Keep-going-224x125Hit upon an effective ad concept and there's always going to be a temptation to simply repeat yourself in future outings, so The Berrics and Gatorade are to be commended for stepping their collaboration up in the sequel to last year's well received 'single shot' ad Play All Day with the technically ambitious spot Keep Going:

The new ad once again features professional skater Chaz Ortiz, this time skating through a series of tricks in his purpose-built skate park. As director Colin Kennedy and his crew knew they'd only gain access to the location on the first day of the 3-day shoot (1-day setup 2-days filming), meticulous pre-production planning took on an even more significant role. Kennedy and VFX Supervisor at Ring of Fire John Myers worked from plans of the skate park to measure out the space they'd have at their disposal in order to design the visual effect of multiple skating Ortizs, which was to be the driver of the steadicam-motion control shot. Ortiz was instructed to hit certain marks around the park, with a camera controlled metronome dictating timing, but the detail of what to specifically pull out of his skating repertoire was left to his interpretation. You can get a feel for how things were set up in this behind the scenes video.

In case you missed it first time around here's Go All Day, the film that kicked things off:

Which was also came with its own behind the scenes video:

Although there haven't been any official announcements from the partnership, as Ortiz finishes up at his skate park at 9:26pm, that definitely leaves a decent chunk of time for him to hit the streets for a third instalment of night skating.

Is that something you'd like to see or have the team already stretched the concept to its limit?

Link: The Berrics -- Keep Going