Aetuts_Preview_Clients_ChatYou've just exported a video for your client showcasing their product/service/event, and let's face it -- this video is genius. It may be the best video about a product/service/event that's ever been made! But a few seconds in, your client questions your lower third motif, and BAM you throw up a tightlipped virtual fisticuffs, flinging out every reason imaginable why your version of the video is perfect. To help us keep up the best working relationships, Adam Everett Miller of Aetuts+ breaks down, in a fun video tutorial, the top five things to keep in mind when dealing with clients. 

A lot of information in the video, like all lessons in communication, is fairly obvious when you hear it out loud.  However, it's sometimes more difficult to practice in person! Here's Adam's take on keeping good relationships with, not to mention getting more work from, your clients:

Adam uses fun terms like floating in amniotic fluid and tells you straightforward stuff like not to be a jerk to explain his five tips, which are:

  1. Establish a Deadline
  2. Talk a Little and a Lot
  3. Don’t be Somebody Else
  4. Give A or B Choices
  5. Adopt Their Babies

My favorite piece of advice he offers is number 5:

Adopt their babies. Get passionate about what they’re passionate about. If they like things sleek and modern and minimalistic and simple, you can even use words like sleek, modern, minimalistic, and minimal. I don’t know, whatever. You can use the same words that they use, because that shows that, okay, we’re on the same page here.

While our own personal sensibilities as artists may be exquisite, working within the style and tastes of your clients not only keeps them happy and you employed, it can be fun if you look at it the right way.

I try to imagine I'm doing one of those 48 hour film contests where you get a phrase and a color and have to stick to those criteria in order to win the prize money. Can I make a two minute video about a company's new color-coded filing system into an Alexander Payne? Let's give it a try!

Do you have any tips on keeping good relationships with your clients?

Link: 5 Things To Keep in Mind When Dealing with Clients -- Aetuts+