Scriptnotes 100 episodes USB flash drive - mediumThe one thing that has helped my screenwriting the most over the past two years -- with the exception of actually writing -- has to be the Scriptnotes podcast with screenwriters John August and Craig Mazin. The wealth of knowledge from August and Mazin not only on the craft of screenwriting, but also on their own experiences as screenwriters navigating an ever-changing business has been invaluable. Scriptnotes is a weekly master class in screenwriting, and it's free. If you happened to have just tuned in, or even joined the audience around Episode 50 and never had a chance to hear the early episodes, now is your chance to get the first 100 episodes on a USB flash drive for only $20. But hurry, because you have to order by Aug. 16. Hit the jump to find out how.

I first discovered Scriptnotes around Episode 8, quickly devoured the back catalog, and have listened each week ever since. As I have said from the beginning of my time writing here on NFS, I try to share knowledge and experience from professional screenwriters with the NFS community because, well, I'm not a professional screenwriter myself. Scriptnotes has certainly inspired a number of NFS posts, so I'm especially grateful for the podcast.

Now until Aug. 16, you can order a limited edition 8GB USB flash drive with the first 100 episodes in their entirety for only $20. Here's what you get on the flash drive:

  • Episodes 1-100 in both .m4a and .mp3 formats
  • Transcripts for every episode
  • Three Page Challenge PDFs

Plus, you get a custom printed "Umbrage Orange" 8GB USB flash drive (yours to reuse!). Basically, you're getting the entire back catalog of Scriptnotes for $0.20 per episode. Or you could say you're paying ten bucks for an 8GB USB flash drive (customized, no less) and getting the entire back catalog of Scriptnotes for $0.10 per episode.

Any way you slice it, you get a ton of information on screenwriting and things that are interesting to screenwriters. Also, August and Mazin aren't going to profit from this venture. The $20 will cover the costs of the drives, shipping, as well as some future transcripts and server space for the podcasts. So, if you value Scriptnotes and want to support it (beyond your Scriptnotes t-shirt, of course,) this is a great way to do it.

Don't wait, though. Orders must be placed by Aug. 16, and they don't plan on making more of these USB flash drives in the future.

Want a preview of the first 99 episodes? Check out this supercut of the introductions from Episode 1 straight through to Episode 99 from Dion Bardeau and hear just how consistent John August's "Hello and welcome" really is and how Craig Mazin's unique intros start to sound very similar. It's trippy.

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Are you an avid fan of Scriptnotes? How has the podcast helped your screenwriting? Share your thoughts with us in the Comments.

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