NLE Survey Dave DugdaleThe NLE market has seen quite a few changes over the last decade, with Final Cut digging into Avid's dominance, and now Premiere gunning for those who fled the changes in FCP X. So which non-linear editing programs are people actually using right now? Dave Dugdale of Learning DSLR Video conducted an online survey to try to answer that very question. Here are his results:

Even accounting for some issues with the survey that Dave mentioned, these numbers seem like a pretty good indication of where the market is right now. Avid still has a huge market share in Hollywood, but more broadly in the video world, Premiere has very strong numbers. It should be noted that this is probably a more selective sample size either way, and just because your personal NLE of choice might not be the most popular in the survey, that doesn't necessarily say anything about its usefulness.

Based on a lot of opinions about the Adobe CC payment model, CS6 will probably hang on a bit longer than Final Cut 7 has, but certainly the industry has seen a large shift swing Adobe's way thanks to FCP X turning away many faithful Final Cut Pro 7 users. My own informal surveys and the user base of this website both indicate that as well.

Whether you're a fan of Avid, Final Cut, Premiere, or Vegas, one thing is for sure: they all have their pros and cons that can fit into different workflows.

So which NLE editor or editors are you using right now and for what kinds of projects?

Link: Video Editing NLE Market Share Breakdown -- Learning DSLR Video