One of the biggest problems with jibs is that they can be cumbersome to carry with you and pack away. We've seen different solutions for this problem, one recent product that dealt with this was the Aviator Travel Jib (which was actually a successful Kickstarter project). Now Kessler, who is best known for their slider products -- but has been producing some other interesting gear in the last few years -- is teasing a brand new jib that should be great for transporting while still giving you fantastic moving shots. Click through to check out the teaser video for the new Kessler Pocket Jib Traveler.

It's looking like a good start already, as a 10 pound capacity will hold a rather wide range of cameras. Packing up nicely into 5 pounds and 27" will be especially helpful if you've got a lot of gear to lug around, and you'd rather keep everything nice and simple. This could be a perfect jib for those working with DSLRs, and will also likely be able to support cameras that are just the next size up.

We'll have to wait and see the results, but right now the price will supposedly be $600, though Kessler hasn't offered up any more information about the jib other than the video.

What do you guys think? Does this jib interest you? If so, are you already a Kessler owner?

Link: Pocket Jib Traveler Teaser Video -- Vimeo

[via DSLR News Shooter]