Makeup EffectsWhen making a scary movie, the horror you want your audience to feel should come from the terrifying monsters and well-timed surprises -- not bad makeup. One of the more challenging aspects of making horror films, or any movie that calls for extensive bloody makeup, is making wounds look real. Adam Savage's (MythbustersYouTube channel, Tested, visits effects artist Frank Ippolito, a contestant on Sy Fy's special effects make-up competition series, Face Off, at his shop in LA to find out what tools and techniques he uses to make realistic wounds inexpensively. Continue on to watch the video:

If you're new to makeup, or if you're a part of a skeleton crew who just needs a quick slash across one of your henchmen's faces, Ippolito shares some cheap and (relatively) easy tips on how to create one. He tells us what kinds of brushes he uses (and which ones he uses the most,) as well as the materials he uses, like Smooth-On's Skin Tite and Skin Illustrator. (One of my favorite tips he shares is which synthetic bloods he uses -- he has several that work for different looks and effects.)

The Tested team really digs into Ippolito's process and technique, asking him how integral certain materials are and how much wiggle room artists have when mixing the silicone to form the base of the wound. Check out the tutorial below:

Do you have any tips when it comes to makeup? What materials/processes/techniques do you use and why? Let us know in the comments.

[via Tested & Filmmaker IQ]