We've shared quite a bit of animation on this site before, but the new short from directing duo Silsoe Mouse called Little Red is an entirely different animal...so to speak. Many of us have heard about Ms. Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf, and it's a story that has been told and re-told thousands of times over the last few hundred years (in many different mediums), but Silsoe Mouse takes an interesting spin on the classic story not only in visual style, but in the actual storytelling itself -- with a few unexpected twists. Click through to check out the short.

From the Vimeo description:

Meet Silsoe Mouse from Upstart Films: a directing duo displaying a voracious apetite for film making and storytelling. Silsoe Mouse comprises a music composer (Pascal Bideau) and a film director (Ben Turner). These "Jack of all trades" bring a viral and creative energy to all the projects they tackle, and enjoy working with comedians, live action as much as creating their own world's and characters using models and CG. Animation & grade to complete this fairytale visual feast was then completed here at The Mill.

Little Red is their first animation short.

I always find it interesting when an old story is taken in a completely new direction, and this short definitely takes it in a new direction. One of the great things about short films is that you can experiment a great deal, and that's certainly the case here, not only in animation style, but in the content. Collaboration is often the key to making a successful film, and it's clear that the working relationship between Bideau and Turner is very strong, as the story and visual elements are clear and concise.

What do you guys think? Do you like the animation style? What did you think about the misdirection involved in the storytelling?