We've already shown off one of the cheaper wireless follow focus systems from JAG35. Now Redrock Micro has partially redesigned their microRemote Wireless Follow Focus system by developing their own motor and creating a new controller (in addition to the iPhone controller). They've also got a rig system called the ultraCage that is designed to be form-fitting to cameras like the Canon C300 or the Canon 5D Mark II and 5D Mark III. I had a chance to talk with Brian Valente and Loren Simons at the Redrock NAB booth, and you can see that video embedded below.

Brian Valente and Loren Simons from Redrock Micro:

The microRemote is finally being released after a long, long wait (introduced in 2010, and shown again in 2011). Apple certification was one reason for the delay, and the other was the design of their own motors. Standing right next to the motor, I have to say it's very quiet, much quieter than the motor from JAG35 - but that comes with a cost. The Redrock microRemote is $1000 more money at $2400 for a complete one motor kit, but if you consider that this is a professional solution, it's extremely affordable. If you need a wireless follow focus but don't plan on renting it out, this may be the one to get.

The most interesting part of the ultraCage is the Powerpack, which is small, but allows your devices to all be powered off of the same battery. This is an essential tool when you're shooting with a camera like the C300 and you've got lots of devices hanging off that need power - like their microRemote for example. It's good to see that the cost of the wireless follow focus has been brought down, and at this price, there really aren't many other options out there. If they don't experience any other delays, you should be able to get one sometime in the next couple months.

Link: Redrock Micro