For all of you Vimeo PRO members, if you haven't yet noticed something different on your account, your membership capabilities have been given a pretty big upgrade. Vimeo has been the go-to video-hosting platform for filmmakers, creatives, and video professionals to post their work, and as of today, users will find more storage, fewer restrictions, and more support at no extra cost to you. Continue reading for more information about the new Vimeo PRO upgrades.

Vimeo has maintained its image as the video-hosting platform for creatives— though that exclusivity comes at a bit of a cost. A Vimeo Plus membership, which bumps up storage quite a bit from Basic, will cost users $7/month, which really isn't a huge hit to your wallet. However, a PRO membership packs a wallop, even with a lot more storage and full HD playback, at $20/month for up to 1TB/year or $34/month for up to 3TB. This is why the latest upgrades are a pretty welcomed change.

Vimeo has tackled three areas to bolster: storage, play limits, and support. Vimeo has increased  PRO members' storage and upload capabilities to 1TB a year, which means you can upload 20GB every week, or about five hours of HD video.

The amount of plays are now "totally unchecked, completely unrestricted, and utterly unlimited," meaning that there is no longer a cap on plays, a limit that used to be set at 250K with the option to pay for additional space. The amount of support you get has also been upgraded to 1-hour response to emails 24 hours a day on business days, and 1-day response on weekends. Check Vimeo for updated info on all membership levels.

What do you think of the upgrades? For non-PRO members, will the added storage and unlimited plays move you to go PRO? Let us know in the comments.

Note: this article was updated on April 18, 2018 with current pricing and to reflect NFS site changes.