Wireless follow focus systems are slowly getting cheaper, but when you're dealing with wireless, quality is still the most important aspect. Hocus Products, who makes the Axis 1 Wireless Follow Focus System, has been developing the device for several years, but they are now finally about to ship to users. I'm told from those who have used it that it should stack up nicely against the much more expensive Preston systems which can run over $30,000 for a complete kit. Click through to check out the FreshDV video with Peter Hoare from Hocus:

Some people will certainly need 3 channels -- focus, iris, and zoom -- but I think 2 channels will be fine for most, especially at this level of quality. The price -- $5,000 for a full package -- is extremely competitive with many systems out there, and I think it will likely compare closely to the Bartech system in terms of price and features.

The Hocus does have plenty of handy functions that make for a well-designed device, like the way the motor won't keep pulling during calibration if it feels something stopping it. I also really like that it figures out where it left off if it loses power -- so if you are in the middle of a shot and you happen to lose power, if you can reattach a power source, you should be able to continue right in the middle of a take. That is the sort of thing you're paying for, and while most of you won't really need a wireless follow focus (or will refuse to pay more than $100 for anything, ever), a good wireless follow focus -- like a good tripod -- will easily outlive your camera.

Head on over to Hocus to learn more about their wireless system.