Nikon D610_3It has been about a year since Nikon released their full frame Nikon D600, which at the time was the cheapest full-frame camera at just around $2,000 for the body. However, the D600 wasn't without its faults, as there were many complaints from users about dust and oil residue on the sensor. Well, with the recently announced D610, Nikon has apparently addressed this issue with an all new shutter mechanism, as well as a few other upgraded specifications, like better image quality, higher fps rate, and improved automatic white balance. Read on for more details, as well as pricing for both the new D610 and the D600.

If you liked the Nikon D600, chances are you're going to like the D610 slightly better. The specs of both cameras are similar -- the D610's upgrades are arguably minor, but address the dust and oil issues of its predecessor (which was probably the most pressing concern anyway.) A few of the improvements Nikon has made on the new model are worth noting, though.

The Nikon D610 includes, as I said earlier, a new shutter mechanism, which supposedly fixes the dust/oil spots. It comes with an updated AWB algorithm, which aims at giving users better results when shooting with artificial lighting, as well as the ability to capture more natural skin tones. The new AWB, with the incorporation of contrast information, will also give faces a more three-dimensional appearance.

The D610 will start shipping on October 18, 2013, but you can preorder them at $1,999.95 (body only). An added bonus to the D610's release is the price drop of the D600, which now retails for $2,096.95 (body only,) but through a special offer at B&H (through November 2nd,) you can get your hands on it for $1,896.95.


[via Nikon Rumors]