Harmony-korine-reddit-ama-e1364021302754-224x129Reddit's AMA (Ask Me Anything) section has been developing into a popular outlet for creators to interface with an audience and create some buzz for their latest works. Intended to promote the release of his new film Spring Breakers, director Harmony Korine's thread got rowdy yesterday with his replies to questions from fans and trolls alike. The words that come out of Korine's mouth are usually equal parts enthralling, quixotic and perplexing, and this is only exacerbated by the brash and informal nature of an internet chatroom. Check out some quotes from the AMA after the jump.

For a little bit of context, here is a trailer for the film:

1. What has changed about the film/cinema industry since you got started? Do you think America even has an audience for cinema anymore? Do you know that your name is really fun to say?

A: cinema has changed. cinema is now a 30 second youtube clip. clear your mind. think of different now. make it bend to you. never use a walking stick, it looks doper to limp. catch my drift?

2. Why did you choose Skrillex for the soundtrack?

A: because his music is pure energy. i wanted the film to be sensory and full attack with images and sounds coming from all directions. a pop poem

3.Harmony, How did you get Herzog to be bff's with you. I would like to go bowling with you two.

A: he called me up after gummo and said 'you are the last foot soldier in the army' and then i jumped on a plane to sf and met him in the street. hes one of the greatest

4. Was Spring Breakers at all influenced by Tree of Life?

A: miami vice

5. How did you get your screenplay for "Kids" to Larry Clark? Any advice to other young screenplay writers to get their screenplays out there?

A: try a life of crime. write about it.

6.Can you elaborate on your ideas around 'the poetry of surfaces?

A: its about the candy. the way things look. the way things look makes me feel. the pathology from the characters is the residue of the surface. films need to be different, inexplicable and magic. voodoo and shit.

7.Whats good Harmony? Will there be anymore writing we can expect from you, like crack up? or just something totally different? Your work is killer.

A: thanks im gonna keep making movies. i wanna make some more good shit. i feel im just starting.

Even if the answers don't always satisfy everyone, I think it's great to see more directors reaching out this way. So if you're a fan of Korine's, interested in Spring Breakers, or just want a bit of entertainment, head over to Reddit and check out the full conversation.

Link: I'm Harmony, director of Spring Breakers, AMA