Green-screen-tutorials-richard-harrington-224x124We've all seen it: mismatched subject and background lighting, dancing edge pixels, and color spill; some of the hallmarks of a bad green screen composite. There are multiple factors to consider for a chroma key shot in preproduction, on set, and in post, and in the following videos Richard Harrington will take you through those factors and show you how to pull a good key and produce a believable composite.

Let's start with a refresher on the basics:

This webinar covers a variety of topics, including lighting, camera, various techniques for setting up your background plate, and the keying plug-in zMatte.

In the previous video, Richard touched upon making depth mattes in Photoshop. Here he discusses the technique in greater detail.

And for those of you that prefer using Final Cut Pro X for your keying:

What do you think of these techniques and tips for achieving a better green screen shot? And what techniques have you found useful in your own green screen work?