Droplets-224x125If you state outright you've created a film about ideas, the expectation bar instantly rises to such a lofty point that the fall you've now set yourself up for is going to have ego crunching consequences. Simon Fiedler's experimental graduation animation from the University of Applied Sciences Mainz, not only rises to the lofty conceptual heights set up by his description, but does so with stylish aplomb.

DROPLETS is a movie about ideas. But it’s mostly a movie about the feelings, when you have no idea. Oppression, disorientation and fear can be paralyzing, but are often a very important element on the way to the perfect idea. The movie DROPLETS shows this feelings in an experimental way.

While it's clear that Droplets cleverly utilizes the power of Cinema 4D's capabilities and plugin architecture, Fiedler points out in his exhaustive making of tutorial (get comfortable, it runs for 34 minutes), that sometimes the only way to pull off an impressive sequence -- such as the shell break up scene -- is by rolling up your sleeves and getting a manual, labour intensive grip on the project.

How do you think Fiedler did in expressing the power of and pressure to have the perfect idea? Do you think more creators should break out their projects to this degree of detail?

Link: Sugaview