitate this, the book Electrino Physics Draft 2 will be invaluable to show the physics foundation for the absoluteness of the Universe. The book is designed as a college text, with problems and problem solutions at the end of the book. The book needs to be taught in colleges and universities.
The theory of Evolution has a tight grip on public education now. But that will change when the Creator reveals Himself publicly in human affairs. Evolution is based on faulty assumptions, which are not made in Electrino Physics Draft 2, Advanced Electrino Physics Draft 3, Predicting the Masses, Volume 1, Introducing Chonomics, and The Physics of Genesis Draft 3, by the author. Those books are perfectly in harmony with creationism, but make creationism more scientific.
In Child Science the author used child toys as illustrations and as simple language as possible and large print to help children understand mysteries which have been hidden from physics PhDs. Refresher 1 and its many miracles will be understood by children, including the science of eternal life!
The Refreshers will practically abolish obsolescence. Inventions and manufactured products and buildings would be ever new. This would reduce the number of workers required in manufacturing and construction in itself, but the increased wealth of the poorest members of society and the resurrection of the dead would make a great explosion of demand for quality homes, vehicles, and infrastrucure. Bureaucracies would also require fewer employees for current consumer regulation, but the explosion of demand from the poorer members of society and resurrected persons from previous generations would require more regulators as well as more construction and manufacturing workers. Where will people work? It is hoped they will work in research and construction and the manufacture of new products—and that society will experience a real spike in creativity and invention.
As soon as possible after creation of the Refresher 1, the Unified Universe shall have a network of Employment offices, trying the best to match the skills of each unemployed person with a suitable job. To aid in this endeavor, the Employment Offices shall have authority in the Unified Universe to create suitable jobs in behalf of the Empire.

Without the field of an active Refresher, the EFP Reactor (Clean Energy Source) would not be self sustaining, and could not be used as a power source. But with the Refresher (one Refresher anywhere on earth), the Electrino Fusion Power Reactor would be nearly 100% efficient, and could be a copious source of electric energy.
For how to design and construct an EFP Reactor and its theory, see Radioactive Waste-free Power Reactor and Refresher 1, by the author at http://benevolententerprises.org Book List and Radioactive Waste Free Power Reactor and Refresher 1 Draft 2 available on amazon.com, barnsandnoble.com and 2500 book stores. The EFP Reactor envisioned in those books is based on the collision and fusion and annihilation of half particles (semions) in positrons. [That such particles exist; see Electrino Physics, Draft 2; Advanced Electrino Physics Draft 3; and Predicting the Masses, Volume 1, Introducing Chonomics, and The Higgs et. al. Universe, by Gordon L. Ziegler.]
The Clean Energy Source would not have Carbon emissions, or greenhouse gases, or radioactive wastes, or any wastes! It would also have little or no heat pollution which could contribute to global warming (which fossil fuel power plants and nuclear power plants have). The EFP Reactor would not necessarily be intermittent like solar power or wind power. It would not have dangerous radioactive fuels or any dangerous chain reactions. There would be no danger of a meltdown. The EFP Reactor could safely be shut off with a flip of a switch with no residual decay heat. The first models would use Copper or brass for annihilation fuel. If that resource became too scarce or expensive, the Clean Energy Source could be modified to operate on any matter—sea water or sand or sewage, etc. An EFP Reactor could easily be designed to operate 100 to 1,000 years in between refueling of brass. If powered by sea water, the refueling would be continuous, and would not require any down time for refueling. Whereas a new nuclear power plant would cost $6.0 billion for 1250 MW electric production, after the prototype, successive Clean Energy Sources would cost only $5 million or less for 1880 MW electric production. Nuclear power plants do not easily track the demand, but EFP Reactors easily track the demand and can operate with partial power.
An EFP Reactor could be land-based for 1 MW to 1880 MW electric power generation hooked to the electric grid. It could replace nuclear reactors in ships, and could power space craft and extra-terrestrial missions. It might be made permanent power sources in trains and C5A airplanes used as peace keeping defensive weapons.
Costs and Scheduling of the EFP Reactor are also contained in the above books. The costs of operating the EFP Reactors—the cost of electricity—would be only about $0.03/kwh for the first year of operation, and free after that (with a few thank offerings). Soon after testing, there would be a great demand for EFP reactors, and there would be a great bonanza of energy at low cost. Electric automobiles could operate cheapest if plug-in charged by EFP Power.
The Clean Energy Source could be publicly traded. For $2.0 trillion, enough Clean Energy Sources could be built to replace all and every power generator on earth at great savings and longevity. Four thousand times as many Clean Energy Sources could totally make the heat and light of the sun unnecessary on earth. That would be a great option should the sun continue its nova sequence and go out in darkness.

The Refreshers will improve the environment and people’s lives so much that there will be tremendous incentives to join the Unified Universe and the United States of Abraham. (See Appendix 3.) There will be tremendous incentives to be part of domestic commerce of the Unified Universe. But we can expect, at least for awhile, that there will be nations that will be outside of the Unified Universe.
How should such nations be treated? The Constitution of the Unified Universe makes plain that trade with such nations should be absolutely without tariffs and sanctions. The citizens and governments in the Unified Universe must not induce acceptance of their principles through withholding trade or economic assistance. Even if a nation is unfavorable to the Unified Universe, the Unified Universe should have cordial relations with that nation and its citizens, giving foreign aid, feeding, clothing, housing its citizens, taking care of its orphans, giving such services as providing sanitation, water, electricity, etc. Nations should not be added to the union by conquest, but through the inducements of love and wisdom.
We must make obtaining Visas to the Unified Universe much easier and much friendlier than is currently the case in the United States of America. Immigration must be much easier to obtain. Each citizen brings talents that make the Empire better. It should be so easy to obtain legal immigration that it would be totally unnecessary to be illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants to any country could instantly become legal protected citizens of The Unified Universe by simply signing a Unified Universe citizen card pledging to uphold the Constitution of the Unified Universe. This would put unlimited drawing power in their hands to provide for any want or any good ambition.

The Refreshers will back every disease out of existence. They will heal every sick person; raise every dead person in time at absolutely no cost to the receiver. There will be no need of hospitals or clinics ever again. As in the Constitution of the Unified Universe, it should be unlawful to administer drugs or conduct drug research after the Refresher’s field covers every location on earth. But the law will not be necessary. The demand for drugs then, and every other type of traditional medicine, will be zero. The matter will take care of itself.
The Refreshers will affect mental health as well as physical health (see Mental-Spiritual Health and Refresher 1). The Refreshers will remove all propensities to evil from the affected people in the active radii. This goes for judges also. Judges in the areas affected by the Refreshers will be free from all sinful and wrong biases which now cloud our minds. They will be able to make right decisions based on the truth, the principles in the Constitution of the Unified Universe, and the Bible. Refresher 1 and other Refreshers will be the salvation of the judiciary and the public they rule over.

As predicted in the Bible and the writings of Ellen G. White, people in the restored state will never get tired, and will never need sleep. They will be guaranteed life and health. Thus it would not be so necessary to regulate how many hours a worker may work in a day, or what the minimum wage should be. Whatever is agreeable to employer and employee should be all right.
The Refresher 1 would also be health insurance. Any accident would be backed out of existence. The workers would have safety and health. There would not need to be so many regulations on occupational safety and health.

Of all the Cabinet positions in the government of the Unified Universe, this one may be the most difficult—at least at first. We have seen theoretically that almost every government expense with the Refreshers would be less, or even much less, than without the Refreshers. But how much less? That is a mystery. It would be a real challenge, at least at first, to come up with a viable budget for the Unified Universe.
Not only would there be differences without and with Refreshers, but there would be huge differences in implementing the escalationism plan of society. Are the numbers set forth in the Constitution sustainable? There would need to be modeling with the best computers, best economists, and the best programmers. This would probably require a large staff. Finances of all parties would need to be tracked. It is a huge undertaking, but worth it. This office would work closely with the King. It may be best to operate the first year without a budget, depending on the infinite drawing power on the Bank of the Unified Universe.
Whatever missteps were made to arrive at poor mental and/or spiritual health (genetics, nurture, or personal decisions) are backed up by the field of the Refresher 1. The faulty mental ethics are replaced by a new love for truth and righteousness. This is the fulfillment of a covenant prophecy God made to His people:
Behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel, and with the house of Judah:
Not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day that I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt; which my covenant they brake, although I was an husband unto them, saith the LORD:
But this shall be the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel; After those days, saith the LORD, I will put my law in their inward parts, and write it in their hearts: and will be their God, and they shall be my people. Jeremiah 31:31-33.
This is the last days, but this prophecy has not been fulfilled yet. But it would be fulfilled if the Refresher 1 were constructed and operated. God’s law would be put in the minds and hearts of those in the field of the Refresher.
See the Constitution of the Unified Universe, ARTICLE V.

(The Science of Eternal Life)
Refresher 1 comes with a special science—a Grand Unification Theory (GUT) (see Electrino Physics Draft 2, Advanced Electrino Physics Draft 3, Predicting the Masses Volume 1, Introducing Chonomics, The Physics of Genesis Draft 3, Refresher 1 Draft 2, and Radioactive Waste Free Power Reactor by the author). This science gives a Unified Field Theory. It also gives a Unified Particle Theory. It gives a whole new structure system for elementary particles without quarks. It induces the particle structure of every known particle without quarks and gluons.
The new science (Electrino Fusion Model of Elementary Particles) teaches how to fuse elementary particles. It teaches what would be the consequence of thus fusing the particles. It shows that particles would be switched from matter to antimatter, or vice versa. These are new powers for man. These powers would be useful in reversing the order to disorder arrow in the second law of thermodynamics and other phenomena. Reversing that arrow of time could completely restore man and his environs. The above named books also give the specifications of the particle collider that could reverse the order to disorder arrow, the machine’s costs, and the highly skilled men and their companies that could build the machine.
Alluded to in Electrino Physics Draft 2, and treated more fully in The Physics of Genesis Draft 3 by Gordon L. Ziegler, are new scientific ideas on how the Universe may have begun. It is not by a Big Bang or Evolution. The Physics of Genesis Draft 3 shows how the idea of an infinite intelligent God upholding the Universe is embedded in the very foundation formulae of the Universe.
These books show that modern science and education have taken some wrong turns that must be rectified. The new science is not in harmony with the Big Bang or Evolution, but is in harmony with the Bible—specifically with the Genesis account of creation. These books restore science to a symbiotic relation with Scripture that it once had in the days of Sir Isaac Newton and before.
This new science needs to be taught in the schools—in public schools as well as parochial schools. Electrino Physics, Draft 2 is designed to be a college physics text complete with careful mathematical derivations, problem sets, and problem solutions for the readers.
The Unified Universe would encourage scientific research and a whole new wave of discovery starting with the testing of the new science with the creation and testing of Refresher 1.

See The Constitution of the Unified Universe, ARTICLE III, Section 6.
See The Constitution of the Unified Universe, ARTICLE III, Section 7.

The Refresher and the EFP Reactor may make a revolution in transportation. Electric automobiles may recharge their batteries with EFP electricity which after the first year of operation would be free. Ships may replace their nuclear reactors with EFP Reactors, which are 1000 times as energy efficient as nuclear reactors, and have no radioactive wastes. They don’t need Uranium or Plutonium for fuel, but could operate on Copper for annihilation fuel. Refueling need to be only every 100 to 1,000 years. It may be possible also to outfit trains, large trucks and large airplanes with EFP power. But remember, none of this is possible without Refreshers, which reverse adult aging in the active areas, reverse diseases, restore and preserve food, act as defensive weapons, preventing explosions in the active areas, etc. EFP power with Refreshers would quickly eliminate pollution. In many ways, health and comfort would be increased.

The first thing to consider about waste management and Refresher 1 is that the Refresher reverses all the arrows of time that led to the pre-Refresher wastes. Yet with the new arrows of time, everything tends to the maximum order, so there may not be any wastes after Refresher 1. This chapter will focus on the treatment of wastes prior to the Refreshers.
Wastes prior to Refresher 1 may be divided into nuclear, chemical, and biological waste categories. In the Refresher 1 footprint, the nuclear wastes would un-decay at a rate 1836 times the original decay rates of the isotopes. Instead of decay heat, there would be un-decay cooling. Radioactive wastes would be gone in a few days, as it would take less than 20 days to undo the damage of 100 years. Isotopes would be returned to stable isotopes or long-lived isotopes like the Uraniums and Potassium. The nuclear hazard would be greatly reduced, and non-existent as long as the nuclear products were in the field of the active Refreshers.
The chemical pathways of chemical toxins and chemical wastes would be reversed to the precursor chemicals of the wastes, or to original like-new operational products that don’t need to be thrown away. Thus the chemical hazards would also be greatly reduced.
Biological wastes would un-decay at the same 1836 times normal decay rate. People and animals and vegetation would become un-sick or well. Bacteria and viruses would un-mutate. In less than 3½ years machine time, decay, sin, and death on this planet would be eliminated.
But notice that the powerful forces that would be active in the waste dumps would be active everywhere within the active area or radii of the Refresher. There would be no need to transport the wastes to a dump or treatment plant. They would be restored in situ. A lot of transportation could be eliminated. Also, waste management could be a lot more fool proof. Fewer regulations would be required, and less tax would be required.

In many ways, Refresher 1 would make governing easier and less expensive. A possible exception to that rule would be the Office of Management and Budget the first year or two until there were hard data to go on costs in the revised system and escalationism. There would be fewer necessary regulations. Required regulations would be those in the Constitution of the Unified Universe and a few other policies that come to mind listed below:

It shall be the policy of The Unified Universe Government, as soon as it can be established, to develop a unified e-business center and system similar to those recently developed by national governments. Citizens and non-citizens will be encouraged to use the computerized e-business system. However, for the economically or educationally disadvantaged sake’s, The Unified Universe Government will always retain a paper-based business system.

Employing People
The Constitution of the Unified Universe, Article III, Section 7 states, “The Unified Universe will maintain an unemployment office to try to match every person with a suitable job.” But to start with, the UU will contract with existing public or private unemployment offices for those services. All UU openings will be filled through those agencies.

Environmental management
To begin with, as The Unified Universe Government is established, all existing national, state, and local environmental management policies will be grandfathered in. But then The Unified Universe Government will rapidly move to correct deficient environmental policies. The great drive will be to design, build, test, and operate what is named the Refresher 1 (order to disorder arrow in the second law of thermodynamics reverser), which with proper funding, can be designed and built in one year or less. The Refresher 1 is designed to operate in a small test area, in larger and larger areas as governments permit, until the whole world is benefited. This Refresher 1 would reverse aging, disease, and decay processes, which would undo all negative environmental impacts. Once restored to maximum order, the environments of the world would be preserved in maximum order by the continued operation of the Refresher 1. To prevent an unwanted lapse in order with an accelerator outage, several Refreshers will be built world-wide to maintain continuous operation of the beneficial field.

Fair trading
This policy is covered in The Constitution of The Unified Universe, Article II, Section 14.

Grants & assistance
Each citizen would be issued a debit card and a credit card—one personal; and one for the needs fund of The Unified Universe. The citizen can use the UU card to relieve any want or take care of any emergency. These are common grants from the UU. The personal debit card can be used to build and use personal net worth. It will be loaded with an initial grant of $1 million. Further grants for personal or collective ambitions can be obtained by submitting ambition requests to the participating bank for review and funding.

Home-based business
The Unified Universe Government fosters home-based businesses. See The Constitution of the Unified Universe, Article III, Section 7.

Importing and exporting
All imports and exports shall be absolutely free of tariffs and sanctions. (Article II, Section 14.) But all ports will be carefully monitored for threats to the Empire, and to keep out hostile aliens. (Article II, Section 17.)

Until the Refresher 1 is operating world-wide, insurance, insurance companies, and regulating insurance commissions are a necessity. As The Unified Universe Government gets established, existing insurance systems will be grandfathered in. Subsequent enforcements against insurance abuses may be instituted. Reinsuring of insurance companies against catastrophic losses may be instituted. However as soon as the Refresher 1 and other Refreshers are operating properly, there will be no more disease, old age, or death world-wide. All negative impacts from fire, flood, wind, earthquake, war, etc., will be reversed by the field from the Refreshers. Then The Unified Universe Government will assume responsibility to restore all losses, and all other insurance companies will be obsolete.
Intellectual property
See The Constitution of the Unified Universe, Article II, Section 15. While all copyright, trademark, and patent authority must be surrendered by the member states to the central Unified Universe Intellectual Property Office, all existing patent offices can stay on as branch offices of the central office, linked by satellite. This will be a blessing to the people, and can facilitate different languages.

Market research & statistics
Until a market research office can be established by the UU, all Unified Universe market research and statistics will be done by existing market research firms.

Occupational health & safety
When the Refresher 1 is operating properly world-wide, it will operate in strange ways compared to our current experience. It will undo every negative impact, and preserve maximum order in people, animals, and their environments. Occupations will become safe. The occupational health & safety divisions of human governments will become unnecessary and obsolete. But before the Refresher 1 is operating properly world-wide, when the Unified Universe is first established, existing national and state occupational health & safety provisions will be grandfathered in, monitored, and implemented. Adjustments will be made as necessary.
Registrations & licenses
The most crucial registration for a citizen of The Unified Universe is the Citizen Card with the Citizen Statement (described in the Constitution). A new citizen will take that I.D. and present it to a participating branch bank of the Unified Universe. The branch bank will examine it and the tentative citizen to see if he/she is the said person. The branch bank will record the birth date, sex, height, weight, color of eyes, the mother’s maiden name, the person’s place of residency, all means of possible contact, and whether their net worth is less than 10,000 times the current minimum net worth. The bank will then take a new photo, assign a number (which will be the number of the personal debit card and the citizen number. The bank will then issue a new personal debit card with photo, citizen number, citizen statement on the reverse with space for signature and date. The bank will enroll all that data, keep it for bank records, and send duplicate records to the offices of the Unified Universe.
All members of the family, including little children, may have their own debit cards. The parents or guardians may safeguard the cards of the minors (under 18). But street orphans may have their own. For those having a net worth of more than 10,000 times the minimum net worth, the bank may offer to receive donations of the excess wealth into the Unified Universe Account, or sign the person up for a Stewardship Trust Account, of which he/she can be a trustor of the account along with a representative from the bank. The Stewardship Trust Account data must be registered, kept for bank records, and relayed to the offices of the Unified Universe. The wealthy person may then be issued debit and credit cards with his/her citizen number on it, and he/she shall be recognized as a citizen of the Unified Universe Empire.
All other licenses and registrations, such as driver’s licenses, business and occupation licenses, corporation registrations, trademarks, marriage licenses, etc. will be grandfathered in in the existing jurisdictions. Adjustments then may be made as it seems appropriate.

Force, Compulsion, Coercion, Torture, Capital Punishment
No wealthy person shall be forced, compelled, or coerced to surrender his excess wealth or establish a stewardship trust account. He may be free to remain independent of The Unified Universe. No person shall be forced, compelled, or coerced to swear allegiance to The Constitution of the Unified Universe and sign a Citizen Statement. This is not a way to get rich quick. It is an organized way to redistribute wealth from the rich to the poor. Sales taxes would be the only taxes people have to pay. Other income to the Unified Universe would be of voluntary thank offerings in lieu of income tax or capital gains tax.

Appendix 4

Sunni-Shiite-Kurd bloodshed
How can this escalating bloodshed be stopped? The answer is in the Bible! “And great Babylon [Baghdad] came in remembrance before God.” “And the great city was divided into three parts.” Revelation 16:19.
It is not possible to stop this escalating violence by continuing to try to rule these peoples by a single united government. The warring parties must be separated into their own self-governing states—one part for Sunnis; one part for Shiites, and one part for the Kurds. Gerrymander the boundaries as best possible to get all of each sect in their own mini-state. Do the same in each nation: Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc. This would slow down the violence until the ultimate peace settlement could be reached. (See below.)

Iran-nuclear risk
Unknown Uranium Facts. As the pre-King of the Unified Universe, Gordon Ziegler has been in intimate contact with both sides of the Great Controversy between Christ and Satan for many years. He is supernaturally told these facts about Uranium: There are only five worlds in the whole Universe that have Uranium on them. Earth is the only inhabited world that has Uranium on it. God deliberately made it so in the beginning so that the complete Plan of Salvation could be carried out. There was only one weapon that could incinerate the glorious form of the Self Existent One—the Everlasting Father--to atone for fallen angels as well as lost men, women, and children not saved by the crucifixion of Jesus—the atomic bomb. That was necessary so that the Father could unite the Universe through the Father’s incarnations [see The Unified Universe, Draft 4 by Gordon Ziegler]. Thus the science and technology race on planet earth was necessary to unite the Universe. But we don’t need any more atomic bombs or nuclear power. We have constructible Clean Energy Sources that are 1000 times as efficient as nuclear power and safe.
It has been thought that enriched Uranium is good only for bombs or nuclear power. But that is not true! The supernatural powers in this Universe suggest a new entirely peaceful use of enriched Uranium: nuclear watches and clocks. Also Gordon is told supernaturally that there are only currently 200,000 inhabited worlds in the Universe, each of which has a Unified Universe representative called a Son of God, which meet often with God to administer the Universe. These have conveyed to Gordon their earnest desire for nuclear watches and clocks for their inertia less craft and other uses.
The powers behind the UFOs were not always on our side, but now they are. The devil and all his angels are now suing for peace with Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the Father. They are switching sides in the Great Controversy, due to the long sufferings, intercessions, and that final argument of that lonely, obscure, silent sufferer, the inhabitor of the insane asylums of the earth, the communicator with, lover of, and intercessor for demons upon his bed. To Immanuel, God with us, and to Him alone belong all the praise honor and glory for this peace and freedom movement on this earth forever.
There has already been a great Family Reunion of Jesus and His angels and the devil and his angels in heaven (July 10, 2013). They have hugged each other, wept on each others’ necks, and kissed each other. Now it remains somehow to bring this planet under control. The Father, the Father incarnate, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the devil now are all intimate in one Man, offering peace on earth.
The inhabitants of all the 200,000 un-fallen worlds want a piece of this action and victory. They offer to enter into inter-galactic trade with us—trillions of tons of atom pure transparent gold for streets of gold on this planet and every other treasure for tons of nuclear clocks—better and smaller than atomic clocks. Iran is one of the nuclear powers on earth that could develop nuclear clocks for inter-galactic trade. This is a way to save face for Iran—enriching Uranium for only peaceful purposes. We need not stop their enriching of Uranium. Let them have more centrifuges. To speed up the process, just sell enriched Uranium or even un-enriched Uranium to the other worldlings. Let them make nuclear clocks in their own laboratories.
Don’t stop Iran from enriching Uranium. But make Iran accept ten times as many international observers of their nuclear work. Stop all economic boycotts and sanctions for Iran and every other world government. They violate the principles of The Constitution of The Unified Universe for an Eternal Utopia. But keep a big stick on the diplomatic table: Punish Iran with warfare from the west without boots on the ground first, then with boots on the ground to trample Iran to death—complete overthrow of the nation. Daniel 8:5-7. That is clearly Biblical. But be very slow to jump to conclusions to employ such punishment. It is a conditional prophecy. It has already been fulfilled once in ancient history between Greece and Medo-Persia. It doesn’t have to happen again necessarily.
Do you think this atom pure gold is practically worthless to the inhabitants of other worlds? Are you kidding? They could obtain it only like our scientists would do it—through mass spectrometry. But they have had 100 billion years head start on us, and all those beings are loyal to God and to His incarnation. They want to participate with us in the victory celebrations. Will the angels sing again this Christmas, or will they have to wait for next CHRISTMAS? The value of the atom pure gold in one crown is worth about $10 trillion. We want to do this if possible honoring the Learned Elders of Zion and their ability to control all the countries of the world. We do not want to take that away from them. They are doing a fairly good job controlling world economies. We just want to give them more powerful tools to work with, such as taking all the ups and downs out of the stock markets and make the markets all follow smooth upward curves.
God says, “I will set my throne in Elam.” Jeremiah 49:39. That is God the Father speaking. It has never been fulfilled before. But now God is incarnate in Gordon L. Ziegler [see The Unified Universe, Draft 4; Seeking a Unified Universe]. He is not only the Father incarnate, but also a trained and experienced Health Physicist with experience with licensing radioactive materials, compliance inspections of both radioactive materials and machines, and environmental monitoring. He had experience in designing radioactive materials licensing forms. He was the father of Derived Intervention Levels (DILs), now used internationally in emergency response, and has experience as the Radiological Dose Assessor of the State of Washington, USA, for a number of years. But he is also the world expert on electrino fusion processes which Iran as well as the rest of the world needs. He has a loyalty and patriotism for the United States of America and Barak Obama. They have corresponded back and forth several times. Barack Obama is one of Gordon’s heroes. But Gordon was told in vision that he was the Son of David two ways—through Solomon, Zerubbabel, and James the brother of our Lord through the patriarchal line, and through David’s son Nathan by the matriarchal line. So Gordon is a Jew also, with an even greater patriotism for Israel. Benjamin Netanyahu, Shimon Perez, Ehud Barak, Yitzhak Rabin, and Golda Meier are also his heroes. He has been a mediator and intercessor for the devil and his angels for 33 years. He knows how to be a devil’s advocate. He has the sure mercies of David. He would never betray Israel, the US, or Iran. He is willing to set one of his thrones in Elam as a guarantor of a peace deal between Iran and the West.

The Palestine-Israel Issue
The Palestinians in Lebanon live in refugee camps. Israel wishes the Palestinians would be absorbed in the Arab nations. But the Arab states say, no! They keep the Palestinians in refugee camps, which are hotbeds of hatred for Israel and suicide bombers. Uppermost in the Palestinian minds is the so-called Right of Return. That principle is more valuable to them than life itself. Israel has some Palestinians as voting members in the Knesset. That works pretty well. But Israel refuses to allow the Palestinians a wholesale Right of Return for two reasons: 1) the Palestinians would want to wrest away from the Jewish occupants their properties, and 2) Israel fears it would cease to be a majority Israeli country if they now gave the Palestinians the Right of Return.
This seems like an intractable problem. But there is one solution! But it is not by going contrary to the Bible for either the Palestinians or the Jews as they are both doing.
Gordon Ziegler’s father grew up in a beautiful two story home in Freeborn, Washington, USA. He became a Seventh-day Adventist minister, and was moved from city to city every three to five years. When he turned 65, he retired and wanted to go home. But where was home? He lived and worked in so many cities in Washington State and Colorado. Which city or countryside was home to him?
His mind’s desire was to return to the home site of his youth. But there were two problems: 1) his grandma’s home where he was raised had burned to the ground years ago, and was never rebuilt. He wanted to rebuild on that very site. But 2) the new owners of that building lot would not sell it to Gordon’s father. What could he do? Another neighbor, a lifetime friend, offered to sell him the very next building lot. Gordon’s father settled for that. (Actually the lot he got was a lot more picturesque and beautiful than the one he first wanted.)
The only solution to the Palestine-Israel issue is a modified Right of Return for displaced persons like the Palestinians. They can return, but not to land that is already owned and occupied, but to any un-occupied land left—as close to the homestead of old as possible if they want, as an inheritance.
3) But the Palestinians are now impoverished. How could they build palaces on the unoccupied land? Here is where the sure mercies of David come in: the King of the Unified Universe, Gordon L. Ziegler, as Chairman of the Bank of the Unified Universe will grant from the infinite wealth of the Bank of the Unified Universe money for the refugees to build with—better than before or their neighbors.
What about the Jews and Israelites losing their identity as a nation by the Right of Return of the Palestinians? Hashem, Allah, God the Father will not permit it! What the Jews are forgetting is that Jesus is coming soon to participate in setting up of the Father’s eternal kingdom. Depending on who responds when, Jesus through his resurrection power technology will make a special resurrection in a few days for all who died in the history of Jacob’s descendants. Most of these will need homesteads in Israel.

Unstable North Korea, Al-Qaida, Hamas, Hezbollah, Boca Haram, ISIS, Iran, Syria, etc.

What about the North Korea problem? How do you solve that? Let the first Refresher be built in North Korea. Let Kim Jung Il cut the ribbon for the opening ceremony! But what if several Refreshers are being built, but none of them in North Korea? Select the one the most done in whatever country, and give the president of North Korea and his entourage safe conduct assurances to travel to that Refresher site for the opening ceremony. Give safe conduct assurances also to the leaders and assistants of Al-Qaida, Hamas, Hezbollah, Boca Haram, ISIS, Iran, Syria, etc. to the opening ceremonies of the world’s first Refresher. Give each terrorist chief a scissor to cut the ribbon in unison—“one, two, three cut!” Then let the Everlasting Father incarnate, Gordon L. Ziegler, flip the switch on the Refresher, and release the awesome power of the Refresher to regenerate everything. Give each terrorist chief and his entourage safe conduct to travel to the Valley of Jehoshaphat in Israel for a great peace technology summit with the leaders of all countries. There God the Father incarnate wants to plead with all Gentile nations and terrorist groups in behalf of Israel.
(Joel 3.).

The Motherland of the Universe

God the Father inspired Ezekiel to describe the geography and borders of a last day State of Israel for the great Motherland of the Universe (See the map in the center of The Constitution of the Unified Universe for an Eternal Utopia above and the book, Governing with Refresher 1, by Gordon L. Ziegler.). The described state is significantly larger than the current State of Israel. Isaiah predicted that Lebanon would be given to it, and all Palestina would be dissolved. The new enlarged country would contain also a piece of Syria, a piece of Jordan, and a piece of Egypt in the Sinai Peninsula. If Israel enlarged its borders by war and bloodshed, that would be building up Zion with blood. Micah explained if Zion was built up by blood, Zion would be plowed by her enemies, and the Jews would go again into captivity to all the world.
If Israel forcibly enlarged their borders, the Arab States and the United Nations would be furious. There would be a new Diaspora worse than that of A.D. 70. But there is another better way to accomplish the fulfillment of the prophecies. God would reason with the affected nations around Israel that God would give the nations surrounding Israel a very great honor in each having a voting stake in the great Motherland of the Universe. Palestine would be dissolved not by Israel or the U.N., but by the Arab Palestinians themselves in exchange for a great stake in the Motherland of the Universe. The name of that nation, however, is God given to be Israel. That will never be changed. God requires each Arab State and the United Nations to recognize Israel’s right to exist.

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