Godfrey Reggio VisitorsGodfrey Reggio, who created the Qatsi Trilogy, is back again with another hypnotic film called Visitors. The film, which is composed of just 74 total shots (but is 87 minutes long) and showed at the Toronto International Film Festival, is currently screening around the country. The Creators Project recently went in-depth with Reggio and others involved in the project, and put together a fantastic BTS video. We've also got another great video that takes you behind the scenes of the film, which is presented by Steven Soderbergh.

Check out the trailer for the film:

Visitors was finished in gorgeous black and white, and shot mostly on RED, with some footage coming from a custom infrared RED camera:

From The Creators Project, here is Godfrey on 4K:

"4K as a projection dimension, allows much more material on the screen," said Reggio. "Who we are is revealed through the language of our face. Through eye behavior, through gesture, through facial display. 4K brings that to incredible resolution." Jon Kane echoed these thoughts, and noted that "At some point, [Reggio] realized that the resolution was going to become, in a sense, a character in the film."

And more from that post:

Furthermore, the constant gazing makes you feel as if you're being watched, providing a confrontational experience. As an audience, we stare at a technology (an Ultra High Definition movie screen), but the subjects projected on it are all-consuming and extremely human. It's easy to forget that you're even looking at a screen. The scattered shots of fingers touching an invisible keyboard, as well as a cyborg character, suggest that humanity and technology are intrinsically linked.

"Technology for me is probably the most misunderstood subject on the planet," said Reggio. "We keep thinking of it as another category, like the economy, like religion, like war, but it is ubiquitous as the air we breath and we're strapped in and on the ride."

Here is another behind the scenes on the movie:

For more information, and where you can see the film, check out the links below.