Dl_logo-224x79Filmmakers Matthew Jeppsen and Kendall Miller have created something unique that attempts to bring the creativity and passion of movie-making to clothing. From T-shirts to hoodies, it's apparel that can be worn anywhere (or wherever you might want to show off to your non-filmmaking friends). Della Luce means "of the light," and it's a nod to the simple act of light creating the moving images that we all have come to love.

Again, I'm a sucker for good design, and everything about this clothing line is perfected down to the line. It takes a lot of passion and creativity to design clothing, and it's that passion that Jeppsen and Miller have for filmmaking that shows through in this line of apparel. I am particularly a fan of the film terms shirt, as they are some of my favorite terms in filmmaking (and I personally know someone who would buy a shirt if it only said latitude).

Jeppsen is a shooter and editor, as well as the founder of FreshDV, which is a major asset to the filmmaking community. Kendall Miller is a Director of Photography and also a contributor and original member of FreshDV.

Check out a sample of the clothing line below.

Links: Della Luce - Website & Della Luce on Facebook & @DellaLuceStyle on Twitter