DOP GIFLong hours spent looking through a camera or at a monitor, working with hot lights and troublesome lenses, constantly on your feet putting out fires in order to get a good shot -- that's just a day in the life of a cinematographer. You know what? DPs, like everyone else on-set, need to work hard, but they need to have a laugh, too. I came across the holy grail of on-set inside jokes -- specifically for DPs -- in the purest form of internet comedy (the GIF.) Continue on to check them out.

DoP life is a new blog run by Ed Moore, a Director of Photography out of the UK, and features tons of GIFs that reflects upon, as he puts it, "the life of a director of photography and camera operator via the medium of the animated GIF."

Now, I've always felt lame laughing at or making industry jokes, especially since most of my friends and family are outside of it -- they tend to look at me as if to say, "No one gets it, and no one thinks you're cool. Calm down." But Moore's observations are right on point and truly funny.

There are just too many hilarious ones to choose from, but I've shared a few of my favorites (read: ones I laughed out loud and slapped m'knee at.) Check them out below:

"When you get stuck in a lift with the runner and they start telling you about the cool short film project they’re looking for a DP for."


"When someone you know personally from outside the industry is on set and keeps laughing at you trying to be all cool and cinematographery."


"When other HODs start telling the “what’s the the difference between god and a DP” joke to their crew."


(The Answer: God doesn't think he's a DP.)

"When you end up on the “football discussion” table at lunch."


When you've got a few minutes to spare, check out DoP life. It has only been up since October, but has plenty of GIFs to peruse -- and many more on the way!

Link: DoP life