We just told you about what Magic Lantern is doing with the RAW liveview image, and now we've got some of the first samples for you to play around with. Luke Neumann has been testing the new firmware with A1ex over at Magic Lantern, and he has produced a spectacular sample that really gives you an idea of what this firmware is capable of. First, here is a video from Luke walking you through the process he went through to get these samples:

While at the moment it wouldn't necessarily be called video, it's basically taking still images from a video stream, which could yield higher frame rates. Here is one of the comparison from Luke still images that we posted before (click for larger):


Luke has told me that they have also been experimenting with recording this through the HDMI output, which would solve some issues with write speed for the cards. RAW 14-bit 2K/1080p video for this camera is absolutely mind-blowing, and some of the people over at Magic Lantern seem confident that they will figure out how to get it all the way to 24fps for full motion video. If that does happen, it certainly turns this $3,300 camera into a whole different beast entirely.

If you would like to play around with some sample RAW files, head on over to Neumann Films to download them.

Link: 14bit RAW “Video” on Canon DSLR’s with Magic Lantern -- Neumann Films