In the past two years there have been two world-wide events -- the first on the tenth of October, 2010, the second on the eleventh of November, 2011 -- in which the One Day on Earth project invited anyone and everyone, anywhere and everywhere in the world to capture a single living moment. The result is a series of feature-length video collages (one for each year) spanning every possible scenario you could imagine -- all of which were simply occurring on the same single day. This year, Vimeo and One Day on Earth invite you to join over 30,000 collaborators in contributing to the final film of the trilogy -- tomorrow, on 12.12.12.

Those unfamiliar with One Day on Earth may instead recall Ridley Scott and YouTube's like-minded venture in 2010, Life in a Day. The idea here is similar overall -- the most obvious difference may be Vimeo's key role versus the YouTube-powered model of Life in a Day. Here is this year's One Day on Earth launch video:

The three-year (well, three-day, technically) timeframe makes One Day on Earth a collaborative piece of art on an unprecedented scale. Another fascinating aspect of this project is that all videos are tied into a geo-tagged interactive map, which allows you to see where each contribution originated:


Here are the videos for the previous year's films -- the first is of 11.11.11 and the second 10.10.10:

Daniel Hayek had this to say over at Vimeo's blog regarding the project:

With the global filming event just days away, we’re inviting you to participate. It’s easy to get started: create a profile on the One Day on Earth site and it will automatically connect to your Vimeo account. Then, on Wednesday, December 12, capture your slice of the world. The resulting film will be shown all over the globe...

We at Vimeo are proud to have participated in this incredible project from its earliest days, and even prouder that we’re part of an amazing and growing list of supporters, which includes the United Nations, Oxfam, Red Cross/Red Crescent, World Wildlife Fund, and many others. So we’re asking the entire Vimeo community to sign up, get your cameras ready, and prepare to add yourself to One Day on Earth.

Daniel also got a chance to ask the founders of the project a little about it -- check it out if you'd like more details on the goings-on behind the scenes. As you likely realize having just looked at your wristwatch or calendar, yes, tomorrow is indeed 12.12.12 -- and there's no reason all of us couldn't give a little of our own perspective to this project! I look forward to seeing the submissions you guys may make. Here's to living in a multitude of global folks' shoes, if just for a moment.

Will you guys be getting out there and making your own contributions to One Day on Earth tomorrow?

Link: One Day on Earth

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