final-draft-writer-ipadIf you write your screenplays in Final Draft (like me) but didn't have an iPad when Final Draft Writer originally debuted at the sale price of $30 (like me), but now you have an iPad and wish you could've gotten Final Draft Writer for the cheaper price (like me) so you've waited for a sale (like me), you're in luck. Until May 15th, Final Draft Writer is available for $30, 40% off the regular price of $50. Need a little more info about the app? Check out our recap below from when the app originally debuted.

Here's a quick video introduction to Final Draft Writer:

Final Draft Writer features much of the core functionality of its desktop software counterpart, including (but not limited to):

  • Professionally formatted templates
  • More's and Continued's automatically paginate to industry standards (sounds simple, but this is a biggie)
  • SmartType autofill for character names, scene headings, etc.
  • Tab and Enter navigation
  • Character highlighting
  • Colored pages for revisions
  • Production tools including scene numbers and locked pages
  • Switch between revision sets
  • Reporting tools including cast reports, scene reports, location reports, among others

When Final Draft Writer launched this past fall, the app was priced at $30 for one month before jumping up to its list price of $50. So if you missed that sale and were holding out for the next chance for a discount (like me), make sure you take advantage of this sale at the App Store before May 15th.