It only took a few short months for the gimbal stabilization market to be saturated with rigs with varying designs and prices. However, a unique rig has been made available by Dutch filmmaker Georges van Wensveen. The GimbalGunner combines the stabilization technology of a brushless gimbal, but the added comfortable ergonomics of a shoulder rig. Though a bit pricey for many independent filmmakers, van Wensveen's stabilizer offers something pretty unique and worth checking out.

This hybrid rig was designed with DSLR's and larger cameras in mind. It can handle cameras like the Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 1DC, Red Epic, Sony F5, Sony F55, and BlackMagic Cinema Camera. The rig itself is made out of carbon and aluminum. Here's a bit from the Facebook page:

The GimbalGunner is designed by a filmmaker. The device is made out of the best materials and with the latest techniques. Carbon and aluminium are used to make it as strong and light as possible. Moreover, brushless motors are applied, just as the latest ArmBGC controller with open source AlexMos firmware. Van Wensveen developed integrated controls on the hand bars in order to focus on the subject rather than handling the camera. The GimbalGunner can be disassembled into a small, easy to carry along, package.

Van Wensveen uploaded several videos to his Vimeo channel to show what the GimbalGunner can do:

Technical Specs:

Technical specs:

  • Carbon fiber, with aluminum camera frame
  • ArmBGC V3.5 two axis AlexMos brushless gimbal controller with the latest firmware upload possibilities any time by onboard USB.
  • Extra USB connection outside.
  • Motors: two iPower Gimbal BL Motor GBM80187-120T.
  • Total weight of the whole gimbal: 3.8 kg (8.4 lbs)
  • Max. loading capacity: 4 kg (8.8 lbs)

The GimbalGunner costs €4.995, or $8201.29, and are made to order and customized for specific camera models. Like I said before, the price tag is going to be restrictively expensive for most, but if you're in the market for a gimbal stabilizer with added stabilization, and are willing to make a substantial investment, the GimbalGunner is another option for you.