Matthew-frost-fashion-film-e1360531506818-224x134If you've been a human being for a long enough period of time, there's a good chance you've seen a fashion commercial. While designers in fashion tend to set trends, very often their commercials can become downright predictable. That's why Matthew Frost, who is no stranger to these kinds of ads, decided to play on that predictability in his new promo for Viva Vena! clothing. Starring the very talented Lizzy Caplan, Fashion Film is a humorous look at a world that sometimes lacks such an emotion.

Some NSFW language (more of that below as well):

This isn't Matthew's first time poking a little fun in the fashion world. Here is Une Fille Comme Les Autres, his short for the french fashion magazine Jalouse:

Finally, here is his short I Never Thought I Cared That Much:

What's interesting is that while the first two are parodies of typical fashion films, they are themselves, in fact, fashion films (take a few moments to let the meta wash over you). Playing with expectations is a common strategy for short films. Since you don't have much time to set up the audience or make them care about the characters, introducing the viewer to a world they are familiar with and then turning everything on its head can make for a much more memorable experience.

Have you seen any videos like this before? Feel free to share them below in the comments.