BitTorrent Sync, a decentralized file-syncing system spearheaded by the entrepreneurial minds at the BitTorrent Labs was released as an Alpha last April. Now it's here in an updated Beta iteration with more features including mobile syncing and archiving. This could be big for filmmakers: the ability to quickly sync large files between multiple people or devices without the use of a central server. It's free, unlimited, secure, and was designed for "fast file transfer: between users and machines; between editors and collaborators." Hit the jump to learn more:

Since April, Alpha users have synced over 8 petabytes of data; applying BitTorrent to classroom setups, film collaborations, remote backup, data storage, blogging, and project management.


Here's the list of added features and fixes from Alpha to Beta:

  • One-way synchronization
  • One-time secrets
  • Option to exclude specific files/directories
  • Advanced preferences configuration
  • Support for additional types of NAS devices
  • Improved Linux WebUI
  • Bug fixes and other improvements

'Secrets' are essentially permissions that you can add to your files, providing multiple layers of access and control over your media for different users. This new Beta allows you to view and access previous versions of your files as well. On the mobile side it's currently only for Android devices, but plans for an iOS version in the future is likely. Also of interest is this post from BitTorrent that explains how to create your own personal cloud with BitTorrent sync. The advantages to this technology are the same with other peer-to-peer protocols, but perhaps the most pragmatic benefit is speed. With BitTorrent Sync, mirroring many gigabytes of data becomes much more manageable, and as data rates and file sizes increase, so must our methods of transfer and delivery.

BitTorrent Sync Sending with Android

Have more questions? Be sure to read their FAQ about the product (although at the time of writing this it looks like it's not updated for the Beta yet). You can download the application here.

Is this something you're looking to add into any of your workflows? Share in the comments below.